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Meet Hieda no Akyuu
She'll di soon. Pleade love her before it's too late.

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I would, but I found this cute little fairy on the way and decide to chat with her for a bit.

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what are you doing /jp/
please don't let her die

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It's okay. There'll be another one in around a 100 years.

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It a pity that a girl like her, must die so young.

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I like her scenes in 2hu M1GP

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shut patcho and be useful

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It's OK guys. ZUN said she won't die, at least not before 東方Project does.

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You'd be the first one on the chopping block were it not for your babymaking chinpo.

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>Hieda A Jew standing image redraw facial expression difference (glasses).png
I'm quoting the filename.

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Because she has an inferior human lifespan.

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I'd chat with Star's butt.
I'd chat with it so hard.

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Chat with this one instead.

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Eww, a hag!

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Not a hag.

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Will she actually die one day? does Touhou move at real-life time? seeing at how some real-life events are referenced, but the characyers do not really age, do they?

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Stop drinking Akyuu.
We know about your lifespan

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she may not look like a hag but she's vehemently against fairies so she's a hag

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According too ZUN, Touhou operates on Sazae-san time, basically meaning time passes as it would normally but characters do not age (think Simpsons). So no, Akyuu will not actually die (in fact, it was in response too this very question that we got this information from ZUN).
Realistically this is the best approach. Akyuu is a very valuable character for him too have around and killing her because of an arbitrary rule he made over a decade ago would only take away from Touhou. Back when he wrote the rules for the Child of Miare was before the point where he decided that this is what he was going too do for the rest of his life.

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I want doujins about the other Are children.

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If Akyuu is so worried about fairies, why doesn't she just dress like one and try to have sex with some dude?
Or do like Youmu, and drug then rape innocent men.

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>this is what he was going to do for the rest of his life
Doesn't he have enough money already that he wouldn't have to do a damn thing else if he didn't want to?

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Characters have aged but ZUN is having his cake and eating it too. Characters age "to a point". Akyuu was originally a child in all depictions. When FS came out years after her introduction she was much taller/more mature.

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We could assume, but Touhou is his passion project that just so happens too be very profitable so there is no reason for him too stop. Back then though he was still working an actual job and for a while every game release was possibly the last one. The release of MoF was pretty much was the very point he made his final decision, and it was due too a mix of the community's massive growth and the fact that he just couldn't shake the urge too continue his work on the series. At this point there is no doubt he will be working on Touhou until the day he dies.

Maybe I should have mentioned this in my post, but yeah the Sazae-san time decision was one he made down the line, as evidenced by some characters looking more mature as time went on. Like I said above though this decision obviously came about with him choosing too do this for the rest of his life, and aging characters would not add anything (and in Akyuu's case take away), it would be a pain in the ass, and really the very vast majority of the fans either don't care or prefer they not.

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I'll take a threesome with loliAkyuu and bigAkyuu.

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What would it take away? Time passes, people age, people die, that's normal and it happens. It would even allow him to do more of the "wider, not deeper" shit by introducing more elements involved with Akyuu's reincarnation process or whatever.

This was obviously a decision to make Touhou static and not push away any fans. It's stupid.

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There aren't many cases where it would actually take away. The reason I pointed out Akyuu specifically is because, well, she'd be fucking dead and ZUN wouldn't be able to use her anymore which would suck because she's a valuable character too have around. There wouldn't be much mileage in exploring the reincarnation process because we already get the gist of it and overall from what we know its a pretty boring ordeal.
In general there is nothing that aging the characters actually accomplishes. Its only relevant too a handful of them, and none of them would have died before ZUN does (aside from Akyuu). Out of everything Touhou offers, seeing characters get older (especially since Reimu and Marisa have already reached adulthood anyways), just isnt something that interesting. True enough Touhou is fairly static in several ways, but that's because ZUN chooses not too rock the boat too much for sake of fanworks. With how Touhou operates, I think this is probably for the best.
Obviously, much of this is just my opinion.

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>especially since Reimu and Marisa have already reached adulthood anyways
Ask a bunch of artists this and the vast majority of them will say they're teenagers.

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Canon works agree that Marisa is a severely underdeveloped midget that no amount of semen or growth hormones will ever allow her a womanly body.

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I guess it could be argued either way, so maybe the better way too put it would be that they're mature (for the most part).

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>that no amount of semen
I'll personally prove you wrong. Bring me Marisa.

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You just want an excuse to cum inside Marisa, don't you?

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Something I don't see people mentioning much is that Akyuu is actively looking for a way to extend her life. It's only mentioned once in FS, but it's not like her short life hasn't been addressed.

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to, not too

too means also, to is what you mean most of the time

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She should probably get with Kasen about that or ask Mokou really nicely if she could have a little nibble of her liver. I bet the Taoists would be more than happy to have a new convertI mean fellow Hermit with them.

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True, though I doubt ZUN is going to do anything more with it. If anything she's probably going to be looking indefinitely. Maybe ZUN brought it up in FS so people don't think he just completely forgot.

Any time someone makes this mistake there is always one autist who has to point it out.

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>Any time someone makes this mistake there is always one autist who has to point it out.
It's not autistic, I'm trying to be helpful. If that's a problem for you, you can continue to make the mistake.

I noticed it was consistent. I know English isn't everyone's first language.

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It is my first language, I just care to little about/don't pay enough attention to a homophone of all fucking things. Correcting such a minor grammatical error literally adds nothing to the conversation and just comes across as pretentious.

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There's nothing pretentious about knowing how to type. Grammatical and spelling errors don't tend to make your posts. like, worth reading since frequent error is a sign of not caring, ignorance, or just second language.

Also it's "too little".

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>make your posts. like, worth reading
And there you go making errors

Okay just ignore my posts then. Sure everything I said was well thought out and added to the conversation but fuck it. Hardly anybody besides you probably picked up on it or even cares. It absolutely is pretentious too sit there and correct grammar when the mistake is minor and in no way detracts from anything I said or made it hard to understand. Its just you being a smartass.

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And yes im doing it on purpose now.

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You know what just ignore my last two posts. Sorry man, ive just been in a pissy mood and im acting like a bit of a cunt. I get what you're saying and ill keep it in mind.

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~Rest in pieces, down for the count.
No revival, you're bleedin' out.
Your epitaph says you died a wealthy man, but you can have it all come back and seal the master plan with Tombstone!
It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone!
Health is drainin' you're on the ropes.
Death is waitin', don't lose your hopes.
Your will and testament ain't making that much sense, you're listed as the only heir to whom you may bequest.
It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone!~

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I wanna take a nap in those

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What if the reason she is living for so long is cause she is taken special medicine from Eirin?

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That fag is underaged, nobody uses like in that fashion unless they're underaged or a severe new normalfag.
To and too are both things you learn in primary and refreshed on in secondary if you're a complete dumbass.

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What's her special medicine?

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I dunno.
She's awfully mean to fairies.
If she's mean to innocent fairies, think about youkai and even your youkai wife. Would you like someone like this saying mean stuff about human-youkai pairings and singling you out indirectly by driving a wedge inbetween the two of you just based on what she said?

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Plenty of people use like in that fashion, there's nothing erroneous about it. Also, strange post here. Not sure what the point of your second sentence is. If you were an ESL like I assumed, not insultingly mind you, confusing to and too is easy and expected. So, I figured I'd give a tip. People get more irritated by frequent spelling mistakes than I do here. I just mentioned it because it was literally every instance that was incorrect, so I figured he hadn't notice.

And, LIKE, who cares really? Other than, like, your lame ass. Dork.

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Well its still fundamentally incorrect grammar. However, I really don't actually care or think it matters. Lets not pretend that English isn't an overall pretty retarded language.
I'm the one you were arguing with by the way and my last post here >>20435915 was my acknowledgement that I was being needlessly bitchy in my other two posts and was attempting to end the argument.

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Don't let the Child of Miare just die like this guys

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Then I'm going to fuck fairies in front of Akyuu until she dies of a heart attack!

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I want to fuck the Q.

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Source me dawg

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Okay. Fine. I'll give it a try.
What's the worst that can happen and what good would it do to not meet her at least once.

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Never though I'd ever encounter an authentic grammar nazi on the jay.

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/jp/ meetup
A board where you can find full 5000 character posts and not be bored a single line.

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It just dawned upon me.
What would Akyuu think if she saw /jp/? Let alone read all of the posts that flow through here (Touhou Branch)? How would she react and how would she perceive the types of posts here? Would she be able to withstand the surface level power of /jp/easy?

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I'm not being a nazi, calm yourself.

>> No.20476634

yeah, it's fine

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She would react the same way any other Gensokyo girl would, she'd be grossed out and think we're all a bunch of creepy losers.

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This reply reeks of reddit.

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ma favourite :3

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You're an expert?

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Doing a service to Akyuu.
I know she won't pay this any attention so who cares.

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Merry Christmas Akyuu.

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You tell me

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Bride carrying Akyuu out of Page 10.
You should treat her better /jp/. She might even warm up to the fairies if you treat her better than you already do.

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Princess carrying Q when her body is too weak to move!

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You're doing her a valuable service anon. Thank you for your kindness.

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Proneboning Q when her body is too weak to move!

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You know what.
Is it possible for /jp/ to protect this smile?
Akyuu is still someone worth protecting the older she gets. If she remains single until 30, then who knows what will happen to the most accurate source of Gensokyo history. Can Keine fix this little rupture?

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I guess not.

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