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Why do the Japanese jerk off over these things so much? They have them in China and a bunch of other places too, but no one cares.

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because they’re sensible enough to appreciate the beauty

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Because they're pink and gay.

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They're pretty

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maple leaves are more beautiful deal with it nippon.

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you don't know?

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based on what?

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Nobody gives a shit about China.
Nipponland is where the Cherry blossoms are.

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They have maple trees in Japan and what's more the leaves are shaped like Cannabis leaves dude weed lmao

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Because it's the one time of year the cities have some kind of color to them instead of the look of concrete.

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Why don't they just paint some houses pink?

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Honestly this. When I lived there coworkers would always ask me my hanami plans in the early spring, as if looking at some pointless flowers required weeks of planning. You see people huddled around trees taking picture after picture while you're walking to work in the morning. Bizarre.

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But you did go drink booze with them under the flowers, right?

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The fleetingness of the cherry blossom season reminds them of their collective desire to kill themselves. Joke's on them, cherry blossom's lifespan isn't even that short compared to some other flowers

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You guys really only care about japanese stuff if it gets your dick hard huh

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Well, it depends. Do the flowers excite you then?

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Nobody cares about China's sakura because the normal streets just looks like a typical pajeet backalley, dirty, unkempt and generally not scenic. Cherry blossom is more than just flowers, the surrounding environment has to be serene too. That is why Japan is so closely associated with it. Even in Kore it just feels off.

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Cherry blossoms are best when you're having a sick boss fight under them.

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brown hands typed this

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Newark has a nice park full of them that somehow is nice and serene
if you go at night you may be murdered by darkies from the neighboring public housing unit

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I heard about that but I never bothered to go see it even though I live 20 minutes away.

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Big part of japanese culture is based on admiring nature, they divide the year in 72 "microseasons".

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somei yoshino is a huge meme tbqh

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>72 "microseasons".
That sounds like an even bigger meme than cherry blossoms.

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They're an excuse to drink and party, like Christmas

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As if there aren't sakura otaku.

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Because it would look gay.

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A bit of colour has never made anyone gay.

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this post gave me the gay

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See, colour. The priests who bang the mikos deffo aren't gay.

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The mikos are probably the priests daughters. Why would he bang them?

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Because they're sexy in their colourful outfits?

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We have these everywhere in Vancouver from march through late april and honestly on sunny days with the snowcapped mountains in the distance and and the dense urban environment couples with like a majority of people in the city out and about being asian it kinda gives a japanese vibe.

It's my favourite time of year, I love going and taking photos of the cherry blossoms.

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Not banging your daughters as Japanese

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Are white cherry blossoms considered worth viewing too?

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The cities are absolutely filled with color though, I mean yeah if you look at them from a bird' eye view it's obviously all high rise and skycrapers but when you're walking around at eye level there's loads of old neon signs and new LED ones and giant screens and everything, and then you've got all the different festivals that bring out even more color.

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So wait, you mean China doesn't have an appreciation for aesthetic beauty?

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100% this. Even in Canada or whatever everywhere is covered in dog shit if not heroin needles and people spit everywhere.

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One of their biggest problems is that they shoved about 200 years worth of natural industrial growth into about 70 years via Mao's policies. Millions of people starved, dissidents were wiped out, Tibet had the shit colonized out of them, and to this day you still have people living in the countryside shitting in holes and eating asbestos while in big cities you have billionaires living lives that are as good or better than any other wealthy people in first world countries.

Also while the technology and industry mostly caught up, the culture hasn't. People from mainland China still like piss and shit in the streets because why not. Even people from Hong Kong find them abhorring there was a big scandal when mainland tourists had their kid pee in the middle of the street and it made the headline of newspapers it was hilarious

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This is racist, will not view

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This is just a repost from /pol. You even used the same words and picture. Even the replies are the same. WTF?

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Please get out immediately, no wonder this thread reeks like hell.

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It's really not. Do post an archive link if you believe that, though.

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I agree. Communism, like it always does, ruined that country and killed its people's culture and route to civilization. It's a bizarre mix of first and third world sensibilities, isn't it? Poopin in the streets and bootlegging tech? A fully formed commie shithole playing out in real time and dramatic color for the whole world to see and SOMEHOW... the fucking Marxists are trying to peddle the same bullshit in the West.

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Oh wow. Look. A lying leftist. That's rare. You guys are usually have so much integrity.

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Are you a selfhating chink?

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