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Why do the Japanese jerk off over these things so much? They have them in China and a bunch of other places too, but no one cares.

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because they’re sensible enough to appreciate the beauty

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Because they're pink and gay.

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They're pretty

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maple leaves are more beautiful deal with it nippon.

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you don't know?

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based on what?

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Nobody gives a shit about China.
Nipponland is where the Cherry blossoms are.

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They have maple trees in Japan and what's more the leaves are shaped like Cannabis leaves dude weed lmao

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Because it's the one time of year the cities have some kind of color to them instead of the look of concrete.

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Why don't they just paint some houses pink?

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Honestly this. When I lived there coworkers would always ask me my hanami plans in the early spring, as if looking at some pointless flowers required weeks of planning. You see people huddled around trees taking picture after picture while you're walking to work in the morning. Bizarre.

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