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i'd her horns

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This will spawn so many Yukari and Ran x Toyohime and Reisen 2 bondage h doujins.

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I still want to believe Yukari is acting so the moonbitch doesn't destroy all the youkai in the bambo forest

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ITT: Samefag who has no idea of what is he importing from 2chan.

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I forgot what was the last chapter I read.

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OP fails to distinguish ears from tails.

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Ran is used to that kind of treatment.

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Remember when Ran was cool?

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I don't.

So she finally got rid of that mole.

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Oh God Ran's tits are huge - even bigger than Yukari's.

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She lumped her six tits together that's why.

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Still waiting.

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is she died??

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That's her natural hair color.

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Eda draws delicious looking busoms.

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No she is lived...

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So what happens to Toyohime?

Finally Yuyuko hijack lol?

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should have happened to Yorihime

Toyohime is at least likeable

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I'm positive this is how it will turn out.

I feel it in my bones.

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Yukaris was surprised.

It cant be Yuyuko since she is still on the moon

Surprise Oni?

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ZUN - megatroll

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Wrong Moonfag

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Is there any possibility these two mooninites just learned what "I'LL MOKO-MOKO YOU!" (alternatively, "I'LL MAKE YOU MOKO-MOKO!") truly means, THE HARD WAY?

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Oh no her purity!

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Aaah, I still remember opening MSpaint and crudely putting the trollhead over Yukari...
I'm so glad someone actually saved it.

Also when is the new chapter coming out again?

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2009/02/09 officially.

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who is that guy?

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That palace guard from the moon.

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what the fuck? A male person on the moon?

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Version without ugly black stripe exist?

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Zun writes the worst Touhou doujin.

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Yeah, it's like he doesn't get the characters AT ALL.

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Thanks good anonymous

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I'm hoping not, so that the fandom will get over their stupid "Yukari is unbeatable" phase.

Of course, that won't happen, because this is obviously going to play out like an 80's action movie, where the other characters are going to be trying to escape the moon and then Yukari just appears and says something like "need a ride?"

Oh, and the moongirls will switch sides, so that they can be playable characters in Touhou 12.

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The moonbitches won't appear ever again.

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Yorihime will do it in the Sanae way
Toyohime will do it in the Aya way

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>the moongirls will switch sides, so that they can be playable characters in Touhou 12.

You mean, final bosses of Touhou 12.

After Yukari trolls the moon, moonbitches are blamed for letting her in and have to run away to Eirin. Touhou 12 is about their plot to screw Yukari back. Perfect set-up.

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I always imaged fandom will put Yukari and Toyohime in some sort of troll trolling troll trolling trolls relationship

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"Yukari is unbeatable" is not a phase, it's a natural interpretation of her character pre-SSiB. And if those shallow-as-fuck moonbitches never appear again, it's still too soon.

Zun has thrown a bitchfit about how people don't respect his canon, but who the hell can he blame when his canon comic is so damn bad?

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I wanted them to do that for Kanako and Yukari.

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people are still reading this boring crap?

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It could always become a 3 way trolling

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all I know is Yuka can beat Yukari both in canon and fanon until ran and chen come to save her

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When did ZUN bitch about people not respecting his canon?

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Kanako's too laid back and happy to be spending all her time trolling.

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The "I don't like the unofficial Touhou anime" event.

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Yes because it is actually pretty... HECK WHY AM I FOOLING MYSELF Iit is shit. I just want to know how it ends

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Until it stop being written by ZUN...

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Yeah, people are reading it. They'll always read the canon comic because it's canon. Doesn't mean they like it.

Seven issues of "hey, nothing's happening, isn't it strange how nothing's happening?".
Seven issues of "hey, this moonbitch is invincible and pulls new powers out of her ass in every issue".
I predict the next seven issues are just photocopies of Zun's pasty Japanese ass.

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Yukari has never been unbeatable. She was a Loser pretty much the moment she appeared.

>Zun has thrown a bitchfit about how people don't respect his canon, but who the hell can he blame when his canon comic is so damn bad?

ZUN was talking about his games. He gives a shit about people reading his manga.

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like the people who think pc-98 and seihou aren't canon because 80% of the characters are almost impossible to bring back

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Nah, it's leading up to a sci-fi twist. Soon, the Mooninites will unveil their new robots to try and invade the Earth with, as their technology has surpassed Earth's for the first time since the War of 1969.

They decided to use them against Reimu and co. but something goes wrong, and the machines rebel against the moon, giving the Earthlings time to escape.

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>Yukari has never been unbeatable. She was a Loser pretty much the moment she appeared.

Lolwut? Yukari has always been portrayed as the one villain Reimu tolerates because she _can't_ defeat her in any reliable way. For fuck's sake, she's the only Phantasm level boss in the entire PC series, with an Extra stage boss as her weaksauce henchwoman!

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PC-98 and Seihou aren't canon because they're in a different continuity from the PC games.

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Being an Extra boss doesn't mean you are more powerful than the Stage 6 boss.

Just because Flan did it, everyone assumes all the following are like that.

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Pc-98 happened before windows and Seihou happens in the future.
which doesn't mean they aren't canon
All the touhous that appear in seihou are way stronger than they were in pc-98/windows touhou (EX-Marisa who apparently is a youkai magician and can use the same split form as Yuka, EX-Yuka who got stronger after MS Extra an obtained the ultimate magic, and Reimu who is as strong as ever)
And PC-98, we have Marisa, Yuka and Alice who prove SoEW LLS and MS happened. And if we observe in every game the moon is full, in Mima's PoDD ending she asked for an eternal full moon so yeah.

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That pretty much happens with most bosses (Order of fights =/= strength) just look at satori and yuugi being high class youkai being just stage 3/4 bosses

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Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya let Yukari run out of danmaku.
She lost and retreated.

>Yukari has always been portrayed as the one villain Reimu tolerates because she _can't_ defeat her in any reliable way.
Just because she isn't so moe and uguu~ like Remilia, someone she also tolerates, doesn't make her an invincible villain. She isn't even a villain to begin with, just a strange old hag (little girl).

>she's the only Phantasm level boss in the entire PC series
so what?

>with an Extra stage boss as her weaksauce henchwoman!
Ran is strong, but that doesn't mean Yukari is much stronger, and both combined IN are not that great either.

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recycled characters doesn't mean they're canon

enjoy your pretend. the only real evidence you kids have is alice's dialogue with reimu, which is most likely just a little fanservice

not canon, get over it

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>And PC-98, we have Marisa, Yuka and Alice who prove SoEW LLS and MS happened.

No they don't. Just because the same character appears doesn't mean they're in the same continuity. Different continuities of the same series by definition reuse some of the same characters, otherwise they would be a different series entirely.

The only character in the PC games that has made a reference to a PC-98 event has been Alice. Reimu doesn't remember meeting Alice. Her looks and powers are different, and her name is written with different kanji.

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I disagree. If they are not late stage bosses, they are not high tier youkai either. How could they be if they don't display that power in the games?

>> No.2030499

Play the fighting games

>> No.2030501

Protip: alternate universes

the only one able to cross over is strawberry

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Alice's dialogue with Reimu, Marisa's and Reimu's dialogue with Yuka
IN Spellcard 95: Description

>Reimu doesn't remember meeting Alice.
Neither she did in PC-98 Extra

>Her looks and powers are different,
Her powers are the same and most touhous are redesigned one or two times that doesn't mean it isn't canon

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ZUN states it, satori and oni are high class youkai.
Kurumi is a vampire(another hight class youkai) and she's a stage two boss

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High Class Eyes

>> No.2030531


Higher class doesn't always translate to higher fighting abilities

Eastern mythology isn't generic Roman/Greek crap

>> No.2030532

Plus the billions of characters that hold back

>> No.2030534


>generic Roman/Greek crap

Hope you're trollan.

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Fine instead of saying high class i will just say STRONG YOUKAI DERP

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There is a single reason why most PC-98 characters wont come back

Gensokyo was not planned out back then. Some stuff just dont fit.

Makais god does not fit for Mof faith system blah

>> No.2030579

Shinki receiving the faith of the thousands of demons she created

>> No.2030580

I do consider it a rather preposterous though that the Phantasm stage boss who is described by Zun himself as having "no weaknesses", having "power comparable to gods", "older than Gensokyo itself" and so on could be interpreted as a weakling in any sane manner.

However, it doesn't even matter. This whole digression with Yukari is pointless anyway because EVERY character in SSiB is portrayed as fucking useless in the face of the Invincible Moon Bitch (whose name I don't remember or care about), who shrugs off any assault without exerting herself or making physical movement.

>> No.2030606

Shinki must have powers without faith. She created Makai.

Kanako paniced because she would have become powerless.

different systems

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Shinki is the Touhou version of the Devil. I bet lots of people believed in her before she had a whole dimension of her own.

>> No.2030623

Shinki is based on Lucifer from paradise lost
Lucifer was a demon
Youkai can turn into gods
in paradise lost lucifer was the leader of the demons.

in before "no anon your the demons"

>> No.2030628

Aki Eda made it look that way? she cant draw action scenes or anything else

also bleach like pacing

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What's the matter? Too FACTUAL for you?

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Fag's opinion is worthless. Doesn't even know who or what he's bitching about.

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read the post slowly bub

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Sorry. I'll try to dumb it down for you:

1. >>2030339 is full of shit, Yukari is and has always been insanely powerful in canon, by words of fucking ZUN himself (Perfect Memento). If you have a disagreement with him on what the canon is, how about you go fuck yourself.

2) SSiB is SHIT.

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ZUN doesn't like anything

People who know about Touhou from something other than games, People who make things without his consent other than games, people who read doujins not written by him, people who play games not made by him, Gaijins who have anything to do with Touhou to begin with.

Really, it's a miracle all of this touched off when you have a project lead who just hates people in general.

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it will end with them having tea at the Harukei shrine

>> No.2030701

I meant: where in MS or Shinkis profile is it hinted?

Given there is Pandemonium... but thats all there is to it

>> No.2030708

we knew this after the first panel

>> No.2030710

And he's created other unbelievably powerful characters as well, but the fandom won't get off of the Yukari worship.

Though honestly, ZUN did fuck up royal by introducing such a broken character so early on to the windows series.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.2030723

Do you have to be a genius to know Sakuya is based on Dio?

>> No.2030725

pretty sure she controls the very existence of Gensokyo bro

>> No.2030730

He has no problems with the fandom at large or doujins, he was just displeased how it started to eclipse the whole "doujin" aspect and moved into something semi-official what with the fan anime having big name voice actors in it.

>> No.2030736


Better than being introduced really late in the series like Aya, I think.

>> No.2030737

Sakuya has like 1000 hints
Shinki has Pandemonium nothing else

>> No.2030746

Yeah, Yukari and reimu really need to be dropped from the series thanks to that. ZUN likes Marisa more anyway, and she seems more like a proper main character, so why not just give her a sidekick.

>> No.2030750

people will always cry like this.

If Yukari was ia TH 11 newcomer everyone would cry like a baby

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Also, Ran is guarding the border.

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>> No.2030780


You know, it would be awesome if "Border of PC-98 and PC" was a real thing in the Zuniverse. It would fit.

>> No.2030773

Sakuya has knives and ZA WARUDO

Shinki is the leader of the demon world, is a seraph (like lucifer), Death (Alice) is her decendant, The Grimoire of Alice is based on the Grand Grimoire (A black magic book that is said can grant you the devil's powers or something similar) can't think of anything else

>> No.2030776

Because most of the Touhoufans came with just before or after MoF. They (you, we) can't baw about Mary Sue Yukari.
Instead they chose >>2030736 Aya.

>> No.2030787

>most of the Touhoufans came with just before or after MoF

Do you honestly believe the shit you make up?

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ok you win

>> No.2030802

Because Yukari wnats to stay the strongest?

After SSiB teaparty the moon will get a nice border

>> No.2030814

Shinki has six wings. Lucifer is a fallen Seraph.
Shinki resides in Makai. Sariel, another fallen Seraph, also resides in Makai.
Alice's original title is "Girl of Death." Death is Lucifer's daughter.

You have to be a fucking moron not to realize it.

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Evyery new fan after 2006 is a fucking stupid gaiafag by default

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It's true, and more than 20% of those found out about Touhou from IOSYS... or similar groups.

>> No.2030824

but i dont go to gaia I learned about touhou thanks to desuchan (pretty close to gaia though)

>> No.2030826

Every new fan after 2006 is a fucking stupid gaiafag by default

>> No.2030833

hey guys remember when X was X?

>> No.2030848

I don't see the problem. It has always been known that the Lunarians were extremely powerful. See: Yukari's first failed invasion of the moon and http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Perfect_Memento:_Capital_of_the_Moon

Also, the Watatsuki sisters(~1,500) are probably far older than Yukari(~1,200). Though, age difference might not really make much difference in power. Also, Yukari's age is not exactly confirmed, anyways.

>> No.2030844

>ZUN did fuck up royal by introducing such a broken character so early on to the windows series.

Idiot. It's best to introduce the ultimate villains early. That way people won't bitch about power creep (like how shounen series always seem to find another band of ultimate bad guys, each more powerful than the last, no matter how many they defeat).

Besides, Yukari is amusing as fuck with her childish pranks. The main problem people have with the Moon Bitches is not their bullshit power level, it's that their fights are not even slightly entertaining to watch.

Anyway, >>2030746 is right in that Reimu and Yukari have as characters the stupid design flaw of "can't ever perish because the whole Gensokyo would be destroyed". That sort of crap necessitates the made-up bollocks of "spellcard rules" and in general makes a mess of things.

>> No.2030850

Shinki can kill servants!

oh wait wrong theard

>> No.2030854

so that makes...
/jp/ = gaia

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Shinki can create servants

(Sakuya=Shirou Yumeko=Archer)

>> No.2030863

This thread is an eyesore

>> No.2030866

FUCK YOU! Cant unthink Noble Phantasm throwing Yumeko

>> No.2030867

but Eirin is Archer, the Shirou from the Future.

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>> No.2030877

Sakuya is Gilgamesh. She does not create them she has them stored soemwhere

Yumeki creates them

Yumeko is future Eirin which switched body with Sakuya

now everything makes sense

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No one is allowed to switch bodies with Eirin, except for one.

>> No.2030976

Nowhere has ZUN ever said that Reimu and Yukari can't be killed. The spellcard rules are in place to prevent youkai from destroying Gensokyo.

>> No.2030979

Sakuya is using time powers so her knife is in more than one place at once. Sakuya = Assassin.

>> No.2030994


Wut no. Source on that please. I thought they were in place to give everyone a fair chance or some shit. What you said don't sound right.

>> No.2031012

Wrong.....so wrong

>> No.2031128

>With every spell between youkai, there is the slight fear of Gensokyo's decay...one's full abilities is to be denied.

Show me one place where ZUN has stated that Gensokyo couldn't survive without Reimu or Yukari.

>> No.2031170

Not exactly the same, but:

>The Hakurei shrine maidens control the Great Hakurei Boundary and protect Gensokyo.
>If the Great Boundary were destroyed, either from inside or out, Gensokyo would likely not fare well.
>Gensokyo relies on the Hakurei Shrine and its shrine maidens to continue to exist as it does today.
>Due to her easygoing appearance, it's impossible to tell whether she realizes this or not, but the Hakurei shrine maidens really do have all of Gensokyo under their thumbs.

It does not state that if Reimu died Gensokyo would be destroyed immediately though.