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I like this romance.

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Nah. Koukin x Keine is prime!

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Why does Rinnosuke exist?

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Reimu x fortune teller is way better

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Marisa, Reimu or Sakuya are way too young for Rinnosuke. They are daughteru tier.
Yukari or Keine fits him better.

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Kourin only cares about his curios, he doesn't have any time for this shit

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Could you feel the sexual tension in this scene too?

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But Yukari is way too old for everyone in Gensokyo.

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Wanna /ss/?

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Why does Rinnosuke exist?

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M*n shouldn't exist in Gensokyo.

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Because its ZUN's self insert and Mamizou is his wife.
Do not sexualize Rinn!

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Sensei superior, maid inferior, at least for this.

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please dont mention rinnosuke so that we might forgot that he exists, which he dont

there's no males in gensokyo, not even in the human village

all females !

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There's only one problem with that: Females can't reproduce without semen, so there would be no humans in Gensokyo.

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sensei is married to mokotan, this is common knowledge

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False. They're just good friends.
Sensei is straight.

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sensei may be straight but rinnosuke is clearly a flaming homo (mokou too)

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Rinnosuke is straight, just aloof. You're mistaken, anon.
Mokou...maybe, it's hard to say, but if Keine is straight then it doesn't matter.

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[citation needed]

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Just ask your mom if you don't believe me.
Don't forget to ask about the details.

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what about fate?

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SatoRin is actually the best Rinnosuke pairing but you need a VERY high IQ to even begin to understand it.

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Ur mum gay though

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First Sakuya, then Keine and now Satori.
Koukin you manslut!

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There's miles of bedrock between the two of them, anon, and Satori almost never leaves the house. No chance!

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Satori is too autistic for a straight relationship

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No maidens are save from his charms.

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I like this "romance".

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Fate is shit.

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So what is this pairing be called? Rinokene? Keinosuke? Rinne?

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The best and only canon one

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We didn't ask for your mother's name

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good thing i didn’t give it out then?

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No, that's not it.

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Rinnfaggot a shit.
*e does not belong in Gensokyo.

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>e does not belong in Gensokyo
Yes it does, it's the second letter.