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For Ever

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>last IIDX I played was Sinobuz
This means all my stuff gets nuked if I play Rootage?

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If it has ye olde japanese in it, it's Ameto. I'm trying to make out the words on this handcam stream with some mongoloid talking over the game sounds but it's a pretty bad idea
Now I just hope there's a way to permanently switch to it in the service menu

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Your clear lamps stay if you actually care about those

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gday everyone

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i miss darqs

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You really shouldn't

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yeah i actually don't i just wanted to say it

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maji burger

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nuiidx memes really suck

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hi derpta

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Wasn't derpta banned from most private trackers? I know he was banned from hdbits. how the FUCK di he become an admin on sows?

>> No.20222973

he gives corin the good succ and in exchange he is allowed to feel powerful on a dying forum

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the uk circlejerk is how

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in a few years it will be oliidx :^)

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what % of you hitting the keys is finger motion, and what % is arm/wrist motion?

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does us r1 have rootage

>> No.20224277

It's a software update isn't it?

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damn im moving soon so i wont be able to see dezlys butt anymore.....
are there any cute fuccbois at scm

>> No.20224933

ya me

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good riddance
faggots are not welcome in TX

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ummm sweaty if that were true there wouldnt be a bemani scene at all

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I'm impressed one enthusiastic old man has the power to trigger that many sows trannies

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Lain spends more time bitching and moaning about iidx than actually playing the game

>> No.20225838

anyone know if eclale has all the songs from previous pop'n games or if lapistoria has songs that aren't available in eclale or something like that?

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every game community has people who latch onto stupid memes that are funny for like 5 minutes

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>no CB BMS for a while yet
que lastima

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Just watch YouTube videos.

>> No.20226059

check sows

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are you gay furry

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maji fuckin de

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now fishes, THAT was a good meme *sip*

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I played SDVX for the first time in arcades in Japan and wanted to get into it at home. Unfortunately there are no arcades in my city and I heard you can play it on pc. How do I go about this? What controllers/software etc?

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I did find it a bit interesting that nobody else even responded when I asked if anyone was playing BOF18.

Oh, I have been.
>Personally, I would love this. But I imagine it's on hold because of the same problems the GST has: the file format was completely changed in CANNON BALLERS' lifespan from ".2dx" to ".s3p", which caused some audio issues in the last GST released for CB

>> No.20226634

The .s3p format is just as simple. The only thing that changed was the audio format and container. The chart format is still the same. I wrote my own tool for making CB GSTs in like a day. What was wrong with theirs.

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post dezly butt

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where sakura trick bga

>> No.20227274

Why would you post this dogshit score lol

>> No.20227277

Not in the game hahahaha

>> No.20227372

After silence for a week and then reading that response there I became worried; sure enough, hours after these posts, there they are. Now I just need BOF18 to finalize.

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so many new songs with BSS/CN/scratching, are they trying to combat the wrist scratcher menace

>> No.20227671

side note: why do wrist scratchers also try to score

>> No.20227683

because we're better than you at it.

>> No.20227689

okay john calm down

>> No.20227693

I'm not ehhhhh

>> No.20228093

good joke

>> No.20228483


Literally not possible. Chords use the least accurate note's timing to determine the judgement for the whole chord. IIDX timing is simply too strict to allow fuckery like that to achieve P.Greats.

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Shitty chart getting an upgrade

>> No.20229520

how many hours on average would it take a new player to get from complete beginner to 10th dan? and how many hours from 10th dan to kaiden?

>> No.20229552


Not long honestly; If you're playing at home and have time to practice you could probably get there in a month or two. The difficulty curve has been majorly smoothed out, the only real struggle with the game is 12's now.

Unrelated, can anybody give me the rundown on why everybody downloads sows data, but uses it on a different server? I'm pretty out of touch I guess I just play IIDX and don't interact with the community a ton, but I notice the leaderboards on arcana have been slow to fill up.

>> No.20229569

I am currently playing DJ MAX Respect (With a keyboard because shit's more fun like that), makes me want a real controller for this kind of business.

Also, why aren't you guys on /vg/?

>> No.20229625

thread's way too slow

>> No.20229648

That's cause there aren't many Western players in general. Plus it hasn't even been out for a week and not everyone plays every day. Also I'm pretty sure it's the other way around; people grab shit from OOC instead due to the lack of ratio requirements.

>> No.20229704

>get there in a month or two
So what does that make me who is only 7th and has been playing for 8 months? Human trash? No way your average person could get their in a month or two.

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It does....

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we aren't on /vg/ because the threads get pushed off page 10 and also because they get infested with idiots who want to post about guitar hero and ddr extreme and don't like anything else

>> No.20229997


Other servers seem to offer better quality of life features (especially arena) and are faster to get updates. Ever since the shit show that was arcana's Sinobuz launch a lot of people have changed over to other networks

>> No.20230504

fuck those guys
I regret ever interacting with them

>> No.20230525

top 5s for rootage go

>> No.20230795

I'm not a big lain fan but you know that's not true lol. lain definitely puts in the work into the game

>> No.20230880

actually lain is one of the rare theorycrafter types who also has the energy to play just as much. shes just passionate af.

>> No.20230933

>in a month or two

>> No.20230941

>Not long honestly; If you're playing at home and have time to practice you could probably get there in a month or two. The difficulty curve has been majorly smoothed out, the only real struggle with the game is 12's now.

this is what clearers actually believe lmfao

>> No.20230957

no nigga she's wrong all the time

>> No.20230965

??????? Why would you ever think this because it's 100% wrong

>> No.20230979


With everyday practice it's totally reasonable that somebody could start clearing 10's within a month or two. The game has so many charts you'd get there naturally just by playing them all.

>> No.20230996

I wouldn't ask for average times as it's different for everyone. Game tests a lot of different skill sets and some will click faster than others. Also depends on what kind of games you've played before, how young you are, how often you practice, etc. For me it took about two years, but for my friend it took about a year to go from 0 to chuuden.

>> No.20230998


lol thats cute or you could just open palm it like a normal person

>> No.20231001

>10th Dan
read next time

>> No.20231039

chords are individual notes you enormous retard

>> No.20231090

IIDX and BMS don't have chord cohesion you fucking dance game normie

>> No.20231270

I remembered clearing my first 11 after a month. Then again it wasn't from zero as I played 7s in my first week.

>> No.20231424

>it's a library that's named Rootage
what the fuck?

>> No.20231429

Any ITG players here, if so whats the highest you can pass? (Keyboard fags go away)

>> No.20231506

i passed alien interview once but i got out of shape and now i mostly play 10-14

>> No.20231582

1. starry night
2. the day of jubilations
3. over time
-- power gap --
5. ???

>> No.20231620

cranberry city
promise for ann
sakura apparition
dr chemical

>> No.20231664


i always wondered why anyone would ever play any ddr game once itg2 existed.

>> No.20231685

He said 10dan not 10s

>> No.20231688

Mostly for the songs, alot of ddr charts that are harder are mostly gimmicky

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is iidx a furry game?

>> No.20231722


>Mostly for the songs

but can't you just clone those charts and upload them to itg2 anyway?

>> No.20231747

People would ratger stay on Konami's good side (legally speaking), least we forget the fate of roxar...

>> No.20231749


>> No.20231757


>> No.20231772


yea i understand that, i just mean as an individual player who has access to it.

it'd be like if a perfect or almost perfect clone of iidx existed. as an individual player there'd be no reason to play anything else, since you could just custom chart anything from the legit iidx games into your clone, as well as play custom charts for any song someone had made one for.

>> No.20231842

Yet people still prefer to go for the real deal just for the sake of it

>> No.20231878


WTF, have you retards ever even fucking played IIDX? You only get one fucking judgement for a chord no matter how big it is.

>> No.20231944

i see the count go up by the number of notes in the chord

>> No.20232014

Yes because chords aren't one note next question

>> No.20232390

The displayed word on the screen will go to the lowest timed hit, but that displayed word won't apply to every note in the chord. I'm pretty sure if someone found any given video which displayed the totals in real time and slowed it down it could be seen that the individual notes of a chord are judged and accounted accordingly.

>> No.20232483

play K-ShootMania or USC as a simulator if you cant get data, or leap through a bunch of loopholes to get paseli to play SDVX ecloud legitimately

buy a Yuancon or Dao controller to use at home or make your own, there's an entire community that can help with DIY cons

>> No.20232504

>month or two
>10th dan

youre a lying wrist scratching shitter

>> No.20232515

it makes you perfectly normal, dont agonize over slow progress

>> No.20232637

Imagine not being Kaiden after a week

>> No.20232686

being kaiden after a week is cheating

>> No.20232694

what about getting a 98 on fly above after 3 days

>> No.20232709

If you're not born max'ing another 8s you should quit desu

>> No.20232965


keep in mind when some autist says "lmao i was doing 11s in one month", even if they're not full of shit, they mean playing the game 6-8+ hours a day every day.

if someone has a ton of rhythm game experience in some other difficult rhythm game, it ups their starting floor significantly. (i.e. after literally 15 minutes of playing pop'n, i was doing 30-31s. that doesn't mean pop'n is an easy game, and it doesn't mean i'm a pop'n god... it just means i had a ton of experience in other rhythm games and those skills carried over in a large way)

>> No.20232974

or if they are a stepmania/osu neet

>> No.20233056


some of the dudes i knew who were big into stepmania have been playing it religiously for 15 consecutive years, so i have no doubt that they could progress extremely quickly in iidx compared to some noob coming in that's relatively new to rhythm games

>> No.20233260

I'm trying to remember a song in IIDX. The bga was kind of like a bouncing ball and the genre was some sort of EDM or trap.

>> No.20233278


>> No.20233296

Thank you. Don't know how I missed it lol.

>> No.20233455

yeah not a good example because pop'n basically starts at 45s but alright next caller

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File: 3.91 MB, 480x324, 1494113498646.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cant stop fucking with my offset and it is driving me crazy

>> No.20233534

just use -1 of what you used in CB.
Unless you're playing on that shitty ERM cab then use -2 of what you used to use.

>> No.20233541

im playing cb at home

>> No.20233542

k well then I don't give a fuck about helping you

>> No.20233581

Any way to prevent a sore right arm when playing iidx? Im 1P side and I do hover my hands. My left arm gets zero pain while my right arm get unbearable.

>> No.20233866

do any top players in asia play on arcana or other western servers?

>> No.20233868


>> No.20233897

Depends on how lax your definitions of "top" and "play" are. F.XIII used to play on PS a bit. I've heard rumors of DOLCE trying out PW while on a trip or something. There are some asian players on some servers that bully the shit out of all western players, but they're not even close to "top".

>> No.20233914

>top rankers in amuse town stream all have like +3.0 offset on rootage

i didn't know the corean meme was real

>> No.20233936

I noticed this too. Is their cab fucked or is it in their genes?

>> No.20233969

I always assumed it was because of EZ2 cabinets being shitty, but who knows. It's always disorienting to see notes disappear before even getting to the red line. There's no monitor with such low latency that can predict the future, so it's definitely something wrong with them as human beings.

>> No.20234007

is there anything more tryhard than playing doubles in public?

>> No.20234011


i only have one controller at home pls dont bully

>> No.20234016

>everyone better than me is a tryhard

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>> No.20234048

playing 12s in public

>> No.20234233


math starts at cohomology yet we still waste time teaching brainlets babby shit like calculus and differential equations. there might even be people in this thread that don't even know what spectral sequences are, lmao

>> No.20234297

what are songs with the green/purple backrgound in the song selction menu?

>> No.20234327

where did all these post-ironic faggots come from
i blame sdvx

>> No.20234328

unlocks from the previous style
thanks doc

>> No.20234387

Bring home BOF18 pack. Unpack archive. See 200+ folders. Unzip everything. Load up LR2. Find only 48 of those 200+ unique songs have DP charts of some kind. Every year I try to brace for disappointment but it never fails to disappoint.

But DP is the only way I play.

>> No.20234416

getting good at iidx isn't hard at all if you grind like an autist for 2 months straight.with prior rhythm game experience you can easily get to chuuden in that time-frame.

>> No.20234418

1cc was probably responsible for a large drop in quality of these threads. During the height of the 1cc vs Sows bullshit we had a lot of kids posting garbage here, and it doesn't seem to have changed much since.

>> No.20234451

Do scores not transfer over to new styles in arcades? Why do the nips put up with that?

>> No.20234521
File: 131 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Pop Team Epic - 02 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_18.03_[2018.01.13_21.33.15].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone playing Chunithm Amazon?
Started playing it very recently and it seems to be pretty popular at my local arcade.

>> No.20234949

sounds co-gay

>> No.20235071

>greeted by a cute girl with a lisp instead of a screaming old man
rootage is great

>> No.20235212

even better, goodbye in 5 languages

too bad you only get her half of the week. the other half is some bored fuckboy

>> No.20235228

They don't but clear lamps do.

I think Qpro parts also transfer while lanecovers and stuff like that doesn't.

>> No.20235237

Is there a reason why the don't transfer? Seems like it would be shitty to have all those good scores you got and WR's after a year.

>> No.20235296

Oh, good to know mori's still in rootage. he just turned into a little girl

>> No.20235356

Holy fuck, the detail in that Himmel AA result screen.

>> No.20235388

what a time to be an AA player

>> No.20235492

So you get guys as the background when you get an AAA?

>> No.20235834

Yes. IIDX is for manly, hardcore gamers now.

>> No.20235892

Yes. Somehow a car-themed game managed to have less unnecessary m*les than a book-themed game

>> No.20235954

I only play doubles in public because I don't have two controllers

>> No.20236036

playing anything harder than lv.2s is tryhard

>> No.20236056

>Pop'n makes a score distribution change that inflates everyone's scores
>doesn't score reset
>IIDX scoring has been unchanged since forever
>scores reset every style
idk anon I think konami is just full of retards

>> No.20236075

>not liking dudes
what are you, gay

>> No.20236105

are you in london?

>> No.20236137

London Affairs Beckoned With Money Loved By Yellow Papers.

>> No.20236268

Rock me now revival when

>> No.20236668

What decent games can I play at home in europe?

>> No.20236683

all games are indecent sorry to burst your bubble

>> No.20236690

get out varg

>> No.20236701

go be a chad and get outside, smell the flowers, drink, eat and smash some pussy

otherwise have fun being an indecent little virgin manlet that never sees the sun

>> No.20236710

I got work to do and my GF at home fuck you varg fuck you

>> No.20236719


>> No.20236779

why do rootage songs have way more notes than what their levels usually have

>> No.20236807

why do retarded babby anons ask fucking stupid questions

>> No.20236813
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>> No.20236817

why do discord and underage posters refuse to use any kind of punctuation

>> No.20236820

Blame Twitter.

>> No.20236831

New DM Ashura track in 2dx when?

>> No.20237052

they are finally trying to make 8s and 9s more interesting and it's working

>> No.20237063

over time owns and dolce didn't sightread FC it lmao

harder than IDC confirmed

>> No.20237843

How do I git gud with LR2 timings?
Constantly hovering around C-Bs with shitload of goods, but have no idea whether I am hitting too late/early.

>> No.20238023

lr2 default timing is default easy so you should be in pgreat city
>no idea whether hitting too late or too early
turn on the slow/fast heads up lol

>> No.20238062

i've never use lr2 but will it fuck with my timing for when i go back to data and arcade?

>> No.20238085

Somewhat. It doesn't take very long to readjust though.

>> No.20238135

Thanks. Where can I find this option? Nothing that sounds like it in system settings.

Also, any idea if it is possible to sort charts by difficulty rather than by song directory? Would prefer browsing a sorted difficulty list like in the arcade rather than having check out each chart directory individually.

>> No.20238326

Find a good offset, use asio, and use hard judge on everything and no you should have no problems.

>> No.20238454

unfortunately it's a fucking mod to the game, dl it here

some skins might add or or something idk

>> No.20238469

btw if you use this mod never play LN songs

for some reason having working fast/slow completely fucks long notes

>> No.20238475

lr2 is a flaming pile of dogshit more at 11

>> No.20238567

what are good songs to practice crossovers
i always fuck up and end up trying to hit 3 notes in a row with 1 foot

>> No.20238696

When looking for a good offset with even fast/slows should you play songs below your level to get the offset right? When I do that and then go and play a song at my level I always get a lot more fasts than slows.

>> No.20238733

Exotic ethnic

>> No.20238821

Well, that explains it. I was wondering if that was normal and people just put up with that when I tried LR2.

>> No.20238882

Sunkiss Drop

>> No.20238890

Yes, play songs where you can play completely on beat to the music without any effort, and then leave it alone. Adjusting offset on hard songs is a good way to fuck yourself up.
Also hitting early at/or above your level is normal. When doing a level 12 sightread I sometimes get like 500 fasts and 100 slows which seems worrying, but I can get AAAs on 10s with fairly even slows and fasts immediately after because the offset isn't actually wrong, it's just the brain panicking.

>> No.20238910
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I haven't been in these threads or played rhythm games in three years. What have I missed?

>> No.20238980

iidx 26 is out it's called rootage
DDR is still on A

that's basically the important things

>> No.20239005


>> No.20239026

lots of faggotry

>> No.20239071


Rhythm and police

>> No.20239136

psun is now arcana
sows is on it's death throes

fungah is still not kaiden

>> No.20239149


>> No.20239173

ddr player/rapist

>> No.20239193


>> No.20239213


>> No.20239353
File: 185 KB, 920x696, 46059092_1938426886203851_1431456159591563264_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>older FI/PB songs can be bought directly

>> No.20239659

they should rig the cabs so that whoever picks hanakanmuri on stream receives an electric shock

>> No.20239663

What stream

>> No.20239790

I'm rather surprised how Step Up works in Rootage, compared to older games. The various challenges and extra stages are a nice touch, and I'm not used to how less you are punished for failing a song.

>> No.20240937

do people just assume i dont read this thread

>> No.20241800

some totally mentally stable tranny said fungah hurt their feefees so he's obviously a rapist who deserves death

>> No.20241819

nah around kac two different women were posting about how jeff "fungah" lloyd quite literally had sex with them without their consent

>> No.20241831

I heard he cried like a faggot until someone had pity sex with him then regretted it.

>> No.20242198

Who wants to struggle snuggle with me uwu

>> No.20242246

I hope you get shot in the streets

>> No.20242307

I don't go outside

>> No.20242581

I hope you get shot inside

>> No.20242609

Shooting anywhere other than inside would be a waste.

>> No.20242614
File: 324 KB, 455x425, yoshida.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20242630

best comeback I've ever seen

>> No.20243431
File: 329 KB, 1152x831, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let me know when you guys play some real beatmania

>> No.20243549
File: 469 KB, 452x452, ULTiMATE_INFLATiON_EXH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the lewdest artwork that's ever been in a Bemani game?

>> No.20243603

Probably me :(

>> No.20243680

im xybur

>> No.20243686

stop being a fag

>> No.20243808

how is cannon ballers ac data?
does the new sound core or w/e make a difference for us home setup users or does it still feel like the other datas

>> No.20243834
File: 48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only real bemanifans play pocket 2

>> No.20243857

feels better to me

>> No.20243868

same as hypersonik

>> No.20243879

im xybur
literally the exact same

>> No.20244072

does the turntable have a different timing window than the keys

>> No.20244093

I think it has an extra PGREAT frame added on the late end, so 3 PGREAT frames total, with all the the other late windows shifted by 1 frame to fit it in. I haven't measured it exactly.

>> No.20244187

Am I a vindictive bitch if I'm considering taking a day off from work to grind my win:lose ratio back positive on my rivals

>> No.20244344

Guess I'll stop going.

>> No.20244356

Gal Metal a good buy or should I wait for the price to get reduced?

>> No.20244382

It's very shallow.
Just watch the story on youtube if you want.

>> No.20244545

I'd say its better. Hypersonik is still a wrapper and not a direct implementation (though we don't really know how CB is coded...).
That said now on CB I am getting a noticeable audio delay with my internal soundcard and no delay with the external one. And on hypersonik it was the opposite.

>> No.20244552


i just passed bounce bounce bounce hyper
that might not be shit, but as a 5th dan scratchlet, i feel great

>> No.20245447

just quit ur job so u can become ranker

>> No.20245966
File: 600 KB, 452x452, Emperor's_Divide_EXH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20245995

I like playing weeb songs on guitar hero does that count?..

>> No.20246042
File: 418 KB, 452x452, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine picking this song in front of other people

>> No.20246293

guitar hero has weeb songs?

>> No.20246369

The fanmade clone hero does

>> No.20246595

A SDVX cab is in public space isn't it?

>> No.20248195

S!ck confiscated my cb 8th dan

>> No.20248356

Good, you didn't deserve it you mashy fucktard

>> No.20248451

I have the best 7th dan timing ever never reply to me again

>> No.20248456

post scores

>> No.20248524

I know I'm gonna get mocked for these but my best scores on cb were 92% on crossroad A and 92% pendual talisman. I don't know anyone around this level who can AAA shit

>> No.20248526

nah that's pretty good for your level anon keep at it

>> No.20248543

Pendual Talisman SPA? What the hell anon you should be 9dan ez

>> No.20248571


>> No.20249093

do you think it's possible to crush your own skull with a dao

>> No.20249118

Stop playing if you're getting frustrated.

>> No.20249136

probably not the material on the inside is actually weak af
you should try it anyway though

>> No.20249431

Anyone else find that they play better if they refrain from masturbating for at least 4-5 days? This seems to be the only logical explanation for my sudden improvement.

>> No.20249470

fuck off satan you're not leeching my sexual energy that easily

>> No.20249569
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1479863350635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's another "level 18 over stepped to non-existent rhythms and anemic where it should be dense" episode
Why are the in-house staff so fucking bad at making DDR charts

>> No.20249637

the fuck is wrong with the new y&co song

>> No.20249666

it's by y&co

>> No.20249903


keysounds are fucked

>> No.20249969


>> No.20249984

just play pop'n amigo those charts are good

>> No.20250022

I wanna be a dragon

>> No.20250418

They made dead end groove radar special so yeah

>> No.20250636

Well yeah, draining your energy means you have less for IIDX. I don't go to those extremes, but I try to refrain from doing it before I play IIDX that day or else my reading gets a bit cloudy.

>> No.20250730

oh so it's actually bugged? song is still gratingly bad though

>> No.20253300


>> No.20253636

>oh so it's actually bugged?
No. It's just bad.

>> No.20253723

im xybur

>> No.20254034

how does a sjw like him even get into something as autistic as bemani

>> No.20254128

nigga what

>> No.20254294

oops got him mixed up with xythar

>> No.20254423

if you're the same anon that was whinging about him several threads back then you have an odd fixation on a dude that literally doesn't play bemani games anymore

>> No.20254489

no this is my first time mentioning him
don't reply to me again btw

>> No.20254537

I just want to get involved.

>> No.20254630

Well I flailed crazily but I easy cleared Diavoli for the first time. That's the 5th 9 I've cleared. Anyone got a handful of easy 9s they can think of off the top of their head?

>> No.20254730
File: 101 KB, 1026x771, lr2a_new1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just installed Lunatic Rave 2
how should i set up my keyboard controls?
was thinking of getting into bemani and a few anons suggesting trying this out before investing in a controller

>> No.20254781

>don't reply to me again btw
alright well you sound like an incel cuck so same

>> No.20254965


iirc most people set up the keys in the middle of the keyboard, but just set it up however is comfortable for you, since on keyboard you can just assign a finger to each key without worrying about technique at all.

>> No.20254996

SDF Space JKL is a decent basic layout.

>> No.20255086

all of them

>> No.20255099

sort by clear percent
based kaiden player

>> No.20255188


>sort by clear percent

i was playing at home on offline server, but how can i do this when i'm actually on a cab?

>> No.20255222

press key 2, 4 or 6 and you access the sort menu

>> No.20255539

Yoshida-san is a babby tier 9. Great for score attacking too.

>> No.20256125

thunderbolt was one of the first 9s i beat

>> No.20256587

Am I the only one who thinks every single AA/AAA results screen in Rootage is fucking hideous because of how over the top their clothes are

>> No.20256630

probably, can't complain about ameto pits and himmel thigh and boob

>> No.20256696

I can't even focus on their thighs when one of them has a fucking watch tied around her leg

>> No.20256701

same desu

>> No.20256751

You can also do this without closing the folder by using 2 on the numpad instead

>> No.20256813

try Sleepless Days

>> No.20257500


>> No.20257768
File: 41 KB, 368x280, header_sp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

specs says it has bluetooth also

>> No.20257787

At first I was happy for a new cheap controller but it's still far more expensive than it should be

>> No.20257830

theyre literally brain damaged be nice

that or they don't listen to the song before they write a chart

>> No.20257905

it's gonna be a total pile of shit like the "premium" one isn't it

>> No.20259410
File: 89 KB, 256x256, 1521229835000.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



oh boy, added input lag? sign me the fuck up

>> No.20259824

is the phoenixwan worth considering for a main controller over a fp7 + a 2nd for doubles

>> No.20260504

i think you're just gay dude

>> No.20260525

5key is gone but they're still using the fucking 12 point scale what a world

>> No.20260532

The best jaeger is gone too. Bullshit I say

>> No.20261461

So /mu/ has made (and revised) a 100 item "essential video game music" soundtrack list and there is not one music game soundtrack on it. Not one. What do you think should be on there?

>> No.20261576

Anyone know of channels that stream iidx other than amusetown and dolche?

>> No.20261985

>look up that list
>LISA visible from the thumbnail
anybody who likes that angsty dissonant shit should off themselves desu

>> No.20261999

>if its not conventional pop music structures its shit

>> No.20262076

>only two music structures exist
based retard

>> No.20262090

found your problem

>> No.20263146

probably bounce connected or the beatmania club mix ost

Link to the list?

>> No.20263168

>telling other people to off themselves

>> No.20263220

>not knowing the 4chin wordfilters
hello newfag

>> No.20263228

I'm sure he knows the word filters and is more calling you out for typing like a teenager

>> No.20263270

M!TSBA (みつば), RKS-32 (たんゆ), TAKA.S (TAKA.S Channel), MACAOD (MACAOD IIDX)

Licht used to stream as well, but he only updates his channel with recorded videos now. He moved to Japan a while back, and seems to be focused on other priorities outside of streaming.

>> No.20263587

he mainly streams bms but NIXXUI (にっすぃー) is pretty good.

>> No.20263850


ahaha k whatever BOOMER lmaooo

>> No.20263861

I don' t think /mu/ has an archive, or I don't care to look. I'll just go ahead and out myself as a /v/ poster by posting this - https://boards.fireden.net/v/thread/439368932/#439371373 . Go ahead.

Good choices there, but I think to be technical the first wouldn't count because it's an arrange album as opposed to a specific OST. For IIDXs I was thinking 5th Style and maybe Sinobuz, I'm not quite sure which of the post-digit styles has the fewest clunkers on it. I'm not familiar with series other than Beatmania.

>> No.20263863

/mu/'s archive is rbt.asia

>> No.20263897

i don't think i've seen a IIDX that doesn't have half of the list being clunkers. all Reflec meme games are good candidates though, for both variety and execution

absolutely based

>> No.20264322

I don't think any music game soundtrack, as a whole, is really deserving of that title

MAYBE one of the DJMax games

>> No.20264371

beatmania/iidx needs to be on the list as a general thing

>> No.20264457

I’d pick one of the following:

beatmania 2nd Mix
beatmania IIDX 10th Style
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix

>> No.20264478

3rd/6th/8th/10th Style, RED, Distorted, and DJ Troopers pass the 50% threshold IMO

>> No.20264491

For non game soundtrack, Bemani artists, it’s bounce connected and beatmania HIROSHI WATANABE beat indication for GOAT albums

>> No.20264799
File: 297 KB, 689x720, 1527706517286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Red and DJ Troopers
>Better than 4th, 5th, 7th, Happy Sky, Gold, Resort Anthem, Sinobuz, or really any other style other than Spada and Cannon Ballers

>> No.20264907

when do 12s come out

>> No.20265339

I downloaded Beatmania 25 Cannon Ballers on Nyaa and heard that I have to join a server how do I do that?

>> No.20265437

is there a release date for vivid wave?

>> No.20265634

better than copula at least

>> No.20265727

it sucks there aren't really any consistent english streams, it would be a lot more entertaining if you could engage with the chat and streamer rather than just looking at dolce get 98s on shit.
in the fgc daigo's streams had an english translator guy that also played fighting games and those were interesting to watch because at least you knew what the fuck they were saying, wish something like that existed for iidx

>> No.20265941

When red dans come out

>> No.20265947

That can't exist because no English players are good

>> No.20266192

Since switching to my pinky instead of ring finger last week all my other fingers have seemed to gone to shit as well. Is this normal?

>> No.20266287

cannon ballers has a fairly low amount of unz and jpop which automatically makes it okay.

>> No.20266406

thats why it was bad actually

>> No.20267357

cum on mayumi

>> No.20267658

retard pleb

>> No.20267775

why can you only go up to 8dan in rootage so far

>> No.20267797

It's like this for a while. 9/10 dan will show up later. Chuuden/Kaiden after that.

>> No.20267920
File: 58 KB, 640x960, patchymaimai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Poor Patchy

>> No.20267956

whats the point in that?

>> No.20268099

The same reason why new 12s show up later I think.

>> No.20268514


>> No.20268575

Probably to try and maintain new release hype over time?

I would guess it's the same logic as time delayed free DLC

>> No.20269151

Basically this, same reason arena has waves and you can't unlock extra stage songs as soon as they come out, it's all about the slow burn konami has to keep people coming back to the grind somehow

>> No.20269238

nothing wrong with that sentiment unless you like sucking gook cock all day
then again this is /jp/

>> No.20269241

This is a thread for Japanese rhythm games what are you on about

>> No.20269246

can you read

>> No.20269474

Why the fuck do idiots play these games if you have no appreciation for them?

>> No.20269776

Is there anywhere I should be looking for Pop'n ASCs sold in Europe? I think I've just about hit the skill ceiling with my mini controller.

>> No.20269828

crying because you're a pleb that can't understand like 3 japanese words? can't say i feel any empathy

>> No.20269990

gamo2 is the only options right now

>> No.20270103

Check the sows marketplace for local second hand stuff, otherwise your best bet would be to make your own using istmall buttons

>> No.20270118


Just get a DAO

>> No.20270275

How does wanting a bigger English speaking player base and higher skilled english speaking players equate to having no appreciation for the game?
Are you actually retarded

>> No.20270542

I've been checking every so often, should I just bite the bullet and make a WTB thread?

I would, but I refuse to spend over $100+tip on shipping and customs.

>> No.20271364

I think it's around first week of december, uhh if I remember, December 10? sdvx official twitter posted it last week go check it out

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