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Do you buy VNs, or procure them through other means?

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>buy VNs

That implies that we have money that we don't use to buy alcohol.

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I actually own quite a few of them, but just like everyone else I torrent too.

selfsage for buying things and replying to a troll.

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First, I buy a copy of the VN; next, I torrent an image file of the VN; finally, I re-sell the copy I bought.

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What is this buy you're talking about

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If you're going to do that, why not just rip the image right off the copy you bought?

>do you buy something easily gotten from the internet

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I buy some before even playing them, procure others through alternate means and then buy them if I like them. I've bought more than I've played, sadly.

It helps that I have a friend to split the cost with though.

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>>If you're going to do that, why not just rip the image right off the copy you bought?
Because then it feels dishonest.

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I illegally download software

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I'd like to see you stop me. It's even really cool looking.

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Looks like a shoe in thumbnail.

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I stopped buying movies altogether after that *thing* came around.

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