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Doesn't the Touhou world have police? You think that all the Yukkuri would be arrested for disturbing the peace

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Reimu is the police.

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You'd think that man would be arrested for animal cruelty.

In most cases I'm okay with yukkuri abuse, but in this particular case I'm on Reimu's side.
If they invade your house, go ahead. If they stand in your way, go ahead. If they are rude towards you, go ahead. Even if you hunt innocent ones in the forest, it's a jungle out there. But this one is in a city, and it is civilized. It's not stealing, invading or anything, it's pretty polite, just trying to gather money. Perhaps it was trained by someone, it might even be a pet of some homeless person.
At it isn't too annoying, staying off to the side, and even tries to provide something (dance) in exchange for the donations.

And this bastard anon just takes it and kills it.

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>Kotohime is the police.

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I think the fad died out because we ran out of yukkuris. If you guys did your torture properly, they wouldn't be extinct.

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we have spread into many other boards

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>the fad died

Oh thank Christ.

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I bet even Jesus would want to abuse them.

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There's no need for police, everyone does whatever they want

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No, I...



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You're pretty dumb arn't you?

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If yukkuris existed, the holocaust would never have happened(at least not with the jews). They are like living stress balls.

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This fad was retarded to begin with. It's like Jissouseki, except instead of Rozen Maiden haters using it to troll Rozen Maiden threads, now it's Touhou "fans" themselves doing the trolling. And it's not even fucking clever or funny. It's just OH HAY GUYS I DREW A CUTE LITTLE BLOB AND OHH SHIT THERE IT GOES INTO THE MEAT MINCER AND YOU CAN SEE THE TEARS FLOWING DOWN ITS CUTE WIDDLE FACE AIN'T I SO FUCKING EXTREME HAR HAR DE HAR. No you're not, and fuck you. You're just an inept amateur version of Waita "babyfuck" Uziga. Anybody could do what you do, they just don't do it for the same reason they don't shit themselves and film it on youtube.

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It's not trolling. I just get the satisfaction from seeing Alice impregnate Marisa

and I know I'm not alone by far

Malice is Justice

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wasn't paying attention when the whole thing started.

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When the thing started, it was all cute and funny. Then suddenly a storm of faggots came in and decided that random gross-outs and torture for the flimsiest reasons or no reason at all is what would obviously make it better.

Yukkuri abuse is a prime example of how we can't have nice things.

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>When the thing started, it was all cute and funny
Nope it was just surreal. Makako started the whole cute thing, which developed into the yukkuri biology/ecosystem and then into the guro.

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There, knock yourself out. 1+ gigs of yukkuri maltreatment

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>Yukkuri abuse is a prime example of how we can't have nice things.

Posting nice things in thread.

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I think Alicefags are the reason yukkuri turned sour. Take your fucking "playing Alice" and your peni-peni and get the fuck out!

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This. Yukkuri abuse was amusing when done right, but when rampant shitting and massive rape groups and the peni-peni came about it all fell apart.

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yukkuri Alice was obviously made by people who hate Marisa x Alice

it's a smear campaign

I'm not sure why. Would you rather have pig-disgusting Marisa x Kourin?

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> pig-disgusting Marisa x Kourin

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I'm all for Marisa x no one. Give Alice to Reimu, give Patchy to Koa and give Flandre to her sister.

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You forgot Nitori.

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The most I can say for the yukkuri fad is that its followers always kept in one thread so I could more easily ignore the whole thing.

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Polygamy is best.

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Fixed relationships are stupid. Everyone is a slut in Gensokyo anyway.

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Actually, she goes to Proto-Marisa.

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Actually, Proto-Marisa

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Is fine too.

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Fixed relationships are stupid. Everyone is a virgin in Gensokyo anyway.

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Gensokyo has police, it just so happens that they are robots, so crime is near non existent.

As for the yukkuri, they are left alone, because the machines are more humane than the people. That, plus the fact that yukkuri were sent to Gensokyo as gifts by the dragons.

Boy, are they gonna be pissed when they come back.

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Why arrest them, when killing them is much more economic and viable?
It may even send a message to every other Yukkuri. "Don't do this or we'll kill you"

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yuukuri have a short term memory of ONE DAY

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Only according to some stories.

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They do remember traumatic events, though. Like the fear inspired by the Factory is so huge that it is engraved in their collective unconscious.

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They only remember the deeply traumatizing stuff.
So you'd need to traumatize all of them, and just showing them some other yukkuri die doesn't work. It has to be a close family, and the death must be really grotesque. Even that is not enough on most Marisas.

And then their children would do all the wrong things again.

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>Touhou world

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>the fad died
2chan is saying the otherwise.

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