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How old is Yukari anyway?

I'd her gaps.

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She's an artifact left over from the last universe.

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physically 20

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More than a 1000 years, forget about it

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One of the oldest Youkai. Tewi was compared to her, meaning she's younger than 1300, but not by too much.

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I see what you did there...

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Yukarin is too young compared to all those Lunarians.

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However old she wants to be.

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Yukari evolution

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>Older than the history of Gensokyo itself.

Meaning she came from our world, assuming Gensokyo is a pocket dimension that appeared 1,200 years ago? Anyone older than her would have to be as well.

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Gensokyo is a region in Japan. It was created together with all of Japan. Since Akyu doesn't tell you when this region was named Gensokyo or when it became a youkai nest (when its history began), you don't know her age.

All Touhous come from different regions of Earth (Moon, Earth of the Future or from a different universe through something and space vessels)

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>1,200 years ago
>from out world

This just in, Yukari wrote the Koran.

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>1,200 years ago
>from out world

This just in, Yukari wrote the Qur’an.

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I always thought she is physically in her thirties... All that dressing and style doesn't exactly suit a teenager.

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Didn't Yukari basically 'create' Gensokyo?

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>All that dressing and style doesn't exactly suit a teenager.
Just combine Ran's and Maribel's clothes.

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She steals everything from Ran. Theme, EX-boss status (Phantasm makes PCB Extra look like a waste of time), clothes, etc.

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No. She did only create a border between Fantasy and Reality 500 years ago and made Gensokyo what it is today.

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So it's her fault that we don't have touhous in our world.

Yukari always fucks shit up.

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I thought the dragons created Gensokyo.

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Yukari messing with the borders once again

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oh wow, never saw it that way

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I cant imagine myself sexing up thirty-year olds, so no.

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Everyone in Touhou dresses like that.

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Everyone in Touhou is at their thirties.

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Not what I've heard, why would the dragons make the Hakureis essential to the border?

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Reimu has dragonborn blood.

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Youmu sitting on Myon cosplaying Yukari.

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thanks bro!

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I demand an explanation.

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Real age?

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No Illidan!
You was killed by Arthas!
How can you live?

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He is the 23434636th Warcraft character confirmed to be merely wounded, but not killed.

The 23434637th is Muradin

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can anyone give sauce on this?

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Eirin - over 100000000 years
Kanako,Suwako - over 2300 years
Kaguya,Mokou - over 1300 years
Tewi - over 1200 years
Aya,Yuyuko - over 1000 years
Remilia,Flandre - about 500 years
Patchouli - about 100 years
Sanae - 15-18 years

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> Sanae - 15-18 years
I'd say she's 20+.

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>Eirin - over 100000000 years

I'd love a source for that.

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And remember time passes differently in Gensokyo, so she's still 17 now. Don't go saying anything different.

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Reimu and Marisa are supposed to be 15 or something, and Sanae's still in high school when she comes to Gensoukyou.

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> And remember time passes differently in Gensokyo, so she's still 17 now. Don't go saying anything different.
No it doesn't, don't make me link to the Touhou wiki. Reimu is like 19-20 in SA. There's no reason to think Sanae is younger.

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I like to think that most of the Touhou look at least 20, with only a handful of exceptions.

Wait, I have a question. Does a handful mean a lot, or a few?

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Sanae is old and smelly like a grandma.

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A few. You can't hold too many things in one hand.

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Time doesn't pass differently in Gensokyo, they just reset the year clock (start back at 0) when the most recent expansion to the Great Border was completed ~130 years ago.

The oldest character in Touhou, if you exclude the goddesses, being virtually immortal as they are, is Eirin. What's more: the oldest character is human ("Lunarian," but then we don't specifically call the people of the Outside and the Human Village "Earthlings," do we?). That's crazy.

Yukari and Tewi are probably tied for being the oldest youkai, only because no real dates are given and there has been no direct comparison.

There's no proof or discussion anywhere involving this argument. All that is known is that the dragons are treated sort of like gods and that the last one physically seen was seen just prior to the finalization of the Great Border.

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Lies and slander.

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I don't know. Maybe it depends on the context.

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Dragons, you say?

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Again, I don't get where people pull out their ass that Eirin is the oldest character. At least mention your source because I'm not flat out denying it, I'm just tired of people claiming random shit as fact based on loose conjecture and theories.

As I understand it, Yukari was around for the creation of Gensokyo and had a important role in it's creation. This already assumes she was strong enough to do so at the time, but quite bluntly we don't know who's oldest because no information is given about it and few people are honest or even give a answer when asked about it. At best we can say 'at least this old' because they were around for some event in the same way we can say Cirno is over 60 because she's witnessed the previous flower viewing event.

But that's it. Unless I'm missing something that states Eirin was around at the creation of the Lunar Capitol or the start of time or something, I can't see her as being anything other than one of the oldest character, competing with everyone else who doesn't have their origin clearly defined.

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Eirin was a cofounder of the Lunar Capital, so she's confirmed to have been around (and an adult) around 3000 years ago. Before that, the sources clash.
If you go with the theory that Eirin and Omoikane are one and the same, she would be somewhere between 3700 and 5000 years old.
If you go with the theory that Eirin is (a genderswapped) Qibo, she would be around 4500 years old.
Either is old.

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However, keep in mind that in the touhouverse the Kojiki and Yellow Emperor alike are likely big fat lies concocted by the lunarians to keep the earthlings occupied.