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post about rhythm game

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First for iidx is the best rhythm game of all time

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Bobn musig is bedder XD

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happy hardcore

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gay genre tbqh

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sdvx is a furry game

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i play iidx with my hands resting on the cabinet, but i've come to a point where i think i need to change that

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Best SDVX girl

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history_15.png when

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you do
slapping the buttans at high velocity from far away is the only way to play

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sorry popn is the daddy of all furry games

>> No.20171454

unless you're really short this puts your wrists at a really bad angle and will be painful in the long run

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rootage on the 7th lads

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Xybur's a faggot.

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Everyone in this shithole of a community chokes on cock amigo get used to it and enjoy your stay

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is there some discord server for getting into these games? mainly want to play iidx and popn. I used to have some arcade rips since I knew someone with a sows account but that was like 8 years ago.

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where the fuck is that crossfade preview on the 2nd though

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How do I not tense up so much when playing iidx/sdvx?

>> No.20176189

am I suppose to cross my hands over when playing gitadora drums

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xybur is a well meaning fucking moron who needs to shut up

keeper of secrets

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i've never done it
looking at the last kac vid they don't do it either

>> No.20176632

Viable until about 7s, then good luck sightreading from then on.

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What's your HS and WN/GN? I have the same issue to some extent and I think it might be too high scrolling speed.

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it's more about reading capability
you will relax when you can read things and know how to hit it
It's kind of natural I wouldn't say reminding yourself to relax will do very much for you, just constantly stay out of your comfort zone so you learn to read faster

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pretty much exactly what i expected

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Is it normal to have to adjust your offset when you chhange you WN? Also what is the best way to fin the best WN for yourself? What should I be looking for, if that makes sense?

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whether or not its normal its defeating the purpose

if you increase your WN youre decreasing the amount of time you have to react to the note. if you then decrease your offset (move it down), you are just moving the judge line "down" (nonvisually) to compensate for the reaction time you've lost increasing your WN. same thing if you instead decreased your WN and increased your offset. or even decreased your GN but increased your offset. like a double negative, you're undoing it.

really you should just set it and forget it.

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Hey you seem to not know what you're talking about. Good shit.

If you're playing IIDX in FHS mode (which if you're not you should) WN and GN are completely decoupled. GN is locked while adjusting WN. So let's start off:

>if you increase your WN youre decreasing the amount of time you have to react to the note

This is wrong. WN is simply an integer from 0-1000 that determines how much of the lane is covered. GN is the only thing that determines how much time you have to react. GN is the number of frames a note is visible times 10. Given that IIDX is a constant framerate game this means that you can calculate the time a note is on the screen in milliseconds knowing nothing more than the GN. So 300GN is 500ms on screen roughly.

It's true that your WN can affect scroll speed but very few people time this way, if at all.

So >>20179564
I would say it is abnormal to change offset and WN at the same time, as you should be able to time the same regardless of WN for the most part (some scroll speeds might be more comfortable than others). Offset does affect your overall reaction time. I would suggest not fiddling with offset too much, get it to where it's latency accurate and then fiddle with GN instead.

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waido post

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Hello Steve Aoki

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>mfw just noticed how I played SDVX at 75fps the whole time

No wonder why my scores are worse than AC.

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rootage looks pretty boring but the return of the bassdrop freaks loli forces my penis to become the big penis

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Have you ever seen someone with worse taste

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yes most people in this thread have worse taste than me

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tran is cuter

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the op should add something like a FAQ for noobs like me, I always check this post with no idea what game or how to play :/
Yeam, im noob

>> No.20180655

it did before idk why people don't link it anymore

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why are sdvx 19s so hard

go to an arcade or search 4x2chan

>> No.20180673

>get it to where it's latency accurate

>> No.20180714

Babby tier 19s like Firestorm or Bangin Burst EXH are great for raising your volforce.

Many people cleared those two before some 18s.

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every mobile rhythm game is kusoge
almost every modern console rhythm game is kusoge

also frankly if you're already into rhythm games just stay away this hobby is for depressed degenerates

>> No.20180741

every mobile rhythm game is kusoge
almost every modern console rhythm game is kusoge

also frankly if you're not already into rhythm games just stay away this hobby is for depressed degenerates

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Pretty much everything except matixx is on /1cc/ now.

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...lmao what?

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Good talk

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I've concluded that I'm mentally handicapped. No matter my GN (went up to 550 to test) I'm slow 4x more than I am fast. So I slapped a -1.4 offset on and immediately AA'd something I had only previously gotten a B on, so it saved my tarded ass.

Please like and subscribe

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where do i go to play on a loud iidx cab

>> No.20181098

well yeah it will do that

>> No.20181119

echo 3

>> No.20181143

hello boomer the new meta is compressor 3 thanks for coming to my ted talk

>> No.20181164

scuse me pretty sure you mean gargle 3 with someone else wiggling the sliders furiously

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turn back now, this thread will never help you

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no he's right, 26 could've used a better theme than a DX:HR knockoff.
putting two fags on the poster was also a waste of goli's talent

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copula was the best iidx style of all time and if you disagree then you don't know SHIT about vidya gaems

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>Hasn't even played the game and already has an opinion
oh right I forgot the English iidx community is full of armchair players who regurgitate retarded takes after watching a YouTube video of someone else playing the game
thanks for reminding me, maybe stick to let's plays next time

>> No.20182027

there are enough footages and official footages out for anybody to comment on the visual style, cocksucker

>Hasn't even played the game and already has an opinion
yes, and blindly fellating something before it comes out also qualifies as this. funny how that works for both sides, huh

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nonkaiden opinions are not valid

>> No.20182083

No it actually literally does not apply to me because I was at the loctest suck my balls americuck

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Anyone play cirring?

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Any good songs to practice hitting AC/BD buttons one handed with index and pinky finger in SDVX? Like how DDX does in his PUC vids

My dumb reptilian brain automatically goes with my thumb + pinky which, while comfortable for me, takes too much time when I try to sightread songs.

(Stuck in level 17, cleared like ~50 easy/mid 17s, HS 740)

>> No.20183551

I use index/ring for those as I thought my pinky was too weak.

There's too many songs to count that has one hand AC/BD. Just keep finding new songs to play and don't be afraid to get rekt.

>> No.20183557

>index+ring for AC/BD

Actually I used the pinky. The index+ring is for AB/BC/CD. Whoops

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this is the most accurate and true post in this whole thread

>> No.20185957

Haha just play the game nigga

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playing idol songs in lr2 reignited my interest in iidx

>> No.20186705

Play Nanahira songs

>> No.20187478

any suggestions for a new dj name for rootage?

>> No.20187520

dj cuck

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Is there anyone who started off climbing in IIDX really quickly, but then hit a wall that took abnormally long ages to overcome?

I'm in between hard 9s/easy 10s right now after having started a bit more than a month ago. My progress has been slowing down, but I still see it improving bit by bit.

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nah most people just reach 12s in a week and stay there forever

what the fuck do you think god damn you'll be at 9s forever with that fuckin nut you call a brain

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Rasis is a fatty

>> No.20189674

see you at round1, anon

>> No.20190506


already taken

>> No.20191194

i'm reading dj rea's blog for iidx advice, and i have a question

what does he mean when he says a song is "swung as fuck"?

>> No.20191250

Not aligned to 16ths. Depending on constext, he could mean stuff like From Time To Time, lights, or even zure disasters like Happy Wedding.

>> No.20191251

the beat has a swing to it

things like happy wedding and get up

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>happy wedding

i just thought i was bad ;_;

>> No.20191377

happy wedding is harder to score on than the majority of 12s

>> No.20191408


i hit the wall in pop'n at 45s until i unzipped my pants and started using my dick to hit the red and blue buttons.

now i'm doing 50s flawlessly and have developed a giant callus on my dong which adds to its already-impressive girth. life has never been better

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>> No.20191461

cannon ballers was a mistake

>> No.20191662

>tfw AAA-9 on burning heat [a]
>it's a level 7 too

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>AAA-single digits on 12s

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>breathing the same air as hundreds of useless incels
>touching buttons contaminated with their dried-cum crusted unwashed filth

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xybur please shut up

>> No.20193397

you're going to cry when you get homo twinks instead of sexy race queens on your AA and AAA result screens

>> No.20193429

FUCK. Is this true? Males have no place in iidx

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If you can get AAAs in IIDX you're probably already gay anyway.

>> No.20193838

Yes but there are still race queens

Rootage on the other hand shoves gay shit down your throat right at the poster

>> No.20193877

I’m fine with either.

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Hope restored for 26

>> No.20193920


iidx is for gays
when that new pop'n droppin?

>> No.20193933

it already dropped nigger

>> No.20193937


wait whu... how'd i miss that shit?

>> No.20193939

stealth release

>> No.20194008

wow books

>> No.20194019

who this bitch on the left

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姫留 / Himmel

I think her first appearance was mysteriously in tricoro's poster, at the very top center. She was heavily featured in Cannon Ballers.

>> No.20194197

that name was way better than i expected

>> No.20194442

Why are most songs from old styles about 1000x harder than new stuff of the same level?

>> No.20194454

the artists still cared back then

>> No.20194462

lack of quality control

>> No.20194471

unrefined level rating

>> No.20194741

if you think sp's bad in that regard don't ever try dp
trusting any dp ratings before tricoro is a death wish

>> No.20194770


unrelated: will starting to try dp help me improve at sp? or is it so completely different that it wont help at all?

>> No.20194785

it will in the sense that playing one hard music game makes you better at the rest, but not in a direct sense
they're fundamentally different games

>> No.20194825

I'm playing cytus and it's my very first rhythm game, did I make a good decision ? I enjoy it so far.

>> No.20194833

if you like it then do it
if you are the type to enjoy other rhythm games you will naturally end up playing those, don't ask strangers what you should play

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>> No.20195692


>dat 7+scratch

>> No.20195881

until happy sky there was only 8 difficulty ratings so some 7s-8s-9s were designed as endgame charts and it's a gamble which ones were uprated

>> No.20196201

>if you like it then do it
>if you are the type to enjoy other rhythm games you will naturally end up playing those, don't ask strangers what you should play

I just like to know about others' opinions about the games I play, I then figure out by myself if I agree with the things I've read, sometimes they make points that I would never have paid attention for by myself. If I agree with someone about the pros and the cons of a game, sometimes it helps me to also trust this person's recomendations about another game, this kind of things.

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what is clear rate in dan mode

>> No.20197217

tl;dr you pressed most of the buttons

long answer is a dumb equation
BAD: -68
POOR: -100
for clear rates >70% the equation is roughly
40 + 5*points/noteCount + 30
So you can miss like 20 notes in Mei and still 100% Kaiden

>> No.20198039

only 20 missed notes in mei? ez

>> No.20198728

cytus is very divisive among people but i think most people like it, along with the other rayark games

personally i dislike most touchscreen rhythm games so i just bounced off of it

>> No.20198796


>> No.20199223

where does a man go to get some pop'n cs isos? the usual places have come up empty

>> No.20199575

Does sows not have them?

>> No.20200458

Did someone drop kicked the Taiko cab?


>> No.20200592

Are you playing Cytus 1 or 2? Cytus is insufferable because of all the ads in it, but the gameplay itself is okay. The playlist of both has a few gems but I found them meh overall.
On mobile, I recommand Dynamix and Arcaea.

>> No.20200666

Any places with ParaParaParadise and more obscure rhythm games in Los Angeles?

>> No.20200699

and the LA area

>> No.20200849

what dan rank do you guys think porter robinson is

>> No.20201569

How can I get round1 to replace the encoders on the sdvx machines? The left knob on the one connected to the card printer at my local round1 keeps dropping inputs in the middle of cranking. It seems to have a "dead zone" where it will just stop responding if you rotate it past a certain point. Do they do routine maintenance on their machines?

>> No.20201901

we drink ritalin

>> No.20202023

this is so incorrect that it hurts

>> No.20202074

>tfw I first seen that flash before Youtube even exists

>> No.20202125

Basically dont use a shitty monitor nor play on one

>> No.20202202

>Do they do routine maintenance on their machines?

>> No.20202211

doubt he can even clear his own song desu

>> No.20202262



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Where were you when iidx got bad anime OPs

>> No.20202298

I'm playing the first one, and I don't have no ads cause I bought it. I still hate to see those bonus chapters 5 € each though.

>> No.20202341

Any tips on learning 1048? I feel like my hands cramp anytime I try it out.

Also, why the fuck did my round 1 raise the cost of all games by 1 credit. It's $1.75 for each play of iidx now.

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if you play at SCM or that one other location that I forget it's just a thing they're testing out. Comes out cheaper than normal rates if you buy in bulk.
Who needs banks when you have $100 R1 cards

>> No.20202530

gonna download cb when it comes out on sows and upload it on nyaa for the bants

>> No.20202541


>> No.20202594

So, we're getting a cover of a cover.

>> No.20203087

Do it

>> No.20203198


>sowsfags arent playing cb already

I'm lmaoing @ your life

>> No.20203322

>playing iidx on a server other than arcana
Enjoy your no competition

>> No.20203405

sounds like MPM to me, if so, it's been like that since at least summer

>> No.20203406


>> No.20203414


>> No.20203419

based 7dans

>> No.20203420


>> No.20203426

Bro there's like 2 Kaidens total on arcana that are actually good.

>> No.20203427

lol at people playing home on private servers

>> No.20203433

this. if you don't live in japan or korea shut the fuck up.

>> No.20203437

if you are not in an arcade when you're typing your posts you can just fuck right off

>> No.20203442

does beat saber count

>> No.20203444

if you are posting on the internet about rhythm games instead of playing them you are fucking trash

>> No.20203446


>> No.20203450

ok sorry I'll take my leave then

>> No.20203451
File: 1.80 MB, 960x720, 40 bepis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

@everyone itt

>> No.20203562

Himmel's thighs, god damn.
The master has returned.

>> No.20203569

I go to glc. Judging from the other guy's response it seems like there's no hope of it getting fixed. I suppose I'll just deal with it if I want to use the generator.

>> No.20203617
File: 99 KB, 720x960, drs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20203849

strim where

>> No.20203923

link is on sows discord

>> No.20204501
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Well, that was a disappointment. At least we seem to be getting a pop'n crossover.

>> No.20204541

the new mass song is omega yikes and the default songlist seems hyper cringe in general

>> No.20204548

>seems hyper cringe
Like this post. Fuck off zoomer

>> No.20204551

You have to be over 18 to post here.

>> No.20204562

cringe leggendaria reply

>> No.20204739

do I say yes or no if I want to change my dj name in rootage

>> No.20204765


>> No.20204892

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koOqOIBGccA best bga

>> No.20204901

maji de

>> No.20204907


>> No.20205086
File: 1.05 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_5322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SSM reporting in. 1P key 1 is spotty.

Was Invitation From Mr. C DPA always a 12? I swear it was originally an 11.

>> No.20205118

can someone pm me the cannonballers hdd

>> No.20205119

Just check nyaa. >>20202530 will surely deliver.

>> No.20205221

the only hyper cringe songs were chink runes ft. aikapin and hurry hurry
and maybe over time because fuck that bga

>> No.20205231

what was the original song that SOMEBODY SCREEEEEEEAAAM come from?

>> No.20205246

who the fuck is colbert and why do i see him on every single forum

>> No.20205282

>S!ck replaced gigadelic on 8th dan

>> No.20205476

iidx is dead

>> No.20205492

>implying 8dan ever mattered
lmao eat shit buddy ur bad

>> No.20205513 [DELETED] 

Konmai went a step backwards and changed the default offsets for SD and HD in Rootage. HD* was removed entirely for some reason. If you were playing on an SD or HD machine, start by changing your offset by about -1.0. If it was an HD* machine, change it by about -2.0.

>> No.20205521

Konmai went a step backwards and changed the default offsets for SD and HD in Rootage, making 0.0 fuckearly like it was in Sinobuz and earlier. HD* was removed entirely for some reason, so it's even worse on those machines. If you were playing on an SD or HD Cannon Ballers machine, start by changing your offset by about -1.0. If it was an HD* machine, change it by about -2.0.

>> No.20206316
File: 102 KB, 1440x762, 45555157_10161033309785484_3026623862482665472_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rugged ash
Yep, that's a good song

>> No.20206492

hope they bring back colorful cookie for 10dan

>> No.20206576

as long as the audio sync is still good like in cb i don't care if i have to change my offset once per style

>> No.20207735

>remixed Sakura Trick OP is in IIDX
Too bad it's a generic BGA

>> No.20207992

they won't :^)

>> No.20208002

hi ehhhhh

>> No.20208003

bring back reunion desu

>> No.20208026


not trying to be a cool guy but the ending of gigadelic is an utterly basic part of endgame charts

>> No.20208035


>> No.20208053

It's also where the Gimme a Big Beat sample comes from.

>> No.20208068

nobody is saying gigadelic getting removed is good because it was too hard
gigadelic is just a retarded chart that is insanely cheesable on dan bar

>> No.20208184

Doing it wrong and your guage disappears fast.

>> No.20208190

ok well good thing the hard part is like a few seconds long and you get free bar to spend from the rest of the song being piss easy
face it
bad dan chart

>> No.20208285

giga is like a miniature dan course in itself

it wastes your time with tedium until it pushes you past your limit for the final stretch

>> No.20208290

iidx25 audio engine is so good, it feels even better than hypersonik and it doesn't take exclusive control of the soundcard.

>> No.20208362

>and it doesn't take exclusive control of the soundcard
you're both wrong and retarded

>> No.20208383

no you

>> No.20208854

>iidx25 audio engine is so good, it feels even better than hypersonik
It does. I could feel how good it was immediately.
>it doesn't take exclusive control of the soundcard
Thats wrong.

>> No.20208945

>Thats wrong.
yeah, I have 2 soundcards and windows automatically switches between them when it happens, my bad.

By the way, does anyone know the ideal offset for CB? I feel like notes are coming a bit early

>> No.20208959

>By the way, does anyone know the ideal offset for CB? I feel like notes are coming a bit early
It'll be different for all home setups and players. Just find and offest that gives you around the same fasts and slows and stick with it

>> No.20209029

arcana is shit

>> No.20209068

I found I could just use the same offset as Hypersonik Sinobuz (minus maybe 0.1, but I might just be tired). Check to see if you didn't change your definition type.

>> No.20209207

>tfw 1 day late

Gotta make a copy of sinobus and omnimix so I don't download a bigwss chunk of data but it will still take me a while, goddamnit.

I can finally start playing again after months of vacation from the game. I'm probably shit again.

>> No.20209603

Don't kid yourself. You were probably never not shit.

>> No.20209619
File: 61 KB, 722x184, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine inhaling cocks this hard

>> No.20209675

Imagining calling the retard out here where you're anonymous instead of there.
Everyone knows sows is full of retards with shit taste though. I learned it on that theatrythm thread where everyone was saying Dragon Quest music is shit.

>> No.20209703

I wonder what the announcer says if you get an AAA fail.

>> No.20209710

he doesn't change his line for failing, so the same as AAA pass

>> No.20209712

The letter grades announcements are independent of pass/fail. What I want to know is what he says if you get a full combo F or whatever. I've been too lazy to test it myself.

>> No.20209744

Do you want praise for anonymously disagreeing with some dude's opinion?

>> No.20209796

a lot of DQ music is kiddy sounding shit though

>> No.20209895
File: 24 KB, 322x365, gross.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>omega yikes
>hyper cringe
people like this exist

>> No.20209961

freeleech when? i don't have ratio

>> No.20209970

cb uploaded.

enjoy my dudes

>> No.20210045
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someone has Pop'n Music Da!! full ripped?

>> No.20210102

Gonna have to report you to the pig authorities

>> No.20210107

anyone who complains about the existence of announcers is weak and pathetic and should be culled to improve the gene pool

>> No.20210116

Just had a period two weeks ago.

Keysounded BMS when.
>lol fag 1cc had it since three years ago
Ok cool. I've never been there and I haven't asked about having it spoonfed to me.

>> No.20210185

wtf i literally just finished leeching the sows one

>> No.20210192

MAJI DE? :cheeseburger:

>> No.20210690

>Just had a period two weeks ago.

>> No.20210825

The announcer is fine, its just that he talks over the song previews for way to long.

>> No.20210829

What is everyone green number?

And are trills supposed to be hard as fuck?

>> No.20210838


bruh just play ffr or stepmania once and you will figure it out lmao

>> No.20210860

To do accurately I mean

>> No.20210866

just play R5 lmaooooooooooooo

>> No.20210870

Why do you talk like a faggot?

>> No.20210875

why aren't you good lmfaooooooo

>> No.20211103

imagine being unironically in the kyu ranks

>> No.20211222

don't post before you have 100 posts

>> No.20211225

don't post until you have 500 posts

>> No.20211235


>> No.20211278

>bemanichan already has encrypted data of rootage
its not fair

>> No.20211319

>he doesn't know

>> No.20211396


>> No.20211544

>IIDX 25 just came out
>Wanna try the arena mode
>realize I haven't made any friends with anyone to play the arena mode with
>not a single person I'm friends with likes IIDX
>i can't make friends with IIDX players because they all hate my guts or ignore me for some reason
>sows just bullies me all the time
>tfw will always only play IIDX alone
thanks for reading my blogpost

>> No.20211555

nobody good at iidx is likable anyway

>> No.20212004

look pal dont be upset because your brain cant figure out "move hand fast"

>> No.20212100

You can play it with bots though

>> No.20212106

He shuts up during the song unlike a certain announcer

>> No.20212139

rootage's announcer sounds way too much like a twink. i'd rather take the cb announcer if i had to have a male one

>> No.20212237

hey, i'd go out for some food and drinks with dolce

>> No.20212447

in the west i meant
actually nobody who plays iidx here is likeable period

>> No.20212716

I have yet to see evidence of bemanichan even existing

>> No.20212782

i am

>> No.20212929
File: 328 KB, 2048x1080, IMG_20181103_191041.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

game Nice play

>> No.20212942

>tfw latest bemanitools refuses to run on my bemani pc for whatever reason

Time for plan b

>> No.20213047

>iidx still doesn't show the song name on screen

>> No.20213053
File: 96 KB, 244x300, 7_dan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.20213070

why did they make the first song a scratch song?
im never gonna pass it now

>> No.20213101
File: 439 KB, 2702x2021, holy shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>First song in IIDX 26 is WATCH OUT PT. 2
what the FUCK
I swear to god I better be fucking 8th dan by the time I get to rootage.

>> No.20213340
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1479863350635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still have to play The Last Shitter for DP 8dan
>LUV CAN SAVE U is the third stage

>> No.20213377

hey phnix is p nice and venny is a good dude and my friend

>> No.20213383

Shut up birdfucker

>> No.20213438

If you can't even AAA quell dpa on ex hard then you might as well stop playing cause you're shit.
You'll never amount to anything.

>> No.20213455

are there any pictures of the right PUR

>> No.20213554

fuck off dwc

>> No.20213560

hi! it seems you made a mistake, please don't respond to my posts if you're going to be a bully, thanks!

>> No.20213567

birdfags not welcome

>> No.20213585

Psst. you don't have to make it about my husband just to try and make me upset, I already know most of you probably don't care about the kass thing, you just dislike that I don't care for transexuals, dislike things you like, and like things you dislike, so try to get new material!

>> No.20213608

>I already know most of you probably don't care about the kass thing, you just dislike that I don't care for transexuals, dislike things you like, and like things you dislike,
Nope it's definitely about Kass. You're a terrible poster anyway and socially awkward as fuck. Honestly why do you even hang around these parts anyway you should already know by now that you're just going to get shit on.

>> No.20213623

Where else am I going to get my rhythm game data, potentially find non-shitty users (which there are none that ive found, unfortunately, since pretty much everyone on sows is a manchild) and the quality of my posts are no different from anyone elses.

>> No.20213645

Also, doesn't it make you seem kinda insecure when you get upset over someone else living a happy life indulging in their passion? You'd think that sowsfags would be satisfied with rhythm games but guess not lmao.

>> No.20213655
File: 11 KB, 542x92, chrome_2018-11-08_09-36-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everyone on sows is a manchild
You are one step away from going into psychosis lmfao

>> No.20213664

how is that even possible? it's easy to smash through on dan gauge.

>> No.20213675
File: 159 KB, 1200x1600, DrY6XN2UwAAwf35.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stop being happy liking things you like
grow up

>> No.20213677


How is it possible to suck this much. Like just press the fucking keys. I literally don't understand it.


Last Striker gives you a long ass rest section, walks you out on the last few measures, and has nothing but 2note chords. Suck it the fuck up.

>> No.20213682

OK Retard

>> No.20213747

what the fuck are you faggots talking about

>> No.20213764

ignore pigs

>> No.20213771

Some gay loser that's in love with a bird from a video game he doesn't even like that much is posting here and people don't like it.

>> No.20213797


>> No.20213810

>pretty much everyone on sows is a manchild
Stop projecting.

>> No.20213811

you dont need to post on sows to leech data
t. don't know any sows fags and have never posted

>> No.20213838

>This guy dislikes a game I like, therefore let me bully him with my friends and get everyone to hate and bully him.
>This guy has a different perspective and is a different person from me so let's mercilessly shit on him for no reason.
>Then let's proceed to gaslight him in order to make him think he's in the wrong for even having an opinion in the first place.
If not manchildren, you're sociopaths and you guys play a really convincing role at being completely insufferable retards.

>> No.20213868

i hope one day you realize that it's not everyone else, it's just you.

>> No.20213903 [DELETED] 

I hope you one day realize that your super-sekrit elitist autist circlejerk club isn't "everyone else," it's a tiny subset of nobody's who just share a common interest. It's completely reasonable for me to assume that most people in a club like that could be completely retarded, just like any private community of furfags or any private community of pedophiles.

>> No.20213915 [DELETED] 

or, for a better example of a larger community of retards, just look at nintendo's fanbase.

>> No.20213917 [DELETED] 

P.S. nice attempt at gaslighting, kill yourselves.

>> No.20213923 [DELETED] 

"If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole."

>> No.20213977 [DELETED] 

If i join a community, it's extremely toxic and everyones a dick to me for no reason, while in other community's I've been able to make friends just fine because the userbases dont consist of soft pussies who have to light pitchforks, jump on bandwagons and make a mountain our of a molehill every time I post an unpopular opinion, thats a problem with a closedminded, gatekeeping, elitist community where the most intelligent users rarely post, if at all.

>> No.20214057

mfw I'm the only person itt not from sows

>> No.20214084

do i need a new bemanitools to work with cannonballers?

>> No.20214099

yes, 4 won't work with it, you need 5

>> No.20214123

upset janitor aside, no, your small community is not everyone. grow up

>> No.20214155

cb bms where

>> No.20214182


>> No.20214264

Cannon Ballers sucks, Rootage when?

>> No.20214316

the announcer yesterday was a little girl's voice, maybe it cycles everyday

>> No.20214342

oh shit could that be ameto

>> No.20214343

Yeah I barely post there unless for troubleshooting.

t. 12 years on that site

>> No.20214358
File: 88 KB, 201x209, 1519357226821.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does she tell you to play SDVX when you fail a song?

>> No.20214493

thank you for drivin'

>> No.20215058

lazy daisy

>> No.20215501

If that doesn't work, is it time for plan 8?

>> No.20215772

when rootage gets more than two waifu result screens to surpass CB's

>> No.20216187

are men physically incapable of not thinking with their dicks for even a minute or something

>> No.20216203

im a dragon though

>> No.20216214

tits or gtfo

>> No.20216278

ok i like rootage now

>> No.20216373

>using sows for data or discussion post-2015


>> No.20216392

it's the least tranny-infested

>> No.20216433

you mean there's MORE trannyfags than in sows?! jesus christ

>> No.20216458

what are the songs in 7th and 8th dan?

>> No.20216574

what do u use

>> No.20216677

nyaa :^)

>> No.20216704

so i got the thing form nyaa
where is the other stuff that i need

>> No.20216855
File: 199 KB, 980x735, 1540915952871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn every nigga out here wrist scratching

>> No.20216869

>the quality of my posts are no different from anyone elses
your posts are literal garbage and all you ever do is inject fucking birds into everything

>> No.20216874

welcome to rhythm games

>> No.20216991

How the FUCK am I supposed to use pinky on key 7 instead of my ring finger?

>> No.20217061


Doing his best RAG impression

>> No.20217311

there's no distinct advantage to using pinky on 7, it's just about what you're comfortable with and hand size, even the Great Satan uses ring on 7

>> No.20217324

i thought pinky was more recommended than ring by almost everyone?

>> No.20218568

It's recommended because it's very difficult to do trills with your ring/middle finger. However, if your pinky is too weak to hit the buttons then ring might be more useful.

>> No.20219913

I'm bored, give me a rundown on this attention whore having a meltdown earlier on the thread (I'm not familiar with any sows posters)

>> No.20219936

see >>20213771

>> No.20220024


i wish i had tiny hands that would allow me to hit 7 with my pinky, but i can't even come remotely close to doing that and i have no idea how others do it. i already have to massively curl up my ring finger in an uncomfortable position to hit 7

>> No.20220033

I kind of hit it with the outer edge of the pinky nail while it's curled up. My pinky naturally bends inwards though.

>> No.20220037


yea i mean i hit 7 with the top of my ring finger nail. feels terrible but it's how i've played since i started last year so i'm kinda used to it by now, but i do feel like having small hands would be a massive comfort advantage when playing

>> No.20220245

if it's so uncomfortable don't bother. I have small hands yet never use my pinky because it doesn't feel natural. dolce always uses ring finger, among other top rankers

>> No.20220454

you have to be POWER PIG to freeleech arcade data

>> No.20220558

I have big hands and it is almost impossible to go from a 6key to 7key quickly with my middle on 6 and ring on 7. My ring finger just doesn't cooperate and wont move into position. I feel pinky is best for people who aren't manlets.

>> No.20220824

>dolce always uses ring finger
DOLCE uses every finger so that's probably not a good example. More often than not, he hits 1 with both his ring and pinky fingers together. RAG is a true ring finger only player.

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