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Why does Chen look so much different in SA than she did in PCB?

Also, I never understood why she attacks Reimu C, since she's paired with Yukari and all.

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Reimu C is Aya, you asshole.

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chen died and become a demon in hell
maybe you'll read the story next time fucking idiot

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puberty u should go throught it too op

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oh wow

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Chen went through a gap and that's what came out

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Back to /b/ with you.

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Pretty sure Ran lives in constant fear of the day Chen finally grows up.
Sure, it's a long way off - but Ran has been alive for 900 years. To her, a long way off is still never long enough.

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That's not Chen, that's her time traveling daughter Chang.

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Maybe Chen will be like granny Tewi.

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The other way around, bro

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You idiots, OP admitted to being a troll in the email field.

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Who cares, this is now a Chen/Orin thread, and you better post related images in it.

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Throw her off the bridge, Rin.

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Orin is so much better than Chen

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I hate this bitch's stage. WHY WON'T SHE LET ME WIN?!?!

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じゃ じゃ じゃーん

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I hope you're joking. Or you're OP and still trolling us.

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Well, I fail to see how he's trolling when he's right.

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Chen was overrated. Also, she's a stage 2 boss. Orin is a stage 5 boss, and harder than the last boss.

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Overrated? Exactly how overrated? Everyone jumps on the new Touhous bandwagon and forget about the ones that were here before. Orin is uninspired, just a copycat. Chen was here first.

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Blah blah

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I like the non moe blob Chen only where as Rin is okay all of the time.

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>Overrated? Exactly how overrated? Everyone jumps on the new Touhous bandwagon and forget about the ones that were here before. Sakuya is uninspired, just a faker. Yumemi was here first.

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You mean Yumeko.

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Sakuya sucks.

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Huuurrr I always got them mixed up. If they do Yumemi will turn Alice into a guinea pig in every encounter just to research about magic.

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If Chen wasnt associated with Yukari and Ran who are awesome, Chen would suck

Orin is a better standalone character

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Orin > Chen, * > Sakuya

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Wasn't Chen retconned? That's why we have Orin now.

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Chen pretty much exists as a catalyst for Ran.
Or should I say catalust.

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Both are good

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>>Chen pretty much exists as a catalyst for Ran.
Or should I say catalust.
>>cat lust

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keikaku doori

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