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After a long, long delay, I finally got myself through Ciel's route(painful anti-Arc choices). It was kinda ironic that her good ending involved Arc.

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Ciel had a good end with Arc? That's funny, I only remember a True End.

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Oddly enough, I did Ciel's route first, and can't convince myself to go do the other routes because I liked it so damn much.

You have to do what Arc tells you to do when she's got you pinned.

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Well, I am a Kohakufag, but I really like Arc and Ciel is my least favorite, so it took me some effort to do the nun's route. Shiki was pretty damn awesome in it.

As a side note on Kohaku... Damn, I know that raping the maids is to /jp/ what falling paladins are to /tg/, but I felt sorry for her.

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>Ciel True: Holy fuck...

Yeah, that's a bit how it was. Same with the 'Good' End.
Still, if they all inspire such radically different emotions, I suppose it'll be worth it to do all the rest.

...That image is actually a lot more motivating than most motivational posters I've seen.

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Far side was here
Near side is a loser

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>Ciel is my least favorite.

Well, we all have our preferences. I won't ask why, because that will just turn the entire topic into a literal shitstorm.

I will say, though, a few fanarts have really improved my opinion of Ciel's Good End.

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Don't rape?

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It was more a "Shiki's Good End" and a "Ciel's Good End"

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The Ciel's Good and True respectively? Yeah, I suppose so.

Still, I've never been very fond of harem endings.

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My reaction to both of Ciel's ends was "*click* *click* *click* Damnit, why won't it finish already?!".

Well, except in the scene where Roa is reading a book, I liked that a lot for some reason.

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Roa is extra FABULOUS while reading a book.

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If it wasn't for that stupid white dress the Hisui route would be perfect, easily my favorite route followed by Arc's.

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'And the vampire called Roa gracefully dies after 800 years'.

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I think Takeuchi just pictured her in her normal attire and went "Oh fuck she's supposed to be wearing something else. Oh well, I'll just leave it white and save myself the trouble of starting over AND coloring. Perfect!"

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What? Don't be silly, that dress in >>2015003
looks nothing like ......the one......in.....>>2015011



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I like Akiha the most.

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the good end was the route's only redeeming part. feels like a harem end

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Roa waited for you, Arcueid!

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I really liked the lines
'Where are you going?'
'I never was anywhere to begin with.'

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What, they had 16 dates.
It's his fault the relationship never left first base.

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...So not many people are fond of conflicted characters, I guess? Oh well.

Can't help but wonder if people's opinions of Ciel would be different if they'd done her route first.

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It's not that I do not like Ciel(plus, she has great route).
I just love a different Tsukihime girl too much, so she is shafted.

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I can accept that. Hell, I can accept any viewpoint different from my own (though I don't have to like it), I just wonder if those viewpoints might've been different under different circumstances.

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In my case, probably, because I wanted to make pro-Arc choices the entire time.

And I may have done her route first if she weren't so ugly in that school uniform. She's pretty hot in her other outfits.

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"I don't want to have sex with you while wearing all these paintings, Shiki"


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It shows off her legs, but the colors just don't match her at all...

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It was obviously designed with Satsuki in mind.

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No, Satsuki looks good in anything.
She looks even better in nothing

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i doubt it would be. I'm sure i like Arc more than the far side route girls because her route was the first but i just can't stand Ciel's personality. I will surely play the game again sometime but i will pass on her. She is just annoying..

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It really was designed with Sacchin in mind. Besides Sion, she's the only one that it fits.

>> No.2015139

Besides, she wasn't a virgin.

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>can't stand Ciel's personality

Damn... well, there's nothing anyone can do about something like that.

>> No.2015145

>can't stand Ciel's personality

Damn... well, there's nothing anyone can do about something like that.

Your Sakura hate is showing.

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Just because Satsuki is beautiful doesn't mean that the school uniform wasn't designed with her in mind!

Man Sacchin is great.

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We all would've liked HF more if the heroine had been Ilya~

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Give her a route and people will stop loving her.

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yesss yess, give her a route, yess.. ;_;

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No! Fuck you I'll love Satsuki forever. ;_;

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Because she'll never have a route.

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Did someone say "Man Sacchin"?

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You bitch, I was uploading the same pic.

Nice job beating me to the punch.

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Best part of Ciel's route

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I'd do that too. Or let him do me, whichever.

You're a monster. I hate you.

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>You're a monster. I hate you.
...I'm sorry. It was just a joke. I only said it because I thought Sacchin-route had been confirmed for the remake...

Sure, if you don't mind becoming completely irredeemable.

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It's Kohaku. She's both used to it and that's what she wanted from Shiki, anyway.

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True bro.

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>TYPE-MOON still remains undecided as to whether the erotic elements of the original game will remain in the new version
..the fuck?

>> No.2015245

wow, even tho TM eroge is done sloppily, I think that's gonna cause some rage

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Right, it was confirmed, but given the amount of time it'll take for the remake to be released and then the ages it'll take Mirrormoon to translate it, well, sometimes I wonder if Nasu will nix it to save time.


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Well, it's just like lancing boils after all.

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Sacchin will emerge victorious though.

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Sacchin was confirmed as a herione, however this does not mean that she'll definitely get a route. It just means that she's important to the plot. Then again what part would she play? All the others served to expand the story, what part is left to tell?

>> No.2015266

vampire Shiki route?

>> No.2015272

'I'm thinking of it as' is not the same as 'it's just like'.

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Just change around how this scene goes a little and you've got a launching point for it.

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I second that. Raping Kohalu is like a family tradition, not a crime. It brings a father and an adopted son closer to each other.

>> No.2015281

It's still rape, in Shiki's eyes, and it damages his psyche to the point where he can only get bad ends.

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>>She's pretty hot in her other outfits.

Ciel: So, glasses on or off?


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As funny as Nasu sex scenes are, I've fapped to every since route. Am I the only one?


Shiki, you're going the wrong way :(

That's so sweet. It's nice to see families being brought closer together.

It's not Shiki's psyche that causes bad ends. It's Ciel's BFG9000 that goes blowing your body apart.

XD at sachinn (What's her name I forget) in the top left
Kohaku's diary is much better. If you read one page, it's like you've read them all.

>> No.2015331

fist of an angry god etc.

>> No.2015333

If one does not fap at Akiha thrashing in every little touch with her hair flowing around, or touching herself while the maid pleasures you, I'm not sure at what they can fap.

>> No.2015336

>The game will feature enhanced artwork and sound, and is rumored to contain changes to the storyline including the originally discarded route for Yumizuka Satsuki.
intresting. this means maybe Satsuki does have a story to tell us, and maybe we can see the events after the endings. one thing is sure, if Shiki dies due his illness or some shit, the amount of rage will destroy many of my brain cells. (personally i hope we see how Shiki travels to the Castle Brunestud or at least some reference about it)

>> No.2015342

>if Shiki dies due his illness
Oh god.

I am now imagining a Satsuki end where Shiki is forced to die so she can live a normal, non vampire life.

They'll still never be together.

God damnit. Why do you do these things inadvertently?

>> No.2015346

>It's not Shiki's psyche that causes bad ends. It's Ciel's BFG9000 that goes blowing your body apart.

And she wouldn't be blowing you apart if you hadn't taken off your glasses. If you rape Kohaku, you don't get the choice and take off your glasses no matter what.

>> No.2015408

>>touching herself while the maid pleasures you

I almost came in my pants when that scene got going, amazing moment to be sure.

But once again Hisui trumps all others even in Shiki's dreams, her dream sequence is longer and more detailed than the others but more than that it's sweet and endearing too. The others are just pure sex, except Kohaku's which is pure kink, but Hisui is just pure love.

Truly she is the greatest Type Moon character.

>> No.2015420


I don't like tatoos


>or touching herself while the maid pleasures you
I actually didn't like the dream sequences much, but all the main sex scenes near the end were awesome.


I hope enhanced artwork means more pictures and expressions in general. They're so simple yet they add so much.


>> No.2015546


What about the events of Tsukihime 2 where he begins hunting down the remaining Dead Apostles while also searching for Arcueid? (And then there's Melty Blood...)

>> No.2015569

isn't he just talks about stuff with Aoko, like he won't live long but he is thankful for the time and tires to live it to the fullest?

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>ugly in that school uniform
You shut your mouth, you tasteless dirtbag. The Tsukihime school uniform looks great on Ciel. It's second to only her robes.

>> No.2015581

he just talks about stuff with Aoko, like he won't live long but he is thankful for the time and tires to live it to the fullest. tell me if i'm mistaken

>> No.2015705

Shiki finally gives in to the dreams produced by Len's Flower of Thanatos, rapes both of Akiha's maids and runs off in the sunrise only to discover that all of his perverted dreams may come true if he defeats the other holders of future diaries.

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What is Sion's whip called?

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>I don't like tatoos

Ciel's sex scene would've been unimaginably hot if she kept her tatoos on. I raged when she "washed them off".

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You know, I'll always wonder exactly what in Ciel's True End would elicit a "Holy fuck..."

>> No.2015915

It's an incredibly emotional scene, that's also very fulfilling and sweet at the same time, if you like Ciel.

It's actually quite similar to the end of the Risa route in Wanko to Kurasou.

>> No.2015922

Well, to be fair, she'd literally look great in anything if it were that torn up.

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>"Well dude, you can either stay in this imperfect dream, or wake up and go into a coma/die."
>"...Imaginary world isn't a world worth living in. I'll take my chances."
>"All right, enjoy your coma."
>>"Wake up... please wake up... Tohno-kun..."

I dunno, if you liked Ciel as much as I did, it was just... really, really fulfilling.

>> No.2015978

War paint, hell yeah! I was disappointed when they could just be washed off.... I thought they were going to be like magic crests, which show up when she starts pumping power.

I don't particularly like Ciel at all, and did her route last. That said, I still liked the last quarter of her route and the endings were pretty awesome.

>> No.2015994

They were at least a little bit magic crest, because they show up in outline on the first night Shiki sleeps over at her place.

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this is the first thing that comment made me think of

>> No.2016031

...I have no idea what that is. If it wasn't for the chest wrappings, I'd say it was a guy (MASSIVE eyebrows).

>> No.2016045

Eyebrows+Flat Chest

>> No.2016052

Eyebrows should've been the reverse trap

>> No.2016057

I know it's a girl, I just don't know what it's from.

>> No.2016064

Its from Princess Waltz.

SECOND to Fate/Stay Night. The battles take a couple SECONDS.

>> No.2016071

Princess Waltz

>> No.2016080

That's from Princess Waltz? I guess you really never can tell how a VN is going to be from the HCGs alone.

>> No.2016092

That looks way too much like loli-Ciel to be a coincidence.

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