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How does /jp/ gonna spend this coming Valentine?

as for me....so lonely...

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Like any day. I won't give a shit

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I'll spend the day watching Yayoi videos, just like last year.

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I'm probably post on /jp/ about how lonely I am. Maybe sage a couple of threads...

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Go out and read a book on the stairs leading up to the library main entrance, so if anybody says 'Happy Valentine's day!' to me, I can burst into psychotic laughter, begin clutching my head, then slowly stop laughing and go back to reading my book as if nothing ever happened.

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Something similar to that.

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I do not understand your roneryness. I'm perfectly satisfied and proud with fapping to VNs.

I'll probably have a girlfriend by next year's Valentine though, but no big deal if I'm still too addicted to eroges to bother.

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Get shitfaced off rum and hang out on all my usual IRCs... lament.

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I'm gonna give people some Valentines beatings. Basically, I hired some people to go out and beat the crap out of a few people, and not tell them why or who it's for.

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I'll probably masturbate or something.

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I'm gonna sit down on a bench somewhere, and if someone sits down next to me, I'll tell them the whole story of my life.

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Valentine? What's this 'Valentine' you speak of?
Oh, wait, it's one of those days anon posts pictures of cakes and stuff in front of their screen with waifu of choice, right?

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Nothing. But even if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't buy her anything for Valentines Day, it isn't even a real holiday. Fucking commercialism!

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That's Christmas. But I'm cool with doing it on Valentine's too.

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Changing my wallpaper.

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Sounds like a waste of time that normally could be devoted to fapping.

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I'll be on a flight to New Zealand, so I could use entertainment.

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Defence Campaign at army. 3 days in a dugout, no sleep, keeping an eye on the forest around us, having our trainers throw mace on us.


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Drinking my sorrows of not having a waifu away either by myself or with a few of my friends who are also just as lonely as I.

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The only bad part of Vday will be all the shitposts here clogging the tubes.

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I'll post this.

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gonna add 10lbs to my squatz and deadliftz and see if i can push through

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I'll be working. Valentine's Day is a very busy day for restaurants.

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I'll be home, spending the day with mai waifu, and listening to (the few) love songs I like.

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...wait, at this rate, I'm gonna live to see Valentine's day.


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Because you're never going to kill yourself.

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I just buy a big bag of assorted chocolates and pass them out among my classmates. I never thought it was good that not everyone gets candy on Valentine's Day. That's about it as far as my Valentine's Day plans go.

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I'm planning on sending myself a rose address from one Miss Margatroid.

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Treat it as any other day like every other "holiday".

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I would be at work that day.. sitting the day off and getting paid

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A rose from a girl? FAG

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Just another day of sitting around browsing /jp/, refreshing torrent sites, fapping to loli, listening to music and maybe playing some vidya. It's my birthday too so I'll probably make myself a cake and enjoy it... alone.

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That you, Forrest?

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That'll be a very short story to tell.

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That's the point.

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The same thing I did last Valentine's day. Stay in my room all day and try to convince myself that I'm alone because I want to be.

I don't celebrate Valentine's day anyway. If I had a girlfriend. Why would I buy her roses and chocolates ONE day out of the year? I'd get her chocolates and roses WHENEVER she wanted them

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You sound like a real faggot, you know that?

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Yeah ;_;

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tie myself up...and wait for rescue

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the same way i spent christmas & newyears eve.
at my computer. alone.

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I'll be having a romantic dinner with my gf.

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