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tewi is cute

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She's a slutty gross prostitute. Her holes are really loose and filled with the rotting cum of other men. Also she smells like rabbit shit. Oh well, at least she isn't a hyperslut like Sanae.

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She is but last time I saw her she said she had free video games one time and then i fell into a trap with rabbit shit
Fuck her

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File: 248 KB, 700x495, __inaba_tewi_and_komeiji_koishi_touhou_and_yuu_gi_ou_drawn_by_nicetack__2627685b7c4f2d4d0026e476d100119a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She cant predict koishi's next move

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Yes she is. She's also a slut though.

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He butthole is showing you're screwed dude

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I want to touch Tewi’s ears and tail while she sleeps so I don’t have to talk to her. She’s annoying but they look really soft.

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Cute means non-sexual

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Cute means prostitute. They rhyme so it's right and you are wrong. Tewi is used goods.

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For a little girl, cute and sexual are synonyms.

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Tewi-chan is NOT a prostitute!

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Well Tewi and I met up so I could pay to have sex with her, it even ended in nakadashi! I'm not sure what else I'd call her but a prostitute.

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Why you do this

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she looks like a boy here

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I want to mating press her, slam her with my full weight and firmly hug her in a final thrust as I pump her womb full of my progeny.

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I have never seen a boy with hips, legs, chest, armpits, butt and cunny like that.

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tewi is the best

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every part of tewi looks extremely fluffy

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Too sexual. Just too sexual.

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This thread have too much bunny cunnies.

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And Tewi bullying

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And Tewi slut

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And bunny belly

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I would pay all of my wageslave money to get a chance to taste tei's bunny cunny

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You do realize that she takes copious amounts of cocks and semen inside that cunny, right?

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yummy bunny tummy
yummy bunny tummy
mating press mating press

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Literal perfection.

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She fills me with lust like no one else.

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bunnies eat their own shit

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Whats bad about master1200?

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it means a resized image. you might have an undersized image or an upscaled one but not the source material

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Is it legal to ram someone's head through a wall?

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That is the original size of the image hosted on pixiv. I get that this board is for tertiaries but try not to act like you understand what you are complaining about if you have absolutely no clue what you are on about.
It's obnoxious.

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You got lucky this time but you should try and get the original in the future. Hell, if you have any other master1200 you should see if those actually match their sources as well. You'd be surprised.

I get that this board is for tertiaries but try not to act like you understand what you are complaining about if you have absolutely no clue what you are on about. It's obnoxious.

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Your very existence is an insult.
You get one thread a month. Stop being greedy.

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Holy granoly, that tummy deserves kisses all over!

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I always feel bad when /jp/ talks about Tewi like that. When I met her everything was just nice and cute.

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She probably had semen from several different men inside her womb when that happened.

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she's a cute prostitute with a nice womb that recieve a lot of semen.

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Cute bunny on the streets, a dirty prostitute in the sheets

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I want to fuck it

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I want to impregnate her and raise a loving family with her.

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>perputually barefoot
>next to no foot fetish art

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Perfect trap. Would jump headfirst into it.
Or rather, dickfirst.

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Is it really a trap if I get stuck under there with her?

>> No.20130523

Are they sensitive? Is she ticklish? This is important.

You really think the trap you can see is the only one?

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What if it's not actually Tewi but one of her underlings? Plus all she has to do is turn back into a cute and fluffy bunny and then you can't even do anything.

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Rabbit feet are for luck, not fuck

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>What if it's not actually Tewi but one of her underlings?
I'd still fug

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Tewi sama

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I'll never understand how ZUN can write incredibly dark shit like this and then brush it aside like it never happened.

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that's not dark, it sounds like a kids' fairytale

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You know how many Japanese fairy-tales, hell fairy-tales in general, end with someone getting eaten or murdered?

Reminds me how secondaries get butthurt at Zounose for depicting youkai eating humans even though ZUN is very explicit in that it still happens and in fact are supplied with human meat by Yukari.

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People get butthurt at Zounose because of his retarded writing.

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t. butthurt anon

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the only bad one is Sanae eating human flesh which makes no sense

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All of his non comedy works are like that. It may be because he presented them in doujin form but when you show them purely in text form and spend more then 30 seconds thiking about them you will realize that shit ain't make any goddamn sense.

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sanae already sucks a million cocks a day, that isn’t far off from eating human flesh

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>tfw you will never have a nap with Tewi during a summer afternoon

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I want to put a bun in that bun

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Aaaah~!, Tewi-chan is so cute!, so cute!

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A rabbit is fine too...

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Reisen 2 >>>>>> your shitty bunny

>> No.20142073

are you new? zun is a quality artist creates excellent art

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black tewi is cute!

>> No.20143635

I want to colonize her womb.

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Squishy bunny toes!

>> No.20149271

New month fast approaching.

>> No.20151035

Nigger feet are so gross.

>> No.20153984

But what about Dark_Tewi.jpg feet?

>> No.20157282

You mean tanned Tewi?

>> No.20157602

rabbit naizuri

>> No.20160446

I have to remember that in 3 mornings, I have to say Rabbit Rabbit...

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Tummy kiss
Tummy kiss

>> No.20161893

armpits aren't that different between sexes man

>> No.20161956

Bunny cunny
Bunny cunny

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I would kill for having a cute bunny maid.
>tfw arriving from the daily grind only to be greeted by solitude and a cold house.

I'm quoting my suffering btw

>> No.20168070

Delete this heresy.

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Isn't she used goods with thousands of children due to being a long lived rabbit?

>> No.20169728

please do not sexualize my daughter

>> No.20169787

Maybe, but that would make it extremely easy to have mother/daughter threesome without having to wait a few years.

>> No.20169847

your daughter is my mating press breeding slave, dude.

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Why is this bunny so sexual?

>> No.20173690

Because she looks like a little girl.

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I remembered this morning!

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Me too, friend.

>> No.20177556

tewi is for cheating on reisen!

>> No.20180615

fuck tewi

>> No.20187020

Your wish is my command anon!

>> No.20191276

I need to fill tewi with my seed

>> No.20193924

the most used rabbit

>> No.20194638

And still manages to be the tightest, unlike the loose and ugly whore that is Reisen.

>> No.20195333

They are a bunch of secondaries that judge from a couple random fanarts

>> No.20198863

she is very cute

>> No.20201887

I want to lick that bunny belly, dudes.

>> No.20202042

Holy mating press!!

>> No.20204606

Tewi took sexual advantage of Reisen in her destitute state when she first left the Moon

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Belly rubs with Tewi

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rabbit ears touching

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I feel bad whenever I see people who just want to post cute Tewi art without being around her lewd stigma, but I also can't help but IMAGINE whenever I see any depiction of her.
What do bros?

>> No.20205394

Accept your fate

>> No.20205420

i really don't like when you guys post lewd pictures of my daughter can you please stop it ;_;

>> No.20205454

it’s only gay if the rabbit ears touch

>> No.20205785

Tewi is sexy and lolicons are complete perverts.
It can't be helped.

>> No.20209713

Ahh I want to harvest these beads of sweat with my tongue!

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Tell your daughter she wouldn't be so lewded if she quit wearing see-through clothing

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HELP! I want to breed tewi too much. Too fucking much.

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I just spilled a week worth of seed to Tewi-chan

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otsukaresama desu Anon-kun.

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I just want to take this time to remind everybody

>> No.20218916

That tummy looks so fertile.

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Breed the rabbit anon

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>> No.20232946

I want to be Reisen in this picture

>> No.20234476

Mating press
Mating Press

>> No.20234537

tewi has never done anything lewd in her life

>> No.20234564

Anon, she is thousands of years old, and there are no women older than 20 who are virgin

>> No.20234848

I want to be Tei in this picture

>> No.20236610

but she’s a rabbit

>> No.20236661

that's a tummy thats screaming for insemination

>> No.20240195

Rabbit doesnt rhyme with tummy or cunny.

>> No.20241154

I bet Tewi wrote the Gensokyo version of the Kama Sutra

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>> No.20241681

I bet she even gave her opinion and wrote about her experiences of each position.

>> No.20243108

Is Tewi the most fertile 2hu?

>> No.20246270

define fertile

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100% impregnation rate from mating press

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Tewi smells like_______

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>This thread

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File: 821 KB, 708x1000, __inaba_tewi_and_reisen_udongein_inaba_touhou_drawn_by_hashimoto_w_s__583754c8dcaf6a1ee5e80f8374b2471f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20246412

Semen and pheromones.

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Tewi makes me like diamonds.

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I'd trade part of my remaining lifetime for Tewizuri

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Rabbit unchi.

>> No.20249088

Bless you for fetching that.

>> No.20249166

You have to convert these manually now because pixiv went full kike and blocks people from parsing the frame data on r-18 works or something, you can still get all the PNGs tho, but you gotta slap them together yourself. fug

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I'd prefer a Tewi Naizuri with her calling you a pedo and laughing at your pathetic dick

>> No.20249664

Very good post

>> No.20249776

Blue board, anon.

>> No.20250436

Good taste.

>> No.20250796

But I have a 7" penis.

>> No.20253032

>that moment where she frowns but quickly turns it into a big smile
I love it. It really sells that Tewi is a prostitute.

Tewi a prostitute!!

>> No.20255330

Tewi is only getting angry in front of Reisin. She get's off to the thought of others jacking off to her later

>> No.20258065

Good catch. I also noticed that, Tewi-chan is a professional!

>> No.20258082

Tewi is not a prostitute!

>> No.20259152
File: 358 KB, 2370x1681, 1527068651338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tewi-chan is an experienced, high class prostitute.

She will pretend to be an inexperienced newbie as she awes at your "so big" penis. Trembling and with a pained expression on her face she will take your dick as you jam it in, asking you to be gentle because her bunny cunny is getting stretched so bad, but if you get cocky she will drop the facade, push you back and jump on your dick as hard and deep as she can, contorting her hips and squeezing your penis with her rabbit pussy with the dexterity only an experienced prostitute can give you.

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File: 859 KB, 1060x1060, 71685578_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20260958

Gotta complain to that escorts services, I specifically said no gyaru.

>> No.20261495

moonbunny mooncunny > filthy earthscum maggot-infested meatflaps

>> No.20262631

Gyaru don't play by the rules, anon. That's why they're gyaru.

>> No.20262640

Reisen's porportions are so fucked

>> No.20262663

gyaru loli is all I need, reisen can go home

>> No.20262726

I went into the archives and came a buuuunch to >>20248303

>> No.20262900

Tanned Tewi is so damn sexy I would fuck her right there and not even bother to close the door, don't even care if the neighbours see it.
The uggo on the right turns me off and should just go away.

>> No.20264317


>> No.20268326 [DELETED] 
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Aahhh~, I want a bunny loli wife, dudes.
I'd take care of her like a loving husband and keep her pregnant constantly for the rest of her life!

>> No.20268332
File: 65 KB, 600x800, 1539049805470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20268420

Tewi needs to have black hair. Any other color is unacceptable.

>> No.20268477

I can only get hard if I pretend that this picture is veteran escort Tewi expertly babying me as part of a whole-day role playing session.

>> No.20268505

How rich are you to hire Tewi for an entire day?

>> No.20268544

Hiring expert professional prostitute Tewi is surprisingly affordable even on a wage slave budget.
Escort services: $500/hr x 10 hours
Airbnb rental house, fully furnished (1 day): $180
Cleaning fee: $250
Taxis: $70
Groceries & alcohol: $200
Clothes, cosplay outfits: $200
Contraceptives, polaroid film & misc.: $50
Total: $5,950

>> No.20271558

How much would she charge if I just want her as my healslave on a MMORPG?

>> No.20271778

Is she a character in the game or are you just seeking a guild member to play as your healslave

>> No.20274289


>> No.20274415

We all do.

>> No.20274485
File: 153 KB, 800x1145, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_by_poronegi__eeec7bab8a4921c3883b8498c280ceab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gonna cost ya

>> No.20274517

I'd pay for the rest of my life, with all my love, lust and money to have Tewi-chan at my side as my onahole breeding wife

>> No.20274532
File: 89 KB, 301x470, 1495337430217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bunny cunny, it's awright

>> No.20274624

bust a fat nut inside tei's tight bunny coochie

>> No.20275482
File: 214 KB, 700x872, tei11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So cute...

>> No.20277351
File: 293 KB, 938x1104, __inaba_tewi_moomin_and_etc_drawn_by_yonaki__ebebd7b5ee87aa16615c51638cb2633a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More 1300 year old little girls

>> No.20277403

damn pizza snakes sneakin' up on me

>> No.20279989
File: 1.26 MB, 1639x2147, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_by_greatmosu__c84cfec25960e4609005def030bf1123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20280312

Bunny cunny creampie
Bunny cunny creampie

>> No.20281481

Someday I'll get to go to Gensokyo with my fellow /jp/sies and spitroast cute bunny prostitute Tewi

>> No.20281488

Reverse spitroast with Reisen and Tewi

>> No.20281725

While I have no problem with futa I must respectfully decline

>> No.20281729

Not futa, one of them sits on your face while the other rides cowgirl position

>> No.20282058

Sounds like a challenge

>> No.20282113
File: 710 KB, 891x1414, 58479222_p1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bunny belly is awright

>> No.20282172
File: 447 KB, 600x800, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_by_hakika__9cdff89577fef6d0317d3600dc77ca31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thick bunny thighs

>> No.20282174

Running a train on Tewi with /jp/!

>> No.20282186

Tewi's womb overflowing with the semen of a hundred anons!

>> No.20282222

All the sperm cells combining into a mega sperm cell so we all impregnate Tewi at once!

>> No.20282327

I wonder if a yearly poll was given out that asked which 2hu have you split the most semen to how would Tewi compare year by year

>> No.20284022

I think people don't really stick to any one touhou. They just find a really nice art style or artists

>> No.20284318

Not entirely true. Many times I'm extremely horny for one character and only her, so I end up masturbating to several pictures and doujin of her, leaving be best one for last.

>> No.20284337

Imagine pounding Tewi's burning hot pussy after 17 other /jp/sies fucked it...I'm getting hard thinking of how dirty and lewd it would be

>> No.20284548
File: 804 KB, 2394x3666, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_by_kibisake__715229f1a4f196ced2a10fe5e76cd508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Making sure to thoroughly wash my filthy NEET body and penis in the love hotel shower before hauling on a condom and giving this cute bunny's cunny a good ol mating press

>> No.20286787

>not marking her cunny as yours with your dickcheese

>> No.20289241

I want to breed the bunny loli and breed again with the resulting bunny lolis

>> No.20292582

Are you homosexual?

>> No.20292648

I like Tewi but she mostly has shitty doujinshi that's usually yuri and/or dickgirl and not so many great images either. That one NTR series with her and Reisen is good though. Would be great if she was flat in them.

>> No.20293100

i-is that cum dripping out?

>> No.20293193

No I'm very sexual

>> No.20293297

It's about the quality, not the quantity. The ones by Itou Yuuji, Yamazaki Kana and Sanwaribiki are masterpieces.

>> No.20293541

The Itou ones are okay. The others are shitty and also what's with doujin artists and their depictions of drugs? It's always "these drugs are just aphrodisiac candy" or "these drugs are heroin laced with meth".

>> No.20294016

>The others are shitty
That's just your opinion.

>> No.20295318

Yeah, and that they are masterpieces is just your opinion.

>> No.20295409

Why aren't you watching crime dramas if you're so worried about drugs not being depicted correctly?

>> No.20296311
File: 215 KB, 600x800, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_by_q_a72pgc__402f2f3a21cf35775014d5ff30610fac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I gotta know, /jp/:

Would you actually have sex with this meaty little bunny, knowing that thousands of men have blown their loads in her every orifice and done every conceivable lewd act to/with her?

I would.

>> No.20296392

Absolutely. I'd cum inside her bunny cunny until I passed out.
I usually don't like the idea of fucking a girls that had dozens of dicks inside her, but with Tewi I couldn't care less about that.

>> No.20297798
File: 408 KB, 673x971, 71801905_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20299345

>Crime dramas
Those things where they make up all kinds of stupid shit about the capabilities of computers, computer geeks, and probably drugs too?

>> No.20301721

Of course, I would be just another of the thousands of men who have blown their loads in her every orifice and done every conceivable lewd act to her.

>> No.20301892

Do those thousands of men fucked her ears?
That's my hole of choice.

>> No.20304211

she's full of venereal diseases from the sheer variety of men she's had sex with
but she's so sexy that I'd still fuck her, if with a rubber


>> No.20305901

she has severe gonorrhoea in both ears as a result