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I’ve discovered Polyphonix is the most underrated bemani artist there is.

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How do people who powerstance that wide even manage to play with someone else on the other side

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They most likely don't normally play with other people on the same machine for that reason.

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best pop'n song?

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Why are white people incapable of not dressing like slobs?

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recently been digging this track

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you have to try to fit into each other's powerstances which in some cases looks very gay
I'll be there too ;)

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Let's say I want to play DDR or DanceRush again but this time I want more songs rather than the default ones. How can I do it? I played them at Round 1 in Seattle.

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I don’t understand this question. What do you mean defaults? Like songs that require no effort to unlock?

In that case...put in effort to unlock songs??

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Anyone can guess what he meant by this?


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>unironically playing boomermania 2dx

>> No.20100730

go to the front counter and buy an e-Amusement card

e-Amusement allows you to unlock songs and participate in events,global leaderboards, and other shit that isn't locked behind PASELI.

When you buy it, go to the machine, tap the card on the NFC reader, and create a profile. Every time that you swipe a credit, instead of just hitting start, just tap your e-Amusement card on the reader instead and punch in your pin.

e-Amusement works for all BEMANI games that are connected to the online service, so get ready for the grind

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shut the fuck up furry

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>level B on mermaid girl

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Sequel is great too


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even when you don't stance it's really fucking tight and awkward for two adults to play at once

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RIP macaod

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Still trading those arcana invites for a sow one

>> No.20103945

Anyone on sows can already get an arcana invite with no effort

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This is just sad to look at.

>> No.20104220

wow i'm glad i'm a midlet

>> No.20104323

>tfw I stance exactly as the right guy

>> No.20104512

>left side
Is that like 600 fucking WN?

>> No.20104525

knowing that there are people at my level mashing through songs and headbanging at dan courses with zero actual rhythm audible in their mashing that readily upload pictures of B and A results to twitter brings me immense masturbatory satisfaction

>> No.20104588

HYMN if the middle was more like the start and end.

>> No.20104598

>At my level
listen here hotshot you don't sound very good yourself

>> No.20104608

I know I'm a shitter, looking down on people feels good though

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some fag is here playing sdvx with an osu button on his fanny pack

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Focus on your own scores so you can improve. Other players also don’t think about you as often as you do about them.

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me on the right desu

>> No.20105337

why do you have 600 wn

>> No.20105407

theyre having fun isnt that good enough for you

>> No.20105440

beat him up anon, show him who is alpha

>> No.20105446

take his button as a trophy

>> No.20105698

who wants to yiff at round1 tomorrow

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imagine being matt magdon

or don't, probably better

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nice blog faggot

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where do i find someone to blast sdvx stuff for me?

>> No.20106104

you just tangle your legs up, it's kinda hot depending on who you're playing with

>> No.20106112

space dog, daikenkai calf remix, magical voice shower, cyber metal, taiko hip-hop are some of my personal favorites

>> No.20106117

the thought of people who cannot AAA anything in iidx just fills me with laughter, like how is it possible to be that retarded

>> No.20106130

lmfaoing @ people who do not have at least 1000 AAAs.

>> No.20106260

its easier to go from kaiden to AAAing 11s than the other way around

>> No.20106285

exy OUT

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Officer got shot at STM, why niggas gotta ruin everything?

>> No.20106659

Arcades are havens for degenerates and poor people anon, at least in the states

If you don't like niggas maybe don't play arcade games
Or move to Asia because the US is a shithole

>> No.20107296

He doesn’t, it’s more around like 500.

>> No.20107635

better be something like jp or kr since third world asian countries are even worse shitholes

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>MAX -4
How the fuck is this even possible

>> No.20110418

it isn't

>> No.20110453

>easy timing
That's how.
Still pretty impressive though, unless he is cheating.

>> No.20110484

I mean it's a hard chart but if you can do it then it isn't super hard to time.

>> No.20110500

What are some easy 11s in iidx?

>> No.20110627

Pendual folder.

>> No.20110942

Is Infinitas worth it or is LR2 good enough?

>> No.20111027

Play arcade data instead

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see clickagain or iidx.insane.pr ratings and play the lowest rated ones

>> No.20111053

see clickagain or iidx.insane.pe.kr ratings and play the lowest rated ones

>> No.20111085

It's easier to find and set up data than lr2 tbqh

>> No.20111105

thanks, this is actually really useful.
looking at 10s and they look pretty close to where i would rate them.

>> No.20111118

is there a discord or irc i can go to for lr2 tech support instead of shitting up this thread

game runs fine 90% of the time but will randomly be choppy for no apparent reason then go back to normal

>> No.20111137

>game runs fine 90% of the time
lr2 is abandonware, there is no support. It won't run any better.

>> No.20111146

Do you have other programs running while playing?
Even a browser open while playing can make it lag if you have a toaster

>> No.20111236

i do because it's not 1995 anymore, but hardware utilization graphs don't show anything fishy while it's running. sometimes i'll load a song and it's choppy to the point of unplayability, but then i'll back out and reload the song and it's perfectly smooth. if it was consistently poor performance it'd be a symptom of a larger problem that I could identify and fix, but when it's inconsistent idk what to fix

i didn't mean official support so much as other boomers who have already worked though all this shit to make it playable, but i get it. i'll just deal with it.

>> No.20111252

Post pc specs

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during gameplay cpu usage tops out at about 45% and ram at 50%. gpu utilization at about 60%.

>> No.20111474

have you tried the 4gb exe patch?

>> No.20111563

miracle meets
rock da house
new sensation mou anata shika mienai

>> No.20111652

Do you use f.lux? I've always had it fuck with rhythm games so make sure you're not running it

>> No.20113225

I finally felt like I could play like not garbage, but then my wrists and arms started hurting and my doc told me I've got carpal tunnel. Hurts to even type a slightly long email.
Time to get into DDR, I guess. Dance Rush looks cool but expensive as fuck and the songlist looks meh.

>> No.20113273

Anyone tried the yuancon sdvx controller? Considering buying it.

>> No.20113279

Are the ssm fags her those fingerless glove losers hogging the sdvx machine every weekend?

>> No.20113313

Check the last thread.

>> No.20113478

eliot is a fucking disgusting goblin

>> No.20113482


god some of those ratings are absolutely fucking idiotic while others are pretty spot on

>> No.20113691

Dr. love

>> No.20114213

>someone else in this thread goes to ssm
uh oh

>> No.20114795

everyone says it's "well built" but the knobs just sit on the encoders and you can take them off easily, maybe some will see that as a ""feature""
he uses shitty chinese omron clone 400ppr encoders that in my experience are not very good and would randomly drop slams. Copals feel and work better imo

>> No.20114804

What are your specific qualms

>> No.20114809

ah yes pendulums is definitely the easiest 11

>> No.20115339

He meant pendual talisman I think

>> No.20115708

>unless he is cheating.
He isn't.

It's still completely retarded that something this dense can be nearly maxed, and he didn't grind for it either. But again, he got MAX-4 on kyrka 22 which is arguably even more stupid so yeah.
The hardest chart that got maxed as far as I know is witchcraft 21, but that took 0133 an absurd amount of tries and is easier than both.

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no shit a doctor is going to tell you that. they want your shekels. take a week off and suck it up.

>> No.20116344

My local arcade only has DDR Extreme. I went to Japan last month and I was in love with their fucking new machines. I wish my local arcade would buy on of those. I would spend several days there.

>> No.20116648

I feel like yamabiko is way, WAY too high on the NC chart, along with 100% MiniMooG, Kamaitachi being the same tier as Chrono Diver Pendulums is a joke, fuckin the fact that SPECIAL VACATION is a T6 is the BIGGEST joke.

>> No.20116805


One of the few 17s I can get an S

>> No.20117105

When an arcade imports a game, do they take the legit Asian version and update it as new stuff comes out?
Or do they just get the stock firmware/songs and they rot? Or worse so they get a localized version?

>> No.20117126

I meant what I said, anon. My first handful of 11 clears were all from Pendual because it has a bunch of easy ones.

>> No.20117214

All of the above. Depends on the game and the arcade.

>> No.20117251

Konami doesn't allow any western arcades other than R1 and D&B to buy and use the e-amusement service, which is required for a majority of bemani games to run. Blame them.

>> No.20117276

I've spent the last 6 months being a neet who does nothing but sit at home and play iidx. I finally hit kaiden should I just end myself now?

>> No.20117282

WASAPI for SDVX when? Every time I go from IIDX to SDVX I start playing like I'm deaf.

>> No.20117284

What were you doing prior to the last 6 months?

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Are you serious? That's fucking dumb. So there's no hope for the only arcade around me for miles to get a new machine? They are expanding like crazy and making bank too so they have the money, that's retarded. I'm legit angry.

>> No.20117298

just play at home

>> No.20117300

Kaiden is only the beginning of the game. You either have a long way to go or should have killed yourself a long time ago.

SDVX isn't keysounded, so who cares. Lasers start autotracking for long enough to mask any latency, and it's not like FX, slams, or the occasional keysounded FX note are worth listening to. SDVX V has new hardware and is probably using Windows 7, so maybe it will be better.

This is why bootleg networks and machines running pirated decrypted data are increasingly common.

>> No.20117309

School and being a shut-in.

>> No.20117313

I don't enjoy the game I only played to get kaiden.

>> No.20117322

So, the latter.

>> No.20117327

I was planning to eventually but I'm clueless when it comes to building a cabinet, so I was just going to wait until the impulse platforms come out in 500 years to play at home.
I also would like to support the local arcade since it's an amazing and honest establishment.
They are common at arcades or common at people's homes?

>> No.20117346

Stop telling people to kill themselves.

>> No.20117353

Just keep being a neet then unless you want to wageslave.
Pick up more games.

>> No.20117366


>> No.20117417


>> No.20117758

>Are you serious? That's fucking dumb
It's Konami, "that's fucking dumb" is their slogan.
I don't think there exists another gaming company with this much wasted potential.

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How tall is Dolce? His height seems to be pretty much perfect for the cabinets.

>> No.20119496

Don't know for sure but saw him in person at Round1 event. He seemed short even when compared to other japs so I'd guess around 170cm at most.

>> No.20121396

What do you think separates a hard rhythm game from rhythm games that can be hard?

IE Groove Coaster is ezpz until you play shit like solar storm.

>> No.20121672

Jubeat has a low celing if all you want is to just clear everything. Trying to get SSS or EXC on all songs is another story.

>> No.20121927

had a conversation with a friend about this and we both agreed that what makes a game like IIDX difficult is that skill ceilings don't really exist in that game, only walls

as opposed to a game like GC where the skill ceiling is painfully obvious. It's not to say that harder songs in GC aren't difficult by their own right, but you just can't compare a two button spam fest to a 7 button hopeless grind.

Even when people finally reach Kaiden, the grind continues for them.

Once you hit 15's with GC, like...that's it, it just turns into a scoring game with no real challenge because the game itself is so incredibly limited with what you can do.

>> No.20122123

how do i git gud at technical shit in ddr

>> No.20122147

Stop playing with speed mods. Look ahead and learn how to plan your movements. When something confuses you, look at the chart and try to understand what it is expecting of you.

>> No.20122615


what's ssm?

>> No.20122753

Some round1 location, they all have three letter abbreviations

>> No.20123625

just doublestep and bracket everything lmao

>> No.20123626

Hol up. BMS doesn't stand for BeMani Sim?

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press f to pay respects

>> No.20123743


>> No.20123796

Just learn to read a few basic patterns, mostly just crossovers and when they resolve and when they don't. Usually involves lowering your hi-speed a bit.

>> No.20123954

shut up noah

>> No.20123990

i'd appreciate it if trannies left the thread

>> No.20124413

tfw youre bad at iidx but you see how cool it looks when dolce plays at high levels and you keep suffering through it anyways with slight hope of getting gud some day

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>> No.20125212

Well, they tried back during the SuperNOVA era. No one wanted it then. There was one public arcade in North America that had DDR on e-amusement.

Most small arcades aren't going to drop $10,000+ on a cab and whatever the continual cost for e-amusement is. Places like Round1 and Dave & Busters aren't making their money off of music games.

>> No.20125588

does round1 actually make any money? I can't imagine such poorly run stores being profitable

>> No.20125615

I'm not sure how much money their North American stores are making. Apparently they feel they're doing well enough that they keep opening new ones.
I do know that Stratford Square Mall is one of the worst performing stores, but it's also the smallest location.

>> No.20125659

They're always packed in Japan. Couples and families on the first floor playing crane games, all kind of weirdos playing rhythm games on their floor, old and miserable people playing medal games on another floor, old and happy people bowling on another floor, groups in karaoke boxes and so on. Every day is a double credit day in some of their Japan stores as well so you get 2 credits in any rhythm game on any given day for 100 yen which is great.

>> No.20125690

They publish quarterly reports anon
Most of their money is made off of redemption games and bowling in the states

>> No.20125920

Is there a iidx leaderboard i can see online?

>> No.20125936
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>> No.20126061

In the states they make money because they open locations in places with really low rent and pay their employees minimum wage.
Sometimes this backfires because locations with low rent are shit and don't get any customers, which is why they were low rent in the first place. The Silver City Galleria location for example is in trouble despite making good profits (according to financial reports) because the mall they're in is going to close. No one knows what will happen then. They seem to be the only outlet in that mall that's making any money, every other anchor store has closed.
If you're autism level interested in this stuff then you can look at their reports like >>20125690
said. https://www.bemanistyle.com/round1-quarter-3-2018-financial-report-store-opening-and-current-store-status-list/

>> No.20126449

Reveal yourself.

>> No.20127115

I like pop'n songs but hate the buttons

>> No.20127355

you are fucking weak, the buttons are the best part

>> No.20127810


yea one of the few things you can see on the website without a subscription is the top ranker tables and the dj rank top tables and the expert course total ranking tables

you can even see you rank on the internet ranking expert courses for free if youre willing the sit there and page through looking for yourself

too bad they dont show the local top5 for these courses on the attract screen anymore. that would make too much sense! gotta show that beatnation logo somewhere!!!

>> No.20128239

>Every day is a double credit day in some of their Japan stores
i loved round1 machida, they had double credits all month pretty much every other month, and paseli play was 108p

>> No.20128935

is it confirmed sdvx V is on new hardware?

so if thats true american r1 will get it half a year after release lol

>> No.20129136


also were you not around for cb or something
eol of old games after the release date of a new one is one month
r1us gets one month to make the switch before the machines go offline

some corean machines did go offline because ops didn't upgrade

>> No.20129204

Sinobuz didn't go offline until literally six months after CB came out.

>> No.20129225
File: 1.50 MB, 720x960, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no lmao you're fucking retarded
sinobuz service ended in february and uniana still didn't have kits so they got owned

>> No.20129247

What's it like in this alternate reality you live in? Do we have Paseli in America there?

>> No.20129267

chords are insanely easy to time

>> No.20129271

what the fuck are you talking about anon

everyone runs on the same service endpoint when service ends somewhere it ends everywhere

Every usr1 had cb installed before the deadline which was the first week of february. I think ERM was the last to install it lol. It's cool that you have either no concept of time or you're so new that you don't even know

>> No.20129290
File: 24 KB, 651x155, 2018-10-24_22-20-46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, this is like beating up a retarded puppy, it's just not fun anymore. Here, I'll spoonfeed you something we like to call "facts."


>> No.20129295

this is for the website, it was the cutoff for you to port your sinobuz data over to cb
nice try dumb fucker maybe play the games in the future

>> No.20129309

>I can't read Japanese so I'm just going to shit words onto the keyboard and hope they form a coherent sentence

>> No.20129316

>I have never been to an arcade
alright have a nice day anon

>> No.20129319

you too, love ya bb

>> No.20129323

in the future when you have no idea what you're saying just don't

>> No.20129371

fucking dumbass or poor bait

>> No.20129594

has anyone tried pop'n via launchbox?
i have a feeling there'd be an input delay problem, but i dunno shit about it

>> No.20129618


>> No.20129808

pop'n is the purest rhythm game just slap the buttons, no other weird input devices

the primal intimacy of slapping large colorful burgers in time to music is the joy

>> No.20129856

There shouldn't be any kind of input delay issues. You're just using a graphical interface to launch the same file that you would otherwise be clicking on.

>> No.20129950

how do i get nice and clean sounding button taps

>> No.20131125

Don't smash them like a fucking idiot.

>> No.20131269

Gitadora fascinates me and I can keep watching dolce play the drums for a long time.

I want to try it out but don't want to spend some good money on the dtx cause in the end the game mkght not be for me. Will any electronic drum set work for it? Even a particularly cheap and shitty one just to check the game?

And if I can run pop'n and IIDX data, will I run gitadora too? I heard people saying the game's way more bitchy to run right.

>> No.20131464

Yeah, any MIDI e-kit works AFAIK, I don't think the latencies are that bad. Even the cheap ass chink Ringways or Soundking works.

>> No.20131544

Smash them, but with haste.

>> No.20131665

Sweet, thanks.

>> No.20131794

i turned 28 today
feels bad knowing that if i don't get better within the next two years i'm stuck at 9dan forever

>> No.20131934

if touring musicians can stay in a decent shape for decades, you can do this too.

>> No.20131984

play 12

>> No.20132037

anyone know how old dolce is?
most of the dp top rankers are like 30 now

>> No.20132075

29 I think. There's a corean wiki page for him.

>> No.20132787

I got an Alesis Nitro for $350 at Guitar Center, already has a midi converter built in. Setting up gitadora in general is a bitch tho.

>> No.20133035

What's next, shoe size?

>> No.20133046

what does he hop himself up on before his 3 hour sessions

>> No.20133145

actually want to know this as well
does he use stims other than caffeine

>> No.20133159

The bass stage.

>> No.20133164

Hand size, hair style, vision acuity, positioning while playing, theres so much to learn

>> No.20133175

If you wanna be as good as dolce then you need to become dolce

>> No.20133948

which topranker has the biggest dick

>> No.20134123


worst case scenario, you hate the game, and end up with a drumkit

any other of these games if you quit you have an expensive paperweight

>> No.20134606

utaka has big hands

>> No.20136051
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how do I into IIDX? the best I can get is a B on 3 charts in lr2.

>> No.20136150
File: 664 KB, 1280x720, logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20136164

Just play.

>> No.20136176
File: 108 KB, 500x500, 1471671839876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play the video game

>> No.20137176

I hope an arcade will do a livestream once it comes out. I'm pretty hype.

>> No.20138159

I wish I had access to n-0. This seems like it might be quite good, and I don't want to be stuck with CB for a year.

>> No.20138833

such a sexy theme

>> No.20139841

i know how to get access to n-0 :^)

go to the arcade

>> No.20139865


>> No.20139871


>> No.20139872


>> No.20140250

utterly unfunny meme

>> No.20140276

i'm also blown away by how many people think ddx is funny

all the retard does is imitiate bgas with a fat ugly face

>> No.20140286

okay ehhhhh
congrats you got it

>> No.20140300

it was funny for like a week then it got stale
what's really funny is how his sdvx videos only have views in the hundreds

>> No.20140463

With the release of Hypersonik and Gamo2's Phoenixwan, I'm finally tempted to migrate to HDD from CS. I've found most videogame consoles to be around 32ms button-press-to-sound and these shitty HDD rips had 57ms, with the actual cabs feeling just as bad. I ran measurements using some random Windows 10 pc and off the shelf mechanical keyboard and Hypersonik finally gets it down to around 32ms. It's such a fucking relief, I haven't been this excited since Empress CS.

>> No.20140594

Are you even good enough at the game to be this autistic about input lag.

>> No.20140625

AC has a bunch of input lag anyway so it's not really worth it

>> No.20140633

of course he isn't

>> No.20140653

Cannon Ballers AC audio latency feels a lot like CS, and any visual latency can be mitigated with offset.

>> No.20140719

Round 1 in America is such an inferior shameless retarded cousin of the true Round 1 in Japan.

Who is the retard who thought opening Round 1 in a malls were a good idea?

The mall rent and the first floor restriction limits the restriction of replicating a true Japanese Round 1 experience.

Honestly, Round 1 Japan buying up the closed Toys R Us locations would be better.

I checked Round 1 website and their biggest mistake is trying to do everything like bowling and serving food.

Food licenses, drink licenses, etc are a cut in profits.

Should have went for a pure gaming arcade instead of a mix mash of everything.

If people are hungry, they should either enter a joint relationship with some fast food company or just stock vending machines full of snacks or something.

I predict the failure of Round 1 in Japan. Too much expansion in dying malls.

If I was Round 1 CEO, I open Round 1 locations in Round 1 suitable buildings I personally constricted myself.

>> No.20140886

what discord was this pasta ripped from

>> No.20141459

how is DEATH ZIGOQ pronounced?

>> No.20141479


>> No.20141494

How do you get good at gitadora drums

>> No.20141507

DEATH じごく(ゅ)

Get it.

>> No.20141539

>first floor restriction
What does this even mean? Fox Valley Mall is a two floor store. I don't think there's any restriction. It's likely just a matter of whatever space is available in the mall.

>> No.20141733

how do i get in shape for ddr

>> No.20141745

put down the big mac

>> No.20141762

hit the drum when the note reaches the line
clearing 8.2s with this method now, still never touched a real drumset

>> No.20142039

just play more DDR, it burns calories

>> No.20142433

I am as autistic as you about the audio lag. I bet most of the shitters don't even know or never played with real-time (<10ms) audio to feel the difference.
Too bad hypersonik is still a bit buggy, wasn't updated for half of the year and doesn't work with any of my external soundcards.
Also, I switched to taiko sims because tjap3 supports asio and it is a joy to play on an actual arcade sized drum.

>> No.20142465

>, wasn't updated for half of the year
it was updated 2 days ago and github seems to be unarchived.

>> No.20142787

can anyone link OnlyOneCab's site or discord?

>> No.20144037

>go to round1
>iidx cab is quiet as shit and you can hear fuck all even with compressor 3
>still feed it money
who else has done this haha

>> No.20144482


>> No.20144780


if anyone can invite me add me on discord i have exp on other private trackers and just heard they onlyonecab has server support for usaneko (dont care about downloading data or anything)

Manabe#8008 on discord add me

>> No.20144785

At which level in gitadora does a person become better than an actual drummer who only plays simplistic pop/rock songs?

>> No.20145043

nice try konmai

>> No.20145257

There's someone with a rainbow skill level trying to play real drums and it came out as really awkward.

It's too different.

>> No.20145268

Japan's R1 has multiple stories I think.

>> No.20145421

That is true about Japan. There is a necessity to build upward due to lack of real estate in densely populated areas.
But they were saying that American stores were restricted to only being on the first floor of malls. That is false.

>> No.20145450

iidx hurts my wrist

>> No.20145455

Lift your hands.

>> No.20146396


snitch faggot

>> No.20147115

Gitadora doesn’t encourage the snare and high hat cross hand, which as a drummer feels infinitely more natural. So it’s unlikely you’ll be able to transfer.

>> No.20147423

Is the spacing on the SVSE5 arcade accurate? Fully upgraded it's cheaper than the yuancon controller, just uglier. If the spacing is accurate, I'll just take the SVSE5.

>> No.20147494

More or less.

I remembered going from 10 dan to gold wings 11dan from playing a home setup for a couple of months.

>> No.20148068

What should I do if I'm consistently slow on notes?

I worry that upping my green number will put the notes too close together, and I tried lift+sud(currently already using sudden+) but it didn't help all that much. Is there something else I can try?

>> No.20148083


>> No.20148103


what is that and how can i do it?

>> No.20148117

Open the options menu and press effect (or vefx i can't remember) and it'll bring up the advanced options, including offset adjustment. Set it lower for slows and higher for fasts.

>> No.20148264

It's vefx btw

>> No.20148330

ooc invites are ass to get as an outsider, and they aren't directly associated with the server you're thinking about

>> No.20148374
File: 118 KB, 1437x1664, Capture+_2018-10-27-23-17-46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone here play on this?

>> No.20148706
File: 59 KB, 675x450, 1507653437592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>got my first AA ever immediately after changing the offset
>had never gotten any score higher than a B on my current skill level songs

Well thanks a bunch my dude, shit is fuckin black magic.

>> No.20148775

While DM doesn't really make you a drummer, it does makes learning easier. You have the coordination and rhythm down, now you erase bad habits and pick up things like dynamics. Some of the high level songs in DM are flat out over-charted (just look at rock to infinity bullshit)
I think here's the video that one anon was talking about.

>> No.20150964


>> No.20151933

Does anyone have that picture of a guy sitting with an IIDX pad in his lap in front of a SAFARI signpost? It's pretty old

>> No.20152411
File: 39 KB, 380x380, 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"oh, let me just shop around for some sanwa pop'n buttons"

luckily i actually don't mind the default dao buttons, i just have to go downstairs to play since they're louder than shit

>> No.20152467

buy samduck buttons

>> No.20152497


are the samducks pretty good?

>> No.20152648

I feel like I have been at 9's for half a fucking year. I have only cleared a handful of 10's. How long will this wall take to break through?

>> No.20152667

You gotta be willing to leave your comfort one.
I only started beating high tie 11s when I stopped exclusively playing easy and mid 11s and forced myself to play the harder stuff.

I got fucked until I slowly started improving.

>> No.20152675

How often and how long at a time do you play?

>> No.20152700

I'm trying to leave my comfort zone by playing 10's with a 50% clear rate but most of them just make me mad because my hands can't keep up.
I try to play a few times a week for around 2 hours a session. I have a bad habit of not playing for a couple weeks at a time.

>> No.20152845

Do you play at an arcade or home and what dan are you? I wouldn't be worried if you haven't progressed more than that in half a year if you only play at an arcade few times a week and go weeks without playing. I'm playing for a year now and I feel like I'm almost the same as you.

>> No.20152877

I play at home and Im 6Dan. I can get to the last song on the 7th dan course but fail it everytime.

>> No.20152920

Try to play more regularly and more often since you can do it home even if only 30 minutes a day. Don't know if you use random or not but you should use it on songs that you can comfortably pass so 8s, 9s and the easier 10s. Take it off for the hard songs and also try some of the easier 11s even though you can't pass the harder 10s with low clear rates. The last song on 7th dan is especially difficult if you're not used to playing with random on.

>> No.20152944

Yeah I never play with random, I'll proably start that. Also what green number should I be around at this level? Right now I'm at 300.

>> No.20152966

300 is perfectly fine.

>> No.20153739
File: 60 KB, 640x480, 1412076282930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20153796


seconding this, just figured out that the monitor i'm playing on has a response time roughly half the size of the total pgreat window, and fucking around with my offset instantly increased my timing by a ridiculous factor

is there a straightforward way of converting the number in the offset to some number of milliseconds? i.e. what is, for example, a -0.6 offset in terms of milliseconds?

>> No.20153807

What's wrong with me if I have to use -2 offset somedays, somedays -0,5 and somedays +1?

>> No.20153821

Bad monitor check, varying sleep quality, or bad timing.

>> No.20153850

Monitor is some low-end 4K one, probably has high response time. Diagnosed insomnia. I think most of the songs in IIDX are so animalistic you have to be some kind of african nigger to feel the rhythm. Am I ever going to see a triple A?

>> No.20153853

1.0 offset is one frame at 60 FPS, so each 0.1 increment is ~1.67ms. + causes the notes to appear later, giving the player the impression that the the windows have moved "earlier" relative to the visuals. - causes the notes to appear sooner, moving the windows "later" relative to the visuals. So your -0.6 offset example requires that you play 10 milliseconds later.

0.0 user offset is actually -2.0 on SD, -3.0 on HD, and -4.0 on HD*. It's not particularly useful to use monitor latency alone to decide what offset to use. You're better off using a high speed camera to see the actual latency of the entire setup, only to discover that you and everyone else actually prefers to play incredibly early.

>> No.20153876

go play 5s until you find a setting you can triple on, then stop dicking with your offset

>> No.20153891


thanks for that. i've mostly been just playing some familiar songs over and over to test my timing while tinkering with WN/GN/offset, and for some weird reason i "feel" like i should be pressing about 10ms later than i actually should, thus my -0.6 offset feeling the best for me.

it's possible i could fix this through more wn/gn tinkering (using lift seemed promising but it was a little inconsistent, so i need to test it more) and not using offset, but changing from 0.0 to -0.6 literally upped my scores by a letter grade immediately

>> No.20153942

I'm the same. I swear the longer my computer is on, the bigger the offset is.

>> No.20154130
File: 120 KB, 700x700, 1530129304052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today was a good day. I actually got two PFCs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIvaKT3u_uo

>> No.20154154

>so animalistic you have to be some kind of african nigger to feel the rhythm
Racist remarks like this aren't amusing, they're inappropriate and uncalled for. Avoid using language like this in the future, please.

>> No.20154155

shut up nigger

>> No.20154163

Oh no, he's going to get banned from 4chan for saying a bad word.

>> No.20154174

>complaining about people being racist on 4chan of all places
Where do you think we are nigger

>> No.20154175


>> No.20154183

Any 6dans want to be rivals before CB drops?

>> No.20154202

Actually I'm not racist. I have 4 arcade friends and one of them is an african-american and even he doesn't mind me use the n-word.

>> No.20154209


>> No.20154270

holy shit that is so true, I thought I was the only one

>> No.20154279

Is pop'n 12 cs completely broken in terms of clearing? I routinely get 89k+ on a song whilst failing. I feel like every missed note just nukes my bar, no fuckin clue what's jappening

>> No.20154288

why does every t+paz "song" have extremely loud youtube poop earrape screaming kids in the background
can't help but feel like i got dabbed on when i hear his "music"

>> No.20154311

get dabbed on son

>> No.20154345

I didn't know it was possible to get under 98K on old pop'n. It should be fine unless you somehow turned on a funny gauge option, but I don't remember if they even existed in pop'n 12. Post an example results screen. Maybe you're just bad.

>> No.20154362

nigger i'm failing songs I get a's on on newest pop'n ac, so i'm specifically comparing it to that

>> No.20154378

Clearing has nothing to do with your score.

>> No.20154399


alright let me break it down for you since you're clearly handicapped

i'm failing songs that i extremely comfortably passed last week on a cabinet because a single missed note nukes 3-4 of my bars. this is all a pointless discussion now anyway since it seems to be normal after resetting my ps2. i swear some of you nignogs are thicker than hogshit

>> No.20154447

I already suggested you check your gauge option which you somehow changed by accident and was reset when you restarted the game. Since you left out actually useful information like the amount of gauge you lost per BAD until now, a results screen would have at least provided some information on whether the total BAD count for a given chart seemed reasonable for a clear or not. For future reference, each missed note should take out 51/1024 or ~1.2 bars of your gauge.

>> No.20154726

Looks like Yuan's team is partnering with some notable osu! players to bring more attention to Bemani...yikes.
osu! autism in the iidx and sdvx community? nty

>> No.20154750

oof yeah
keep the bemani community autism-free

>> No.20154762

it's already retarded enough, i don't think that i could handle the crossover autism from a community 8x worse

additional exposure to keep the community alive is one thing, introducing it to extreme autists is another, thanks Horo, Azer, and co.

>> No.20155366

Anyone have anything to say about this year's BOF? I'm waiting for a collection to be posted.

>> No.20156240

>keep the bemani community autism-free
the bemani community is one of, if not the most autistic things I've ever seen. adding osushit would only make it even worse.

>> No.20156272

Of the people who get into it from osu! streamers and actually stick with it is likely minimal. The ones that stick who act autistic will just adapt to bemani autism and act as such

>> No.20157534

So how do you guys actually get good at the songs?

Just keep restarting until you nail them? Most games don't have a mode to practice or slow down the songs, it seems.

>> No.20157572

normal practice, listen to them normally, do marginally harder songs than you can handle, unironically pick up an instrument, grind shit for months until you get good, the usual

>> No.20157789

Nah. Some top level players do when they miss but I'm not even close to their level. Also I tend to score worse and worse when repeating a song.

Just find songs you enjoy and play it.

>> No.20158536

I'll be honest, I have zero understanding of the rank terminology being thrown around here. I think it's based off go/mahjong terms? Is there a guide somewhere for that? I'm only doing 12s right now at the arcade.

>> No.20158808

Goddamn gitadora is misrated as fuck

>> No.20159148

He's talking about skill analyzer mode. You can pick from preset courses designed to test your skills by going to the skill analyzer folder at the start of a credit. As for dan, that just means level. The game doesn't refer to them as dans even in Japanese though. You can tell someone is a senile iidx boomer (or just a retard) when they refer to levels in sdvx as dans rather than level 10, 11, ∞, etc or by their default title (剛力羅, 或帝滅斗, 暴龍天, etc).

>> No.20159158

I'm a 30 year old boomer so there's that.

In Matixx there's a song where the 9.00 bass is way easier than its 8.95 guitar. I think that's fixed now.

>> No.20159196

That's just part of aging, there's no space left for more proper nouns or unique terminology so you just refer to everything by the first most similar thing you can think of. Like calling every game console a nintendo.

>> No.20159942

Better than clone hero

>> No.20160535

How much did top players scores improve from the to CB from Sionobuz with the improved audio?

>> No.20160593


>> No.20162494

In that case, level 10 clears to golden level 11 in skill analyzer doesn't seem like much of a jump over the course of months.

>> No.20162540

Not at all lol people just changed their offset and moved on with their lives

>> No.20162588
File: 834 KB, 2100x2966, 15408482724006247748935125726047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

record yourself playing with your phone because the mic is shitty and makes your keytaps really pronounced even in a noisy arcadr

>> No.20162597

azer has streamed kshoot for years already

>> No.20162862

There are songs I got rekt on my home setup but I cleared it easily in AC for some reason.

It's probably the bigger screen.

>> No.20162965

Is there a recommended monitor size/specs for sdvx? I need a new one anyway at the moment.

>> No.20163646

Pretty sure AC size is 32"

>> No.20164057

How do clear lamps work in DDRA? Does getting a higher score overwrite your full combo?

>> No.20164258

nah you keep the highest money score and highest lamp

>> No.20164273

top players already knew how to adjust to the broken timing, it's more relevant to intermediate players

>> No.20164762

Hey bros. How’s the Groove Coaster PC port?

>> No.20164852

Will playing SDVX or any other rhythm game fuck with my iidx progression? Is it best to stick with 1 game at a time?

>> No.20164943

Depends on how serious you are about progress and how much you play each game.
My IIDX timing suffers slightly at the beginning of the session after playing SDVX, but it recovers fairly quick. I personally find SDVX harder to get back into, since all the charts are so stupidly fast and obtuse to read compared to all the simple 2D reading with 150-200 BPM in IIDX.
You might be fine with other games, but I'd say these two are too different, so you should probably stick to one or the other if you want lots of progress.

>> No.20165178

Any ero rhythm games out there?

>> No.20165225

Closest I can think of is Senran bon appetit. But I don't think that really counts.

>> No.20165332


>> No.20165354

>right hand free mode
now this is game design

>> No.20165520

I think I remember downloading this from somewhere. It's not very good at all. Even FFR is better.

>> No.20165716
File: 51 KB, 900x1060, history_15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20165971

Oh cool, is DDRB finally coming out?

>> No.20165995

So, place your bets on how long it is until people assume this is the last DDR, too.

>> No.20166002

Konami only makes pachinko machines and gyms now

>> No.20166050

That has been said for the past 6 years.

>> No.20166364


>Is it best to stick with 1 game at a time?

I picked up Pop'n about a month ago and it feels like it helped my iidx play

>> No.20167360

>if you get stuck in IIDX, play pop'n
>if you get stuck in pop'n play IIDX

I remembered first seeing this advice a decade ago.

>> No.20167720

Yes but sdvx will not help with anything short of melting your brain and turning you into a weeb horny degenerate

>> No.20168046

i started in 2008 with 9th style but playing the early styles still feels nostalgic for some reason
feels like the keysounds were actual full samples back then and not just 1/1000th of a chopped-up song

>> No.20168971

will i be seeing any of you autists at r1 on tuesday

>> No.20168979

DJMax respect is a lot more fun with a keyboard than it is with a controller, to be honest.

>> No.20169000

This could be quite good if the budget was more than 200 yen. Surprisingly fun though, considering how unpolished it is.

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