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The new ZUN-endorsed Touhou mobile game seems to be a board game. Discuss and doompost.

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Touhou is over!
The sky is falling!

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Touhou has fallen

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uh oooohhh

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how should we react?

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hope it fails and doesn't become a gacha game

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So like Monopoly, but in Gensokyo?

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So you still want it to fail even if it wan't gacha? Board games can be fun.

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Probably. Details are coming out within the next 10~20hrs or earlier.

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We should cry bloody murder and forget about it a week from now.

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I mean if you don't have to pay for shit at all and no ads what's the fucking problem

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I'm honestly kinda disappointed it isn't a gacha game because if it was, all hell would've broken loose

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What? What do you mean you're disappointed that would mean ZUN doesn't even gives a shit about touhou anymore

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What the hell is Cannonball?

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play it

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/jp/, I possess no free will. Can you tell me should I react to this either with hate or love?

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Invited groups/artists confirmed so far:
Meltdown Comer

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There's nothing wrong with this. At all.

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does this mean we're gonna have official 2hu VAs?

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I'd give my left arm for that to be true.

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That's what I meant. It would be fun as fuck to see that go down

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It'll be fun.

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Uh huh.

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I'm gonna hope that this is fun and not a garbage moba game. It does concern me that touhou is heading towards this

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The toehoes are doomed! Again! For real this time!

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Official or just endorsed? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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Endorsed in the light sense. Nothing official.

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Then the autists in this thread need to calm down.

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It's a board game. And ZUN was already clear on his VA stance.
It was given ZUN's blessing. It's not canon or anything. I guess you could call it "semi-official" for lack of a better word.

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based ZUN btfo'ing waifufags with gachashit

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ill get you bitch

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Some stuff with ZUN.

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bitches don't know what 二次創作 means. It means they're saying this game is offically fanon.

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i know..... i know i let you down......
koishi is my wife and is not that bad, is more bad those ironic 2hufags that's the true and real cancer

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That's it.

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Ok it's over now.

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I don't see a problem with an initial purchase fee. People seem to forget that the official games aren't free either.

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>It's not gacha
Crisis adverted.

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So is it just a doujin board game that you play on your phone? Seems fun.

>> No.20063386

welp he needs money for his daughters and bitch wife.

>> No.20063394

>get married
>sell out
kek like a clockwork

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Okay, you can stop shitposting now.

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So just as expected, this is a way for ZUN to express that fanmade phone apps are OK now, like how he did for consoles and Steam.

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It's over
It's all finished
ZUN realized doujin spirit was a mistake when HSiFS made him more money than the rest of his games combined
The cracks were showing in VD with all the reused art, danmaku, and music tracks
Now it'll be nothing but "official" Touhou brand mobile games, toothbrushes and dish soap with under the table kickbacks from here on out

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it’s unofficial

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Fooken epic lamao xd

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I highly doubt it'll just be a fun game on the phone, what's the catch? Ads?

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Please tell me it's not gacha because I'm gonna go broke if it is

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Its like 100% OJ

Which means hell

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Thanks for the ride bros.

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Not him, but why do you think there's a trick to it? Maybe ZUN just feels like releasing a game for cellphones.

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I would imagine that 50% of /jp/ population would either go broke or kill themselves for not getting their favorite 2hu I would

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Yes, I knew it! Touhou is dead now, there is no escape! Let it burn, let it all burn and fall apart!

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based on what?

>> No.20063479

/v/ is leaking

>> No.20063483

was it confirmed to play like OJ but 2hu?
that's exactly what I hoped for it to be when I saw Marisa hold that dice
Cellphones are just such a prime platform for casgrabby games and with the success of games like FGO and KanColle, its not much of a stretch to assume 2hu's core audience would totally whale for their favorites and make the game extremely profitable with microtransactions

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>muh /vee/ boogeyman

>> No.20063489

This is not a game by TSA. It is not official in any sense. It was only approved by ZUN. It's a doujin mobile app.

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Who are you quoting?

>> No.20063494

who are you quoting?

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Might be cute.

>> No.20063515

that does restore my faith in the game not sucking a considerable amount

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The funniest thing is that most of the people who are overreacting to this don't know the difference between mobage and gacha. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them were from /v/.
Personally I have no interest in mobage in general, but I'm curious about how this game will turn out.

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What boogeyman?

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Doesn't this just prove that you're the /v/ boogeyman?

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How many kids does ZUN have anyway?

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/v/ please get out of here

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That's not how words work, you know. Also, the post time and filename of that thread prove quite a few things.

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This is extremely painful to read. The doomsaying addiction is getting to them.

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Fuck you leather man.

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>board game
So what is it? Did they show anything?

>> No.20063634

They are about to show it on stream right now

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>he could've actually made touhou relevant again

>> No.20063653

Uhh, what stream?

>> No.20063660

ZUN is on stream!!!


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I meant micro transactions

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Quick summary from the article. I'll just point out the important one that /jp/ mostly concern.

ZUN already have an idea to develop a touhou mobile games since mobage booming, but he don't have the manpower to do that. He allow a company to develop touhou derivative games now for two main reason.

Firstly he want touhou to be available in smartphone so it is accessible to the shifting demographic (he mentioned that how many parents and their kid visit reitaisai now).

Secondly, it because mobage booming itself is kind of settling down now. ZUN himself said he is pretty reluctant to allow 3rd party (company) to develop touhou derivative smartphone games at first, but since the mobage booming is settling down now he want to give it a try. He also mentioned on how many people perceive mobage are shady in practice because it have some gambling element in it and he don't want the game to do that.

ZUN also mentioned his only concern on the game is once released that the team will only maintaining the system. He believe only maintaining the game without adding new content in the long run will make it stagnant.

And that is /jp/.

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>> No.20063696

Gets wife
Sells out

>> No.20063697

>no gambling
So it won't have gacha elements. Good. Now I just wonder how the game will play and who'll be in it. If it's just Reimu/Marisa and the SDM+friends then I'm gonna kill myself.

>> No.20063700

Thanks for summary. Hopefully people settled down with shitfliging.

>> No.20063705

Why is there Aniplex? I'm scared now guys.

>> No.20063707

Did he just name VAs for Reimu and Marisa?

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>> No.20063712

Voices? ZUN no!

>> No.20063716

bros......i cant believe touhou is dead for real this time........

>> No.20063720

Well then prepare the rope.

>> No.20063721

Voices huh.

>> No.20063722

yikes, touhou is fucking dead lmao

>> No.20063723

It's fucking over. Touhou is dead. Anime will be the next stop on this slippery slope.

>> No.20063724

They've shown Yuyuko and Kagerou so far.

>> No.20063727

Why is /a/ and /v/ here? shoo shoo

>> No.20063729

That seems unlikely, you should know how much /v/ loves overreacting to everything. I just hope they get tired at some point.

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>> No.20063734

I can't believe Touhou is fucking dead.

>> No.20063735

>mobege gachashit
fuck Z*N, i cant believe he actually did this

>> No.20063737

Given this is Aniplex published, yes. Anime will be the next stop.
Touhou is dead forever.

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I think its not gonna harm touhou and we all live fine. Game looks neat

>> No.20063741

>muh doujin spirit
touhou is literally on the same level as shitcolle and other gachatrash now. let that sink in..

>> No.20063744

Okay so I let the sink in. What do?

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>> No.20063748

That hurts. I'll just live in my main release bubble and pretend everything else is fake.

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who /a/ here

>> No.20063763

It's not gacha though.

>> No.20063767

It's not a fucking gacha game you dolts.

>> No.20063768

Still has more soul than those other "games" will ever have in their lifetime.

>> No.20063771

Aniplex is there. You know what that means

>> No.20063774

Gee fucking willikers its almost like /jp/ being /jp/ overreacted for absolutely no reason.

/v/ apparently cant read and/ or doesnt understand that this is still ultimately a derivative work. Its no different than the games ZUN gave his blessing too that were put on PSN through PlayDoujin.

>> No.20063776

Retard. this Not made by ZUN. Plus this is a mobage with no gambling elements.

>> No.20063779

Save yourself the effort of trying to talk some reason into them, all those doomposters are in full delusion mode right now.

>> No.20063781

Game looks cool. Now to wait for its release and see how it does. Maybe it'll breath new life into fanworks.

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ZUN be like "Why am i even here anyway? Oh well free beer"

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File: 148 KB, 850x638, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_kochiya_sanae_konpaku_youmu_and_konpaku_youmu_touhou_drawn_by_shirosato__sample-ec37e54f2c6b3d31b3b9a0898ad1a30c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. Its been a long time since touhou was relevant.

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>> No.20063792

There was never a loss of interest. This won't revive your EoSD doujin porn printer. Those """fans""" (not fans) moved on to FGO and Kancolle.

>> No.20063808

i can't believe touhou is dead for real this time

>> No.20063810

Touhou is truly reclining.

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good riddance

>> No.20063835

Why are they saying "gacha"
Don't spook me

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>> No.20063844

That's fine, we'll be better off after they all kill themselves out of the fandom.

>> No.20063847

>parents and their kid
How old would the kids be? I went along with my parent when I was 16 because we were traveling together, but I don't imagine kids 13 and under would want to be hanging around adult doujins.

>> No.20063859

Just announce an anime already and kill the franchise for good.

>> No.20063880 [DELETED] 

Cannonball site and Twitter should open at 1500 JUST.

>> No.20063889

Reimu in Smash when?

>> No.20063893 [DELETED] 

Cannonball site and Twitter should open at 1500 JST.

>> No.20063894

That's it? Not even a trailer? Did they even mention a release date?

>> No.20063905

Touhou s same as Shitcole and Fateshit now i

>> No.20063909

Trailer has shown, It will be released on 2019

>> No.20063918

If anything I guess a board game is one of the few genres that can work on mobile due to them having simple controls that translate well into a touchscreen. I might be willing to give it a try.

>> No.20063927

>ZUN will never allow games on consoles
>ZUN will never put his games on steam
>ZUN will never make a gacha game
-----------------------------(WE ARE HERE)
>ZUN will never sellout to sony
>ZUN will never kill touhou

>> No.20063928

While it's nice that ZUN is trying to encourage people to make valuable content on gacha filled platform I think he will have no luck here.

>> No.20063931

Who are you quoting?

>> No.20063932

How can he kill what's already dead?

>> No.20063941

Judging by the small article he never had any intention of becoming a hit on mobiles, he just wanted to put a game there.

>> No.20063945

I can smell the EoSDfag tears from here.

>> No.20063947

This isn’t gacha /v/

>> No.20063954

they literally just said gacha on stream

>> No.20063957

Even Touhou is changed.
Everything is changed.
I fucking hate this world.

>> No.20063962

1. He never said that
2. He literally said he was considering doing that long before he actually did
3. He's not making it and it isn't gacha

>> No.20063965


>> No.20063971

Yeah but his message in the article is pretty clear, say no to gacha gable, try to make good games.

>> No.20063975

ZUN never said that he would never allow games on Console.
He had literally said in the past that he will potentially put games on Steam several years ago.
This isnt Gacha.

How actually retarded can you get.

>> No.20063976

Because they said the word doesn't mean it's going to be a gacha game, /v/. Context matters.

>> No.20063980

You need to say the words gacha to say "this doesnt have gacha" anon.

>> No.20063984

I'm glad that he's still the same drunk man as always despite all the doomposting going on.

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File: 145 KB, 1874x212, moot(✝) memes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On moot memes

>> No.20063993

this isn't /a/

>> No.20064000

I saw multiple families with small children, the kids in cosplay. Very adorable. The 成人向け section is in the middle but the harder stuff you have to go right in the middle of the aisles it seemed, just looking around the worst they'll see is a boob and some pubes

>> No.20064001

OH shit. I remember someone years ago posted their laserdisk LOGH collection and scanned it for us.
To think I could be swinging around moots collection never ocurred to me.

>> No.20064075

Official site is up

>> No.20064098

it's gonna be 100% OJ x Touhou, isn't that the best outcome possible?

>> No.20064104

I understand the decision but ZUN lost all respect from me for all the earlier bullshit about "never making it commercial". I hope it succeeds though and kills diarrhea order.

>> No.20064113

Oh well, looks like the video is region blocked.

>> No.20064115

Can you stop falseflagging this hard? It's not funny anymore.

>> No.20064147

I think this is the same video

>> No.20064155

Wow, it's fucking nothing.

>> No.20064166

Actual gameplay if you missed it during the event. They do the lazy chibi thing instead of making complex models. I wish it wasn't 3d, it didn't need to be. They look like bootleg Nendos in-game.

>> No.20064178

Can't wait for unofficial, derivative, fan-made anime by A-1

>> No.20064184

I guess this could be neat from what little we've seen
hopefully there'll be translation mods or something and it won't be too hard for gaijins to get into

>> No.20064185

Seems so silly that now I'm fully convinced it's just another of those doujin games you can buy on consoles and whatnot, with the only difference being that this is on mobile instead. There's no point in worrying about it killing anything, fuck overreacting doomposters.

>> No.20064188

The OP picture even says doujin game.

>> No.20064264

Most of the doomposters here aren't even fans, they just came to shitpost on /jp/.

>> No.20064275

I suspect it's the same few group of people. They seem to do that shit whenever a new mobage gets introduced and then proceed to try stir up fanbase wars between various mobage.

>> No.20064298

Half of the posts here don't deserve any acknowledgement. Stop making uninformed posts on /jp/. Go do that back in your boards. We're all about serious business here.

>> No.20064327

Any word on who the voice actresses are supposed to be?

>> No.20064353

Misuse of greentext? Outsider memes? Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.20064379

Forgive me, I should have asked if VA's are actually going to be a thing. Reading the thread I could swear it was mentioned there would be at one point but rereading it I dont actually see evidence, and it doesnt seem like there are voices in the trailer.
Either way, if there are VA's I hope it turns out well, even if this is an unofficial game. Being ZUN endorsed still carries some weight.

>> No.20064395

Since when does /jp/ use the term "doompost"?

>> No.20064510

Reimu is voiced by Kitou Akari.
Can't make out who's Marisa's VA supposed to be.

>> No.20064560

Ok I found out. It's Iinuma Minami.

>> No.20064591

Thanks mate. Dont know voice actresses too well but hopefully they're good.

>> No.20064599

UDK and RU

>> No.20064618

how many times do we have to say “it’s unofficial” “it’s a fangame” and “it’s not gacha” for the /v/ retards to get it

>> No.20064650

All the time.

>> No.20064666

Nothing wrong with gacha.

>> No.20064692

Unofficial fangame by Aniplex with ZUN's involvement and endorsement

>> No.20064764

Are microtransaction a possibility in unofficial games at all? Has ZUN ever talked about it?

>> No.20064830

cant wait to play this with all of my bros on the big J..

>> No.20064978
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Reminder to get out of /jp/
Yes you.

>> No.20065312

im already out of jp since 2014
see ya laterz virgins

>> No.20065356

Because of Touhouvania, I forever unheard Rina Sato as Reimu, Aya Endou as Yukari, and Miyuki Sawashiro as Sakuya.

>> No.20065530

Just when I thought OJ was getting stale and bloated we get a fresh replacement that will be better. neato

>> No.20065635
File: 1.00 MB, 909x1232, img_chara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like to play notMarioParty with /jp/ it sounds fun

>> No.20065729
File: 536 KB, 1047x1500, 1516491902960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't wait

>> No.20065742

Is this just 100% orange juice with 2hus?

>> No.20065769
File: 1.39 MB, 1760x1388, b272ed46eaee4105344f19ad7efddf20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that you are not a primary fan if you don't buy at least one pack for every banner.

>> No.20065786
File: 1.06 MB, 2048x1152, IMG_20180918_231814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope its 100% 2hu

>> No.20065904

If it's not gacha, it won't be successful, really

>> No.20065910

I was looking forward to the real F/GO killer but instead we get some boring doujinshi boardgame that is just "ZUN approved".

>> No.20065925

I highly doubt 2hu could kill F/GO or even shiptrash even if it tried. We may get more content still, but that's because our fanbase is actually dedicated and has taste. If we're talking about pure numbers of fans I'm sure 2hu is far below them by now. You can't compete with normalfag bait.

>> No.20066525

It's exactly what /v/ likes to come here to do, I don't see why it shouldn't be used.

>> No.20066536

Touhou is kill.
It's over.

>> No.20066549

I don't know what this is but I get the distinct feeling a secondary made it.

>> No.20067515

Blame Alphes, ZUN's wife, Aki Eda and Moe in that order.

>> No.20067558

It took me literally 4 seconds of searching to discover what is, try harder next time

>> No.20067587

Where's Lyrica?

>> No.20067720

On my case I cannot unheard Reimu as Mai Nakahara due to Summer day dream

>> No.20067769

What made you think I wanted to know what it is?

>> No.20067876

Why is everyone in this thread so retarded did they just ignore the OP

>> No.20068456

Im lucky I didnt notice shitposting central yesterday during the stream

>> No.20069232

Touhou truly is dead. ZUN is being controlled by his wife. The wife wants more money and she is making ZUN sell out. This is a fact.

>> No.20069246

Touhou is safe.

>> No.20069980

This sets a shitty precedent though. How far is ZUN willing to go with this? Will he eventually allow company-backed anime as long as it's labeled "doujin" or "derivative"?

>> No.20070007

All he's doing is allowing a fangame to be on mobile, no different then how he has allowed them on console and Steam (both of which he never said he was against at any point). People are still acting like this some big deal when its really not.

>> No.20070080

Reimu is all wrong there. PC-98 Reimu is tier I-III, and is the M3 Lee to Windows Reimu's M4 Sherman, starting from the crappy yin-yang boomerang, to the Genji-mount, to a weaker version of the real deal. The last tiers are windows variations of Reimu, ending in LW Reimu with access to Fantasy Heaven.

>> No.20070095

This is a "fan game" developed by a large company though. Will he allow large companies to make anime as long as it's "doujin"?

>> No.20070180

Quatro A is the developer, not Aniplex. Aniplex is just the one publishing it, in the same vein as NISA publishing Touhou fangames.

>> No.20070195

Guess who owns Quatro A

>> No.20070197

Looks way too slow to be multiplayer. 2hu% OJ would have been an improvement.

>> No.20070222

Quatro A is a subsidiary of Aniplex. This is big-company backed.

>> No.20070267

I get it.

>> No.20070330

I thought about this thread when I saw Edward Snowden complaining about normies like Elon Musk co-opting anime for their own selfish desires

>> No.20070335


>> No.20070681

There really is no right way of looking at it especially since we dont know every single detail. What we know for sure is that its a derivative work with ZUN's approval/involvement/supervision, it wont have any gacha bullshit, and other doujin circle's will be able to contribute art and music too the game. As far as
>Will he allow large companies to make anime as long as it's "doujin"?
is concerned, my guess is no. All signs point to this being a very special case since this is something ZUN has had in mind for a long time (there is actually an old ass interview somewhere where ZUN talks about it) and so the idea that he might even allow an anime at some point is still stupid. He was never vocal about not making mobile games while he has been vocal about not wanting an anime.
Also when it comes too large companies getting involved doujin, I point you too shit like Kancolle and Grand Order that have blurred the line way more than Touhou ever has. In the end I still believe ZUN knows best for the series and im not going to lose my shit over this.

>> No.20071420

EOP retards need to learn Nips already.

>> No.20071428

Kancolle and Grand Order were never "doujin" at any point in their histories. Fate was, a long long time ago, but if Grand Order represents the future of Touhou (which I don't think it does) then all the doomsayers would in fact be correct to shout about how the sky was falling and Gensokyo destroyed forever.

>> No.20071444

Fate was never doujin. Tsukihime was doujin. Type moon was a company for Fate.

>> No.20071787

>He was never vocal about not making mobile games
In the Creators Talk interview he basically says that before he only envisioned a mobile game made solely by himself since he dislikes the mobile game industry, but because he doesn't want to become "conservative" and let his pickiness get in the way of derivative content he's letting this happen.
ISC's omake text also comes to mind.

>> No.20071835

i kinda wanna see Mario Party set in the Touhou universe now
with extra 500 Turns mode

>> No.20071878

Touhou Party would be excellent.
I can already envision some boards for it.

>> No.20071910

This is why im not worried. ZUN is well aware of the reputation the mobile game industry has and I have faith that none of the bullshit one would normally expect from mobile games will happen under his watch.

>> No.20071995

There's already a game like that.

>> No.20075857


>> No.20076512
File: 67 KB, 300x300, 1538541803868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So... it's just another doujin game then

>> No.20078058

2019 New smartphone mobile game Gameplay Trailer Touhou Project CBall

>> No.20078470

Me too.

>> No.20078480

Are there any touhou fangames involving scat

>> No.20078512

It doesn't seem so bad. Board games are cute.

>> No.20078542

We don't know anything about how it actually plays. I'm expecting the worst given what very little we've seen so far.

>> No.20078554

Looks cute.

>> No.20078566

>bunch of EoSD, PCB, and IN characters
>and then Kagerou is there
Wow I'm surprised they'd ever give anyone from DDC the time of day considering this being probably marketed towards secondaries.

>> No.20078626

Who are you quoting?

>> No.20078702

There's literally no other reason to include any of the shitters from PCB.

>> No.20078824

Yeah, its not like the game has any important reoccurring characters in it or anything like that.

>> No.20078830

Doubtful but there are probably Cookie fangames like that.

>> No.20079348

kagewoo is quarternary bait

>> No.20080032

I had forgotten how japs are shit at commenting stuff.

>> No.20081727

So every year in October, we're going to get some shit that causes a shitflinging storm somehow.
Good to know.
This time last year was the steamshit. Now we have mobage shit. What's next.

>> No.20081741

Eat dick dude.
You're fucking autistic with your shit taste and obvious bait.
Feel free to stop posting any time.
Now included.

>> No.20081747

New VAs means more mimicy shit.
Awesome. Now the characters and stuff will always have voices that I'll have to go in and remove in both file and code.
Fucking splended.

>> No.20081799

Take it easy dude. My point is that characters like Yukari are objectively important too the series and would be obvious too include for that reason. Cant really call it bait if its the truth. You're the one throwing an autistic rage for no reason. Relax.

>> No.20082527

>people perceive mobage are shady in practice because it have some gambling element in it
>some gambling element
In all the gacha games, isn't it straight up gambling for your waifu?

>> No.20082599

It won't be available outside Japan, who cares ?

>> No.20082830


>> No.20083622