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Hey /jp/ is anyone having trouble with google right now?

pic unrelated

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Yeah, every site "may be malware"

I don't see how this is /jp/ related though, could've posted it in /b/

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google is broked

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Yeah it's broken for everyone.

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Sorry, I hardly ever visit /b/

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>>Kill Google.

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/g/ is going nuts

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Mine works fine. What is the issue you all have?

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Attention asshats, google did not "break." Google got hacked.

I'd expect something like this from Microsoft. I'm switching to yahoo, and I think it would be in your best interest if you did the same thing.

Fucken n00bs.

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Have you ever clicked a link on Google and had it say "this site may be badware"? It's doing that with every site

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Oh you.

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probably russians.
seems that 99% of sites with .ru are blocked

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Because they're all run by the mafia.

Only site I've seen do this before is galbadia.

Probably just a glitch.

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You don't need google, just double click the Firefox logo on the upper left corner of your window, and use the Firefox's search.

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holy shit - thanks

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Hey! That didn't work at all!

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Nice try.

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Oh wow, I never knew about this.
Even when google comes back I won't need it, now.

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Nice to know it's not just happening to me.

sage for off-topic

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Wow, this search is exactly like google's.

You have to double click it.

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As expected

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It's working fine for me? Did it get fixed already?

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It IS google asshole
And fuck, /g/ has gone apeshit with this, EVERY single thread is about this

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Oh wait, now it is

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Not fixed for me

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I guess I'll go check it out.

>8 threads on the front page
Oh wow.

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Refresh or clear your cache

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Apparently the issue is "mostly" fixed, but some people are still having issues.

Works fine here.

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It has been fixed now though.

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It's not /g/. It's the /b/tards who are visiting /g/. They visit /g/ whenever they experience a minor problem with their PC.

That's one of the reasons why /g/ will never be a good board. It's a magnet for morons. Unlike them, we /jp/ers don't have to deal with that shit.

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>Unlike them, we /jp/ers don't have to deal with that shit.
wait what

Just like /g/ draws everyone who needs to know how to build/fix their computer, /jp/ draws everyone who has /trv/ questions related to Japan or who needs to know where to start learning Japanese.

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/g/ - Guro

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or who's asking how to install shit games.