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Marisa and Flan is the best couple, other jealous girls need not apply

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For some reason your picture arouses me.

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autist couple!

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Flan is Alice and Marisa's adopted daughter!

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You can't adopt someone older than you!

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this is a touhou spam thread; you can filter or hide this thread, see:


for a list of touhou characters to be filtered see:


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But why would I want to hide 2hus?

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Ignore him, he's a troll posting this in every thread for (You)s

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I prefer Flan and Flan.

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I prefer if you'd not intentionally bump dying threads.

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That's just masturbation, anon

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dumb stink

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I prefer Flan, Flan, Flan and Flan.
Flan best girl.

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Is it feets/kunny shitpost time again?

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koakunny feet

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Okay but why though?

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Koakuma kunny feet

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kunny feet

because kunny

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He's a discordfag
He's a brainless piece of human trash by default.

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Koakuma kunny

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Idolshits hate him!

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remi feet a smelliest

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Remi's feet do NOT stink.

Delete this or I'll have her rot your insides with her feet that haven't been washed in a thousand years.

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>in a thousand years.
Impossible, the Remimi isn't even that old!

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she is about 1500 years old. She hasn't gotten a pedicure or washed her feet since she was 500. Don't tell her her feet stink or she will make things unpleasant for you!

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She's 500 years old, anon

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but I thought the Flan was almost 500 years old? How is the Remi only a few years older?

(i will tell remi to wash her feet for the first time also!)

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Did you expect Remilia's sister to be born 1000 years after she was?

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But it would help explain why the flan smells so much better than the dumb remi.

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Their parent probably were too busy with work and stuff.

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Stupid fucking idiot.

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Posts like this make me want to take your head and grind it against the pavement until the back of your head is nothing more than a bloody stump.

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only unintelligent people find touhou feet disgusting.

True 2hu fans appreciate every inch of the 2hu.

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"How beautiful I no see"