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You may choose only one.

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Upper left looks like Kari Byron.

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I'll take the one not pictured ~daze.

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No, sir, I don't like it at all.

I don't like the personality they portray in these pictures, and half the charm of the Touhous lie in their clothing.

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I don't even know what the fuck those are supposed to be, but they sure have manfaces.

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Alternative clothing is fine too, once in a while.

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ZUN sells out to Hollywood, Jerry Bruckheimer directs Touhou movie with nanomachines and terrorists.

No thanks.

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But your OP picture is disgusting!

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Different tastes, bro. It's pretty well drawn.

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Well drawn, but disgusting at the same time.

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No, seriously, what the fuck is the OP? If it's touhou, I sure as shit don't recognize the characters. It looks like just some generic women unrelated to anything.

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It's well drawn, but it misses the point.

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See >>1990174.

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What >>1990178 said. It is well drawn but the faces are pig.

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I find this artist to be a refreshing change from the usual. You may not like it, of course.

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Remakes are great on principle, but when it becomes impossible to even recognize the characters without online hints, you've strayed too far from the source material.

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I wish to be the second rabbit from the right.

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I like the realistic style. It's surprisingly well done. AMERICAN TOUHOU.

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This one is good. Hard to fap to, but beautiful in its own right. Probably the only time Eirin has looked her age.

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In before "looking kind of pig disgusting there"

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>Probably the only time Eirin has looked her age.

Ten thousand?

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Yuyuko could use more pink in the hair. But otherwise their expressions present their characters pretty well. In fact I'm loving the look on Eirin. Wonder how it would look with their actual dresses on.

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Oh god, that's so delicious. ZUN should make that an official alternate.

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Doesn't look a day over 5000.

Yuyu? I thought it was the SDM bunch, sans Patch.

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I already posted those in the alternative art thread, POSER.

Still waiting to be archived, hum.

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But you didn't post the first one.

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That reminds me of DoA.

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I know why I like it so much, it reminds me of Rachel.

Pretty sure it's the mistresses of most of the main houses.

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But I didn't quote that one.

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Why were you complaining in the first place? Stuff gets reposted everyday. Dammit.

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Repost THIS

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>Yuyu? I thought it was the SDM bunch, sans Patch.

If this wasn't the touhou board, there would be no telling they're even touhou characters. All they have left is their hair colors. It further complicates things that it's a combination of characters that's rarely if ever seen together.

They should wear name tags or something.

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Notice the butterfly tattoo on Yuyuko's leg?

Blind motherfuckers

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The image wasn't exactly tailor made to draw your attention there.

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post of the day

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Team Tits is always together.

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When there's 3 of them, it's always either Eirin or Yuyuko who gets the shaft.

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>> If it's touhou, I sure as shit don't recognize the characters

Of course you don't. All touhous look completely generic without their silly hats.

Anyways, I like the OP pic; it's nice when Pixiv artists draw in a different style for a change.

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I take it that's Kanako on the right, then?

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Why are they so semetic in appearance?