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Chen is the best of them all.

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Get out

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Why yes she is

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The cutest

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more Chen is required

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Shut up you idiot

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Black cat of ill omen.

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U mad.

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A big breasted Chen is fine too.

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no, just no

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smoke weed
every day

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lets smoke weed with the miko

h e l l y e s

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420 every day

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i don't smoke weed

did not blaze up at all this morning

did not just roll up a dutch

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I didn't even know about 420 until I searched for it some years back. But then again, I can just smoke freely. 420 goddamn every time.

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Smoking is bad, bro

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needs her earing..

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Why you do this?

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I love you, Chen-thread. <3

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there are 4 bottles

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Chen is crouching in front of the fourth.

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No, here.

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Orin is the Tewi of Subterranean Animism.

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Chen is retarded, literally.
I mean, she's like over 200 yo and still acts like a toddler.

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Suika, Remilia, Flandre, Suwako, and just about every other loli in Touhou is much older than Chen, and only Suika has brains behind her retard act.

Hell, even most of the adults are retarded.

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She's a cat.

How smart are cats?
They might seem kinda intelligent to us, compared to other animals, but now that she's a youkai, we compare her to other youkai.

Which means he's dumb compared to other youkai, because she's only slightly smarter than a cat.

I suppose being able to talk makes her a bit higher than a cat, but cats can't count.

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Some youkai don't seem to learn beyond a certain point. They're the same at 10 as they are at, say, 495.

Remilia too, she's still quite childish, even though she meets and talks with people regularly.

Suwako, Cirno, etc.

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replace he's with she's.

fucking missing s's

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>fucking missing s's

What is the s missing?

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Chen is a cat.
She has either a total lack of attention span, or hyperfocus. Nothing in between.

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If we hold the previous statement to be true and repeating, she'd have 40 and a half tails, Chen.

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If I don't remember wrong, in the end she turned out to have "one"...

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Penis? Link to rest please.

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Source of this is
Hot Dog Chuck - Bowl of Mayohiga
pp. 11-18

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Tewi is the queen of the retarded development. She's supposed to be _older than Reisen_, yet acts like a particularly cheeky eight year old.

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Chen is love. <3

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She may act like a retard, but she's probably the smartest resident in Eientei. You don't get to be that old by being an idiot.

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I... I have a great, driving urge to see the conclusion of this.

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Which is more fun?
Acting like a multi-millenium old snooty bitch or a cheeky 8 year old?
I think she does it for the spankings.

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Tewi is just a rabbit that got so old it became a youkai. We don't know how long past the original lifespan she's been able to actually think.

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Someone needs to read their source material.

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Uh. Tewi is smart. That's how she manages to survive for so long. And she just enjoys pulling pranks and tricks.

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Bowl of Mayohiga was really awesome

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Here's another lesson in Touhou personalities:

"She has a very mischievous personality, but can be cowardly, and is shifty. She is extremely emotional, to the point that her personality is not unlike a fairy's."

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Tewi's personality btw, forgot to mention.

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Tewi is a good troll, since she always tell lies.

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In her article in PMiSS, it says she's one of the oldest youkai, over 1300 years old. I can't tell if that means her collective age from birth, or how long she's been a youkai. If the former, how much of that time has she spent the way she is now? Couldn't she just have been a magic rabbit for the first 1290 years?

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who wouldn't?

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>She may act like a retard, but she's probably the smartest resident in Eientei.

Eientei sucks anyway so no surprise here.

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Since when did Chen have an age on her?

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with an ass like that

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She doesn't always tell lies. That's just a fan thing. In fact, canonically Tewi is pretty much the most reliable person at Eintei other than Eirin.

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Best Tewi video I've ever found:


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Chen has to be at least 10 years old. Since that is the required age for a cat to become a youkai.

According to Japanese folklore, a cat (neko) that has lived for a long time can become a kind of youkai called a nekomata (猫叉). It was believed that after a cat reached ten years of age, its tail would slowly split into two tails, and, along the way, it would develop magic powers, primarily those of necromancy and shamanism. Nekomata also have an ability to shape shift into a human form and are generally hostile to humans.

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Hey Tewi, is the class of polynomial time solvable decision problems polynomial time equivalent to the class of nondeterministic polynomial time decision problems?

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Why is Chen like a child despite being very old in human terms?

The same reason elves don't count as an adult until they're about 120 years old, their extended life span includes an extended childhood\adolescence so when it's said they are eternally young it carries with it the connotation of being young in heart and mind as well due to the different scales of time.

Chen\elves will out live a human by far, so there's less of a pressing need to learn, grow up and reproduce than us short lived mortals.

Also consider that she's also learning to be a shikigami and to serve Ran or Yukari so she has other duties to fufill, like training in magic or whatever. Plus both Ran and Yukari are supposed to be super geniuses so chances are Chen's getting a very high level of education, she just happens to still be in her extended childhood.

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it is thought that she may be older than yukari
Why Suwako?

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Orin learned the secret art of necromancy just so that her friend wouldn't get fucked up.

Also her cuteness is a miracle of the universe.

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She can't choose.

>> No.1988858

Choose between snuggling in Ran's tails or her tits? Damn, that IS a tough choice.

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Before that, at around the age of 13 (or weighs 8 pounds), she becomes a bakeneko.
The bake-neko looks like an ordinary cat; however, a >bake-neko can walk on his two rear legs, talk and assume human form. It is said that when the bake-neko tail grows long enough its tail can fork in two, the bake-neko is then called a neko-mata or forked tail.

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>Before that, at around the age of 13
Hey retard. How the fuck does 13 come before 10?

>> No.1988886

Because sage. Read the facts before responding to short excerpts.

>> No.1988902


[] Magic
[] Eirin's shady new drug
[x] Yukari is fooling around again
[] It's a Moriya Shrine conspiracy

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templates like that are forbidden

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I thought that suwako acted pretty old.

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Chen is a young youkai, given enough time she'll mature but it wouldn't surprise me if it takes a while.

In the mean time it bares remembering that she's mature FOR A CAT. Hard to expect even after ten, twenty years of being a animal becoming a youkai she would suddenly be able to act like a human adult. Hell, it takes humans about that long with schooling so it shouldn't be surprising Chen can't be trusted to go down to the shops in the human village.

So yeah, she's on the same level as other young immature youkai. She relies more on her animal instincts and for a youkai it's not like she's thick, hell it must take some intelligence to use black magic, it's just she doesn't have the mindset of a human adult.

That said, I prefer to see Chen leaning more towards her canon personality with small hints of her fanon. Treating her like she's just the child of the Yakumo family seems to understate her monstrous youkai nature.

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not only is she a kitty mentally still, she's all a child age wise comparatively to the rest of her family. She's not really much older than Cirno.

>> No.1988962

Hi retards.

>It was believed that after a cat reached ten years of age, its tail would slowly split into two tails, and, along the way, it would develop magic powers, primarily those of necromancy and shamanism.

>at around the age of 13 (or weighs 8 pounds), she becomes a bakeneko.

So once again. Explain to me how 13 comes before 10. According to that other post after 10 years old she gets two tails anyways.

>> No.1988979

huh, oops, i thought it was 100 years for the new tail thing.

>> No.1989000

You mean the whole "grow another tail every 100 years" thing? Are we sure that applies to Chen?

>> No.1989008


His example is rather broad, Suwako is one of those characters that is mature in age, but lives her life out less seriously to a point she may seem immature, much like Suika. Both are very capable of following what others are getting up to, they just don't take it as seriously.

Remilia is capable of maturity and comes across very well educated, it's just she has a selfish nature that makes her seem immature, living a very privileged existence without much fear of resistance.

Then you have characters like Cirno, Rumia, Medicine and so on who actually are just immature for their various reasons. For some because they are fairly young by youkai standards, many like fairies just don't seem interested in acting human.

>> No.1989018


well, are a lot of versions of the real age to become nekomata, but wiki's version is 13 years, >>1988806 look like have a diferent version. so, here is no retards.
>/jp/ - Japan/General
oh, nevermind...

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it doesn't, kitties don't get 3+ tails. I thought though that it took 100 years for the tail to split.

>> No.1989027


Hard to say, she could be younger then Cirno seeing as Cirno is at least over 60 years old established by her being able to remember the previous flower incident during PoFV. We don't get any indication of Chen's age, just that she's a nekomata and that a nekomata is basically a cat old enough to become mystic.

>> No.1989029

No, I don't remember it being mentioned anywhere.
100 years = new tail is for Kitsune only.

>> No.1989037


One of the (Western. Read: TInkerbell) explanations of faeries not being very bright relates it to their size. The reasoning being that since they aren't very big, they can't contain more than one feeling at a time, and so get a bit single minded.

But Cirno is big as, what, a 10 yo girl? By that reasoning surely she's big enough to bypass that limitation?
Only she doesn't. She just holds a LOT more of the same.

>> No.1989040


As I understood it, it happens as soon as a cat becomes a nekomata (which seems to vary, but basically just old for a cat). Seems a bit silly to just say a cat of 10-13 years seeing as it's fairly common for some cats to live that long so I'd probably just say unusually old cats. Something like 20 years.

Though really, it's rather irrelevant. Point is Chen is a young youkai who may not even be a 100 years old yet.

>> No.1989053

Has there ever been a mature fairy in the ZUN world?

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>it doesn't, kitties don't get 3+ tails
Actually, they do.

There is also one kind of Nekomata that lived in Nabeshimahan (鍋島藩), which lived long enough to split its tail six times, resulting in seven tails. It is the most powerful nekomata in Japan.

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Chen train orgy?

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Reach out, touch madness.

>> No.1989488

Is that all /jp/?

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There is no better Touhou than Chen.

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unless you count the good ones.

>> No.1989568

you forgot to list the pc-98 ones 90% of them are better than chen

>> No.1989586

Anti-Chen mind
I hate you all

>> No.1989592

>Green hair

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You are in the wrong thread.

>> No.1989596

I don't follow you. Cirno looks like she always does in that image.

>> No.1989606

Don't confuse me bro, DON'T CONFUSE ME

>> No.1989613

What are you talking about? Cirno's got blue hair in that image.

>> No.1989628

You best be joking bro

>> No.1989629

I think you're looking at Daiyousei, bro~ Cirno has blue hair.

>> No.1989639

Looks like that, I got to stop jumping into conclusions so fast

>> No.1989660

I wanted to post them but couldn't find the picture of everyone in one image so I posted the next best thing that I could find.

>> No.1989676

But the only good one I see is Chen...

>> No.1989686

You must be going blind then.

>> No.1989705

this one?

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>> No.1989714

That's pretty poor, the average eyesight is about 30-30.

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Considering what I read in Bohemian Archive and PMiSS, Chen has the maturity of a child the age of her appearance, and to add to that her powers are so diminished by the fact that she is the shikigami of a shikigami that she has trouble making normal cats listen to her. Also, she has typical cat weaknesses to water and catnip.

Furthermore, it would be nice if we could stop trying to say "that's totally not how she would act considering her actual age" because the answer is always going to be "youkai moe"

>> No.1989718

yes(or >>1989647 )

>> No.1989724

Youkai are pretty stupid then, like athens

>> No.1989725

Uh, the lower the number the better the eyesight.

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uhh no.

>> No.1989738

What the hell is that thread?

>> No.1989742

Jesus fuck, are you fucking stupid?

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Yakumo Chen.
Because being a loli catgirl doesn't stop you from also being a level 99 Black Wizard.

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for a change of topic, what kind of youkai do you think Yukari is? I always picture her as a Lovecraftian being beyond time and space, and thus the gaps <3

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>> No.1989805

Where is chenslut.jpg?

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Fangs won't save you from being inferior to Rin.

>> No.1989814
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>what kind of youkai do you think Yukari is?
Gap youkai obviously.

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anyone ever see a cat IRL with an earring? Is is possible to do this? Would PETA ass rape me for this?

>> No.1989819

Does she have a gaping vagina too?

>> No.1989825



No one cares about PETA. There's already an organization called the ASPCA that does their job plenty well. PETA are just a bunch of crazy hippies who's pastime includes throwing animal blood on old ladies wearing fur.

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You got it all wrong. All cats arch their backs and lift their tails when excited or content. There's nothing sexual about it.

>> No.1989833

chen depreciation thred

>> No.1989844
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We need that damn image.

>> No.1989848
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Yea, I'm really only worried about the cat. Can I pierce my cat's ear or will it hurt the cat too much, or become infected, or will he try to rip it off, etc?

>> No.1989858

I believe you'll be doing your cat a world of service by not trying to pierce its ears.

>> No.1989861

haha holy shit, i was never expecting anyone to actually save that. i should make a better one at some point

>> No.1989865

It is very likely to get caught on something and rip out. Cats rub their heads against stuff, right? So the chance the earring will get caught on something is high. If it notices it, yes it will probably also worry at it. There are a lot of blood vessels in their ears too... so yeah I generally wouldn't recommend it. At all.

>> No.1989884
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A hole in an ear generally doesn't bother an adult cat, but I wouldn't risk it.


Considering the Yakumo panoply, the possibility of a puffy vulva is very small and the risk of a bottomless abyss of cosmic darkness and staring eyes very great.

>> No.1989885

Oh hell no, cat's ears are quite sensitive

>> No.1989888
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>> No.1989896
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ok. So can I take genetic samples from myself and my cat, and use them to genetically engineer a catgirl version of myself, then pierce her ears?

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Catgirls are supposed to make sense.

>> No.1989909


Yukari is some kind of a lovecraftian horror who just wears the guise of a human milf for lulz. I don't know what exactly she would look like in her normal state, but I assume a million eyeballs and thousands of fang-filled maws are the norm.

>> No.1989917

no, it seems you know shit about genetics

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Chen is boring though.

>> No.1989922

This artist is a genius

>> No.1989923
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>> No.1989924

oh god thats drawn by the same guy who drew the characters for the kyouran nikki loli-alien-catgirl show


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>> No.1989947

I knew I had seen that art style somewhere else, fuck

>> No.1989952

Kyoran Kazoku Nikki

>> No.1989956

It was pretty obvious with the extremely big eyes and deformed skulls

>> No.1989965

Oh god it's in color now!?

>> No.1989985
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Maybe I can learn to like her.

>> No.1989991

Do not want

>> No.1989994
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>> No.1990005
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fuck yeah

>> No.1990013

Lovecraft = Tentacles

>> No.1990014
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>> No.1990019
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flood detection is awesome.
so I'll stop now.

>> No.1990023

Why not a gif?

>> No.1990038
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>> No.1990044
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it's more awesome this way

>> No.1990050
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>> No.1990074

This needs more Chen

>> No.1990085
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>> No.1990109
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i dunno about that

>> No.1990114
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>> No.1990146
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You wouldn't

>> No.1990165
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Are they stretching?

>> No.1990191
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Trying to reach the image limit, eh?

>> No.1990205
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>> No.1990213
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>> No.1990238

That was enough of Chen

>> No.1990257
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>> No.1990300
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>> No.1990303

I guess no

>> No.1990310
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>> No.1990320
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>> No.1990330
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>> No.1990334
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>> No.1990345
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>> No.1990351

Auto sage, make another thread

>> No.1991281

Na~ na~, nananana~ na~ na~ na~ na Katamari Damacy~

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