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Previous thread: >>19819667

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Shut the fuck up, Azel, you garbage angel.

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She was such a worst girl, especially in contrast to every other angel/goddess in the games.

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Started this Kamige because I found it on an anime convention as Ps2 Version. The box is huge damn.

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i like the third one it reminds me of fairy tale syndrome

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Only the Kodaka written projects 2 & 4 are interesting to me. The other writers are shit.

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I don't play all-ages trash with bad art.

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Kodaka is probably the worst of the bunch, really gimmicky characters with mostly shit plots.

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Your opinion is wrong, sorry.

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ever17 is the only thing out of their collective output that I enjoyed and that is only because I was a juvenile
since i'm not longer a child I put away childish things

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This, I only play vns with loli cunny now. Fuck plotge.

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Combine it?

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>since i'm not longer a child I put away childish things
But this itself is a childish mentality. You're still just a kid who wants to feel grown up.

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I think he's joking, or he likes talking like a cartoon character.

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>cat unplugged my computer while Baldr Sky was saving
>lost all Baldr Sky system data

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Even your cat knows you have shit taste.

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I kinda hate the combo system in Baldr Sky. Whether most of those moves actually hit is dependent on the enemy lining up with where you are in the air, which is definitely not something that happens with any consistency. It's fine if you're sticking to a handful of safe moves that generally won't miss, knock the enemy away from you, or send you flying away from the enemy before your combo is over, but the unlock system discourages you from doing that.

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I think you're just bad.

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>another epeen idiot who feels the need to act as if nothing has any difficulty in hopes that he'll look cool

No, enemy elevation and positioning definitely changes based on enemy size, whether they're moving, relatively small changes in distance when a move is landed, whether there's objects nearby, etc., and the number of safe moves that will land consistently in spite of these variables is small compared to the number of actual moves that you'll find yourself using in order to unlock other moves.

I see a lot of people saying that the best way to play BS is just to use one combo throughout the whole thing, and I also see a lot of other people complaining about the unlock system, so it's not just me. I also do fine in survival mode with a safe combo. I consider all of this, along with my observations above, proof enough that I'm not just bad.

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Illear is the best. After her, it's just a vague recollection of moments here and there because it's been five years, the base game is long as fucking balls, and it's as insubstantial as cotton candy.

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tfw no gf with dick

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>game company run solely by hacks
I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

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>elevation, positioning, size, distance, obstacles
You can take care of all of that using cancels mid-combo, delaying your attacks, changing your move order, or adding in a gap closer or something like the wire. Enemies don't even have different weights like in other action games, usually the bigger they are the easier it is to hit them.
>the number of safe moves that will land consistently in spite of these variables is small compared to the number of actual moves that you'll find yourself using in order to unlock other moves.
Considering that constantly swapping in new moves means that you're also playing with slower, less powerful, higher heat versions of them, you should still be able to make a normal 5-9 hit combo by combining a few "safe" moves with another 3-4 that you actually want to use/level up, instead of maxing out your heat with 5 slow moves that have no chance of connecting with each other. Enemies already turn into ragdolls once you hit them, I don't see what your problem is unless you're wondering why you can't combo beamsword into the axe.

I've posted this webm before, it's a combo I was using from a random spot in Nanoha's route. Cancel the tackle to be able to connect with arm straight>boost upper, delay the wire so that it doesn't go over the enemy's head, and search dash in order to finish with the drill. You can use the same concept throughout the whole game. When working with low level moves obviously you won't be able to spam z four times and expect everything to hit. You can even grind to avoid all of this by leaving one enemy alive each battle and spamming your moves before you kill him(iirc there's a cap of 20 times per battle before it stops counting towards the next unlock), instead of trying to use "bad" moves in real combat. Nobody said that the game or the combo system has no difficulty, it's an action game, landing your attacks on the enemy IS the difficulty. I consider all of this, along with my observations above, proof enough that you're just bad.

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Just use smg, rpg and gatling if you can't be bothered with the combat. Spamming them works on any difficulty and requires 0 skill.

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Harems are usually not harems. Almost all "harem" games are actually just several girls competing for the heart of the MC — not even a love triangle.

Actual harems in which the MC loves all the girls? I can’t think of even one outside web novels and fapge.

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Is it possible to go out with more than one girl in ergoges?
I'm thinking about lovely x cation 1 and 2, i'd like to try it if possible, and if it is not recommend me some (vn) where it is.

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As someone that hasn't played it yet I thank you for the hot tip

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That's probably my biggest issue with the game. 50% of the skills are completely useless. 40% are useless until you leveled them, but how the heck would you know? The last 10% do everything you'd want anyway.
Combine this with how the game saves all data in your actual save-file and not in system data, you have to actually repeat whole routes for the different endings, instead of using saves, if you want to keep the progress actually saved. Likewise, if you ever wanna grind weapon uses or whatever, you have to do the same: whole routes. And skipping really doesn't work very well in Baldr Sky Dive either. I at least found it hella annoying.

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Yea, on the later routes I decided to try and unlock everything in the hopes that I'd find something better, but ended up just being disappointed.

The problem with skipping was that the game didn't properly check sections that had already been read. If you decided to pick a different, albeit meaningless choice, it could mean that the rest of the chapter you had already read could no longer be auto-skipped (unless you changed the unread skip setting). The worst offender was reminiscence mode where you were basically forced to re-read the most boring part of the game again in case there was any new dialogue.

>> No.19869200

I meant more how it would skip till the next "3d" section, because it could only fast forward those. So you had to hit "skip" a billion times and wait quite a bit. Don't think it had any "auto skip read text" function either, but I could be wrong.

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Grisaia no Rakuen had an actual harem.

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>When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
dat nigga be referencing da bibelz mistah

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It's the way he said it anon, I'd probably laugh if somebody actually said that in real life.
It's shit you'd see some posh dude in a kids cartoon say, not a real adult.

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I know this was brought up in the literally the last thread, but whenever I try to load Baldr Sky Dive 2 with any version of the AlphaROM crack software I can find, it spits out the "[1503] GAMEDISC2を入れてください" message. I've even mounted the ISO and updated the game to no avail. How the hell do I fix this?

>> No.19870932

You cracked reg.exe?

>> No.19871013

Yeah, I ran it on both the main executable and on reg.exe. Before you ask, I also checked the third box (the one for non-Siglus or RealLive games).

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I'm playing Force right now and it's the same shit. The two FLAK routes have literal copy paste text all over the place that's unskippable because it's technically the same chapter. Then for the next two routes, it isn't really a problem, then it comes right back up again in Bachelor's route. If I have to read even a single line more of FLAK shenanigans or Tsukina preaching I'm going to hurl.

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Where can I get a girl like her? For a nukige, this is pretty good. I still think the MC has a unhealthy obsession with the main girl though.

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she makes my penis feel good.

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Imagine if you had no penis.

>> No.19871765

imagine if she stole your penis

>> No.19871786

So, waking up one day as an immortal vampire maid for your vampire mistress, you have to clean (with your tongue) every day while touching yourself? Okay.

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File: 95 KB, 1280x720, 異世界風俗始めました!~転生したらハーレム性活が待ってました~_2018-09-12_12-22-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here played this? https://vndb.org/v21708

It has been causing me a lot of problems. First, I get a blue screen half the times I try to start the damn thing, and the other major problem is pic related: no HCGs show up. I've tried installing it on my main hard drive and my SSD, nothing solves the issue.

I also have some issues with save files disappearing but that's minor compared to the blue screen and missing CGs.

>> No.19871871

Grabbed it for a few quick wanks last year and had no problems. Considering I'm on win10 it's probably not an OS issue. Can't really help you out, sorry.

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Has anybody played Usodere? It wouldn't install until I put the install exe in compatibility mode for windows 7(I'm running windows 10), and after I got it installed it just gives me this error screen if I try to run the actual game

>> No.19872868

Anyone here has this? https://vndb.org/v1029

>> No.19873380

Reestore all exes to their original form and then try.

0000D0FA: A3 > B8
000863C2: 6E > F1
000B85FA: DF 7F 31 > 40 12 10

>> No.19873389

Sweetie, read the error screen and you'll know what to look up.

>> No.19873404

His texthooker doesn't work on the error message.

>> No.19874077

It'd be very ironic if he hadn't referenced ever17 before, but ever17 is proceeded by Remember11... which opens with that bible quote

so basically either gj on the cryptic reference or nice self-own, we will never know

>> No.19874634

Dumb EOP.

>> No.19876070

How are the other bishoujo mangekyou games? Art looks like my dick would enjoy them, but haven't got around to play them yet.

>> No.19876469

2-4 are more plot heavy than 1.

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Only played biman1. The art was its forte, the rest was... normal. It still had a few noticeable scenes, like the sex while driving.

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I hate lolis.

>> No.19877123

Clicking the button doesn't do anything and I can't find the file on the 脳内彼女’s website. I probably should have mentioned that

>> No.19877162

The character setting and the art are nice, though its personal taste but the dialogues in the h-scenes are bad (its just abuse of saying おちんぽ or おまんこ). Anyhow biman1 was better than I expected especially at the end.

>> No.19877165

Give up.

Some games are not compatible with non-Japanese Windows.

>> No.19877229

Once again, read the text and then you'll know what to look up.

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>Big GG
That's a nice nickname 4 u.

>> No.19877268

I thought this was about sports, why does it look like she's shooting a kamehameha at the other dude?

>> No.19877280

Have you never watched Evangelion? That's clearly a A.T. field.

>> No.19877281

Sci-fi heelys with anti gravity shields, if you try to touch someone while flying they'll produce a shield to protect you from a collision.
Apparently you get points for touching someones back during a match and touching a flying traffic cone.

>> No.19877284

Japan doesn't like to stay on the ground. Murder Mysteries turning into chuuni lasersword shit. Politic stuff with "normal military" turning into Gundam with "chosen ones". Seems like that shit is required, so I'm usually happy if it's fairly in the background.

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It seems rather plausible.

>> No.19878570

I really wish they got a better artist for this.

>> No.19878821

i don't think fox nipples are kosher anon

>> No.19878914

Fuck, why is the upscaling in Kiminozo Latest Edition so fucking terrible. I have having to change my screen resolution every time I want to play it.

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Look, a naked PIG with a stiff horn!

>> No.19879813

Anyone knows where to find Tsuyokiss?

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I don't think I've really touched these settings. But I have this version for so many years already, I dunno.

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two, the moege virgin and the scenarioge chad

>> No.19882552

those who understand binary and those who don't

>> No.19882558

I just flashed back to middle school science class, fuck you.

>> No.19882854

Here's another flashback for you: there are in fact over nine thousand types.

>> No.19882967

We still need hybrid classes. Like a moege degenerate. Or the scenarioge virgin. Or the moenigger degenerate.

>> No.19883133

1. moogy
2. me

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>looks like a 17 year old
>talks like a 12 year old
I hate this trope

>> No.19884671

I hope so.

>> No.19884976 [DELETED] 

I tried this game some time ago, too bad it wasn't as good as the anime.
I litarally got a women on whom a penis grow out raped by tentacles as an intro scene.
What the hell?
Don't they know that you're supposed to put the viewer in a good mood as an intro? Not make him wanna throw up?

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People in my server are going crazy about ChronoBox and how awesome is it. How is it actually?

>> No.19885452

And rakuen is rather boring.

>> No.19885564

What rakuen are you talking about?

>> No.19885619

The eroge called Rakuen, you know you can look it up by searching "Rakuen" as the title for an eroge.

>> No.19886294

Man, Kawashima Rino is so old.

>> No.19887802

looks retarded

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I can't help but be bothered by the fact that no one ever seems to notice or mention her bloody rabbit ears, no one else has them.... The settings is just modern day Japan with some kids that got powers from emotional trauma.... Doesn't even cover them with a hat when she sneaks into a conference or when walking out on the street (the "witches" get lynched a lot).......

>> No.19888284

>rabbit ears
It's her hair.

>> No.19888319
File: 429 KB, 1920x1080, EARS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She must use a shit load of hair gel then i guess....

>> No.19888583

Anon, never question heroine hair styles. Even a girl who can't take a piss by herself will have the most beautiful hairstyle that'd take an hour to get right every morning. It's magic.

>> No.19889271

How old does she look like she is then?

>> No.19893871

Is there any way I can work to help/get something translated without knowing moon? Am I just fucked?

>> No.19894613

Having a lot of money does wonders.

>> No.19894700

Stop shitposting.

>> No.19895362

Air. The Itaru art and limited assets are what keep it from being one of the best.

>> No.19897467

Is there any place you can torrent those?

>> No.19898597

Sorechiru, better art and not making all the second halves of the heroine routes a copypaste would make it a masterpiece.

>> No.19898620

Imagine Fate/stay night with production values like Mahoyo. That'd be the shit.

>> No.19898875

Nanami's of course.

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You could break all the characters down to nothing but tropes if you want to be reductive like that.

>> No.19899142

Yeah, but she's by far the worst offender, there's nothing to her beyond imouto.

>> No.19899148

There's nothing to any girl in yuzusoft games other than being otaku bait.

>> No.19899200

It's bad, not wrong. By far not all moege have this happen for their characters. And it didn't need to happen here either. Early on it's said, she likes otaku things. You could've easily put that into the route. Or somewhere. But it's forgotten and ignored.
If you take away what the character defines, you should give something new. Else it just ends up boring and uninteresting. If you don't mind shallow characters, that may be okay for you, but that doesn't make it good. Doubly so, if it was so damn unnecessary like with her.

But, for what it's worth, this even happens with really big franchises out there. Lightning also lost her character by "development" in ff13, after which she was nothing end the game ended in a weirdly unexciting way with her more or less stopping to exist.

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File: 106 KB, 1024x768, higurashi old sprite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

still better than the old one.

>> No.19899328

>muh art
Are you kidding? It's pretty obvious the drawing was amateurish for the old sprites, even the fingers aren't drawn correctly.

>> No.19899343

It's part of the charm. Wabisabi, mate. Come back when you've mentally matured a bit, then we can have a nice chat.

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File: 915 KB, 1024x576, joy....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this game? It starts with an innocent story about helping people with their love lives and ends with psychotic imoutos beating up the MC with a metal bat and then having a threesome with him and her sister.

>> No.19900093

You can literally just compare the example screenshots, are you dumb?

>> No.19902857

She was Squall. Then she was nothing.

I don't like them unconditionally. But I played her route, while skipping two others. So it's not like I didn't care about her.

>> No.19903548
File: 1.68 MB, 1371x1062, 1509685934218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to slap that butt.

>> No.19905040

Is there anything that looks to be worth reading in the next batch of releases?

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Is it weird that it's been months since i've played White Album 2 but when I think about it occasionally I still start to tear up

>> No.19906175
File: 2.09 MB, 1282x747, white album.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently playing the one just so i can play the two. I know that they're not related (i've seen both anime) but i couldn't allow myself to play the 2 straight.
I just hope the vocabulary used in the two isn't too much complicated. The 1's vocabulary is very easy, but i've read that the vocabulary the 2 uses is rather complicated.

>> No.19906382

Is it?

>> No.19908186
File: 1007 KB, 1076x1434, [2018年05月09日] 紬さん [ふぇありぃあい].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seeing the memories of ツムギ's lover was pretty great. I didn't expect that.
The butterflies are pretty. I enjoyed the themes around sleeping.

Couldn't see 藍's トンボ玉, both of her arms were under the blanket. Was it too difficult to draw a CG showing it?
Sprite supposedly crying but no tears on the face. Inari supposedly being angy and shooting at the 七影蝶 but his sprite shows him smiling - no angry sprite.
Speaking of sprites 蒼's sprite feels pretty out of place, and some of her CGs also are. I wonder if it's the same artist who worked on her route... the one where she reunites with her twin at the hospital is pretty bad, it's like seeing one of these very old 2000s art over a booru site when you start reaching the last pages, except fucked up.

Ending was nice. I generally enjoyed the scenes taking place at the forest. Unless I'm dumb I don't think what happened in the forest when they were kids was explained very clearly though... will it ever be or...?

With that said I can't say I loved that route. It had a lot of funny scenes for sure, but not much happened in the end. They spent their days at the 駄菓子屋 either messing around or sleeping, then at night chasing 七影蝶, and that's pretty much it... so where I'm going is that, the strong tie they tried to convey through emotional scenes just didn't do it very much to me.
I also expected her sister to get involved somehow, but nothing.
I didn't expect much of this route but in the end I think it still didn't even match said low expectations. I feel like I'm getting increasly harsh with that VN and I'm not sure if it lies in the VN's fault or if it's my mental state and mood who are ruining it for me...
I really thought Inari would play a bigger part in all of this, too.

>> No.19908263

How do I stop fapping to loli cunny

>> No.19908756

>true route
is this a harem?

>> No.19908803
File: 459 KB, 1500x500, twitter_header4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normal, everyone i know that has finished it does the same.

I still haven't read it even though I got the
Extended edition recently...... Hear its a really long read and I would from the sounds of it, require a couple days after finishing it to recover emotionally.

>> No.19908837
File: 51 KB, 626x331, 1537255255540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19908951

Not him, but when I'm playing a fetish eroge I just skip most H-scenes.
I'm playing the game for the niche fetish, not for the mind-numbingly boring vanilla sex.

>> No.19908965

People make the same argument for Umineko, but a horror story just doesn't work with clean and proper anime art.
It's supposed to be unsettling and leave space to your mind to fill in the gaps, modern character art and even shoehorned CG pictures completely ruin the mood of the work in my opinion.

>> No.19908975

I would edit every NTR game to make sure that at least two tiers of appearance changes are included in the main route.
Too many times I've wasted my time on games where, by the end of it, the heroine was exactly the same as before, but with maybe an additional cock or two inside of her.

>> No.19909020

>but a horror story just doesn't work with clean and proper anime art.
have you read Iwaihime?

>> No.19909056

I don't know if this is bait

>> No.19909061

who is he?

>> No.19909062

True, the contract can be appealing at times.
But WTC hasn't played for that either.
Everything is clean and colorful, everything is cute.
Even scenes that used to be bloody were turned into impeccable background pictures but with a red filter on.

The originals worked more like books. A blood splatter effect here and there, pallette changes, unsettling shapes that forced you to fill in the blanks, but those were all support to the story.
The new art tries too hard to be the main dish, when it wasn't supposed to ever be anything more than a tool.

>> No.19909075


>> No.19910882

>Seeing the memories of ツムギ's lover was pretty great. I didn't expect that.
I played Ao's route before Tsumugi so I never realized that. Was it the guy who jumped off a cliff?

>I also really missed the Umi you originally met, who'd speak properly and all...
She was my favorite part of the game when I started and I was fucking pissed off that they ruined her character later on and turned her into a plot device for feels.

>> No.19910904

It's probably the only game that portrays telepathy well, the whole
>a person can only think one line/thought at the same time
is so retarded.

>> No.19914001

Those eyes still creep me the fuck out

>> No.19914312

I want to play Tsukihime in Japanese but I guess it doesn't install on modern Windows. Can I just download a pre-installed English version and swap the script file, and if yes, could someone please upload the Japanese script file?

>> No.19914822

hot pockets is overrated trash

>> No.19914899

never, i'm so tired of waiting for both this and dogura q. isn't blasterhead dead?

>> No.19914958

the surprises don't seem as big then, i remember skipping routes and not being shocked during the fire when it's revealed that the teacher ends up being the girl's sister when i played the side route after the true end.
You miss build up

>> No.19914989

That's, quite literally, the single plot relevant stuff that happens in any side route, and it's not even in an actual route.

>> No.19916976

They're my favorite studio right now, yes.
Too bad the quality of their art is so inconsistent.
Their last game was kind of stupid too, starting with the heroine already corrupted and then doing a "3 months before..." thing.

Completely spoiled the whole experience.

>> No.19917108

I think that was my first one too.
Kimi no Omoi was pretty good too, but the best one I've played wasn't even theirs.
It's [POISON] とある家族の寝取られ模様 -家族哀-

The whole thing is like 6-8 hours long if you want to take your time.
Not super short, giving time for the corruption to happen, but not excessively long either.
The heroine changes not once, but THREE times, with speech patterns changing to match. It's the only game I've played that actually acknowledges it as a thing and gives the heroine a gradual progression for her changing Japanese.

The only issue I have with it is that it's one of those ones with routes to unlock.
So before you get to the best one you have to play the boring Husband-only POV route, then the Villain POV, and only FINALLY then do you unlock the full Heroine POV route that actually finishes the changes.

Still, it's a small price to pay for the reward.
Only other complaint I might have is that I don't particularly like the artist, but I don't hate them either so eh.

>> No.19918760

Any idea who voices Satoko in Subahibi HD? She's not credited.

>> No.19919272


>> No.19923415
File: 251 KB, 1440x810, rj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>another imouto voiced by kusuhara yui
Just fucking kill me, why does this trashy one dimensional seiyuu have to ruin yuzusoft titles now? I've hated this cunt's voice ever since ginharu and she has the exact same voice here too.

>> No.19923653
File: 3.90 MB, 1920x1080, 神咒神威神楽 (364).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, this bit was surprising emotional and hype at the same time. I liked Nakanoin's arrogant noble shtick earlier in the game but when he awakens as Hajun's hunting dog his character just kept getting better. Reizen gets the best boy title for KKK. I'm near the end so I'm going to take a break a bit from reading and get something to eat, hopefully I'll be done tonight.

>> No.19923829
File: 30 KB, 259x368, 終ノ空.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone who played this?
Is it worth a read if I liked Subahibi?

>> No.19924360

Just watch the anime.

>> No.19924596
File: 1.43 MB, 480x270, 1370112677989.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> trashy one dimensional seiyuu

>> No.19924622

>one dimensional

>> No.19925068

Eroge heroines are always slutty.

>> No.19925143

Couldn't tell from the pixel dick, but I'm pretty sure she only does it raw.

>> No.19925336

>Pray to foreign god for an easy win
>Proceed to defile the place meant to worship said god with 69 and actual intercourse
Absolutely heretic.

>> No.19926806

no, brothers and sisters generally fuck in eroge.

>> No.19928927

/jp/ is a christian sfw board my dude

>> No.19929536

It is kind of weird though, you don’t ever see ero scenes set in graveyards or shrines because certain places command respect.

>> No.19929570

Is Albatross Log good? How hard is it?

Really getting tired of same school settings and stuff

>> No.19929922

source for image anon?

>> No.19929962

shame, the art looked nice.

>> No.19930287

this one isn't worth bothering either tbqh

>> No.19930349

More than the other one. It has at least one good playthrough you can do. If you like your options however, it's bad as the whole common route is part of that route as well. Until one minute before the branch. Still, the main route is pretty nice, as you essentially have next to no real common route. A little bit like Noratoto 1.

>> No.19930416


>> No.19930734

GSS cameo? What's the game?

>> No.19931224

rance has graveyard ero

>> No.19931234

Right,but you don’t fuck in the inner sanctum or whatever where the go shintai is. If the girls a god then obviously she can say yes to fugg. Shinto shrines and such have various levels of holiness,whereas a western church is equally holy throughout.

>> No.19931265

Do you think she is good or better? Her boobs look tighter.
Mushigurui hen.

>> No.19931273

I've read less than 10 vns and two had action in there

>> No.19931306

Which game? Still a fantasy world,it’s not like some guy is piledriving a girl by her grandfathers grave in the middle of Tokyo.
I mean it depends on whether the girl is supposed to be Christian or she is just an orphan raised by the church or the church just happens to be in the neighborhood. It just bugs in eroges like kango shichauzo 2 where nuns are following priests around and openly begging to bang,it’s like they can’t do the bare minimum of research. Like japan feels comfortable warping history and mythology,but they never involve someone like Akihito in stories or fiction.

>> No.19931319

Which two? What was the go-shintai?

>> No.19931539


>> No.19932851



>> No.19932851,1 [INTERNAL] 

Guys where can I download the Baldr Sky Zero 2?
I really want to play this game but I can't find any sources.

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