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Ara~ Ara~

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That was fucking stupid.

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you look familiar, where have I seen you before

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If Eirin is a nurse, then would that make Reisen and Tewi nurse's aides?

Go change the bedpan.

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... what?

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Go home, Mutsumi.

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now i'm definately sure Akamatsu and Zun are drinking buddies

Mutsumi = Erin
Yue = Patchouli

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Ara~ Ara~

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I don't see Eirin as the Ara Ara type.

That's for the more witty characters, like Yukari.

Eirin's more of a "*Sigh* Alright then"-type.

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what? Akamatsu is a Patch fanboy, Mutsumi and Erin are nothing alike at all except the shoulder-braid thing. That's all there is.

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Erin is Sakuya from the future

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Ara~ Ara~

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Come to think of it canon Eirin doesn't have a lot of personality other than "lol animal testing lol".

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SSiB does expand on her a bit more as a "Just as planned" character some what.

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How can someone so ancient still look so fine?

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I wonder. Maybe being a lunarian and having several thousands years worth of experience in medical science helps?

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She's bound to have had surgery on her self. I at least bet her boobs are as real as Sakuya's.

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>her boobs are as real as Sakuya's

Well, they are both about the same age

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Pick and choose your favourite theory, pretty much.

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You bastard.

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Is there any proof? I personally think Eirin is one of the oldest, even older then Yukari maybe. Inb4 Yukari created universe bullshit.

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Hell, I think Tewi is older than Yukari.

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If you exclude the goddesses, who may as well be ageless anyway, Eirin is probably the oldest known character. She was there during the founding of the Lunar Capital and that happened ages ago.

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Eirin's exact birthdate has never been stated, but the goddess she is based on is older than Tsukiyomi himself. Tsukiyomi exists in touhou canon and Eirin is supposedly a founder of the lunar capital, so she is likely to be around the same age as the character she is based on.

Somewhere around 3000 years old.


100% real.

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>Somewhere around 3000 years old.
But Maullar said she was 1200 years old, so yeah.

Maullar = canon.

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It's said she went to the moon WITH Lord Tsukuyomi, not that she's older than him.

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Say what you will about ZUN and powerlevels and such, but at least he doesn't go ridiculous with ages.

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By mostly not stating them at all?

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Again, there's no way to be sure.

Omoikane (whom Eirin is based on) is known for certain to be older than Tsukiyomi. In the myth, Omoikane is a primal goddess and Tsukiyomi is a younger, earthbound (moonbound) god.
Eirin on her hand is only known to have worked with/for him during the founding. Touhou's version of Tsukiyomi seems to be more of a sorcerer than an outright god.


I'm sure the power of science can cure lost virginity.

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Why is Omoikane a brain with tentacles in Persona?

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The characters he generally states as being "ancient" still usually don't pass the 2000 years old mark.

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This is awesome.
now someone make a keitarou kourin.

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Same reason Scathach wears the Zorro hat.

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She is not even a real doctor.

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Looking kinda Yakui there, Eirin.

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I'd imagine that when you have an ability to miraculously make any kind of medicine, you're eventually going to give something that worked for one person to the wrong person and be unable to figure-out why it doesn't work.

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A lot of fanon interpretations of Eirin are pretty much dr. Mengele as a woman from space.
The main difference being Eirin actually makes stuff that works.

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ara ara

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Don't forget the dusts and such!