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>/jp/ - Japan/General

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yes, we get it, we're weeaboos

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You seem to be on fire, good sir. It's very unbecoming of a nice young man like yourself. Might I suggest rolling on the ground?

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Yet, we can't stand weeaboos.

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Well, at least we hate real life Japan and actual Japanese people. That's has to say something.

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Not really actually, people misuse the word a lot.

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/jp/ is tsundere for itself, it is a fact.

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There are some undeniable truths you will soon have to confront, my friend.

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That pretty much accounts for everyone on 4chan, though. At least the ones that aren't new and nobody cares about them.

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Judging from OP's pic, I'm guessing he's a meme-spouting faggot. I don't know which is worse.

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So you're weeaboo or cancer is what you're saying?

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I would post my /jp/ - Penguins/General screencap, but it's on another computer.

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/jp/ - Maria Ozawa/Porn

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