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Remilia thread

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I love Remilia.
I wish to marry her.

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is this more suitable?

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wow, her head is huuuuge

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Not really. MoP is shit.

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How about this?

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post remilia1

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Remilia dead

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Why do you hate cute little Remirya so much?

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I wish I was Sakooya

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Is this a resolution for ants?

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remininini is tiny and cute

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Remimi is destined for BIG things!

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dame desu

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Remi a shit

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I would mating press the Remimiry, flood her small cunny with my hot sticky semen!

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Sakuya would cut you up into a billion pieces before you could even get the chance to pull your pants down, stupid loser.

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What if Remi wanted to have sex?
Even if she's a vampire she's still a girl, so she'd love to get mating pressed and have her insides filled with semen.

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I'm sick of seeing these fucking gross posts in every damn thread i come across.
Take your trash somewhere else, asshole.

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I want to fill remilia's tiny mouth with hot sticky semen until she passes out from suffocation!

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I want to take my gross, trashy NEET seed and dump it inside of Remiry!

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stupid useless vampire, go die in the fucking sun's crown.

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What's gross about a cute girl making love with a man?

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Get triggered, tranny.

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I will force remi's nose into my smelly crotch

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Disgusting human trash don't you dare touch the remi.

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I want to touch her cervix with my glans!

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I want to fuck her pure and tiny pussy with my disgusting veiny adult cock! I want to cum inside her several times before pulling out, and then receive a cleanup blowjob and cum all over her pretty face!

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my sword shall render your virginity asunder!

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SHUT the fuck up Sakuya I'm going to raspberry remi's tummy

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I don't think "raspberry" can be used as a verb, anon.

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SHUT the fuck up Sakuya I'm going to blow a raspberry on remi's tummy

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I want to brush Remi's teeth!

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God, I want to put my tongue deep in there so badly.

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Cute Remis, dudes.

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Fucking rude Remi.

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Remi needs a really hard spanking.

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Where the fuck is the nato

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oh my, looks like it'll be the rough kind of mating press tonight for that little rude vampire

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remi is a good girl, trying to help someone go to gensokyo

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If you're talking about natto, it's fermented basedbeans, a very specific, or quirky, Japanese dish.

Ah, Mistress is so kind!

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No you fucking dummy, I was obviously talking about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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Why is this even a thing

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NATO's busy preparing a false flag operation against Syria. Please leave your questions with the receptionist, they'll pick them up in their spare time.

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Remi, how the fuck do you and the scarlet mansion know about these exterior world things?

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The less you know, the sounder is your sleep~.

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I'll sleep soundly only if i'm spooning remilia.

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The Remimiry!

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I don't like this one bit

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Why not?

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who made this?

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What's wrong?

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Is she peeing herself or is being touched by a man getting her really aroused?

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I did. Why do you ask?

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She's peeing from her extremely erect clitoris.

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I was just wondering why there's a picture of Chabelo in the background.

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What happens if the Remi bites me?

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I want to roughly mating press the Mistress

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We all know by now that Flan loves her big sis. But does Remi love Flan?

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That anon a shit.

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Say that to the footfags and your complaint will be valid

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Were Remi threads always this lewd?
Now it's "I wanna cum inside of Remilia!"

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i love the remi

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That's because cumming inside Remilia would feel extremely good, and anon wants everyone to know it.

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vampires cannot be impregnated

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Not with that attitude.
And even if they can't, that's good because you'd never need protection.

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All the eggs die and the remi can't produce more.

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Disgusting and disrespectful picture.

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Every pic with the remi in it is good

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You know why.

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Even this one?
/jp/ threw a fit.

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what is wrong with it? All I see is the remi!

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I cropped the image.
Rev search through warosu if possible.

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All is right in the world.

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Who are you replying to?
Why is Remimi crying!

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The post was deleted because it showed the remi in a demeaning way. She is sad!

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Me as Sakuya, drooling

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Yeah, /jp/ has always been lewd city.

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You salivate before vomiting.

Shit man. Reimu is gonna feel that for weeks on end. I almost feel bad for Hakurei.

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She doesn't deserve any better.

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>3d girls

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That's a tranny.

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Remi might be cold, but how soft is she?

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her feet are the softest

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I said Remimi.
Not feet you wit.

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Not much at all, given her petite figure.

That would be quite nice, however.

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I want to worship that loli body.

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So Remilia is basically just Japanese Mr.Burns in loli vampire form?

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I am going to make Sakuya watch.

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How is it possible to make such a shit post.
Remilia Scarlet is a loli. The scarlet in your image is nothing more than an inanimate harlot. A harlot that isn't even equal to the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

>> No.19859655

>asks how to make a shitpost
>then shitposts about shitposting

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who are you quoting?

>> No.19859844

i thought you had more fight in you

>> No.19859916

Something something degrading the mistress.

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isnt this based on that one black family from a few years ago who died this way?

>> No.19861274

Which one.
Anon or Anon. Either way, you made not one, but two shit posts.
Who are you quoting? Kindly leave and take your harlot with you.

>> No.19861277

Don't know, don't ask.

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why are you assuming i am the doll/fumo guy?