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Previous thread: >>19745449

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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what game is this?

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What a trainwreck of a game.

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is it any good? the summary sounds interesting

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Bad taste

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Finished playing mojika. I have to say I liked it. I've seen many here mention how "it's shit that there's only one good ending", but I don't agree. I think all the routes were enjoyable on their own.

One of my favorite parts about this game was the fact that it's a nukige, yet the konseisama scenes in particular (konseisama could even be a metaphor for the eroge industry, feeding on the sexual energies of people in order to keep itself alive) and some others as well could just as well work as arguments against carnal pleasures. The use of tamasa deadens sex into a cheap form of entertainment, simple stress relief, just as the game serves as a sexual escape from real life for many of its players.

I can see why many did not like the game, since what you get at the start, and what you get in the end is quite different. Different ideals are at play at different points in the story, the game is both 醜い and 美しい. Those who expect to get only one of these at once will of course be disappointed.

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Overall I found it pretty enjoyable. All the characters are a bit non-standard in a good way, while the story was a mix of both good and less stellar bits. I liked the human drama but some other plot elements not so much. Also the game in general and especially its latter parts suffer from a very high number of convenient flashback dumps to deliver important plot points / background stuff and the non-main heroines get dropped almost entirely from the story, which didn't feel very organic pacing wise and I think it would've helped if the game was slightly longer to flesh them out or cut some of the unnecessary feeling bits entirely.

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have you beat the typing game though

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nah, but I'm planning to do it

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Good luck. The last level is bullshit.

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I don't like it because the writing was boring to read.

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what is this shit of velka uploading games with missing files?

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can we not have a repeat of last thread thanks

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>typing game
can you elaborate on that? first i've heard of it though i haven't really looked into the game

he does that to make money off the downloads and once he makes enough he either puts up the last file and/or puts up less links but complete

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Hello everybody.

I've been working on a translation of Kanobitch. You can read the full details in a post I made on /vn/ here <a href="/vg/thread/226237572#p226259237" class="quotelink">>>>/vg/226259237,</a> but the gist is that I have no clue how to actually insert text into the game. The guy who got the text out for me used the Ozmafia yu-ris tools, but I can't figure them out myself. If there's anybody here who knows how to insert text into a yu-ris game and would be willing to explain it to me or point me to a guide I'd be extremely grateful.

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Ask in VNTS.

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I don't know why you thought we could help.

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vnts told me to ask you

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First you need to solve the problem of you extremely lacking Japanese skills.

But yeah, ask elsewhere, noone here cares about translations or would be translators.

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I care about translations.

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But no one cares about you.

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in the very thread you linked i replied to you with a suggestion most likely to solve your problem

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Anyone got the re-release of Lost Colors? The ロストカラーズ 限定再装版?

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Currently playing NukiTashi. So far going down Misaki's route. So far very banal, 90% gags. Lots of incredibly stupid shit, the trick is to completely shut down your brain and click through the gag text for the battles and H scenes.

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Keep going, it's the best eroge made in the last 600 years.

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>it's been 8 centuries since the last good eroge era
will we ever get another period like the 13th century for true porn powerpoint classics?

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Because lumping every single revelation in one extremely drawn out and boring flashback is good writing.

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whichever anon recommended bokutomo in the last thread, thanks, this shit's pretty interesting.

some absolutely savage comments on the state of friend characters and i am 120% down with this, i always hate it when the bro character gets treated like shit. especially if it's by an mc whose only redeeming trait is supposed to be his yasashiiness.

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The MCs in the game are mostly fairly cool dudes who actually behave like Tatsuya's friends for the most part. There's one hilarious exception of a classic scum MC who gets what he deserves later on.

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dunno, the no-name no-sprite guys are pretty dickish for people who are supposed to be his friends. akira's a nice guy though, even offered to hang out on valentine's day.

on the other hand the way tatsuya acts half the time it's no wonder they're not usually overjoyed to see him.

poor fucker, cursed to be forever the Sunohara of his own life. i wouldn't wish that shit on anyone.

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There's this one dude, the yankee-ish guy, who aside from being kinda tsundere is a pretty great guy in general.
But Akira is his best bro, by a wide margin, especially in Rinko's route.

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i'm only a little ways in but it sounds like they actually stick around instead of existing purely to establish tatsuya's situation and then disappearing immediately after. which is cool, i was hoping for matchmaking shenanigans.

does it have a true route or girl order or anything or can i just lupin dive directly into nami's namis?

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You can do the three girls in whatever order then true route is unlocked, so jump into naminami.

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fuck yeah, thanks.

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A month ago or so I was talking to a friend about how I wanted a visual novel with a Sunohara-esque protagonist with the whole side-character to other characters' protagonist shtick. Imagine my surprise when I find out there's an actual vn for that. Thanks for that anon.

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Looking at the character relationship chart this is going to be a mess, isn't it? Even introducing a past section, I wonder if they'll only explore it with a lot of flashbacks scattered about or just one long extended flashback.

Knowing Niko and More I suspect it will be the former. They fucking love flashbacks.

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Won't it just be a prologue then flashforward in true kiminozo fashion?

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>be a prologue then flashforward
That's not how More/Niko does flashbacks. For the most part they love doing a LOT of tiny flashbacks all scattered about so you only get tiny pieces of info at once, instead of getting all the info at once. Cramming in so many flashbacks does make it fairly repetitive. I honestly hope Niko just makes one long flashback prologue and then never do another flashback again, but my expectations for that are really really low.

The whole past/present thing appears to be quite a bit more important in Swallowtail compared to their previous titles so I hope I am wrong.

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Having one long flashback is boring

>> No.19771756

>one long flashback
I'd rather have that over 20 tiny flashbacks. Especially when said flashbacks are just repeating the same thing. Usually Niko saves the important info for the last few flashbacks so most of them end up being useless.

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So how life-changing will Lucle's new masterpiece be?

>> No.19771778

hopefully it will be another aokano and they will be driven to bankruptcy

>> No.19771781

I want Ria to bully me to the point of suicide.

>> No.19771792

Hotaru is better.

>> No.19771799

the girls dont look nearly as good as his previous works imo. there's something off about them

>> No.19771803

will it be better than nukitashi??

>> No.19771810

The artstyle is slightly different than KamiMaho and Istoria, true. I prefer Istoria's style, but this new one is great too.

>> No.19771868

Will there be suffering in this?

>> No.19771872

For the >>19754168 >>19757420 anon:
I've downloaded, splitted and uploaded the baidu version of Prism Magical VN, here's the link:

>> No.19771873

It's a Lucle game, what do you think?

>> No.19771898

Honestly, this might have the best designs in an eroge. Ever. At least for me, it looks so fucking good. Incredibly hype.

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Especially Hotaru is delicious. I hope she gets lot of scenes with rough sex, preferably including anal.

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>rough sex
i wish

>> No.19772069

Yeah, it's probably hopeless, especially anal.

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anal should be standard in eroge, that and footjobs and not just 1 or 2 heroines but all should have one anal scene each at the least. I want to know that I have secured all her 1st times.

Nipples are hidden so this pic is safe right?

>> No.19772095

>I want to know that I have secured all her 1st times.

I'm not this autistic about it. I just want to see cute anime girls enjoy (or not enjoy) anal.

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>writing the sex at all
i'll baste, slow-cook and eat my own shoe if he actually writes the porn in his games. kamimahou in particular felt like he just handed it off to an intern with a couple post it notes describing the girl.

which is a shame, there's tons of potential for emotional torment and suffering that he's just passing up.

>> No.19772109

I'd do the same if I was an eroge writer. It's like a rich person throwing out his own garbage, you know? Leave it up to the janitors to write the trashy content.

>> No.19772143

Gay. That said, even Scaji did it in Subahibi.

>> No.19772146

yeah but just cause it's porn doesn't mean you can't make it interesting. i'm of the admittedly weird opinion that there's room for porn in serious writing and vice versa if only writers approached it like any other part of the story instead of the part where you stop thinking and pull your dick out. it's a great source of character development, introspection, creating and solving conflicts, humor, whatever. anything that isn't YOUR COCK IS SHO GOOD x50.

though honestly i'm willing to revise that stance just this once because god damn those designs are criminal.

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The best sex scenes in eroge are the ones that feel like they were written with the characters and story in mind.

>> No.19772320

I don't read sex scenes at all and load up porn instead.

>> No.19772361

I don't load up porn at all and read sex scenes instead.

>> No.19772641

I don't know Japanese so I don't read sex scenes at all and load up H CGs instead.

>> No.19772809

I know Japanese so I don't read eroge sex scenes at all and load up doujinshi instead.

>> No.19772960

>I am know your ugliness.

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Is this actually good or is it just a meme?
The story description seems kinda random.

>> No.19773124

>is it just a meme?
If you're asking something like this, it seems like just the game for you.

>> No.19773127

I like teh art.

>> No.19773162

What do you guys recommend for the Vita with Henkaku? Preferably something easy for a beginner

>> No.19773178

Dunno, probably a textbook. But you're likely a DJT EOP that doesn't actually want to learn.

>> No.19773182

I recommend buying your games and learning Japanese.

>> No.19773191

Go with Sagaplanets games. Some of them received a port.

>> No.19773200

The only VN I've read is hanahira. For manga I've read yotsuba and flying witch, so I''m not a complete beginner. I'm looking for something easy to read on the go.

>> No.19773213

>I''m not a complete beginner
You most definitely are with that reading history.

>> No.19773215

You are a complete beginner. Go back to DJT.

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>> No.19773788

just pick any of the gay games

>> No.19773855

Which Tanuki Soft VNs are worth playing?

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>if i ever get a gf i'm not gonna let us turn into some gross cutesy couple that fawns all over each other
saved, noted, archived, preserved for future generations.
we'll see about that, tats.

>> No.19774874

I played Shoujo Kyouiku after watching the H-anime, mostly the second epsiode
was nothing like it at all but I liked the toilet ghost girl in the game that you piss into

>> No.19774884

I liked Shoujo Kyouiku, it feels less rapey and it doesn't waste with masturbating with panties or sleep fondling scenes. Shame it doesn't have a harem route though, only a small patch.

>> No.19774906

*waste time
The anime was pretty bad, Shoujo Ramune is the only one with a good adaptation.

>> No.19775277

If you wondered why the Chronobox guys decided to release a 500 yen episodic game with separate ero, here's why.


>> No.19775297

And what part of that explains why, exactly?

>> No.19775303

Don't act dumb, EOP. They decided to do episodic cheap non-ero releases, so they can sell them for 5 bucks on Steam and hope streamers will make them the new meme kids flock to.

>> No.19775325

it's just trial

>> No.19775331

Cute, and yet it's you who's following translation companies' twitter accounts.
And I don't think you've read Chronobox if you think their intended audience has any overlap with mainstream streamers whatsoever, though hell knows what the new game's about, but keep on working those mental gymnastics.

>> No.19775351

Didn't you see the success of DDLC?

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are there anymore nihongo no sensei on youtube? preferably female ones

>> No.19775394

Fuck off to DJT.

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Trial is out, if anyone care.

>> No.19776072

Any vns where you hardcore brainwash girls?

>> No.19776346

Ask /hgg/.

>> No.19776526

Is throwing eroge CV into the already overpopulated vtuber scene going to be a thing?

Might be fun, honestly.

>> No.19776541

Never got the appeal of this shit.

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Meguru best girl.

>> No.19776562

Misonoo Mei as a VTuber would be funny, honestly.

>> No.19776595

I love Haruka Sora, but they should have given her a cuter avatar.

>> No.19776695

First time I hear her outside of eroge/scripted stuff, she sounds pretty likeable.

>> No.19776703

She has such a infectious laugh.

>> No.19777816

How is it?

>> No.19777897

Is Hello Lady! as good as moogy hypes it up to be?

>> No.19777912

1. Fuck off, EOP.
2. Is that his secret project? Then I wouldn't trust him one bit. And in general, he's still clinging to the insane idea of a Western eroge scene being possible.

>> No.19778304

It's really good. I don't follow e-celebs worshiped by eops so I don't know how hyped it is, but it's definitely worth reading.

>> No.19778309

Not as good as Ruitomo.

>> No.19778360

He'll be able to read it once the EOP version comes out.

>> No.19778450

I only play English VNs translated into Japanese.

>> No.19778480


This VN is translated into Kanji. Play it.

>> No.19778669

kanji don't exist retard

>> No.19778853


Damn, this game is tainted by EOPs now.

>> No.19778923

looks like garbage anyway

>> No.19778937

It can't be helped.

>> No.19779050


New Kinugasa eroge, holy shit. I thought he went into LNs for good.

>> No.19779103

New kusoge

>> No.19779108

Shush, DJT faggot.

>> No.19779126

>anyone who doesn't eat shit like mr too is DJT

>> No.19779311

Who are your favorite writers? Or do you choose what to read based on art/company/premise.

>> No.19779350

As a 漢人, I'm offended.

>> No.19779358


>> No.19779379

You do realize that Moogy is rather critical of Goa?

>> No.19779382

I can't actually read Japanese so writer doesn't matter to me. Art and breast size variety amongst heroines decide what I play.

>> No.19779397

You do realize Moogy has shit taste?

>> No.19779404


>> No.19779415

Pro dota 2 player. I believe

>> No.19779473

Why does this matter? Are you him and we're supposed to take his word for gospel or what?

>> No.19779624


>> No.19779648

No, you newfag DJT EOP. It's clear this faggot >>19779358 only named writers he thought are Moogy's favorites. I'm pointing out that's a mistake.

>> No.19779663

You'd be wrong.

>> No.19779690

I guess this is what paranoid schizophrenia looks like.

>> No.19779694

I like Haganeya Jin for his characters, especially the main couples. I really wish the Demonbane anniversary project was another game.

>> No.19779729

Stop trying to hide how much of a Moogydrone you are.

>> No.19779741

No idea what you mean but I'm the person you called newfag DJT EOP, not the dude who listed the 3 authors, once again you're showing your paranoia and jumping at shadows.

>> No.19779752

Meant to reply to >>19779729

>> No.19779811

So let me get this straight, dude listed 3 authors he liked, two of which coincided with the preferences of some e-celeb and one didn't, and yet is still somehow a "drone" of said e-celeb despite you being the one who's so intimately familiar with him and his preferences?
Are you for real right now?

>> No.19779832

Stop replying to mentally ill people.

>> No.19779927

Have you ever did どじょうすくい?

>> No.19779940

I'm not sure how to parse this.

>> No.19779994

Because you don't know japanese

>> No.19780044

I wish it were too, but more LNs make more financial sense between eroge reclining and how long it's been since the last Demonbane game.

>> No.19780096

>Have you ever did

You don't know English.

>> No.19780198

Who are you quoting?

>> No.19781278

scatshit, maruto, asta

>> No.19781360

shimokura VIO
setoguchi ren'ya
kanan ren

>> No.19781406

Just looked him up, hes on newbie and chinese
well thats an easy report for people that talk about him then

>> No.19782355 [DELETED] 

A wrong guy, it seems.

>> No.19782382


>> No.19782390

Romeo-sama and Mareni-hakase.

>> No.19782439

You fucking newfag, Moogy-sama is the founder of TLWiki.


>> No.19782473

No, hes on a dota 2 team and its off topic. Sorry, this is not the place to talk about him

>> No.19782912

Scaji, Maruo, Setoguchi

>> No.19783298

what the hell is tlwiki, why are you bringing up this stupid shit in the thread, please stop.

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File: 1.40 MB, 1280x720, cs2.log_2018-08-30_21-07-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19783469

I hope Laplacian goes bankrupt.

>> No.19783860
File: 1.59 MB, 1366x768, daresora_vol1_2018-08-31_11-15-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd recommend checking out daresora volume 1, it's really good and these kind of mystery games are a lot better when you play them as they come out so you have time to chew on each part before the next one. There's definitely a lot to think about just with this

>> No.19783871

Is this Umineko all over again?

>> No.19783921

can you upload it?

>> No.19783939

It's only 500 yen on dlsite

>> No.19783977

That's like 2 and half energy drinks dude.

>> No.19784072

>Chronobox writer
No thanks.

>> No.19784094
File: 263 KB, 1280x720, syuku_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't like episodic releases, if I think I may care about any future releases. (i.e. pic related is fine, because there's no way I'd possibly read any of the other ones anyway)

>> No.19784164


Did you even finish it? It's one of the only good VNs to come out in the last few years.

>> No.19784172

>generic virtual reality twist

>> No.19784178

It's complete garbage.

>> No.19784184

While I personally enjoyed it, it really had a weak endgame and it's also pretty stupid how the trial doesn't care about following the game's rules. Made me rule out some things that ended up being true after all. Not particularly great if a "mystery" does that.

>> No.19784233

I really wish eroge would stop overexplaining everything and use flashbacks all the time. I don't care if it's padding. I still feel insulted and it fucking sucks.

>> No.19784241

I've never understood people who feel insulted by fiction, how fragile does your ego have to be for that to happen?

>> No.19784245

It can happen when an author assumes his audience is retarded.

>> No.19784249

Bad fiction wastes time. If you don't feel insulted it means you don't value your time, so you're probably doing nothing worthwhile with your life

>> No.19784252

Ask Eushully. They write stories that suck the player's dick whenever possible. Most moege devs should also be able to answer you.

In this case it's about something a little different, but most VNs are written in a way, where the player will feel like they are always wanted, are cared for and "right". That's the whole idea of this self insert BS.

>> No.19784272

If something isn't worth my time I just drop it, but there's nothing to feel insulted about. I'm the one who is spending time on the fiction. The bad fiction didn't tie me down and force me to consume it.

>> No.19784372

Today is 未来ラジオと人工鳩 release date. The trial was decent so I am looking forward to it.

Actually I can't wait to play the bisexual heroine route.

>> No.19784388 [DELETED] 

>where the player will feel like they are always wanted, are cared for and "right".
what if I'm a democrat

>> No.19784392

>bisexual heroine route
Do you get to threesome another girl along with her or what?

>> No.19784406

Is there any other use for a bi heroine?

>> No.19784419

Are there any eroge with a lesbian heroine you get to rape? Preferable if they never start liking it so the suffering lasts forever, but conversion is good too.

>> No.19784453

What if it doesn't get uploaded today?

>> No.19784459

What if it doesn't ever get uploaded?

>> No.19784468

Chrono box.

>> No.19784477


>> No.19784532

I'm going to give you my basic opinion of Shumon Yuu straight up and without embellishment... he is a genius.

I generally am reluctant to call any writer a genius. I have read thousands of stories - if I include both books and VNs - and I can only name a bare dozen or so authors/writers I can honestly and unequivocally name as geniuses. Of course, this is a subjective viewpoint... but it is backed up by significant experience, lol.

Shumon Yuu is that rarest of the rare in VN writers/directors... a true artist. Most decent VN writers have a flair for some aspect of their work, whether it is characterization of a certain type or amusing narrative... but Shumon Yuu goes past that, turning entire VNs into works of art as deep and expressive as any classical piece.

I'm not talking about him pleasing me on every aspect... several of his VNs lie outside my tastes to one degree or another... but it really doesn't matter when I'm reading one of his works. It doesn't matter that I don't like a certain character or a certain plot element. When the VN is complete for the first time, I always feel like something about what I just read ripped deep into me and tore out pieces of my being I hadn't yet known existed, bringing them into the light for me to see.

I have read three VNs he wrote and two he helped plan/design. The three he wrote are undeniably kamige, with a wide appeal and a unique approach to storytelling (which differs radically with each one) and the two he helped with are first-class VNs. Chrono-belt, which is the crossover fandisc for Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers, is such a work of genius at capturing the best of the spirit of those two games that I still get the urge to play it independently at times. Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier I named VN of the Year 2015... though that isn't really saying much, considering how bad a year that was (it did have a fascinating take on the Bakumatsu era though). Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide was my second game by this writer, and I have played it three times now... each time rediscovering what made me fall in love the first time. Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo yori mo is a work of nakige/utsuge genius that still births new fans even today.

So why are Shumon Yuu's works primarily known only to people that are a part of the 'in' crowd of veteran untranslated VN readers in the West? It is probably because his works don't fit precisely into any of the existing/accepted genres, even if they sometimes use elements from them. You pretty much have to be an omnivorous VN reader to run across him, because it is difficult to impossible to fit any of his VNs into an archetypical aesthetic. Another reason is that he isn't very productive. In the past seventeen years, he has been involved with the production of precisely eight VNs... and he only wrote six of them. He is also an LN writer, apparently, but he can't really be said to prolific there, either. So... he tends to fall behind writers who produce something every year and jump at every chance to advertise their own greatness, lol.

He doesn't get recommended as often or as fiercely as Masada or Higashide, nor does he have the immediate impact of Akatsuki Works' writers. In fact, even I tend to forget about him (though not his VNs) for years at a time... until I read something he was involved with and begin dancing with glee once again. His works I never forget, but I frequently forget to follow him, hahaha....

Also, he is a pretty subtle writer, so most people won't pick up on everything he is trying to express in his games on the first playthrough... one of those rare VN writers who gets better as you chew him, lol.

>> No.19784551

>one of those rare VN writers who gets better as you chew him, lol

>> No.19784562

this but unironically

>> No.19784582

is this clefas or mugi?

>> No.19784606

Clephas, I believe.

>> No.19784679
File: 285 KB, 1280x720, 1535703696895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EOP here, how's AOKANA?

>> No.19784690

It's good until the English translation comes out, then it becomes kusoge.

>> No.19784708

Mediocre to bad tier moege that looks way better than it should. It's fairly good at showing if you'll like it though. Play for an hour or two and if you aren't super annoyed at the protag and the awful tropes accompanying him and maybe even like the girls, then it's for you.

>> No.19784710

I thoroughly enjoyed fapping to the HCGs.

>> No.19784711

Nekonyan supposedly does decent translations though.
So just like most moeges? Say Wagamama?

>> No.19784730

The issue is not the quality of the translation, but the fact that you'll be able to read it.

>> No.19784742

What's wrong with that?

>> No.19784753

Clephas, the amount of [...] gives it away.

>> No.19784875

That is true. But it feels bad when you paid for it.

>> No.19784939

Does anyone have 自転車創業's games (Lost Colors etc)? There's a torrent with all of their stuff that was apparently uploaded by someone from /jp/, but it's dead.

>> No.19785097

I do, except the most recent one.

>> No.19785172

Could you upload them somewhere?

>> No.19785205

I could try, but I'm not sure I'm not lazy enough to upload all of them. Do you want something particular among them?

>> No.19785297

Lost Colors, if you can.

>> No.19785317

Honestly, I intended to read all of them eventually (since other than Lost Colors and https://vndb.org/v10521 they're all pretty short), but if you could upload Lost Colors I'd appreciate it a lot.

>> No.19785352

Nillhana is quite good for a doujinshi (and maybe better than your run-of-the-mill vn), I think the characters originality (everyone is a scum in a way) and the mystery is its strong point (obviously it has its typical doujinshi weak points as pacing and budget but it isn't that notorious)
Here it's full of autists that think EOP are an inferior race that contaminate the eroges that they liked (probably as a repercussion of getting bullied in the school)
But that said and everything this is an untranslated vn thread so I don't suggest you be here if you can't read untranslated vns.
inb4 you're an EOP and why you're here, if you want to criticize my japanese level do it in japanese at least, if not you'll be laughable.

>> No.19785415

By the way, just in case you or someone else decides to upload everything, あの、素晴らしい をもう一度 is on A-S so no need to bother with that one.

>> No.19785443

Is it you, 176-kun?

>> No.19785445
File: 1.52 MB, 1280x720, cs2.log_2018-08-30_21-27-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19785526

I can way a day or three.

>> No.19785604 [DELETED] 
File: 2 KB, 137x53, download button.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

https://yadi dot sk/d/mb1PmnAb3ajVFH
https://yadi dot /d/q41kSKsy3ajVLW
https://yadi dot /d/kjj_mTLU3ajVMk
https://yadi dot /d/9wp_OCKY3ajVPo

>> No.19785643


>> No.19785657

did these broken links worked for you?

>> No.19785672


>> No.19785673

Yeah, already finished all 4 downloads. You forgot to add the .sk for the other 3 links, but it wasn't exactly hard to figure that out.

>> No.19785692

Thanks. None of you have the new re-release?

>> No.19786117

i really liked chronobox so i'll definitely play it, but ill wait until the 2nd episode comes out
also does anyone have an upload of mirai radio?

>> No.19788557

>paying for VNs

>> No.19789100
File: 1.29 MB, 1200x661, nil-admirari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do otome heroines make good waifu routes?

>> No.19789119

As much as eroge MCs make for good routes, so no 90% of the time.

>> No.19789132

Please Kastel shut up

>> No.19789138

There are some good male MCs every once in a while, but finding a good Otome FeMC is next to impossible.

>> No.19789156

Their main issue is basically being written for females, so they have virtually no agency and the guy needs to do most of the work so the fantasy can be successful.
Once in a blue moon, they have strong personalities or get actual character development.

>> No.19789158
File: 46 KB, 256x326, 30303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> finding good feMC is hard
> not trying hard enough

>> No.19789169

Only takes a shitty MC in the prequel and crossdressing.

>> No.19789181

Ashen Hawk is a improvement.

>> No.19789214
File: 1.36 MB, 2400x1110, Three sisters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which of the three otome sisters would you choose?

>> No.19789250

There are plenty of good FeMC, there are even a few companies known for making games with interesting ones like Karin Entertainment.
But the Psychedelica MCs are pretty mediocre, first one being boring and second one being your usual knight of justice. No real interesting character.

>> No.19789412

I would buy a few VNs here and there just to see those specific companies do well
otherwise 罪悪感

>> No.19790012
File: 43 KB, 244x400, 34747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got this? Is it good? Im really curious about it.

>> No.19790026

Amazon reviews are really bad.

>> No.19790063 [DELETED] 

It seems they are all complaining that you cant save at any point and nothing else.
Those arent reviews thats autism

>> No.19790074

It seems they are all complaining that you cant save when you want, they are not criticizing anything else.
Those arent reviews thats autism

>> No.19790092 [DELETED] 

Also its funny its only the switch version owners the ones complaining about it.

>> No.19790106

Does nakadeshi always refer to cumming inside the vag or can it also be used for anal?

>> No.19790155

Left: absolutely not, looks like slut.
Middle: seems introverted, may be a good choice
Right: seems like she would take some patience getting through to.

Probably middle.

>> No.19790174


>> No.19790186

What did you expect after a day after release, an indepth review of the whole plot?

>> No.19790195

I just wanted some quick impressions from people here in case anyone had got it is all.

>> No.19790229

what a weak month this is

>> No.19790372
File: 200 KB, 400x245, A84F8639-7ECE-47FE-8C8C-161C03DDF333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great game, really love the characters.

Author continues the game plot from a different branch at chapter 52 (same characters but plot changes) and also has a series of After stories premised on all 6 original characters survive the game and cure Anya as a bonus for clearing the game with no deaths:

He’s still updating the main story. The current (final?) arc seems like it’s going to be really strong.

Author also has a continuation of the game as a web novel, seems like setting up the Devil’s Game. I love these characters and scenario.

>> No.19790483

Thank you so much anon, you are a gentleman and a scholar

>One of the main heroines has kansai accent

>> No.19790523

>velka Bought Game

Is velka our new savior?

>> No.19790695
File: 92 KB, 300x700, extend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>この度は9月発売予定の新作ソフト『さくら、もゆ。 -as the Night's,Reincarnation-』に つきまして開発スケジュールの事情により、発売日を延期させていただく事となりました。


Well crap, it was my most anticipated release of the year. Well, at least this way I'll be able to get a few more games off my backlog before it comes out.

>> No.19790817

It's gonna be kusoge

>> No.19790830

Everything is delayed these days. You can't judge it so easily.

>> No.19791083
File: 481 KB, 449x718, 1502326598893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone here played any of Light's non-chuuni games? Are they any good? I was thinking of playing RURUR, Tapestry and Kaminoyu

>> No.19791095

kaminoyu's pretty gay

>> No.19791163

I played しろのぴかぴかお星さま. It was cute, nothing to write home about though.

>> No.19791205

In a good or bad way?

>> No.19791207


>> No.19791230

bokunatsu is very good and has yuri ntr route

>> No.19791231

Hows the characters/writing? Because i really like the art

>> No.19791271

RURUR is great. Plenty of story and good ero too, the latter being the part where Light chunni games always disappoint.

>> No.19791399

Delays can only make a game better.

>> No.19791573

good old 関西弁

>> No.19791670
File: 41 KB, 256x359, waremete.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I going to miss anything important if I CTRL through all the bad endings and go straight for the good ones? In this VN, you absolutely have to go through the bad endings in order to unlock the good ones, the former of which I'd very much like to avoid altogether, and since there's a walkthrough around that tells exactly when the new choices that lead to good endings appear after the bad ones are done, I figured it might just work out.

>> No.19791688

honestly you're not gonna miss anything interesting if you just ctrl through everything that isn't the porn for that one.

serious answer is you should at least read blue hair's bad end, i think that's the only one that has some plot stuff.

>> No.19792024
File: 343 KB, 489x760, 😂.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>À la recherche du futur perdu

>> No.19792032

You should read Kaori's and Yui's fully, In case of Airi/Nagisa it's not that important.

>> No.19792169
File: 530 KB, 800x600, 境界線の果て_2018-09-01_14-22-44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi there so I read Kyoukaisen no Hate it was good thanks for the rec I enjoyed it a lot.

How the fuck can you call this yuri? It's the most anti-yuri thing I've ever read in my life? Seriously one route is literally about the lesbian heroine getting blackmailed with a video of her yuri sex into getting raped repeatedly by a bunch of guys, and then she finds out the girls she likes actually used to be a guy, gets raped by her too, and is then mindbroken and made into a sex slave? It's exactly the kind of thing people who hate yuri dream of? It's really, really lucky that despite loving yuri and going into this expecting a cute sex-change yuri game something like Mana's route in Ai Mai Mist I'm also fine with this kind of development, if I was a real yuri purist I would be so fucking mad right now.

>> No.19792214

>and then she finds out the girls she likes actually used to be a guy, gets raped by her too, and is then mindbroken
that's actually pretty funny. vaguely reminds me of https://vndb.org/v1812 minus the TS part, it's really short so you might want to check it out too

>> No.19792267
File: 577 KB, 1920x867, h1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think they're taking merchandising too far.

>> No.19792497

>Lose pulling a sprite
You would think seeing sprite's financial woes would give Lose some reservations about copying their gotta milk em all strategy. Lose should be announcing a new title or a sequel, not double downing on Maitetsu merch.

>> No.19792557
File: 516 KB, 2048x1536, f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would say the opposite.

>> No.19792646

Anyone completed the new amphibian game? How is it?

>> No.19792893

This feels appropriate considering Makura's a sake maker ingame.

>> No.19793387

I'm glad omegastar has good taste in pants, shame about the iphone though.

>> No.19793483

Not him, but I thought Kaminoyu was enjoyable enough for what it was.

>> No.19793773

sorry can you explain? the MC getting ntr'd by a lesbian? or you ntr'ing a lesbian couple by stealing one of them

>> No.19793834

PC when?

>> No.19793901

I don't think people who like maitetsu shave.

>> No.19793922

lesbian stealing girl from mc

>> No.19793931

I like Monobeno and I shave every two days. And eau de toilette is just perfume, no?

>> No.19793932

hot as fuck, wish that was more popular

>> No.19793944 [DELETED] 

that's hot as fuck

>> No.19793954

I was idea for an eroge:

Setting is one of those idyllic Japanese island settings. The heroines are members of the Space Research Club who dream of building a rocket to carry them into space; the girls come from different backgrounds and circumstances but they all get taken in by the dream of going to space.

The MC is actually the antagonist. All he cares about eating, sleeping and sex. He’s both jealous of the girls’ dream and feels self-loathing over his own ugly desires and petty goals.

>> No.19793959

Yeeeeeah I’m a normal male so that’s an ultra turn off for me.

>> No.19793969

more like insecure male lmao

>> No.19793976

You are very gay.

Also once again, another hot idea is MC forcing non-lesbian heroines to fuck each other.

>> No.19794010

i think getting a lesbian to experiment with dick/raping her and giving her a brand new idea on her sexuality is a lot better desutbh

>> No.19794016
File: 18 KB, 1011x155, yuri fans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed, yuri is terrible.

>> No.19794024

I mean, he's right that a subset of yuri fans (tumblrinas) can be annoying.

>> No.19794032

Isn’t that a standard eroge trope?

Anyway, the only NTR that’s acceptable:
1. Girl NTRs her boyfriend who;’s not the MC.
2. Boy NTRs a girl from a another girl.

MC NTR’ing some other guy like a friend or a girls’s oniichan is a turn-off. If the NTR target is a total asshole than it’s okay.

MC being NTR’d is a hard drop for me.

BTW, I;’m going by the actual definition of NTR: established girlfriend cheating on / leaving the boy. Rape and mindbreak is not NTR, since the point of NTR is the betrayal of love.

>> No.19794056
File: 290 KB, 1920x1080, huhhhhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least someone here is fucking normal


>> No.19794089

The best NTR is when it's a surprise one in a moege. Always hilarious to see moebutas flip the fuck out

>> No.19794093

to >>19794032

>> No.19794128
File: 163 KB, 1508x2108, d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Sorahane's Toki*Sora kill?

>> No.19794137
File: 227 KB, 1583x900, goldenhour_2017-09-27_19-45-22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1. Girl NTRs her boyfriend who;’s not the MC.

>> No.19794141

After the haruka kanata disaster, definitely.

>> No.19794150

Was it really that bad? The programming aside?

>> No.19794153

You can't put the programming aside, they released an unplayable game, full price.

>> No.19794180

The premise makes it sound interesting though.

>> No.19794591
File: 256 KB, 1278x747, Gatagata.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I fuck up by going for Yua's route first in Shinigami no Testament? I got to the part where she stabs herself and falls off the tower and the credits played, so I assume I got END1. However, I don't think I got an option to start from Chapter 2 yet and the game continued without kicking me back to the main menu or anything. Should I keep reading or reload and do Ayumu/Mukougaoka first? (I want to do them before moving on to the rest of the story, though I probably should have done them even sooner.)

>> No.19794592

Is there really NTR in Omokage Railback?

>> No.19794599
File: 67 KB, 749x796, a k-on character.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finished mugyugyugyu in pockets. I wasn't completely turned off by the character at first, but damn, this route eas just plain boring. I went kamome > ao > tsumugi, and each consecutive route was worse than the one before it. The first two at least had some semblance of a goal, a point towards which the story was moving, while with tsumugi it was just "the summer's end". all the scenes just consisted of the characters each doing something cutesy, repeating their respective verbal schticks , and saying they love each other very much. I did like the fact that Tsumugi sang the song with her lyrics at the end, that was a nice touch. I also liked when they pinched tsumugi's nose while she was sleeping and she made funny noises

this route should've been made shorter, or more interesting, cuz this shit was just tedious

>> No.19794612

I'm assuming you got baited by the black dudes? There's no NTR, they are gay.

>> No.19794622

is this one of the "ura route" endings ?

>> No.19794623

Same. Any recommendations for games that do this? I guess it wouldn't be a surprise anymore but the idea alone makes me hard.

>> No.19794681

There are none, it's just a meme.

>> No.19794699

Well this one did it
so there must be something else out there.

>> No.19794717

the music one

>> No.19794736

It's sad moebutas call prioritizing your career over your loved one NTR.

>> No.19794745

That aside, is the game good?

>> No.19794780

It being "NTR" is a joke propagated by a NTR blog that jokingly put it in their list. However some people were annoyed at the heroine just being a bitch and it got blown out of proportion, that's all.

>> No.19794805

>prioritizing your career
So you think turning down and repeatedly abandoning your true love is worth her ~5 year career as an idol? Dunno why that would even be someone's 'dream' to begin with, its not like idols have very long careers to begin with.

Even knowing all those downsides and that her career would only last less than a decade she still went down that path. Sena must be a narcissist or something.

>> No.19794818

If you skip the side routes and only do main heroine and true, yes.

>> No.19794842

You can only be an idol once in your life in a very short time frame. You can always find some dude to settle down with, it's nothing special.

>> No.19794879

Can't understand the shit you're saying ESL

>> No.19794943

Funnily enough, not being able to parse things that don't perfectly follow the language's grammatical rules is the real indicator of someone who's still learning.

>> No.19794989

You're right, I was in the wrong.

>> No.19795263

speaking of 僕と、僕らの夏 anyone got a link or be willing to upload it? The ones on A-S seem to be dead, also would I be missing anything if i just skipped the other heroines routes and just did Kiris and the Ura route?

>> No.19795265

If only the writing was better. Good girls though. Especially the first person scenes.

>> No.19795268
File: 265 KB, 1280x720, 心墜醒悟 是人意清浄 明利無穢濁 欲令衆生 使得清浄.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19795297

>the game is both 醜い and 美しい

Juxtaposition of two extremes is Nitroplus' specialty.
I think the problem old fans had is mostly with the quality of the writing and convoluted system.

>> No.19795439

Good luck getting that. I tried everything and gave up, with the complete version. Especially after reading something about required triggers being perhaps "random", which could explain it. I skipped through all routes several times...

>> No.19795477

really? Guess i might just settle with the 8 hr youtube playthrough that seems to cover Kiri and im assuming Ura.

>> No.19795854
File: 255 KB, 450x450, 1535031426604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to get into chuuni games, are there any really good ones that aren't the usual recommendations i.e. Muramasa, DI, Senshinkan

>> No.19795896

Ayakashi (not ayakashibito).
Silverio vendetta/trinity from light's other chuuni games.
All stuff I enjoyed.

>> No.19795943

mofumofu teddy is not up yet? what a shame

>> No.19795958

Going by reviews, the teddy thing is the most pointless gimmick in existence.

>> No.19795978

Doesn't matter the girls are hot

>> No.19795981

3days looks cool, and ayakashi is something i'd also heard of
is gekkou carnival any good?

>> No.19795989

If you're trying to get into them you should start with the "usual ones". No better entry than the big three that popularized them Fate stay night/Ayakashibito/Dies irae/.

>> No.19796000

>is gekkou carnival any good?
Kinda, Sugita's Romeo makes it worth reading for that alone.

>> No.19796001

Ayakashi looked incredibly nice, and then pulled out the worst shounen tropes out of its ass that nullified that right away.

Though granted, most looking for chuuni want their shounen tropes created for 12 year olds.

>> No.19796072

after looking at 3eyes, i went through the time loop tag and found 紅蓮華 and 追奏のオーグメント too, they both seem pretty cool

>> No.19796091

It was shonen through and through, at least ayakashi paid attention to its side cast, having side routes for them is already more than what most chuuni routes do in general.

Gurenka is pretty bad unless you really want a Kawashima Rino heroine in your life, augment is a decent game, but it's "drama"" stuff.

>> No.19796216

i'll try to not take up much more of this thread, but how's Evolimit?

>> No.19796222

Ayakashibito and bullet butlers and their common fandisk, honestly, it's really repetitive when it comes to fights.

>> No.19796784

Is it chuuni if the plot takes it seriously? Or does chuuni directly imply delusion? Then there's middle ground scenarios like say the Savior's route in SubaHibi -- both delusional and serious at the same time?

>> No.19796838

Chuuni is basically a meaningless term nowadays. It can mean whatever you want it to mean.

>> No.19797159

Chuuni is usually meant as a VN which makes use of shounen tropes, OP protagonist, pseudophilosophical waxing, "dark" action filled plot, melodrama, power levels. It means more like something a chuunibyou would be into than being about chuunibyou's

>> No.19797171

It doesn't have anything to do with delusions. Just cool power fantasy stuff, which usually involves battle chants, inconvenient weapons and so on.

>> No.19797200

honestly chuuni for me is just something that makes me go
>woah thats cool
mecha, battle royale, horror, it's chuuni to me if it's a nonconventional thing that's cool as fuck

>> No.19797689
File: 84 KB, 800x600, capture_001_03022016_022245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19797736

alright, i think im gonna do Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers
which one should I do first? and is there a specific route order I should do for them?

>> No.19798364

is there a release of Aselia the Eternal without the ass ugly art? does the premium special edition have new art?

>> No.19798423

No, sweetie.

>> No.19798590


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