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Previous thread: >>19727500

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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But Shirou is not a typical highschooler you dork.

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Personally I just check a walkthrough before playing.

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even on my first playthrough i use a walkthrough, i just look at it in a way that i wont be spoiled on future choices

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Do you also happen to make use of a texthooker?

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He is. Maybe a little more dumb with some weirdly outdated morals, but still.
But I guess that's what this is. You gotta choose as dumb Shirou.

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No. In fact I'm the person that calls out texthooker users like you.

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So on top of being a walkthrough babby you're also a fervent shitposter

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Noone cares about you. Stop trying to gather attention.

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Is the babby gonna cry? Sorry, please don't cry babby.

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I have to wonder what kind of mental problems you must have to pointlessly lash out like this.

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good job on shitting up the thread not even an hour in

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Report and hope it'll get dealt with.

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I have to admit, I'm enjoying this much more than I initially expected. The characters are surprisingly good and the story, while not taking itself too seriously, is still much more interesting than I thought.

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It's the first kamige in a long time.

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so does this game just have a lot of sexual content (involving the protag) or is it all just off-screen side stuff with the occasional plugging

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There's actually disappointingly few h-scenes considering the subject matter but there's a fandisc in the works.

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It's not honestly, but it's pretty good

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Why is Nukitashit so fucking good!?

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It has good writing and was made by people who have a passion for eroge. Instead of bad writing and made by people who only care about commercial safeness.

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DJT here, just started Leyline 2. Leyline 1 is what inspired me to learn japanese

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one million years late to the party but the announcement of a new Lucle game is fucking great news to me.

looks like the company's finally starting to make some headway, which means maybe they can HIRE A FUCKING EDITOR which is basically the only thing they need to really shine. seriously, trim down those last arcs and spellcheck and you're gold.

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He's far more autistic.

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Is Mareni a girl?

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File: 183 KB, 1280x720, NUKITASHI_2018-08-23_12-28-52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's awesome from all angles. Good writing, shitloads of action packed, daily life warm scenes, tear inducing drama, interesting character development, good use of references. Big boobs, lolicons, pervs and prunes.

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On everything?

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Pretty much this, it's also helpful for checking what endings are in the game if you do want to somewhat spoil yourself.

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If you feel the need to check a walkthrough in your first run of the game, you're mentally retarded and should cease posting here immediately.

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If you play shit new games maybe, but playing some old games without walkthrough is a plain waste of time.

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Even if you're playing a game with dumb triggers you're still missing out on having an authentic first time experience (as the writer intended you to) if you're using a walkthrough when you're not even trying to get to a specific route in the first place.

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I want to play this what is it called?

>> No.19748092

How about you try reading, dumbass?

>> No.19748094

I guess this kind of game would attract the kind of people who can't read Japanese

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So this is the power of an N3

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はいぼくわとてもgayなのですけどどうかぼくのあなをN3 cockでfuckしてくださいませんか

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on a scale of 1 to reassured I am about a 1.5 right now
at least he's aware of it

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I still can't get over the fact that the patch they put out for typos and scripting issues for istoria didn't even work.

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Visually, I'm interested in Touka. But it appears that she doesn't have a route.

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Is Butterfly Seeker any good? The girls are cute and I could use a mystery VN.

>> No.19749432

I dunno. But the art is super fappable.

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This kind of response is why ero was a mistake.

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Nukitashi is the best VN of the century. Try to prove me wrong,

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I played the trial, but I didn't like how a simple snow effect was using like 2 full cores, so I stopped.

>> No.19749570

Omokage railback is objectively better in every way possible.

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What are some obscure kamige?

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Ask Habluka or Hadler, if they still exist.

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What means "hiring a normal editor"? That game has poor text?

>> No.19749764

lots of typos and shit.

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Kureha is meant for unimaginably rough anal sex.

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someone to fix the typos out the ass and someone to tell him to either cut a good 5 hour chunk out of the end game or else turn it into fluffier filler early on because the last two games were about one hyperdramatic arc too many. I know I'm not the only one that burn out towards the end of kamimaho/istoria.

Hard enough to make her cry?

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>Hard enough to make her cry?

Istoria aside, I think girls crying during H scenes, even fully consensual and crying from pleasure, is super hot and underrated.

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They aren't kamige but good obscure games imo are nillhana and boku wa tomodachi.
Kamige not so popular(I think (?) is kiminago, I still don't get attached to a heroine at the level at how get I attached to Mayuri.

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Things that are too heroine depended are rarely to never kamige, because this is way too much taste depended. Don't like the girl? Nothing left. When I tried Flyable Heart, there was nothing really good for me in that game, so I dropped it pretty fast. Would I like kiminago? I seriously doubt it.

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>boku wa tomodachi
https://vndb.org/v18142 this?

>> No.19750028

A good heroine route still has a good story besides just the girl.

>> No.19750079

Heavily devalued though, because it's just about her. My favorite heroine centric routes were so far always, without fail, with character I liked. Anything else was at most okay. Obviously, liking a character doesn't make the route good, but disliking a character most definitely makes it a lot worse.

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Yeah, as long as you download the patch you get the whole game.

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>tfw this perfection will never be a real eroge

Anything that comes close though besides venus blood (which sadly has that shitty battle garbage instead of being a pure VN) and maybe yami no koe/the valkyrie series?

>> No.19750090

There's a bunch of RPG maker games that are basically VNs and will probably cater to your fetish

>> No.19750117

I know village of nightmare I/II, but haven't seen any other decent ones with that theme besides some native Chinese one inspired by it, but with no moon translation so was futile.

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Habluka is a faggot and a moebuta. He hates Masada and SnU so his taste is objectively shit.

>> No.19750164

So he still exists?

>> No.19750189

masada is trash so he's right

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with the exception of the original, Chimera and I think Brave, all Venus Blood games let you skip the gameplay if you set them on easy. Actually most games by the company have that option.

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Too Kastel-y.

>> No.19750240

What is Kastel?

>> No.19750244

what does that even mean

>> No.19750245

Some chink that used to be into eroge but not only tweets about free games and how LBGTs are saints. I'm expecting him to come out as trans soon.

>> No.19750256

Does that mean the linked games are bad?

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>> No.19750275

kastel hasn't read either of those games, anon is just judging them based solely off the cover art like an idiot

>> No.19750285

No, it means you shouldn't listen to him. It's like saying "this guy's taste in books is shit, because he likes to eat chocolate".

>> No.19750336

Everything is subjective, I hate many games many call "kamiges" so at the end one makes the decision, though what you say doesn't happen only on one heroine games, many where there is a main heroine hating it it can ruin the whole experience. And such can happen too with the protagonists, characters, etc.

>> No.19750340

Not if you're a feminine man concerned about LGBTs.

>> No.19750350

I am uwu

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>> No.19750379

Cool. Make a Twitter account and tweet about politics and religion in freeware RPG Maker games and you'll be just like kastel-sama.

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New game with Korie Riko art.


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File: 1.92 MB, 2000x1415, top-key.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also Swallowtail website is up.

>> No.19750740

interesting character page.

>> No.19750769

Both charts look like a huge shitstorm in the making.

>> No.19750778

whats the MC got, Like 3 pre established girlfriends/ex girlfriends?

>> No.19750795

One gf, a dead ex and a girl he almost ended up with.
I feel bad for the current gf, those girls never end up as main heroines.

>> No.19750868

Wow this looks like a real mess. What are the odds it'll be even more of a trainwreck than Golden Hour?

Anyways, the girls are as always cute with fairly simple designs.

>> No.19750873

>more of a trainwreck than Golden Hour

I wanted to as if Golden Hour is worth checking out.

>> No.19750878

At worst it'll be another retread like allhis games after himakoi.

>> No.19750913

Honestly would not recommend it unless you REALLY like the art or seiyuu. There's a lot of bad writing and although I actually liked one of the side heroine's routes (Ruri) the main heroine is one of those overly mysterious types with a crappy payoff.

The game tries to be quite serious, so if you like more gritty depictions of high school life you may like it somewhat. But the "magical" shenanigans in the true route were a big turn off for me.

>> No.19750934

Did you not see that coming from ten miles away? I think it was pretty obvious, that something is hella weird. From very very early on.

Personally I liked the ex route in that game.

>> No.19751266

That would be sad. His current girlfriend is such a cutie.

>> No.19751267

Looks like most of the heroines are adults in the 'present', with the past showing how they looked back in their school days? Interesting, I like seeing how girls change hairstyles/etc as they grow up, and they seem to have some drastic changes here compared to say, Ginharu's "give em' longer hair".

>> No.19751281


>main girl wasn't around in the 'past' chart
So, MC is gonna break up with his qt gf for the new girl, isn't he?

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Which one do you mean? The main girl is this one (優奈), no? She's in the past chart and in the main visual.

>> No.19751345

Eww those legs.

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File: 579 KB, 1045x635, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


バイト = 援交, right?

>> No.19751423

Must be the artist's fetish or something. A cross between aryan and jap legs.

>> No.19751874

Is there any way to turn off auto mode in Kita E? I can't really keep up

>> No.19751893

What do you guys recommend for the Sega Saturn?

>> No.19751902

Double Cast

>> No.19751941

She's also dead. I know that means little for the brand, but she's replaced by a new one.

>> No.19752017

That's not said anywhere. And in this girl's bio >>19751360 it's mentioned she 失踪'd.

>> No.19752039

MC's future bio is
>suddenly losing her

>> No.19752048

失う doesn't meant she died.

>> No.19752078

Or rather, doesn't have to mean, and in this case nothing suggests she did.

>> No.19752079

She vanished without a trace, she'll be alive and all other heroines will get fucked over, but still.

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How many of you were inspired to learn Japanese by this man?

>> No.19752196

What a mafioso.

>> No.19752266

I'll play it just for this art.

>> No.19752282

Don't. Their last game was terrible.

>> No.19752296

I know, but her art is too cute to pass up on.

>> No.19752712

Do you prefer EGS tags/tagging system or VNDB's?

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Am I the only one for whom this design is completely anatomically botched not that they're normally realistic but this one would just look horrendous naked which will probably be fixed on cgs.

>> No.19752783

I can't anatomy for shit but her feet bother me, they must be tiny

>> No.19752791

Her arms are way too short, she has legs like a tank and big tits but still a nice waist, skinny short arms and probably a flat tummy, who hurt her. Let her be chub.

>> No.19752801

She needs anal.

>> No.19752813

Well >>19751360 looks way worse, anatomically.

>> No.19752869
File: 301 KB, 613x1083, 1535302100976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, almost weirdly so.

>> No.19752885

Yellow is where her arm should end at least but from her forearm it looks like it ends with the purple line. Which doesn't make sense because it's where her thighs start. I'll be fucking a t-rex.

>> No.19752983

Who the fuck gives a shit faggot

>> No.19752997

Which heroine will be voiced by Suzuya Maya and Himari?

>> No.19753017

VAs not mentioned on site

>> No.19753020

Oh shut up, Hata, at least the discussion is on track.

>> No.19753039

fuck off with this e-celeb garbage holy shit
i come on 4chan to avoid this stuff

>> No.19753046
File: 190 KB, 1600x900, ShoujoGraffiti_2018-08-09_12-58-37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually like the sprites

>> No.19753053

It looks a ton better here, she's cute.

>> No.19753065

Probably because half of the legs aren't in the frame

>> No.19753092
File: 211 KB, 1600x900, ShoujoGraffiti_2018-08-08_21-58-44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly, that picture I showed is about as far away as the sprite will ever get and was quite rare n to see it that far out. Vast majority of the game will look like pic related, where below the knees is completely out of screen. The closest the sprite will get takes everything below the waist out.

>> No.19753110
File: 396 KB, 1600x900, ShoujoGraffiti_2018-08-08_23-50-41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wonder if they'll keep the p5esque menus

>> No.19753123

How's the game? Nukige-ish?

>> No.19753182
File: 251 KB, 1588x900, goldenhour_2017-09-26_03-34-07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

graffiti was by More's nukige brand puremore, so Yeah nukige with a weak plot. I actually liked Akemi's route though.

Swallotail is by the niko subbrand, who made golden hour.

>> No.19753194

why would some teenager inspire me to learn Japanese?

>> No.19753306

lads, how do you quick save in amayui castle meister?

>> No.19753351

Anybody hyped for world end syndrome?

>> No.19753437

He was one of the pioneers

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So I usually exclusively play plotge, but I want to give nukige a try
what are some really good nukige, preferably with good art and a not shit storyline?
I was looking into something like 働くオトナの恋愛事情 maybe

>> No.19753656

I've heard Nukitashit is pretty good. Some people say it's even better than Subahibi.

>> No.19753659

That doesn't really have much of a story aside from having sex with random women until you start having sex with the heroine.

>> No.19753664

Whatever gets you off.
That's not a nukige.

>> No.19753672

It literally says on the title that it's a nukige.

>> No.19753679

No it doesn't, DJT-kun.

>> No.19753697

Yes it does. Here's the official site so you can see for yourself http://qruppo.com/

>> No.19753700

does it not?
honestly i'm not looking for anything that's amazing, just something that won't bore me to tears

>> No.19753719

Nukige+ Good plot are rare. I think it depends on what fetishes you're into and what kind of stories do you think are interesting.
I have a preference for Black Cyc, Clock-up and Ail titles.

>> No.19754150

> What are you looking forward to?

I really wanna play that vn because:

like seriously, I would like to know wtf is going on

>> No.19754168
File: 169 KB, 1920x1080, coverpm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the best site to download eroge from 5-10 years ago? Im trying to find Prism Magical but all torrents and direct downloads are ded.

>> No.19754277

I haven't tried it myself, but you could search it up on here if you can navigate the Chinese: https://www.eyny.com/forum-3691-1.html

>> No.19754505

>5-10 years ago
Seriously? Looks really ancient to me, like it has 20 years\

>> No.19754617

why...why dont you just play it then?

>> No.19754669
File: 40 KB, 377x310, Screenshot_30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai is quite a good nukige (I think is nukige idk at least the vol.1)
And others quite common but good choices are bishoujo mangekyou 1 and monmusu quest.
These are the nukiges that come to my mind that have good plot.

>> No.19754693

>プリズムま~じカル PRISM Generations!


>> No.19754698

Biman 1-4 take your pick.

>> No.19754710

Why Nukitashi has that high rating? is that good or it's because troll/EOP votes?
It's bad, like gore fetishes aside I found it quite bad delivered in everything it wanted to convey.

>> No.19754712

oh the biman games are ones i heard are all generally good, ill add those and this zombie game i guess
would Carnival be considered a nukige? I don't know much about it other than that the protag is a rapist and it has high sexual content

>> No.19754772

It's a bit unusual. Also it's not much of a nukige, the h to non-h ratio is pretty low

>> No.19754775


>> No.19755225

Sorry if this is obnoxious, but I'm trying to find a very specific game. It must've come out around 2009 or so. It featured a bunch of strange characters to romance, including a tower computer, bugs, etc. I don't remember anything much beyond that, just that all of the romance options were weird non-human creatures. If anybody knows this off the top of their head, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

>> No.19755267

alternatively, games in which you romance strictly non-human monstrous stuff would be fine too. just anything beyond the usual cute high school girls.

>> No.19755278

it's not this, is it? it's a few years earlier but you can fuck an assortment of household objects.

>> No.19755285

Appreciate it, but sadly I mean a game that featured an actual tower computer (only like really huge with a port that opens up for you to j-j-jam it in) among other weird stuff. They weren't anthropomorphized at all.

>> No.19755303

fuck i think i've seen pics of this but the name is long lost to me. i'm pretty sure it exists and you're not crazy at least.

good luck on your quest.

>> No.19755308

Fuuuuck. I feel like it had "blue" somewhere in the title. It was probably some halfassed nukige too but yeah I'm probably not gonna be able to find it.

>> No.19755358
File: 1.36 MB, 1287x715, anata.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone here played Eve Burst Error and can help me figure out if there's something wrong with my game?
I'm on 12/4 with Kojiro, and i'm supposed to be visiting the school after going to Ko's house
but nothing happens at the school
i've gone through literally every single option I can do and nothing triggers anything
he just keeps talking about how it's too early and the school isn't open
i've gone to every other location and tried all the options there and nothing changes either

>> No.19755393

do I have to progress on the other protag? I assumed they were separate stories with overlapping characters so you can figure out what's going on, not that they need to be played simultaneously

>> No.19755409

can you at least tell me about the plot?
I mean...
It's about a serial killer or something?

>> No.19755442

Yes, they need to be played simultaneously, so try switching to Marina.
And even though this game is not as annoying as other PC-98 game (YUNO I mean), you can try this to save time >>19745469

>> No.19755458

thanks for the response
and i've been using a walkthrough but it's split up between marina and kojiro instead of being like
>do kojiro
>then do marina
>then do kojiro

>> No.19755503

I appreciate the help anon, sadly Free Download Manager hates baidu and cant get the download link to work with it. Still will save the info just in case.

>> No.19755538

It might be worth getting a baidu account and setting up their downloader if you're going to be regularly looking for older things, but it's up to you.
Also it looks like it's on AnimeBytes as well, if you have an account for that.

>> No.19755543

A bipolar guy went crazy cuz his girlfriend found his secret and kill her, and then a mysterious guy start killing the friends of the mc, cutting and extracting some "parts" of them in the process.
That would be the plot spoiling it the minimum, as the vn is short per se.

>> No.19755588

i went into the game expecting a chronobox and was pretty disappointed
guess chronobox is gonna be a one-of-a-kind type experience

>> No.19755644

ty anon.
I think I could gave it a chance.... if I found the torrent

>> No.19755706

Should work with JDownloader.

>> No.19756774

alright I started reading this zombie game
is there only 1 heroine, or is the vndb page just lacking in all the characters you get to fuck?
also are the sequels worth playing?

>> No.19757086

Here you go buddy.

>> No.19757395

Currently trying to download it. It will take a day to finish it.
If it'll make it to the end i'll upload it on mega for >>19754168 on the "Untranslated VN General" thread.

>> No.19757420

Sounds great. If you manage to get the file could you split it into 500MB (or less) rar parts? MEGA offers great speed but they do have a daily download limit and I think it is lower than 3GB, not enough to get the game in one download session.

>> No.19757434

Ok, but it will take me a couple of days to do it if things go right (currently downloading at 70 KiB/s......... let's hope my connection doesn't crash).
I'll post on this thread to update you on the progress.

>> No.19757460

Thanks in advance anon.

>> No.19757482

I already had it, I just couldn't be assed to upload it if there was already another source. But it sounds like that source is shit, so:

>> No.19758298
File: 532 KB, 500x631, Boku wa Tomodachi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished Nukitashi (which was great btw), as I'm currently still looking for a working download, is pic related any good?
Made by the same people, but the story seems to be totally different from Nukitashi.

>> No.19758301

It's pretty good mostly all around, doujin production values but I liked kouhai's voice acting.

>> No.19758333
File: 69 KB, 357x702, Screenshot_89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well there are more heroines(though you only need Mitsuki, Mitsuki best girl) in the sequels, and the sequels is where it really get good, but you will undestand that it's an adaptation of a wn so it doesn't have that much bifurcation like a pure eroge.
I haven't played nukitashi but I played bokutomo, it's pretty good and I really liked the perspective of "friend" of the mc (and kouhai best girl.)

>> No.19758337

>and kouhai best girl
That would be Mikoto-senpai, world's easiest heroine.

>> No.19758523

What's the best NTR game of the last year?

>> No.19758550

Cuck Simulator

>> No.19758557

>but the sequels is where it gets good
that's nice to hear
is the series over after 3, or will I be stuck waiting for more?

>> No.19758600

Anyone know if there's any way to make Carnival stop opening in full screen, even though I have it set to windowed?

>> No.19758670
File: 85 KB, 210x362, Screenshot_1 (8).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It hasn't ended yet, though the vol. 3 ended in a good spot,and the author hasn't advanced more in the wn either the last time I checked so I think it will be a long wait for the vol. 4.
To be honest I don't remember why I liked the kouhai that much, but iirc she felt really real(lmao) at the end of her route, which made me sympathize a lot with her (best girl), and I'm weak to kouhais in general (in hatsuyuki sakura my favourite was the kouhai too lol)

>> No.19758851
File: 200 KB, 400x245, 871E6D84-E2FF-45D6-B6C2-C198F5B85DAE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kami-sama no Game, from Xuse last year. Fucking amazing plot+nuki kinetic novel. Strongly recommend.

>> No.19758920

Xuse is now kill and the writer is releasing the sequel in novel form online.

>> No.19758942

Hope you are kidding.

>> No.19758971

Stop using a text hooker and you won't need it to be in windowed mode.

It's not as if older games being blurry in fullscreen due to setting LCD monitors to a non-native resolution could possibly be an issue or anything.

>> No.19758976

I barely finish anything I start reading.

>> No.19758985

I finish most things I start reading but I have to force myself.

>> No.19758987

>not texthooking in full screen

>> No.19758994

I 100% all VNs I start

>> No.19759078
File: 162 KB, 800x600, hahhhhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19759099

Maoten was kind of lacking.

>> No.19759167

Wtf happened to Xuse??? Those faggots owe me another Aselia.

>> No.19759238

It gets ambitious towards the end but the routes didn't do much and they were so padded I'd say it was a conflicting experience. Heroines are great though.

>> No.19759547

I hope Laplacian goes bankrupt.

>> No.19759568
File: 194 KB, 255x367, tangent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Having trouble finding tan.-tangent- anywhere, how can I acquire/buy this VN?

>> No.19759887

It's on clubbox if you search for 061222 tan

>> No.19759900

There’s a very VN developers I pay attention to and they are mostly not making games anymore like Age, AkabeiSoft, Xuse.

The market is full of useless trash. Is the quality genre of this format just going to die and that’s all there is to it?

>> No.19759907

What are you smoking nigger? Akabeisoft and its brands are releasing a game after another,

>> No.19759953

Uh, no. Eroge has been better than it has ever been.

>> No.19759959

Nukitashi is literally the best eroge made in the last 300 years though?

>> No.19759963

Yes, they're prolific. But it's mostly trash.

I was so fucking pumped for Boku no Hitori Sensou because of Looseboy -- but that turned out to be a mess, and nothing from him since. Sousei Kitan Aerial was released 6 years ago, and nothing remotely like it since.

>> No.19759971


>> No.19759992

I'm eternally grateful, anon
Clubbox won't work worth a shite.

>> No.19759998

>I was so fucking pumped for Boku no Hitori Sensou because of Looseboy

>> No.19759999

Thanks for the link. Didnt notice before

Prism Magical was released roughly 8 years ago.

>> No.19760002


I haven’t played it. Does that mean it doesn’t have H scenes which are completely disconnected from the plot and girls routes in which everything in the common route disapears? So it has a real plot that isn’t moeblolbs giggling in cute slice-of-life scenarios?

>> No.19760011

Suck me, Kuni and G-Senjo are some of the best dramas in this genre.

>> No.19760018

if you knew japanese you could also glance over a few egs reviews to answer your inane questions

>> No.19760023

Go play it now. You don't know what real eroge is until you've played Nukitashi. It will open your eyes. I don't wanna spoil anything for you. Just go play it right now.

>> No.19760097

The game has an completely ridiculous setting for its story, but manages to make use of it in an interesting, compelling and funny way, while avoiding the things you just complained about.
At first I couldn't even tell if I was locked into a route or not, because the transition from common route to heroine route felt like the natural course of action for the story.
Doesn't mean that the game doesn't have any weak points, it's just that you can overlook them, since it avoids so many other ones and is just an enjoyable read.

>> No.19760106

Idk it's sarcasm or you really think loose boy was a bad writer (before boku no hitori sensou)

>> No.19760110

Honestly if you haven't played Nukitashi you should leave this thread and never come back here again.

>> No.19760116

I dropped it because the humour gets tiring and the action scenes are terrible.

>> No.19760139

That just means you're too stupid to appreciate Nukitashi's extremely highbrow humour. Good riddance, the game wasn't meant to be appreciated by the intellectually disadvantaged in the first place.

>> No.19760141

did the game rape your family or why are you trying to falseflag meme a genuinely great game?

>> No.19760166

I'm no falseflag. I'm simply just trying to show my appreciation for the best eroge made in the last 500 years. Is there anything wrong with that, hater?

>> No.19760174

Is there a working download somewhere for Boku wa Tomodachi? Everything I've found so far is dead.

>> No.19760212

Or you could wait for some anon to hook you up with a mega.

>> No.19760219

the 2DGF torrent worked fine for me, just finished downloadan an hour or so ago.

>> No.19760225

Ty so much anon!

>> No.19760243

Nukitashi is okay. The writing is kinda bad, the status quo way too persistent and while it seemed like it would try something a little new at first, that never happened. At the same time it felt like it didn't know what it wants to be. Nukige? Charage or Moege? Chuuni? It's nothing really in the end.

Overhyping the game isn't doing it justice, but I feel that if the staff behind it keeps at it and gets some experience, in another 2 or 3 games we could see something absolutely amazing.

>> No.19760250

It's a bakage. That's probably why the high score feels so insulting.

>> No.19760287

How does it want to be a nukige when it has barely any ero scenes for its length? The game isn't perfect but your criticisms don't make any sense.
And here we have another case of someone making statements about a game he hasn't played. Like usual.

>> No.19760289

would a bakage be a game that is dumb or a game about dumb?

>> No.19760296

Okay going by the VNDB entry for this game it’s something I’d normally ignore.

I’m going to trust you guys and give it a shot.

>> No.19760300

I was going to give it a shot until I saw バカゲー on EGS. I didn't even care it had a score of 85.

I guess I'll pass.

>> No.19760304

>It's a bakage
Picked up.

>> No.19760572

>Nukige? Charage or Moege? Chuuni? It's nothing really in the end.
This mindset is pretty retarded. Why does a VN have to fit into your stupid categories for what a VN should be? It's great if a VN does something unique and different, and this is something that should be applauded, not criticized for.

>> No.19760615

The problem is that it tried to be everything of that. And the result simply was that it ended up doing nothing well. I posted this before:

-Nukige? It has a setting fitting for that and it's incredibly... "pervy?". But then you get 3hcg for your chosen heroine at the end in quick succession and that's that? Uh...

-Moege? Tons of moege content in this one, until you get some random nukige-esque ero that goes against it.

-Chuuni? The battles may have been fun at first, but after 2 or so you'll realize how similar they all are. And how there are essentially no stakes and how they don't change anything.

The game has its comedy, though that grows a little old as well, especially given how fucking long it is and how nothing ever seems to want to really progress. But no matter how I look at this, this isn't the way to go. Not wanting to be in any of these categories is one thing. Trying to fit into all of them however is probably not going to work.

>> No.19760698

i'm beginning to think that you have poor japanese reading comprehension or speed

>> No.19760734

Imagine this guy trying to review television or movies.
Hmm so this Game of Thrones thing has romance, action AND sex scenes? Wtf why is this fantasy moege also trying to be a chuunige and nukige?!

>> No.19760770

whoa there buddy i dunno what a Thronege is but around here you're allowed either fight scenes OR smooch scenes, not both

how else will i know what shelf to put it on? i can't put one game on the chuuni AND the nuki shelf, that's stupid. you're stupid.

>> No.19760823
File: 9 KB, 347x269, goshinbou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been reading VNs for...like 12 years. Holy shit. I comprehend almost no written Japanese at all. I recognize some very basic words but that's it.

Back in the day if you wanted to understand what the protag was saying/thinking and finer points of plot you used Atlas with texthooker or you hit up Breen's JDIC (mostly for kanji lookups).

Life is a lot easier now. Google translate will take romanized phonic pronunciations and give you a kanji recommendation that you can match.

>> No.19760828
File: 265 KB, 590x719, gomi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19760833

>Nukitashi is okay. The writing is kinda bad,
You don't know Japanese. The writing is incredibly fresh and varied.

>> No.19760837

I recommend you to try out Nukitashit. The plot isn't very deep in the first place, and the writing is not very good, so for someone like you it should be quite easy to read.

>> No.19760843
File: 254 KB, 1238x764, NukiTashi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, NukiTashi -- off to a great start.

>> No.19760853

It's just a fucking game, you dork. It doesn't fit under any labels but that doesn't mean it tried to be everything. It just is what it is and that's fine.

>> No.19760856

Thank you. I mostly rely on voice dialogues to understand what's going on.

>> No.19760876

The SS have routes, they're just paired with the main heroines. Rei and Hinami, Ikuko and Misaki, Touka and Nanase.

>> No.19760930
File: 641 KB, 1280x960, MOkx6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based on this walkthrough http://seesaawiki.jp/w/baldr_force/d/BS2/%cb%dc%ca%d4%b9%b6%ce%ac do I have to read 記憶遡行 after akine?
I don't get it, isn't it just the same old memories I have already read parsed together?

>> No.19760943

There's a few new parts sprinkled in.

>> No.19760955

Yes and it sucks because the game doesn't recognize already seen text so you have to skip shit manually. There's a few new memories and some battles in the mix too however.

>> No.19761168

Any VN's that try way too hard to be "unique" but just end up falling flat on their faces and becoming mere curios?

>> No.19761188


>> No.19761330

How can you have the balls to write a remark on a game you don't even understand, google-translate-kun?

>> No.19761449

The fuck.

>> No.19761464


>> No.19761709

Wow FUCK you...
...except I will admit most of the routes sucked.

>> No.19761747

At least I have the balls not to lie about my Japanese reading comprehension level...

I play these games only because they’re so much better than the shit that gets picked up by Western publishers. You guys shouldn’t be so damned elitist over it there’s a lot of anons who have no idea what they’re missing out on.

>> No.19761810

On the off chance this isn't bait, I hope you realize you most definitely have the worst comprehension in this thread, and just because you can't do something doesn't mean everyone is the same as you. I can't imagine how someone could become this invested in reading untranslated VNs, and insist on reading trash MTL instead of properly learning the language to read the actual text, especially after fucking 12 years. It's not that hard to learn. And google translate to figure out the kanji of a kana word is also probably the dumbest and least effective methods I've ever heard. I'd tell you the easier way to do this but you're too much if a faggot to deserve that.

>> No.19762179

You're worse than those who strictly stick to English releases because you're more delusional.

>> No.19762248

Why are you guys so desperate to defend Nukitashi? Is it because Moogy gave it a 7?

>> No.19762255

Unique art doesn't exist anymore, everything has been done already

>> No.19762257

Hi moogy

>> No.19762258


>> No.19762267

I think he play Pro Dota 2

>> No.19762289

He's probably trolling. Or is Clephas.

>> No.19762294

Hopefully he won't go on a shooting rampage like that Madden pro player yesterday.

>> No.19762304
File: 22 KB, 533x400, 20100511110227c05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too soon.

>> No.19762307

>bad writing

>> No.19762311

>linking Quof, aka MDZ 2.0

>> No.19762318


>> No.19762319


>> No.19762324

>linking an e-celeb tweet to prove anything
I don't know what you were going for here but now I'm fully convinced that Nukitashi is trash, good job.

>> No.19762330

Kamaitachi no Yoru. I can easily see why it's considered a classic, the production values in the remake are good and I could possibly recommend it solely for its uniqueness, but the storytelling is really basic and cliche likely intentionally and there's no satisfying payoff at the end.

You would best go into it blind, but if you want to know: after getting enough endings in the mystery story, you unlock other routes and the game throws all semblance of consistency straight out of a window. Basically every route is a different type of genre shift starring same characters, often in different types of roles and backgrounds. You got murder mystery, you got a supernatural horror story, you got spy fiction, there's one route taking place in the afterlife, a parody version of the mystery route, another non-branching mystery route, fourth wall breaking metafiction and so on. To top it off there's no true route or anything that would explain the genre shifts and tie everything together, the whole game is just one massive troll and your enjoyment mostly depends on how well you can shut down your brain and just enjoy the ridiculousness of it all.

>> No.19762331


>> No.19762339


>> No.19762353

Some faggot.

>> No.19762359

>anyone with an identity is an e-celeb
Bad meme.

>> No.19762360

Why not play it instead. I don't think it's that great either but it's not trash by any means. Form your opinion.

>> No.19762370

Anyone who's identity is based on them spouting their opinions loudly and little else is an e-celeb.

>> No.19762375

I've heard the name before, thus making him an e-celeb no matter your protests to the contrary.

>> No.19762382

Dude's a VN translator, that's what he's known for. Not opinions.

>> No.19762389

That makes him especially unrelated to this thread. Fuck off.

>> No.19762395

There's lots of VN translators you probably don't know the name of. He's "known" because he spouts shit all the time. There's also no reason to talk about a translator here.

>> No.19762396

>guys he's not an e-celeb!!!! he's just a random guy who i found randomly on the internet whose random opinion i happened to agree with!!! *schlurp* *schlurp* *schlurp*
What even happened to this thread?

>> No.19762401

Nobody's talking about the translator but you two, the point were the screenshots.

>> No.19762408

Then you could have posted them directly instead of linking to some N2-kun you worship saying the game is good.

>> No.19762414

Is this seriously the most compelling insult you can come up with?

Do I have to start posting vocaroo challenges here?

>> No.19762415

Not everyone's autistic about hiding all traces of identity when posting content. You don't need to be so sensitive.

>> No.19762416

>vocaroo challenges

>> No.19762419

You don't know Japanese.

>> No.19762420

Back to DJT.

>> No.19762423

Total fucking cringe. Good luck on your N3, btw.

>> No.19762424

Why did you respond to the same post twice?

>> No.19762425

>no sexual content

>> No.19762426

You're so cringey multiple people found it so.

>> No.19762429

That would be you.

>> No.19762434

Shut the fuck up DJTkiddies.

>> No.19762436

I bet you're that N2-kun with 176 on N1. It really got into your head.

>> No.19762442

I never took the JLPT because passing N1 isn't proof you know Japanese so I don't care about it.

>> No.19762458

Fair enough. It has its uses, but none to a neet like you.

>> No.19762461

There is nothing wrong with being a hikineet on /jp/.

>> No.19762474

So I’m playing Nukitashi. As anons have said the premise totally gonzo, 100% fap material. Strangely enough there seem like there are virgin heroines which is strange considering you can’t go 5 minutes on perverted sex island without someone shoving thier crotch at you. Lol I bet most or all of the main heroines are going to be virgins.

>> No.19762481

>premise totally gonzo, 100% fap material.
I don't follow, could I get a translation?

>> No.19762487

Why do you guys get so triggered whenever someone who is known and respected gets mentioned?

>> No.19762492

because muh anonimoos

>> No.19762495

Are you sure being "respected" on Reddit is something to be proud of?

>> No.19762503

By whom?

>> No.19762505

>Tweets about Japanese hentai powerpoints


>> No.19762513

4chan is basically the ideal place for people who need mental help to avoid getting it and shit up entire communities in the process, usually by forcing everyone else to eat their delusional diarrhea raw, because the mods never ban people who troll or shit up generals day after day, and even if they did you'd never know what else they posted before or that they were actually a small number of people forcing something stupid.

>> No.19762521

As an eroge Nukitashi is actually really bad fap material. You'll have to settle with the shitty over the top humour.

>> No.19762523


>> No.19762577

Anyone who outsources his opinions to e-celebs is someone with nothing inbetween his ears.

>> No.19762599

You keep using that word.
You don't know what it means.

>> No.19762612

e-celebs are people who have gained popularity through social media. they are e-celebs.

>> No.19762620

Social media has nothing to do with it and neither does mere "popularity". You have to be famous.

Someone with 500 followers on twitter is not "famous".

>> No.19762625

If it's not an anonymous post on an anonymous image board, I'm afraid it's an e-celeb.

>> No.19762631
File: 6 KB, 534x113, e-celeb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can say "that's not an official definition", but neither is the one you made up in your head.

>> No.19762637

Okay, guess you're an e-celeb then. Out you go. Shoo.

>> No.19762640

definitions are not prescriptive and attempting to reference dictionaries to make a semantics argument just make you a fool

>> No.19762642

Are you my fan?

>> No.19762649

No, Anonymous is.

>> No.19762655


>> No.19762660

Care to tell us why your personal definition of e-celeb is the only accurate one?

>> No.19762662

care to tell us why yours is

>> No.19762667

My definition includes your definition, but yours excludes mine.

>> No.19762668


>> No.19762672

Good argument.

>> No.19762677

definitions are not injective

>> No.19762684

Definitions aren't real

>> No.19762713


>> No.19762725

He isn't some rando. He's a regular poster here and our 仲間.

>> No.19762729

Kyaaaa, Quof posts here!

>> No.19762737

I didn't know that he was /our仲間/, back to discussing eroge guys.

>> No.19762741

t. quof
You're not my 仲間, fuck off.

>> No.19762754

Is Hunanity good?

>> No.19762758

You need a 502 IQ to understand Humanity. If you're not keeping count, that's 302 more IQ than you need to understand Subahibi.

>> No.19762791

Forgot to add he buys and uploads random obscure stuff for us too.

>> No.19762851

200 is far from enough if you want to interpret and understand Subahibi on anything but a surface level.

>> No.19762859

It’s like reading /pol/ except without saying "Jew" or using triple bracket echoes every post.

>> No.19762875

Don't give them ideas

>> No.19762890


>> No.19762895

Because this is an anonymous discussion platform where users are aware that one of the foundations of anonymous discussion is the equal treatment of opinions and that they must be kept free from identities and authority, so it's no wonder its users won't appreciate appeals to authority of any kind. Not hard to understand.

>> No.19762898

everything you just said is extremely delusional lol

>> No.19762928

i think it should be 【】

>> No.19762933

What, are you some kind of fag who doesn't masturbate exclusively to bad jokes?

>> No.19762946

You don't even read eroge.

>> No.19762989

Everyone that discussed eroge on here has moved to discord or twitter

>> No.19763146

Unless Moogy is teasing his moobs on Twitch, he is no e-celeb.

>> No.19763279

Try putting on a name and tripcode and go around the site for a few hours to see how you are treated then, "lol".

>> No.19763287

that doesn't have anything to do with what you asserted at all

>> No.19763397

It does, I literally talked about identity being frowned upon and why. You might also try to put up your IRC/Discord channel and chat logs from "prominent personalities" from it to see how well people handle it. We don't want to deal with that shit and it's always been that way.

>> No.19763428

You lost bub, it's time to stop posting.

>> No.19763435

the moment you said "the equal treatment of opinions" you kinda dispelled any pretense of this being about people having names or not

>> No.19763454

Did you guys seriously shitpost for what, 5 hours?
Don't you have something better to do, like playing VNs? Don't take every fucking bait.

>> No.19763879
File: 380 KB, 1280x720, NUKITASHI_2018-08-27_07-59-30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cant fuck this cutie
why live

>> No.19763888

Like all good things, wait for the Fandisc.

>> No.19763891


>> No.19763905

Don't worry, she's gonna feel so fucking annoying soon enough, that you don't want anymore. She is such an awful one trick pony, seriously.

>> No.19763918

Is NukiTashi better than Summer Pockets?

>> No.19763983

That's not exactly an achievement. But yes.

>> No.19764089

Her voice is annoying mainly because it's not natural and sound like the seiyuu is trying too hard.

So far it's keeping my interest. I'm skipping a lot of text which is mostly gag events. I'm up to the first 4 heroines and as expected every single one is a virgin, lol.

Why does Nanase dress and talk like a garyu slut if she's a virgin and doesn't want to actually have sex? Why is she the school's bitchi idol when no one has ever banged her once when that's a public activity the entire school must participate in?

Misaki seems to have literally no reason to not being a regular part of society.

Why hasn't Hinami screwed anyone when literally the entire school should know she's legal...for three fucking years??

So far the premise of the setting is just a very shallow gimmick.

>> No.19764100

Maybe you shouldn't skip so much text, all that is explained properly.

>> No.19764101

learn japanese retard

>> No.19764103

>I'm skipping a lot of text
You didn't really read it.

>> No.19764109

It is, but you can still question it. Nanase actually having had a lot of sex would've made a lot more sense, but in the end it's the same old same old virgin obsession going on. Which is an utter shame, given how her route could've gone against it for once. Instead you get the dumb double standard of the protag.

>> No.19764129

If the writing was even a little more deep you should have at least one island girl character who grew up being banged non-stop but who then gets swayed by the protag's ideals of love and stops wanting to have sex with anyone else.

>> No.19764212

Why do you want a non virgin heroine so bad?

>> No.19764220

>I'm skipping a lot of text
Stop posting here retard.

>> No.19764226

>tfw noticed the white noise in the background while voice lines play
this is killing my immersion

>> No.19764232

it's the same old same old non-virgin obsession going on

>> No.19764238

this thread likes used pussy and NTR

>> No.19764242

Because Japan always tries to make them a virgin, no matter how utterly retarded it is. And it'd really fit Nukitashi for there to actually be one that isn't. I also hate the double standard how the protags are fine to sleep around. It's 2018.
I mean, when you read something like Shinsou Noise where the villain forces the protag to "rape" the heroine instead of just doing it himself while he has to watch, you basically know where we are currently with the medium. But every girl has to be a virgin and for the protag only. No matter how retarded that may end up being. It's awful.

>> No.19764247

ero is the cancer killing eroge

>> No.19764256
File: 203 KB, 1920x1080, nansuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why does the year matter? Obviously the primary demographic (we don't matter to them) can't handle non virgins outside nukige, im sure you already knew this though.

>> No.19764260

It's not that retarded for jap highschoolers to be virgins desu

>> No.19764271

Every girl by 16 already had at least 3 cocks in them though. It's definitely unrealistic.

>> No.19764274

>I mean, when you read something like Shinsou Noise where the villain forces the protag to "rape" the heroine instead of just doing it himself while he has to watch
If we put this situation in the real world for a second, being forced to rape someone you care about would actually be a pretty fucked up thing to go through

>> No.19764275

>Shinsou Noise where the villain forces the protag to "rape" the heroine


>> No.19764278

>Every girl by 16 already had at least 3 cocks in them though
I would think r9k would want unrealistic virgin heroines

>> No.19764287

Nah you'd secretly be really happy that you finally get to fuck her and can put the blame for it on someone else. It's a hot fantasy to many, hence it's in the game.

>> No.19764288

are you trolling

>> No.19764298

It's a fantasy, which is why it's fun in eroge but wouldn't work out that nicely in the real world.

>> No.19764310

>tfw it's never coming

>> No.19764320

>I'm up to the first 4 heroines and as expected every single one is a virgin
From what I read on the official website, isn't that like, the whole point of the game? That MC and his heroines are pretty much the only ones protecting their virginity or something like that?
They even wrote in the character descriptions of the main heroines that they're all virgins.

>> No.19764325

You know what eroge needs? More scenes where the protag forces the heroines to yuri-fuck each other. It would be especially hot if the girls were explicitly anti-yuri too.

>> No.19764327

But I want to have a touching romance with a slutty girl who's taken countless dicks

>> No.19764331

A man of culture

>> No.19764333

I hope you understand that eroge without ero is just ge.

>> No.19764335

easy solution: put the ero in a non-canon unlock menu that populates as you play the game

>> No.19764373

That's dumb

>> No.19764402

this but unironically

>> No.19764472

I'd love this.

>> No.19764507

Eden did it.

>> No.19764558

The guy doesn't though. He just uses some weird double standard. "As long as I say I'm a virgin, I am TEHEHEHE".

>> No.19764566

Are you a girl?

>> No.19764601

Last time I check the guy is the most uptight of the whole group when it comes to being a virgin.

>> No.19764784

>Amayui bad ending
Jesus Christ. Why?

>> No.19764941
File: 136 KB, 604x130, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do I stop quitting vn's halfway through because I find another vn i'm interested in

>> No.19764950

stop looking/listening to other VN stuff. I have the same issue as you. Helps to finish the VN quickly, if im reading it longer than like a week(busy with irl shit) my interest will fade.

>> No.19765199

I think this problem is super common. VNs just seem way more interesting if you read the description compared to when you actually play them.

>> No.19765228

You just have a low attention span. Very common problem.

>> No.19765250

I feel the opposite way. I can't even bear to read through the description on a game's site or on vndb, but I'll gladly read the game if it's mentioned here often.

>> No.19765332

Anyone here played Tapestry (https://vndb.org/v1378)?
I really like the art, and the synopsis makes it sound interesting enough, though i'm wondering if it's actually any good. Plus i'm not too sure if i'm prepared to read it if it ends the way i'm expecting it to

>> No.19765372

>summer pockets tsumugi route
>protag finds a stack of images
>cg of the photo is in color

>> No.19765453

>sheet music in cg actually matches the tune they're humming
alright, I'm no longer mad

>> No.19765473

Do you know what is the music title she sings 9f?

>> No.19765756
File: 1.66 MB, 1616x938, Loli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Himari's situation is too funny.

>> No.19765996

If there is a game that doesn't deserve such criticism it's Nukitashi. It builds upon such cliche on purpose as a critique.
How could all the heroines be virgins, in a pervert island with compulsory sex!? Let's protect that! Even the name of the group NLNS is a double meaning joke. Ei, wait, let's define 'virgin'. If my heart doesn't follow, I keep being a virgin, right?
Also, Rei isn't a 'virgin', and could be said she's as much of a heroine, even if she doesn't have an official route (waiting for fandisk), so your argument is destroyed.

>> No.19765998

Let’s say there’s a setting in which everyone has an imouto; in this world it’s natural an expected that brothers and sisters will become romantically involved and marry. The protagonist is an only child which are very rare.

The difference between that setting being interesting and meaningful to the plot or just being a gimmick is how seriously you’re going to treat it.

>> No.19766054

That's an extremely retarded setting, as much as the cast would be.

>> No.19766056

This is the problem. Fine, have some virgins that required in this media. BUT why not explore interesting perspectives and character scenarios the setting can supply. For example a typical island born bitchi who’s effected by the protagonist romantically to abandon casual sex?

>> No.19766064

I'd play it

>> No.19766079

Would the protag be fine with girls saying the same thing? "As long as I want to, I'm a virgin"? That's what I wanted to see. That conflict. In the end they just lazied out on it in the same old way. Protag can have sex with random girls, heroines can't because they gotta be virgins. All the heroines belong to the protag. Have seen that one before. Nanase's route really had potential, but in the end it really was nothing at all. Felt a bit like when a trap game builds up all kinds of "yuri" drama just to ultimately throw it away because "protag is a guy" solves it all.

As for Rei: It's a side character. And to me a terrible one at that, like all other Nukitashi side characters as well. So I ignored their existences as much as I could. That said, side character "heroines" generally have a different standard in eroge. If there's a non virgin, it tends to be a side character. They also get raped a lot more commonly without a bad ending needed.

>> No.19766083

>Protag can have sex with random girls
But he doesn't

>> No.19766088

I think the whole point is, he doesn't want to have sex with random people, what matters is love.

>> No.19766101

It depends on how you develop it. If it’s just a shallow gimmick it would just be stupid. But if you look at the psychology and culture of such a world you can make it interesting. For example, only children are often discriminated against because they’re as immoral, aggressive, home wreckers etc. Maybe they are often depicted as villains in dramas. Why? Because an only child’s only romantic option is to steal someone else’s imouto so they get that kind of reputation.

>> No.19766109

That's still dumb gimmicky drama unless you can make the premise not feel retarded, which sounds like quite a task.

>> No.19766131

Just change a bit the setting and abandon the idea of modern Japan. You could buy someone else's sister for a camel and a few goats.

>> No.19766211
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>> No.19767183

The premise doesn’t need a bunch detailed explanation, it just needs enough not to seem completely retarded on the surface. For example, genetic engineering and government social policies. There’s two parts of the setting which are important: the need to have lots of imouto content, and the need to build compelling and interesting scenarios with the heroines. This setting is interesting because the protag would be an outsider, under pressure, and so he might sometimes become aggressive, lash out, but also bring fresh perspectives to relationship drama with the heroines. Does he have a hard time making friends? What do the boys who all have imoutos talk about / do together — do they get together and brag about how cute thier imoutos are?

>> No.19767268

The most important part of the setting is that all except maybe one of the heroines have onii-chans. Getting with one of them essentially means stealing an imouto. Maybe all you end up doing is just helping repair a damaged onii-chan/imouto relationship in the end. Maybe your best friend trusts you around his imouto, do you betray that trust?

>> No.19767287

>many boys secretly coveting each other's imoutos because the grass is always greener
>black market deals where for a price you can have a "long-lost" imouto "found" with all the appropriate papers and identification
>actually swapping imoutos is taboo though and only the most depraved of individuals do it, there's still a healthy porn market for it
>the imoutoless are regarded with a mix of pity and envy; on one hand they'll never know true love and happiness but on the other hand they're free agents for their entire lives, unlike the imoutoed who are constantly under the thumb of their chosen imoutos
>the country has become a police state in order to ensure pairings are seen through and observed
>surveillance devices in every home, always on the lookout for anti-imouto behavior
Big Brother is watching you

>> No.19767334

Lol. Maybe boys are brought up to be good big brothers. Onii-chan class? Do imoutos get pissed off if they find non-imouto porn under thier onii’s bed?

>> No.19767347

im glad you guys don't write eroge.

>> No.19767365


>> No.19767591

What an awful idea

>> No.19767608
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>> No.19767685

If I were to try it would just be more anthropomorphization of various things that haven't had the treatment yet.
Maybe the network stack, TCP/IP girl, UDP girl and their antagonist packet loss.
Their behaviors practically write themselves

>> No.19767881

New thread


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