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Friendly reminder.

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None of you play touhou

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>Chireiden on top
Now this is some great taste.
>Stage 1 boss
Pretty much ANY boss theme is better than Rumia's though.
>Stage 2 boss
Anything other than Jealousy or Tomboyish is objectively false. Deaf to all is valid too.
>main menu
DDC's or SA's are the only good answers.

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>DDC's or SA's are the only good answer
Never gonna make it
7, 8 and 9 all have better themes

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should PCB really be 6th difficulty wise? i mean you get free bombs all the time

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How on Earth does EOSD have the 3rd best cast? At best, PCB, IN, LOLK and TD all still have better casts than EOSD.

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This is retarded and whoever made it is retarded.

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>TD having better cast than EOSD
>being this delusional

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Back to r/eddit with you. Better yet, give your list so that we can laugh at how big of a pleb you are.

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This is just your opinion on things
HOWEVER, you are completely right about SA being one of the best touhou games in a multitude of matters

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nice bait

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Touhou 11 is the best game. The only part about it anyone would hate about it is the difficulty, at which point I would simply say "git gud".

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Subterranean Aneurysm is more overrated than IN, amazingly

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who are you quoting?

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Behold, the EoSD /v/ermin

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>le oldfag "greenarrows aren't used properly" meme
I know how the thing with the green arrow started and how it was supposed to be used, but over the long years its meaning changed completely and now it has more uses than quoting someone.
Kill yourself, you inflexible.

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TD is the worst game in the Windows mainline. It doesn't have anything redeeming about it. The game is completely forgettable, from its characters, over its soundtrack, to its spellcards. You must have a hard case of the special snowflake to think the game's cast is anywhere near the one in EoSD.

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Miko is one of the best and most well-written characters in the franchise.
This is the truth.

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Okay, but who are you quoting?

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>says "okay", ignoring all I typed, and continues to behave the same way
Truly an idiotic human being. Off yourself.

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please stop misusing the quoting function

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>still being this retarded
You just have to be doing it on purpose

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no way on earth UFO's cast is that good, they are 5 literally whos leeching from byakuren's fame, if anything kogasa and nue have some merit by their own, but the rest is forgettable as hell. Ichirin has been playable for 3 games now and nobody gives a shit about her

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>Ichirin has been playable for 3 games now
Hmmm, I wonder why...
>and nobody gives a shit about her
My sides. You're butthurt as fuck.

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Not shitting on UFO's cast (although I do agree other than Byakuren UFO is one of the weaker ones), but you should already know that ZUN doesn't care if a character is popular or not when he's putting a playable character in.

Else Flandre and Sakuya would be in everything.

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Fair enough.

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ZUN peaked between 10 and 13

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He's not wrong, Ichirin is a certified boringhu

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You're missing 14

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who quot

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you mean 7 and 11

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ZUN peaked between HRtP and VD

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Would you describe PoFV as "RNGshit"?

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Not only that, the gameplay itself is horrendous. It's a terrible idea.

14 is one of the best because it's the least gimmicky alongside 6. The top 3 games are 11, 7 and probably 14, although I'd say 10 is up there

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