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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Yume no Kakera, the translation is about to drop any day now.
If you trust Reddit.

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It better fucking not. I have a shitload of uniwork to do and if this shit gets translated, I can say goodbye to the plans to graduate this year.

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Why is this game so charming?

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Why did this game make FocasLens suddenly vanish?

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>Having zero self-control to the point you'd fail to graduate over a 2hu skinned pokemon rip-off

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I wish the actual Pokemon games balanced Pokemon stats more like TPDP does. There's much less of a gap between the highest and lowest BST, and the lowest are more tightly minmaxed so nothing is deliberately non-viable.

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Who are you quoting newfriend?

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At least Hemo made another game or 2 on DLsite. Its always nice seeing more of that art style. I don't remember much about his other games though.

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What kind of mouthbreather gives shit about translation give me new expansion with th16

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Remember the last time the translation was almost finished?

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Considering the part of the new team that posted updates on the translation couldn't fill out a post without sounding moments away from killing himself, I'm expecting another 2 month delay to "polish the translation up"

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How does your favorite Touhou perform in this performance, /jp/?
Aya's quite a beast. Fast, strong, and gets skill link in one of her evolutions. 125-power, perfect accuracy moves are as unfair as they are in the real games, and now they're coming from someone who can outrun 99% of the 'dex. Gets roost too, though she's way to fragile for that to really help.

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It's weird that Warped was introduced to nerf Wind partly because PAya was so dominatingly top usage, but then they made her a new physical multihit Fighting move so she can just use that on them instead.

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Last time they posted anything on their own website. They are fucking gone.

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Been forever since I played it but I remember Miko having that ability that reduces your attack if you get below half health, which became really annoying later in the game because the AI loves using items/moves that allow them to attack first.

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Was it? Was she? That's wonderful.

Defeatist is pretty fun.

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Didn't this translation team delay the release for a year or so at this point?

When I played the base game, Cirno was my favorite 2hu. She played like a lot of my favorite Pokémon: as a frail but hard hitting mixed attacker in her Attack form. She wasn't exactly the best in her trade, but she did her best and I found her fun.

Also worth mentioning are Shinmyoumaru and Yuuka, who were, and still are, my second and third favorite 2hus. I used both of them in their defense forms, and they actually filled quite similar roles: physical tanks with mediocre special stats. I remember Shinmy being pretty fun, with her priority moves and typing providing nice offense, and Yuuka was a great physical wall as well.

Over time, Kogasa has grown on me and is now my favorite character, but I haven't used her in TPDP long enough to share my thoughts on her.

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Die EOPs.

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Kogasa is my main without being my starter.

She just

One shots, too. It's nuts.

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Never really used Reisen, stopped playing before I could get a Yuuka (just kinda stopped, no offense to the game)

Kogasa is my number 2/3 after those two, and she dominates, but my starter was Seija (my top four is near equal) and she's solid.

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Kokoro having Moody made for a very interesting experience.

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It's not the same translation team. The old team that translated base imploded due to tumblr-tier drama, idiocy, and the project leads having egos the size of Jupiter - so naturally when everyone left due to not wanting to deal with their bullshit they sat on the project for more than a year while doing literally no work on it. When they decided to announce that they'd disbanded a new team almost immediately formed. That was about 6-8 months ago. This team's delayed the release for a few months, but it's nowhere near as bad as what it was.

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I tend to like puppets like I like Pokemon, more to do with what they can do in battle than their designs or whatnot. I really like Pokemon that can really leverage their Ability to the utmost, even if their stats or power aren't that great.

In my untranslated playthrough, Reisen (Not That One) was my MVP thanks to having a great moveset to utilize Technician in three different ways with a multihit 25-power Void STAB, a guaranteed-crit 60-power Water STAB, a 2-hit 50-power Steel coverage move, and a 50-power move that raises her Sp.Atk.

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Oh, I was aware of the translation team change, but I thought this new team delayed the release for much longer than they actually had. Thanks for clearing things up.

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I think they wanted an April release before pushing it back. And now it's a vague "in a few days." that was made almost a week ago, this wait is killing me.

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FocasLens has sadly been missing for 2 years. It's too bad. This is one of the best Touhou fangames for sure and could definitely use an updated roster with th16 and aocf puppets.

I agree, and not just because of Pokemon balancing. Route design and level scaling I've found is much better in TPDP due to them not relying on tall grass everywhere you need to go. And the catching, stat-up mechanics, move selection, and ability to actually see a Puppet's stats are all things I desperately wish were in actual Pokemon.

I do love the ability to use everything in a casual playthrough though. I caught a Luna with great stats and used her for shits and giggles, expecting her to be good early and quickly fall off a cliff, but she was one of the best Puppets all through my playthrough thanks to her coverage.

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I remember using Hecatia as my main during my first expansion playthrough. She really didn't seem all that special at first but her typing made her able to stand up to almost everything because almost nothing can deal good damage to it.

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Not sure about in YnK, but Sanae really grew on me in the original. Lucky let her stun lock enemies a lot. I also liked assist Satori, even if she was literally just Wobuffet, she could easily one for one an opponent. Defense Yuuka was nasty as well, since her low speed was an asset rather than a flaw thanks to her skill.

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I wish actual Pokemon games were this good too. Fucking depressing that a billions-tier franchise puts out those shameful things they call games.

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Look at this cutie

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Mokou hits like a truck and I love her

but it's kind of unfair since I would hazard most people got the all A+ starter for their favorite and thus everyone's is really good. maybe a better question is what Puppet ended up being really good for you that you didn't expect?

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All the trashmons (trash2hus?) from the old romhacks. There used to be no point in ever using any of the faires besides some extra form of Cirno but now they can actually do stuff.

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Mystia and Orange, who play like Yanmega and Blissey respectively. I did not expect to like those play styles as much as I do, particularly with Orange. I normally dislike defensive mons, but putting the equivalent of Charge Beam and Seismic Toss on her made for a surprisingly hard-hitting team member.

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this. Luna has great typing and a moveset that allowed her to anchor my team.

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In my original run of untranslated YnK just after it came out I used Extra Yuki and pumped all her points into her defense. She refused to die to anything but Poison attacks and hit like an absolute truck.

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>trust Reddit
Even if they do put out a ``translation'' it's going to be garbage because reddit's one of those communities that think inserting their shitty jokes in is more important than preserving the work's authenticity.

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I can't speak for YnK but the previous puppet game I was able to solo exclusively with speed boost Miko. No wilderness grinding either.

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99% of it is just going to be the previous translation because the base game was translated ages ago.

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>couldn't fill out a post without sounding moments away from killing himself
Don't even joke about that, I'm terrified it'll happen and cause the project to be cancelled again.

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I don't trust any team with this game after what happened last time, but I am really excited. I hope the translation for the expansion comes out soon so I can replay it.

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That's called a moment of broader awareness ! ! ! ! !

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When a new version with the rest of the girls and double battles? seriously, there are a lot of puppets that would be so good in double battles.

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Still more likely than the translation being released

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Here's hoping it's out soon. I didn't touch the game for nearly two years because I was waiting for the translation to release. Replayed it a few months ago and it's only made me want the expansion again

Kaguya hits like a truck and... that's all I remember honestly. I also recall being really annoyed at the start thanks to light and dark being super effective against each other but the resistances she got from going Defense made up for it.

Speed Rin with Morale Boost. Kitty practically soloed her way through the Elite Four

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I don't play this game but I like hearing descriptions of the characters fighting abilities you guys give.

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Oh, it's out.
A 403 page strategy guide

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It's quite fun. I keep using Puppets of characters I never expected to be useful past early game like Keine and Mystia

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They had the sense not to create deliberate totally-useless shitmons like Pokemon does to half its roster every generation. Puppets with 500+ BST usually waste a lot of points in mixed attack stats they'll never use, whereas the 470-ish crowd often get stats they don't need as low as 30 or 40 so they can boost the useful ones way up, and generally have more powerful Abilities. You'd never see an early-route <500 BST Bug pokemon with 140 / 35 attacks or Drought, but this gives their equivalents here just that, so you can actually make use of any puppet you want to.

>> No.19721111

>waste a lot of points in mixed attack stats they'll never use
This sort of thing triggers me so hard.

>> No.19721419

I feel like it can also make you appreciate more minor characters when you know you can use someone like Shizuha to the same effectiveness as a stage 6 boss

>> No.19721703

I like their banner.

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As someone who ended up learning about "high end" Pokemon battles for a friend who would participate in a competitive scene, everything about the game has quality of life improvements over Pokemon. On top of that, your favorite will always get use. They really nailed game design in every aspect.

>> No.19725079

I dunno about EVERY aspect. Every stage of each Touhou looking the same is lame, the lack of game progression and direction really hurts, and far to many of the moves are "hit other guy, 10% chance for whatever" and boring stuff like that. I guess the latter's true of the vanilla games too, though.

>> No.19725149

I said quality of life improvements.
>easy distribution of EVs
>simple IV reads
>can change IVs, strength, flaw
>did the 'HMs are items' before Pokemon did

>lack of game progression and direction really hurts
Define progression and direction in your case? Because the typical definitions are very broad and your statement doesn't really tell me anything
> far to many of the moves are "hit other guy, 10% chance for whatever"
this isn't quality of life either, but I would say it has a good variety
Priority moves, boost moves, recoil moves,stat up moves. Not really sure what it's lacking?

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The moves are ok and a lot of puppets in x form has their own moves and habilities, the only sin of that is there isn't much moves, putting in the table the big list of moves that pokemon implemented since gen 2 it's unfair.

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Don't fucking play with my feelings man, is already bad enough that hemo fucking disappeared and most likely never update the game again.

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We will never have EOkina ;_;

>> No.19725875

>hemo managed to do a good netplay
>he disappeared
>the shanghai.EXE's dev needs help with netplay
fuck this rotten luck

>> No.19725908

is weird that hemo disappeared, i thought shion revived him...but only lasted some days.

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Who's your starter going to be whenif the translation drops?

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Kogasa, with my team being my top six 2hus. I already used Shinmyoumaru and Yuuka in my playthrough of the base game, but I'm thinking I could use their Extra forms.

I started a playthrough of the unfinished translation with Seija as my starter and with the rest of my team (planned) as my bottom five, but I lost interest after getting to Mokou.

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Her wedding dress sprite is really pretty.

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I started playing this for the first time a couple months ago but seeing all the content that was added in the expansion made me stop and wait for this new team. Is there any way to make it so I can use my old save with the expansion or do I have to start from scratch? I was at the SDM and I had some pretty cool puppets.

>> No.19726717

I'm pretty sure there is. You'd have to look it up though. I don't recall it off the top of my head but it lets you get your old puppets back somehow.

>> No.19727079

Unless someone's released a third party tool that I'm not aware of, no. You can link your base game save to the expansion, but all that does is allow you to use your old puppets in the post game. You would still need to start from the beginning.

He's talking about converting a base game save to an expansion save, not that.

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You also said "They really nailed game design in every aspect." That's wrong. The QoL additions are great for what they are.

>Define progression and direction in your case?
In the actual games, you've got a goal and series of steps to reach it. Wanna meet Pokes, beat gyms, be the champ. You're always going to the next town to beat the next boss, or to do some errand you need to run in order to get to the next town and beat the next boss. Eventually Team X shows up and it becomes important to beat them whenever they appear, and eventually it'll become a quest in it's own right to stop their grand scheme. That's what I mean by direction.
TPDP doesn't have that. Your goal is to find a way out of Gensokyo, and at most there's a "oh maybe someone over there will know something" keeping you moving. It's not great. No consistency from gyms or anything either. I didn't realize how important that formula was for these games until playing this, but it really is.

>> No.19728090

Have you ever played the Genius Sonority games on the GameCube? Those don't have the kind of structure seen in the main games, yet I think their progression works well. Hell, they're even better in regards to telling a more engaging story and having more varied battles. I don't think Pokémon needs to be tied to the gym formula to be done well.

>> No.19728098

I guess I shouldn't have worded that part like that. What I should have said was, 'they nailed all of those aspects' specifically.

As for the direction and such
> Your goal is to find a way out of Gensokyo
That's the direction though. It sounds more like you're not satisfied with the direction rather than a lack of it.
It's a 'get out of Gensokyo but you also run into all sorts of trouble and fights along the way' type of deal. Not saying the game is flawless or anything, but I personally so no issue with how it handled progression-wise.

>> No.19728124

Kanako felt kinda off. Hit hard as hell in one form, but died to anything because of typing, the other was a defensive powerhouse but still not great, I don't even know what the third one was but that form had a terrible stat distribution. None of them had any decent boosting moves which was a shame.

>> No.19728521

you die too, sperg

>> No.19729047

I thought hemo's still around, though. Last I saw him he made a Mugetsu and Gengetsu yuri game and a puzzle game with Flandre, Koishi, Kokoro, and Nue.

>> No.19729654

I dunno. I might pick Marisa again, since she seems 'starter-ish'. Or maybe I'll go with Satori. Or Yuuka. Or Patchouli. Or Remilia. Or Clownpiece.
With such a large cast, it's difficult to pick a single favorite.

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File: 712 KB, 1024x768, __bart_simpson_and_junko_the_simpsons_and_touhou_drawn_by_kaliningradg__2a43c985209f54962baf330e6cd250fd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>translation comes out
>The immediately hemo appears out of the fucking nowhere and announces another expansion
And because the hame is not free, i am sure he will not be open mind like the shanghai.exe dev who has an official translation team which he helps with dev builts.

>> No.19729931

All my top 3 tohos fucking suck
Might pick doremi because she is literaly deoxys
And takes 4th place in my tohosort

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>Oh no now there will be gaijins who will WANT to buy my game to support me if I include an English translation if I work alongside some guys who will do it for FREE because they liked my game that much!
Japanese are so fucking dumb sometimes man. How do they not realize how big of a potential market they're missing?

>> No.19730689

Let's be honest, anon, most of the people would pirate it.

>> No.19730754

People would buy as long as it's done correctly, as long as they're given easy access to someplace where they can buy. Like, imagine if he put up the game on Steam. That's an easy 10k minimum sales from baka gaijins. Accessibility is one of the most important things there are, if you make buying more easier than pirating, a bunch of would-be pirates will buy it because it's simpler and easier that way. And, of course, because they'd actually like to support the dev in a meaningful manner now that they've got a easy way to do so.

People would still pirate it? Obviously. But what's preferable? To have nothing but pirates? Or have actual buyers and pirates? It's nothing but pluses.

>> No.19730776

>Not portability
Hemo should convince ZUN and Nintendo to allow him to make it an indie for 3ds.

>> No.19730791

How do you even load the game I'm such a dumbass

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Further to the point. Just look at people like >>19730791 this. Pirating is simply too hard for too many people nowadays too, they're too dumb to even find a download link, too dumb to even install a translation patch. Going into the e-shop, click buy, and get $15 drained in exchange for an easy to boot icon on your home menu is super convenient in comparison. This fat fuck has always been right about this regarding piracy.

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Hey guys, when in Rome kudasai.

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I thought about using Junko but her abilities feel kinda meh. Maybe Yuuka instead because she is cute and I used to have Yuuka on my team back in the old romhacks, when she had like 5 speed.

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Some people from /v/ is lurking here, don't question why they "quote", you will never understand it and they will never understand why you don't get it.

>> No.19731189

Most of the super active threads like to talk in quotes, for example you said

"I don't like x, x is shit"

They put it as
>Liking x
>Implying someone can like x
X is shit"

So they are basically quoting themselves.

>> No.19731197

I mean the super active boards.

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Fuck off Sanae. Useless slut.

>> No.19731238

After some rethinking, turning your oost into "quotes" basically summarizes it, plus is nore fun that doing a wall of text. All the non normies boards get this idea...except /jp/ for some reason

>> No.19731305

because you're only supposed to use that function to quote other posters. it is BBS culture, and particularly japanese BBS culture. it's like using sage.

we don't care what other boards like /v/ do on this website.

>> No.19731344

Of course, i should have know that only /jp/ would care for this.

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It's /jp/'s pleb filter and judging from your shitfit it's working exactly as intended.

>> No.19731553

Might I ask who those top 3 are?

>> No.19733195

wait i'm an uncultured pig how is doremy deoxys

>> No.19733269

Is bullshit, Hecatia is the actual Deoxis, she has the "different forms" gimmick

>> No.19734063

I mean her stat spreads are like deoxys-a

>> No.19734508

I remember this game started very strong (if kinda hard), then going solid (and much easier), and then the dungeons became too long and maze-like for their own good. And then Shinki kicked you straight in the nads. Did they at least make dungeons lighter in YnK? That's pretty much my best motivation to try it out.

>> No.19734596

Not really my favourite, but Defense Reimu with Economist is pretty fucking stupid when you discover it works on gemstones. Kinda helps the only way to kill her is either really strong moves (which she can shrug off with recover) or Sound moves.

>> No.19734610

I never saw it as difficult except when the game was completely untranslated, moves and all. The dungeons though, in some cases were kind of insane.

>> No.19734639

The dungeons are still around but a few of the really bad ones got broken up or trimmed down.

>> No.19734683

Good to know.
Well, Pokémon games didn't make you fight a team of five in the very first town. Also the first Reimu fight can get ugly if you aren't packing anything against Normal Reimu. Shinky gets a pass because she's the final boss.

>> No.19734853

Ah, yeah. The team of five and first reimu fight are pretty bad. I honestly think I read your post wrong. The start was uncharacteristically difficult.

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I like how this thread is a few days old now.

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I'm going to have to leave this thread open all day, aren't I

>> No.19736754

And then I see the date.
I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up

>> No.19738784

A month ago he said two weeks. A week ago he said the same day. Three days ago he said two days. Calling it now: Patch release in two more weeks

>> No.19739096

As long as it actually releases, I don't mind. I heard fun stuff about some of the new puppets and I would like to try them out.

>> No.19739193

Does anyone know how to YnK working on Linux? It'll run under Wine but I can't figure out how to link the expansion to the base game like you can on Windows.

>> No.19742157

I should reconsider keeping this thread alive, but I seriously want to believe that I'll wake up to a release and some great discussion

>> No.19742192

Trust me, I've got this tab pinned thinking the exact same thing

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I remember when this was translated, I enjoyed playing it

I still have my save though somethings wrong with the text, this was my squad

>> No.19742591
File: 132 KB, 640x480, gn_enbu_2018-08-25_14-12-02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The text problem usually occurs when you don't have your locale set to Japanese.

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Sacchan a cute.

>> No.19742785

Anyone know how Good Management works? Does it only affect actual boosts like from pinch charms, or does it also work on passive increases like the Shard of Dreams or the not!Assault Vests?

>> No.19742953

Works exactly the same as Simple from Pokemon. If it doesn't show an in-combat stat increase effect it won't do anything.

>> No.19743208
File: 244 KB, 816x1088, 68359149_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A cute indeed.

>> No.19743545

One criticism I do have is the way it handles the attack split. I get the whole "it's 2hus, so they should fight with danmaku!" concept, but even the official games don't make everything bullets outside of the actual danmaku games. It's silly to have a puppet holding a sword but only ever holding it up like a baton while they throw hammers or whatnot and never actually using it, and it makes the disctinction between Focus and Spread moves feel a lot more thematically arbitrary then a Physical / Special divide would have.

>> No.19744295

but the danmaku games have youmu slicing, kagerou biting and okina sitting on your face

>> No.19744517
File: 290 KB, 566x800, __hakurei_reimu_and_sukuna_shinmyoumaru_touhou_drawn_by_hemogurobin_a1c__c2b5d3493af542df8c80d3699533df7c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember having this same issue, but I cannot remember whether I actually resolved it or simply gave up and installed it on Windows. I believe the outcome was the latter, but when I am able to I will double check to make sure.

>> No.19745330

Does anyone know how does the AI handle Extra Seija's ability? Or if it handles it at all?

>> No.19745413

Making sprites is hard anon.

>> No.19746185

>I get the whole "it's 2hus, so they should fight with danmaku!" concept, but even the official games don't make everything bullets outside of the actual danmaku games.
Yeah, this sucks. Every single move being a bunch of bullets its really, really boring. Holds the game back something fierce.

>> No.19746959

I love the little 2hus in the character sheet.

>> No.19747486

I tried to link the games through wine's drive_c where you go into the focaslens folder under appdata but that didn't appear to work like its supposed to under windows. Maybe its just impossible to link the expansion to the base game under wine?

>> No.19748096

I don't see how that's a problem at all. Splitting bullets into focused and spread was a brilliant idea that makes perfect sense within Touhou's rules too.

>> No.19748134

I wish more 2hus had their eyes open too

>> No.19748189

I recall having trouble to make YnK recognize the base game on my old Windows XP toaster too, but eventually I managed to get it working by playing around with the installation folders. I was going to say I forgot how to do it but then I remembered that I posted about it on the jay and on the TPDP translation forums.
tl;dr check the log.txt file, it should give you a hint of where you can try installing the base game in order for YnK to find it.

>> No.19749725

Any day now

>> No.19749831


>> No.19750246

It makes it completely arbitrary which move is which. There's a clear thematic distinction between the flavor of physical and special moves that is no longer present, and it makes the entire moveset feel samey because every single attack has to be about projectiles. As was already said, there's nothing in the official games that would suggest Touhou fights can't or don't involve non-danmaku elements.

>> No.19750701

I think the concept is cool and pretty original. The issue is that, as you already said, it feels like ever attack is the same and there's not a "clear" indication on the animation of what is what. I don't think they should remove the spread/focus thing, but they should make it more different between this two. Like for example making an straight laser for focus while making spinning lasers that covers a bigger area for spread. Just making them more Focus/Spread themed so that the difference is more obvious.

>> No.19750766

Cool concepts aren't necessarily good concepts. It's important to be able to say "that was I neat, elegant idea I had, but it just doesn't improve the actual game".

The animations aren't the problem, it's what the moves represent. Move about biting the enemy? Projectiles. Move about smashing the enemy so hard it hurts you as well? Projectiles. Move about attacking with a sword? Projectiles.

A Pokemon's moves represent its unique capabilities, like stirring the air into a hurricane with its wings or absorbing sunlight to launch an energy attack. A puppet's moves all represent something every one of them can do shooting danmaku, with slight conceptual references in its name and pattern to their unique capabilities like swords or martial arts or whatever. That works in danmaku games because the different patterns have core meaning to the gameplay, but here they're just light shows.

>> No.19750894

You can do biting with danmaku. And doing an attack so strong that it retaliates. They are just puppets doing danmaku at the end of the day. While pokemon fight with "raw" power, puppets attack with projectiles and danmaku. They are like toys, not like pokemons that they are literally monsters, and fighting with danmaku reflects this puppet thing. I think they should stick with that and make better animations. Like doing the bite danmaku from Momiji in double spoiler as the animation for the bite attack. And for an attack so powerful that it hurts the puppet? Some sort of Master Spark maybe. It's just creative thinking and finding ways of introducing this. I genuinely think it's a good concept, just badly executed.

>> No.19750942

>puppets attack with projectiles and danmaku

Which makes their attacks samey and less interesting. Saying "it's because of this top-down design idea, so they couldn't help it!" doesn't mean anything when they were the ones to decide to implement that design idea in the first place. There is no reason puppets couldn't fight using the character's actual capabilities rather than danmaku vaguely referencing those capabilities, other than "hey, wouldn't it be clever if they all used danmaku since Touhou is a danmaku series" - something that not even official non-danmaku spinoffs do, because it would have made the movesets there boring, too.

>Like doing the bite danmaku from Momiji in double spoiler as the animation for the bite attack
Which is... danmaku vaguely referencing the character's actual ability rather than them actually just using that ability, just like almost every other puppet's attacks. It makes sense when danmaku is core to the game and every attack is danmaku because that's what the gameplay is, it's a clever idea in theory that in practice makes for bland and samey moves when danmaku is just purely aesthetic.

>> No.19751038

It makes their attacks less interesting because they have bad animations. It's like if pokemon had the majority of physical attacks just seeing the pokemon move a little towards the enemy and then showing a damage animation.
>There is no reason puppets couldn't fight using the character's actual capabilities rather than danmaku vaguely referencing those capabilities, other than "hey, wouldn't it be clever if they all used danmaku since Touhou is a danmaku series"
Well, that's entirely the concept of the game. "Hey, wouldn't be cool if we put touhou characters in pokemon???". It's a cool idea. The other cool idea was making the focus/spread, only that this one didn't went as well. I don't think they should put "real attacks", there's a few like inferno where there's just fire instead of danmaku and it feels odd and out of place. Watching puppets doing danmaku is like watching a puppet play. It goes well on them. Watching puppets with "real" fire or doing more "realistic" things doesn't click with the aesthetic of the game for me. It stops being puppets and just normal touhous, and then it just feels flat.

>> No.19751063

And the entire concept of the fighting games is "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we put Touhou characters in a fighting game?". That doesn't mean every move in them is danmaku, because what makes a fighting game tick is different to what makes a danmaku game tick. It's a cool idea that fundamentally doesn't work in practice. Characters in Touhou *do* use their swords and teeth and magic other than danmaku - that's a conceit of only danmaku games, not of Touhou as a series or setting.

>> No.19751099

The thing here is that they are not the touhou characters. They are puppets. That's why I think it works and it makes it different than other games. The principal aspect in this game is that you're using puppets, not the real Reimu or Marisa. Puppets here attack with danmaku, and it matches the aesthetic of the game itself. For me, of course.

>> No.19751156

>The principal aspect in this game is that you're using puppets, not the real Reimu or Marisa

And the appeal of that is that they behave like Touhou characters. The game is "Pokemon with 2hus!", not "Pokemon with puppets!". Them being puppets is not a central concept, it's an excuse for why it's possible for Touhou characters to be fighting like Pokemon. And surely even if it was, it would still make more sense for a martial artist puppet to play-fight with martial arts and a swordsman puppet to play-fight with its sword?

>> No.19751248

We could go on forever, but resuming, it's just a matter of taste. I think it looks better with the aesthetics of the game that puppets (regardless if they are an excuse or not, they are a thing in the game) attack with danmaku rather than realistic attacks. It looks unique and special in it's own way. I could just play one of the millions of copies of pokemon that just do special/physical and have the standard attacks, but prefer playing this one because it has a really well made atmosphere and it shows how much the creators enjoyed making it and how much they like touhou. Not only with puppets doing danmaku, just seeing how they made new typings, ability to change the clothes of your puppets, the art style, etc. Everything is really well combined and having the puppets do their danmaku attacks rather than just seeing Youmu slash things or Meiling kick things is well received. It's just a matter of opinion.

>> No.19751307

not him but I see no reason why youmu couldn't have a slash attack along with danmaku like in the games, same for other 2hu with melees, with melee being a special class of attack, like that inferno somebody mentioned, though I haven't even played this game so yeah

>> No.19751325

Copies of Pokemon use special/physical because it works. Original doesn't mean better, and anything danmaku gains in uniquely representing Touhou it loses in uniquely representing the actual Touhou characters and their abilities. TPDP is a good game, but the fact it does lots of things well doesn't mean it does nothing poorly.

You acknowledge that the moves are disappointing, but you put that onto not emphasizing the split strongly enough. I think that's displacing from the actual problem. Move animations already show focus attacks being direct and spread attacks being curtain fire - the issue is that there's no particular reason why most moves are one or the other conceptually. When moves are physical or special, it's very clear why a particular concept is what it is - why is Rock Blast physical? Because it's about hitting someone with a rock. Focus and Spread don't have that. Why is Voice of Famine focus? There's no conceptual reason, it's just whatever the animation is.

>> No.19751500

When you play the game you'll understand
It's an aesthetic change. It works for the overall image of the game. Originality doesn't mean better, of course, but in this case is a good idea that works in the atmosphere of the game. And not really, there's not a lot of moves that show the split of Focus/Spread as it should be. Lightning Speed is literally some lasers attacking straight to the opponent and then automatically switches your puppet, and is for some reason spread. Charge Thief is just an animation of stealing life, spread again for some reason. Twin Gears is only two giant gears attacking. Spread again. And I could go on. There's not a clear indication of what is focus or what is spread. They should change the attacks to be more danmaku-like and show a clear difference. Showing more focused and straight attacks for Focus and more spread attack for Spread. Then you would know that the attack is Focus because you're attacking with a move that is clearly focused. Like the Rock Blast example.

>> No.19751540

>Then you would know that the attack is Focus because you're attacking with a move that is clearly focused. Like the Rock Blast example.

No, it's not like Rock Blast. All of those are, like I just said, only one or the other because of the animation, which is arbitrary. There's nothing conceptually about the idea of attacking at a lightning-fast speed that says "That's a spread attack" or "That's a focus attack", while there very much is something about the idea of launching rocks at someone that says "That's a physical attack", and because there's little conceptual basis for what most of the attacks actually *are*, they do a poor job at representing what characters can do in a fight - exactly the point of a game about collecting Touhou characters and battling one another.

>> No.19751683

Well, that's like Earth Power. There's nothing there showing really why it's a special move or nothing conceptually about the idea of using literally earthquake with a different animation and then magically is special. Or Mud bomb, also special, where the pokemon just throws mud. The idea about attacking with a Focus move with the category Focus, is that without the animation, you already know it's a focus move. More focused, more narrow. While the Spread category is that, more spread. Attacks every part of the puppet with just one attack.

>> No.19751737

>There's nothing there showing really why it's a special move or nothing conceptually about the idea of using literally earthquake with a different animation and then magically is specia

Yes, there absolutely is. As the move description itself says, you're attacking with power erupting from the ground.

You're right about Mud Bomb feeling more phsycial, but that's also the point: we can make points for and against the classifications of almost all Pokemon moves, because that classification is strongly tied to the what the move represents the Pokemon doing. You can't do that with almost all TPDP moves, because there's nothing intrinsic to the concept of those moves that connects them to either Focus or Spread.

>> No.19751793

>You can't do that with almost all TPDP moves, because there's nothing intrinsic to the concept of those moves that connects them to either Focus or Spread.
Yeah, and that send us to the point about the devs using bad animations and absolutely anything that shows any kind of difference between Focus or Spread. There's clearly focused moves that are Spread or spread moves that are Focus. Or just things like Inferno and Twin Gears that are just random things that clearly doesn't have anything to do with Focus/Spread.

>> No.19751809

And now we're back to animations.

Once again, I'm not talking about the animations. I'm talking about the actual concepts of what the moves represent. Rock Blast would be an inherently physical move regardless of what its animation was, or even if it had no animation at all. That is not true for the vast majority of puppet moves, and that leaves movesets conceptually unlinked to what the represented character actually is and does.

>> No.19751910

It's another way of representing attacks. The physical/special difference is so common that we just don't really need anything telling us that it is or not (even though in pokemon there's things like Mud Bomb or, if you don't like Earth Power as an example, Sacred Fire). For a new concept like this, they need to make animations that matches them. Unless you want in every each of the descriptions about the moves words like "narrow" "focused" "spread" everywhere. Apart from that, there's nothing else to say apart that it's just a matter of taste if you just want something you already know or a new concept for the game.

>> No.19751960

>The physical/special difference is so common that we just don't really need anything telling us that it is or not
Well, no, being common or not has nothing to do with it. You don't need anything telling you because the categories represent a clear distinction in the very core of what a move represents.

>even though in pokemon there's things like Mud Bomb or, if you don't like Earth Power as an example, Sacred Fire
I already addressed this. When a Pokemon category doesn't fit a move's concept, *you can tell*. It's impossible for a TPDP move not to fit its concept, because there mostly is no Spread- or Focus-relevant concept FOR it not to fit. There's a difference between some moves being miscategorized and the categories simply not mattering to the move concepts at all.

>Unless you want in every each of the descriptions about the moves words like "narrow" "focused" "spread" everywhere
I want an attack split that doesn't require that in the first place because it already clearly divides ability concepts into two categories.

>Apart from that, there's nothing else to say apart that it's just a matter of taste if you just want something you already know or a new concept for the game.
Being new has nothing to do with it.

>> No.19752071

It has everything to do. If we don't think about the physical/special split, tell me how different is someone throwing you a rock to someone catching you in fire. In essence you're being attacked "physically", but in videogames we already take in count that if it touches (or just is something material in some cases), is physical. If it doesn't, is special. This has been an rpg classic since forever with the magic stat and normal attack. In TDPD they changed that, there's no more physical attacks. The difference here is how they shoot their attacks. The change is something uncommon that you don't have internalized. They can't just name an attack and expect the player to understand out of nowhere that that's Focus or Spread. They have to explain it in some way or another. So either they make the descriptions explain the differences, or they make animations that clearly shows what the difference between focus and spread is. So yeah, it has something to do the fact that it's new.

>> No.19752110

>The change is something uncommon that you don't have internalized. They can't just name an attack and expect the player to understand out of nowhere that that's Focus or Spread.

No, that has absolutely nothing to do with whether it "internalized". They can't name an attack and expect the player to understand what it is because *the name and concept of a move have no bearing on whether it's focus or spread in almost all cases*. You could have played that games that distinguish Focus and Spread for five minutes or five years - hearing the name "Voice of Famine", or reading about the concept of attacking with the power of hunger, tells you absolutely nothing about whether it would be Focus or Spread, because the only thing that determines whether it's Focus or Spread is - arbitrarily, without any grounding in what the move actually represents - whether the animation has focused bullets or not.

>> No.19752134
File: 174 KB, 497x407, 1530235324284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The sudden activity in the thread made me think the patch was out, but is just two anons discussing...

>> No.19752157

I've never said that it was well made in the game. Twin Gears doesn't say anything either. But with an animation showing that is spread. It shows that it's spread. And you know that it's spread. It's like magic or something.
I'm sorry for disappointing you anon.

>> No.19752182

>But with an animation showing that is spread. It shows that it's spread.

But that animation is arbitrary. When someone makes an animation for Rock Blast, they know, without seeing anything visual or looking at its categorization, just from what the move IS, that it has to show a physical attack involving hurling rocks, not energy blasts or whatever. When someone makes an animation for Voice of Famine, the only thing that tells them whether it should look spread or focused is whether it has "Spread" or "Focus" marked next to it, not anything from the move's basic concept of "famine-powered attack".

>> No.19752194

The game really needs double battles mechanic, there are a lot of 2hu puppets with a lot of pottential for a TPDP VGC.

>> No.19752202

Personally I think this entire argument is silly and just boils down to "i dont like this design choice / decision" vs "i do" when it ultimately matters very, very little and mostly just allows the puppets to have more varied stats and fill niches. I have no problem with a fangame just trying to make things represented by danmaku and just allowing the player to read a puppets stats and move descriptions to see what to use and niche to fill. It's a matter of personal taste. It's just how they decided to represent a physical/special split but using danmaku attacks.

The fighting games use actual fights just because they want to be fighting games, Gensokyo doesn't solve conflict that way and never has, and when presented as a fighter it looks odd and unfitting anyway because characters like Remi and Suika should never lose fistfights to someone like Reimu. Youmu has plenty of cutting danmaku.

Ultimately you guys aren't going to agree on this.

Also >>19752134 i keep coming into this thread with hopes that are summarily dashed

>> No.19752218

See this >>19752071
Yeah, I also think it should have. I felt disappointed when two enemies that were positioned like they were going to fight you as a pair, fought you individually.
I've been saying that all the time. That it was a matter of opinion. But he doesn't want to listen to me or something.

>> No.19752219

>Gensokyo doesn't solve conflict that way and never has

Wait a sec, that's not right. The spell are system is new, and the manga shows plenty of conflicts outside of it.

>> No.19752228

Yeah, sorry, that was disingenuous. I meant from our frame of reference, in the games we have, which in Windows gen are all after the establishment of spell card rules.

>> No.19752237

I've already addressed that post. You can't just say "see this" without explaining what I'm supposed to see there now that I didn't already, that's just going in circles. See my response to that post.

Everything is opinion. Thered be no point discussing anything if that were all it took to dismiss it.

>> No.19752268

Focus/Spread? Physical/Magical? Melee/Ranged?
Who cares? They are just variables that use different formulas anyway.
Besides, the attack names are always color coded to prevent any confusion.

>> No.19752345
File: 3 KB, 262x285, DlDqtPmUcAI2AWO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am a sinple man that o ly eants to enjoy a pokemon game with Touhou. Your walls of text cause my pain, but i guess that at least you are enjoying yourselves with this debate.

>> No.19752459

Games are a lot more than just variables. There's a reason we have pawns and knights and kings and not Piece 1, Piece 2 and Piece 3.

>> No.19752502

What the game actually needs is to show the typing of the enemy puppets in battle because I ended up having the check the wiki constantly trying to remember what typing each puppet had for each mode. There was usually 1 obvious typing and 2-3 not so obvious for each puppet. At least for the single player.

Or am I the only one that had this problem? My brain might just not exist anymore so I don't know if this is a personal problem or not.
At the very least, this means when/if it releases we'll have a nice group of people to talk and play with, assuming we aren't kicked off to /vp/ again.

>> No.19752625

You can tell at least one of the typing's of evolved puppets from the visual effect when they're sent out.

>> No.19753830

You can always just not reply, you know, especially if you notice that the other side is too stubborn to care about anything you might say. Arguing just for the sake of arguing is stupid.
This is a Touhou fangame with Pokemon elements, so it belongs both on /jp/ and on /vp/. There's no reason for discussion about it to get kicked elsewhere if it's done on either board.

>> No.19755030

sorry for mentioning discord, but a joined the tpdp discord the other day to check progress. seems they're having problems with formatting and are struggling to finish

>> No.19755047

here is an exact quote
fruitymarioYesterday at 10:33 PM
It took a little longer than I thought it would. We're fixing some things up with the exe strings. I thought we could release it as soon as we finished formatting them and stuff, but there were a lot more problems with them than I expected, so we have to bug test that stuff as well.

>> No.19755587

The same issue that happened in the original game? Thanks for posting the news, at least we know what's going on.

Also, I wonder if in the game there's people who fuck their puppets.

>> No.19755664

i do

>> No.19755673

Thanks for the update. Personally I don't give a shit you mentioned discord if that's where the team is actually giving updates and information. It's just another social media platform.

>> No.19755692

Did he say if there's any progress being made on that or if they're at a standstill?

>> No.19756397

I remember a few youkai that were pretty intent in licking the MC, if that sort of kinkiness is fine by you.

>> No.19756511

as of right now he says it doesn't look pretty and they're already planning a "second patch"

>> No.19756806
File: 106 KB, 698x658, 1499377091504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got my hopes up for the exact same reason.

>> No.19757828
File: 40 KB, 512x384, pii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As expected. The translation for this game will never finish.

>> No.19758967

if i get anymore updates, i'll be sure to let you guys know. especially if they decide to put the update out anyways.

>> No.19763686

Necrobump, can't let this die when we may have an update sooner or later

>> No.19764000
File: 82 KB, 512x576, 15081241024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Revise your timeline a bit and stop holding your breath. All indications are that it's coming, but it ain't coming quick.

>> No.19764399
File: 73 KB, 415x718, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked the Discord out of curiosity earlier and found this exchange. Take another alleged time frame as you will but this is the most recent we have to go off of

>> No.19765276
File: 161 KB, 439x300, junko mega.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

100 bucks on it not being released this month.

>> No.19770035
File: 1.79 MB, 998x1412, __gengetsu_and_mugetsu_touhou_and_touhou_pc_98_drawn_by_berabou__1c01cf71daaaf860141fdc2e19d44735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the biggest missed opportunity in YnK, /jp/?
For me it's no Dream-type Gengetsu or Mugetsu, and the fact that none of the Gengetsus have Up Tempo or Imposing Stance.

>> No.19772123

Will westerner discord trannies ever achieve anything?

>> No.19772336

Any updates?
I'm starting to lose faith in the thing...

>> No.19773304

I'll be happy to answer that should us EOPs get the opportunity we've been waiting for

>> No.19773366

will you or I?

>> No.19773988
File: 160 KB, 420x830, 108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only played this game a little a long time ago. If I start playing again, will I have to start all over when the new update is out?

>> No.19774783

it's me, i'm still here and still watching.

>> No.19777316
File: 269 KB, 590x670, This is fine too..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Discord bearing anon

>> No.19777964

I don't know but wouldn't it better to start over again? Because you won't remember most of it and maybe the parts you already played have new content.
I'm really looking forward to it, I played it when the original game came out in 2014 and there wasn't any translation done. So I'm really excited to play it again because after 4 years I think I forgot most of the game

>> No.19778152

Devil of Decline will be picked up again and translated first at this rate.

>> No.19780555

I'm losing hope......anything new?

>> No.19780579

Maybe if you ask a few more times...

>> No.19780605

There's still time left in this month. Surely it won't be delayed again.

>> No.19783717

I've been playing with the partial UI-only patch for ages and I had no problems changing over from the Japanese version, you should be fine.

New Game Plus is a thing in YnK so you could always play through and restart whenever the translation releases.

>> No.19783725
File: 9 KB, 476x358, midnight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19783743

Fake news

>> No.19785307

If they're so bad and you don't like waiting for so long then why don't yo do it yourself, then?

They're at least "doing something" even if they take a gorillion years instead of sitting on their ass whining about how long they're taking.

As they say, the better way to criticize something is to do it yourself except better. But you won't, because you're an useless, worthless, skilless, nobody.

>> No.19785961

I already played the game and i dont need translation for some pansy ass entry level weebs
Kill you are yourself tranny

>> No.19786497

Cool, so you've achieve Japanese language abilities huh, ever put those to good use for the benefit of other people for free? If not, maybe consider quitting jerking yourself off and make some achievements of your own, buddy.

>> No.19787433

Im doing the latter , pal

>> No.19789888

still here, literally nothing from fruity
it's really starting to piss me off
me and everyone in the chat joke about it frequently but fruity just ignores it entirely
he's always online too

>> No.19789905
File: 4 KB, 256x272, inst.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good thing I never expected this to be finished in the first place.

>> No.19789935

i, bearer of the discord news, have blessed this thread with the almighty TRIPS OF AUGUST.
i'm not sure what to do with it though, and i don't wanna get your guy's hopes up, but maybe this'll bring forth some good luck for today

>> No.19790140

I've been lurking the discord too and it's rather annoying. At this point I'm less uptight about the release and just want something to imply the patch has been worked on this last week

>> No.19790161

Wait, that reminds me, what happened to those regular project updates? Because those were actually a thing up until a couple months ago.

>> No.19790199

A month ago was "the last update" because the script itself was finished

>> No.19790904
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I knew I shouldn't have but I still did.

>> No.19791854

OP here, I'm sorry.
Even now I still want to believe.

>> No.19792153
File: 662 KB, 777x777, 1528174351026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Translation is 99% likely to get done somehow, it's too late in the game to fall apart unless something REALLY dumb happens, I would be rioting with you all if I turned out wrong. Could share more but if project lead is keeping quiet I don't want to say anything that would start drama. Don't expect it immediately because this team is a bag of snails and a half and nobody is used to working together

I'm watching anons, don't lose hope.

>> No.19792218

Haha whoops we're cancelling the project and also not sharing what we did so far :^)

>> No.19792312


>> No.19792574
File: 96 KB, 1316x545, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19792699

I'm still super pissed off that Renko and Maribel are designed to be perfect double battle characters with their abilities and kits, but TPDP lacks doubles so they're stuck being crap, Renko moreso.

Otherwise Yumemi is pretty great even if her sweeper set lacks good coverage.

>> No.19792773

Komachi's avatar? Well that explains fucking everything.

>> No.19794770

>No 6vs6 singles
>No Double Battles
Battle Spot is a fucking mistake. No idea why nips are so obsessed with those shitty rulesets.

>> No.19794882

I feel like even worse is that Timegazer and Stargazer feels like both are abilities strictly designed for doubles (since Renko herself doesn't benefit much from terrains and weather and her switching out ends the ability's effect).

And Merry herself isn't really broken or anything under field or weather so without Renko you'd be hard-pressed to use her in a weather/terrain team. This leaves both as two puppets with Pokemon's Route 1 shitter BST when everything else is balanced well.

At least their Extra Forms are decent.

>> No.19795408

maybe hemo was planning adding double battles before he disappeared

>> No.19796680

Probably. There's a couple of enemies that are paired together like if they were going to do a double battle but end up fighting you one by one. So maybe it was something planned that ended up being canceled.

>> No.19799886
File: 270 KB, 689x689, chensleep2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19802831
File: 33 KB, 1280x960, Flower Mima.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Why does this happen when I try to take a screen-shot with fraps or dux?

>> No.19803029

Because you're playing a shit game.

>> No.19803217
File: 110 KB, 640x480, gsw02 2018-09-02 14-49-43-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Excuse me, you are breaking a rule known as "shitposting" please stop or others might report you

>> No.19804230

I don't want to hear that from the person posting shittily-cropped screenshots from a shit game.

>> No.19807370
File: 281 KB, 500x273, tumblr_n9pgr84Euk1qk5qxgo4_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any morning now, 100+ new posts.
Any morning now

>> No.19807839
File: 102 KB, 300x284, 1519662534840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It won't happen.
Not on a morning but on evening.

>> No.19807873

I'm really excited for this, I already loved the original game 4 years ago. I think it's good that they're not rushing this now, I prefer a complete patch over a rushes, incomplete one

>> No.19808393
File: 165 KB, 1024x750, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's apparently a beta version in some Github, but it's lacks portraits and is currently being used for playtesting and finding untranslated shit.

>> No.19808754

Ooh, that's pretty cool. It's tempting to try to find and download it right now, but I'd rather wait because muh full immersive experience.

>> No.19809244

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the level curve had been fixed; am I mistaken? I started playing this because I got that itch again, and Remilia was just as ridiculous as in the original. I'm now gotten the sukimap and bosses and regular trainers are still ~10 levels apart.

>> No.19809336

I think major bosses are still strong, but the rebalancing was probably for YnK. Are you sure you're playing the expansion?

>> No.19809387
File: 22 KB, 960x720, gn_enbu_ss000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quite sure. My problem is that the bosses would already be strong enough without the level boost since they actually have good puppets. And if you want to keep up with boss levels then regular trainers are trivial, but you still have to beat them to be within 5 levels of the bosses, which makes for a tedious experience.

>> No.19809582

On second thought I only really remember the big difficulty spikes from the original, and while those still exist, it's possible that there's less of them. Even though I talked about bosses earlier, the big spikes this time were Remilia, Kanako (who is optional) and to a lesser extent Reimu (base of Youkai Mt. version). The other character battles are harder than regulars, but not trivial. So maybe most of those were fixed.
Regular trainers are still too weak though; Remi uses 3 level 30+ evolved puppets, while regulars only start getting evolutions after you get the sukimap, which is after Kanako (levels 43+).

>> No.19809624

I take the difficulty spikes for bosses as a given but has there been any work in freshening up the maps? I was really fatigued the last time I played it by how gigantic some of the maps are with basically nothing in them but the same 5 random encounters on loop and dozens of faceless non-characters all using the same few mons.

It's because of those two things I've waited as long as I have to replay it despite how much I love the idea of collecting and battling 2hus

I think everyone who plays PKMN wants bigger maps, but I feel it was way over compensated for in this one.

>> No.19809654

https://github.com/TPDPTranslationTeam/TPDP_Translation_Team/tree/Testing Here's the current version on GitHub for those impatient. Make sure you copy over gn_dat3 and 4 from the non-translated version's dat folder or else there will be no audio

>> No.19809789

Forest of Magic and Youkai Mountain are still needlessly huge, but the caves have been tame so far.

I just went through the road to hell, and it looks like non-boss character battles are only roughly 2 levels above regular battles, so still trivial.

>> No.19810778
File: 65 KB, 379x315, nyorokoi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna wait for the finished version. But at least something is actually happening.

>> No.19813941

Because the power of Remilia's opening puppet kept bugging me I decided to compile a list of all puppets that can 'only' take hits with effective BP of 90. There's actually 17 in total, which is more than I thought it would be, and a good number of them are even available at that point in the game without being chosen as starter.
DefenseAlice, SpeedSakuya, PowerKana, PowerSariel, NormalMeira, SpeedMeira, ExtraGengetsu, PowerYumeko, PowerRumia, ExtraRumia, PowerFlandre, ExtraStar, NormalKisume, AssistKisume, DefenseKisume, DefenseParsee (using Metallurgy), AssistParsee.
In particular, Rumia and Star are puppets you're almost guaranteed to have at that point. Even if you don't, Sakuya and Flandre are found at level ~25, so if you use your rare candies it won't take long to evolve them. So maybe Remi isn't actually that bad if you exhaust your options properly.

>> No.19816540
File: 4 KB, 400x97, k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to get YnK to start but all it gives me is this message. I only installed the game from the ISO. Help anyone?

>> No.19816739

You need to have the base game installed. If you do, make sure that the install path for both is in the same directory. THis should be the case if you chose the default path.

>> No.19817043

>You need to have the base game installed
Anon is saying that he did install the base game and tried running it. Pic related is what he got. I can confirm since the same thing is happening to me. I got the game, installed it from the ISO, updated to the latest version, and I am getting the same error message.

>> No.19817104
File: 17 KB, 316x187, works on my machine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anon is saying that he did install the base game
No, he said he tried installing YnK. The base game is 幻想人形演舞 (regular version). The error message is saying that it can't find the necessary files, and that he should make sure to properly install 幻想人形演舞. Pic related is the default install path, and it works for me.

>> No.19817390
File: 16 KB, 409x96, l.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you very much, that got it to work finally, although now when I start it up it gives me this message to update to a newer version or something which I already did, yet it still gives me the option. Although when I ignore the message the game starts up as usual...

>> No.19820089

I'm still not ready to let this thread die, I'm with everyone else waiting for a proper release and not settling for >>19809654

>> No.19820503

Are you sure you're letting the game update and not clicking the cancel button by mistake?

>> No.19820599

New to the game. How does one go about determining what style to change into? Is this one of those things where you have to do prior research on what a character is good at and then style into it? What about PP. Do I hoard it or use it as soon as I get them? I can use the type of moves a puppet gets as a way to tell if I should be putting points into focus or spread, but what about the other stats. At what point is speed or defense considered "low" enough that I should invest in them to cover up their bad points or should I be putting all my points into the things they are good at? Equally distributed is better or all in one or two attributes?

>> No.19820716
File: 375 KB, 566x800, __tatara_kogasa_touhou_drawn_by_hemogurobin_a1c__0c758beda5c9416ea53e85dcab233e45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you haven't decided on a style to go with yet, I would save up your PP until you figure out what role you want your puppet to have on your team. Use them more on learning new moves or trying out the alternative ability.

As for determining what style to change into, it's probably more efficient if you do prior research. If you want to preserve the "blind" experience, you can always save beforehand, see what its style change is like, and then restart and repeat the process for the other styles until you decide which you prefer. Generally, the base form is a lighter version of one of its dedicated styles.

Pressing the C key (I think? There's a prompt that tells you what it is) on the status screen will show you what stats your puppet will have at level 50. Use this, alongside its possible abilities, to get a rough idea of what playstyle it has. This doesn't account for moves it gets from levelling up, though. As for deciding which stats to invest PP into, I generally try to maximize strengths as opposed to cover weaknesses.

>> No.19820777
File: 18 KB, 960x720, gn_enbu_ss001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is this one of those things where you have to do prior research on what a character is good at and then style into it?
Puppet stats depend on their style, so it's not like a puppet that is offensive in normal style with terrible defenses will stay that way if you switch to Defense style. If you want to evolve a puppet, I'd just check the wiki for the possible evolutions and pick the one you like. Do note that marks don't change, so changing a Fo attacker with a red mark (+ FoAtk) to a Sp attacker via style change is a bit of a waste.
Obviously some styles are going to be better for some puppets (a puppet with many weaknesses has trouble in a defensive role), but generally there isn't a best style for most puppets.
>Do I hoard it or use it as soon as I get them?
To learn moves and adjust your abilities? Absolutely. On the other hand, stat-enhancing should wait until you know what style you want it to change into.
>I can use the type of moves a puppet gets as a way to tell if I should be putting points into focus or spread
Don't do this. To see if a puppet is good at Fo or Sp, look at their stats in the info menu and hold C (when playing with keyboard). This will display their stats at level 50, letting you compare it to your other puppets and seeing their strengths and weaknesses. This includes whether they should be attacking with Fo or Sp. Relying on the movepool is not going to work as there are Fo-focused puppets that still learn Sp moves via levelup and vice versa.
>but what about the other stats
That depends on the puppet. I think playing to a puppet's strengths is usually the way to go. So fragile but fast attackers want the relevant attack and speed so they can go first and defeat the opposing puppet before getting hit, along with likely 4 attacking moves for type coverage. Attackers with decent defenses but low speed won't go first even if you pump the speed stat, so Atk and HP works better as it lets them take more hits. This also gives them time for non-attacking moves (Buffs? Weather/Terrain? Recovery? This is where it gets interesting). Defensive puppets will almost always want full HP, followed by equalizing their defenses, and then equally raising their defenses. Unless you want a Fo- or Sp-only wall. (The actual optimum for mixed walls is HP=2*FoDef=2*SpDef.)
PS: If you are opposed to checking the wiki, remember that the only way to check the types of a puppet is to own it and look at its info section.

Speaking of PP, what should I do with my Minoriko? Having a wall that goes first can be very nice, so I don't want to 'waste' her 120 base speed, but her defenses are kind of low. Suggestions?

>> No.19820790

Yorihime only has a 5% chance to appear in the lunar capital but I felt she's worth grinding for. Her speed form is pretty good and carried me for the majority of the game with her damage and good type coverage, only problem I had with her was at Moriya Shrine against Suwakos

>> No.19820915

What moveset were you thinking of putting on her?

A speedy tank could possibly work as a setup sweeper with self healing (think non-Contrary Serperior but more flexible), but it takes a while to get going. I'd dump a bunch into Speed and even SpAtk to boost how effective your offensive buffs would be. Dump the rest into HP. You can either let the defensive stats work their magic on their own, or lessen the amount of Speed or SpAtk (I'd personally lessen the latter) you allocate to boost her defenses a bit.

Alternatively, you could go with a more traditional wall that whittles foes down over time with status moves. In that case, I'd max out HP and split the rest between the two defensive stats. Her naturally high Speed will allow you to debuff foes on turn one.

>> No.19821078

I've been using her as a defensive pivot so far (Leech Seed, Giga Drain equivalent, Recover/2xSpDef buff, Sleep Powder/Will'o'Wisp). After reading your post I'm not sure anymore why I hesitated with buffing her defenses as she won't die from not getting off a move before the opponent. Thanks!
And I'll definitely try a tank build with her in postgame, because from my experience so far she doesn't really die to anything even without investment in defenses. This also means I get to build a weather team.

She's also been the unexpected MVP of my team so far. She carried me through Kanako's bullshit, eats PowerAya for breakfast and could probably solo pre-road to Makai Reimu. Can't wait for her to usurp Shinki as the goddess of Makai.

>> No.19825834

>Speaking of PP, what should I do with my Minoriko?
put it in trashcan and get wriggle

>> No.19825851
File: 120 KB, 392x495, 1468402503357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been excitingly opening this thread every morning expecting to see a post with the translation flooded with (you)'s for what feels like forever now.

It's never coming out, is it?

>> No.19826406

Last weekend pretty much killed my enthusiasm for it coming out. I still want to be optimistic and hope something useful will come from people playing the unfinished patch a couple days ago with some people taking screenshots of errors they ran into. But with any word on progress being silent as usual it's stopped being on top of my mind

>> No.19826695
File: 121 KB, 1243x932, e56d07e5d0b38ef9f5ec12ba222b70bc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been starting to lose faith in this coming out. But aside from that, my main in the TPDP was Sakuya. I stopped playing to wait for the finished translation to come out though, if it ever does

>> No.19827433
File: 112 KB, 400x300, 1530365447293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still want to believe it's coming out.

>> No.19828822
File: 47 KB, 400x250, 51972282_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It will definitely come out.

>> No.19829318
File: 1.01 MB, 1480x680, fine touhou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19830293

I think it will come out eventually. Like >>19809654 shows there is actually translated stuff, so it's probably just the translators dragging their feet.

>> No.19830725

The whole thing is translated; that's long been established. We're basically waiting for the team to decide they've sorted out enough typographical errors at this point

>> No.19831408

You mean we're waiting on an arbitrary decision that obviously isn't based on the ability to soundly quantify progress or compare to a benchmark or precedent (because if there were their estimations of when it'll be ready wouldn't have been embarrassingly off the mark)

>> No.19831489

Even if it the translation team never bothers to release it there's enough there for a couple of tech-savvy anons to fix things on their own time, compile a patcher, and release it anyways. It's inevitable at this point.

>> No.19833477
File: 669 KB, 639x947, good mood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any day now

>> No.19835475
File: 809 KB, 938x1200, 1529394346357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Huh, defense Sukuna could take a hit and KO Primal Groudon. She is a very strong, very little puppet. You can get her immediately near the start, too.

What are some other interesting puppets?

>> No.19835631

I find Keine's were-hakutaku gimmick to be interesting, if not super practical.

>> No.19836331
File: 1.24 MB, 1920x1080, 1436306124531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your puppet rides with you on the bicycle

>> No.19836347

I forget, does she get belly drum?

>> No.19836905
File: 238 KB, 962x722, team.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got up to the Byakuren fight before stopping, gonna start a new playthrough when the complete translation drops.

>> No.19837371

Can anyone familiar with the expansion recommend a style for Clownpiece? Having a lot harder time deciding this than I normally do

>> No.19839526

hello patch?

>> No.19840125

wait, is it out?

>> No.19840208

Not outside of the test git to my knowledge, I'm sure Discord anon will give the thread a heads up when they're ready to release, assuming I can keep the thread alive until then

>> No.19841060

link plz?

>> No.19842687

over here >>19809654

>> No.19845823

For ingame Defense is probably best, but Speed can also work depending on your team. Defense is more of a bulky attacker with recovery that can use tons of recoil moves without taking self-damage, though Speed Clownpiece can easily debilitate or harass enemy teams if you want something more support-y.
Extra Clownpiece meanwhile has an annoying type with quite a few weaknesses and awful defense, so while she's still good in some circumstances she needs setup to function and is too situational without it.

>> No.19848710
File: 320 KB, 900x1000, 1516508954632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss raikoanon.

>> No.19850380

how does new game+ works ? do i lose all my puppets and items ?

>> No.19851104

Someone revive this and get me a new expansion with HSiFS/AoCF characters and Double Battles

I need a Joon/Shion double boss battle, fuck

>> No.19851961

What's the best place to exp-grind reincarnated puppets? I've been doing the third level 95 hell fairy, but requiring between 10 and 12 fights per batch of level 1 puppets doesn't seem optimal.I haven't actually fought M4 v2 yet, but since you can't gap out you'll be forced into credits so I doubt it'll be more time-efficient.

>> No.19852328

just inject bro

>> No.19852747

First level 95 hell fairy is best, just use EReimu with a green mark, max FoAtk/speed and Flying Frenzy/Distortion Bomb/High Tone Crush, last move doesn't matter. Target weaknesses to oneshot everything, exit building, rinse and repeat.

You lose most of your items and all of your money with only a few exceptions like the Dream Shard, you also lose any puppets that were stored in boxes 1-20 permanently. The puppets in boxes 21-51 are reobtained when you clear the postgame but are locked until then, as if you'd carried over save data from the base game.
Also, your previous starter (if you chose a new one) and any other puppet that was in your party before you went into the NG+ are reset to level 5 and are placed in your first puppet box the moment you arrive at the Hakurei Shrine and get the Akyuu doll. Starter doesn't need to be in your party for this to happen so you can carry over 7 puppets from your old save file if you have 6 in your party + your starter somewhere in the PC.

>> No.19852886

Not him and I've never played this game but that really sounds like they went out of their way to make NG+ as shitty as possible.

>> No.19853328

>ike they went out of their way to make NG+ as shitty as possible
How so? Seems like a fair setup, having 6 puppets of your choosing right at the start cuts out a lot of the early 9-Ball bullshit. True it's not that generous but it is also somewhat trying to preserve the challenge.

>> No.19853473

That's dumb. Maybe I just played too much Disgaea but to me, NG+ should just allow you to split the main game in half while getting ready for the post-game where the actually challenging bits should be.

>> No.19853485

so i sacrifice all my 20 hours of gameplay to be able to fight circle 9 with 6 puppets ? totally worth it dude

>> No.19853522

Not really sure what you want out of NG+ but it doesn't seem to be to play the game again.

>> No.19853546

i want to keep my old items and puppets and have npc puppets lvl upscaled to my puppet that have highest lvl and boss battles to have more puppets as well
also some unique items that would be ng+ only

>> No.19853551

Except you can just start a new game if you want to do that.

>> No.19853599
File: 63 KB, 419x296, 1309423670566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I want a 2nd game's worth of continually inflating numbers
Maybe your idea of a NG+ isn't as good as you think it is.

That really would be losing all your progress.

Personally I like this NG+ because it strikes a balance between challenge and convenience. You can't bring anything with you that'd trivialize the game but once you've built a team of all your favorites you can go through the whole game with them anew, which cuts out the need to work out a team synergy and also catch them.to start.

For me it's close to ideal, maybe you disagree but maybe I disagree with your disagreements

>> No.19853678

it goes only to 100 moran
also redoing all the battles with all moves available instead of using tackle sounds better

>> No.19855452

If you really want to face tougher/upscaled trainers on a NG+ there's a randomizer floating around which allows you to raise all trainer levels by an arbitrary amount, like 150% or 200% or so on. Not perfect but it might be along the lines of what you're looking for

>> No.19859617

thats gay

>> No.19861770

A bit less than a week away for this thread to be a month old.
There have been longer delays I suppose, here's hoping Discord Anon brings us good news soon.
Or ya know, waking up to a release, it could happen.

>> No.19862011

Go ask hemo on twitter

>> No.19866029

I just finished my playthrough using the patch from >>19809654. I want to say I noticed less than 10 errors during the entire thing. Two of them were messed up lines: Selecting a puppet in the box displays "[Puppet] should have wha" and being inflicted with confusion has the game say "[Puppet] has been Confusion". Everything else was the odd NPC where text didn't scroll properly

>> No.19867830


In the event that anyone is looking for the assets, they're in this pastebin with a bunch of other stuff that I found in the archive.

>> No.19869697

hello patch?

>> No.19874479

saved from page 9

>> No.19875983
File: 150 KB, 198x328, sadness.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Page 10 this time.
I'm worried I won't be able to keep this thread alive for the actual release

>> No.19876254

Then don't and make a new one when it's out. That'd make sense anyway, because then there'd be room for discussion and you don't need a new thread immediately because the old one is full.

>> No.19881016

I'm under the assumption I'll miss the release if I stop paying attention, I want to enjoy it with everyone

>> No.19886368

I want to stop, but I still want to believe, god help me

>> No.19887401
File: 189 KB, 215x1072, 2hus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any recommended builds for these 2hus? The only strategy I have is maxing out Attack and probably Speed.

>> No.19888089

>all these LoLKs
Ugh, who called the pleb patrol, jeez?

>> No.19888095

Same, these threads help me keep my ear to the ground. At least until the end of the month when we can just call it another NEVER EVER

>> No.19888584

>complaining about LoLK

found the real pleb

>> No.19890621

No u

>> No.19890763

LoLK and PC-98 are about as niche as you can get outside of the mainline games you philistine

>> No.19890997

We are about to hit bump limit anyway, let it die anon.
If you don't make a new thread, somebody else will once the patch is finally done.

>> No.19891028

go with specs power or av defense
if you know what every puppet does then go with extra with mixed attacker
power life orb
speed all out attacker
power all out attacker
power all out attacker
power scarf
send it on weak spd thing so you get spa boost from ability
also use water spout and eruption for massiv dmg bitch 9999999999

>> No.19893707
File: 115 KB, 400x300, 1530698612702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Much appreciated, anon.

>> No.19894103

LoLK is kino. Real plebs like garbage like DDC.

>> No.19894617

Well see you guys on the other side, sorry for whiffed thread.
Here's hoping I catch the release and don't pull a "Oh, it came out last week."

>> No.19895614

Looking forward to it anon, thanks for the thread anyways.

>> No.19895643

One last message for the archive:
I regret trusting Reddit for even a moment