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hahaha shes not really evil is she?

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does this look evil to you

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Shes too cute to be evil

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She's a good girl.

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She beat up Remi and Remi is definitely evil, so she must be good

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"hahaha shes not really evil is she?" - Anon, 5s before his death

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But everyone beats up Remi! Even Sakuya!

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Flan will stoop to any level to stop Remi

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Hah. What could possibly go wrong.
*hugs Flan*
You lie anon. Lies are bad.
Flan is a good girl. She's just misunderstood.
*gets mauled to death*

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But, Flan loves her big sis.

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Evil? No. Fashionable, perhaps.

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Evil maybe, but also beautiful.

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Well as far as we know she's never done anything wrong.

Dangerous, though

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You seem to have trouble understanding context...

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Flan rightfully calls her sister out on her bullshit.

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She's just a little dumb

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And you still aren't making sense...

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>this isn't your personal self diagnosis blog yon clueless tourist get fucked please

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That's not the real Remilia anyway.

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Who in god's name are you quoting

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1. Which pantheon are you most attracted to platonically
2. If I tell you do we actually do anything
3. Are your tumblr senses tingling
4. Facebook is bad is hivemind memespeak
5. I'm quoting you thinking about this as you make your way to me
6. Do, don't procrastinate
7. Grow up a little
8. Take your medicine
9. Stall the kneejerk reaction please, it's old
10. Woof. Stupid!

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Is she not the most perfect creature in all creation? What does good or evil matter to such perfection?

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She's as evil as any spoiled rich girl.

So, VERY evil.

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Too bad you don't know a damn thing about economic status outside your dumbleass conclusions huh?

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Flandre and Remilia are obviously loaded.

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Who said it was your Flandre or Remilia in this conversation?

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Don’t let your guard down around her at all you fool

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I think the only fake clowncap wearing fuck up is you mister Peanut!

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Chaotic evil

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This thread is deranged. Stay in your 2 am time frame, freaks

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Does this look like the face of mercy?

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ahhh.... yes

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SHUT UP whitebread douchesmirk and go back to living it up in the movie version of 50 shades of poor critic reviews!

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Remi and Flan can act silly and childish sometimes.

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This is true.

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Hey you! YeaH YOU!
Shut the FUCK up!

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And spankable.

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Alice is perfection

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Perfection isn't exclusive. It can be shared.

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Just came here to ogle at this mental breakdown

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You're rather unsettling in the most bland ways.

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little fairies shouldn't have wide hips like this!

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You said ass twice

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hahahah sorry he was quoting me but I deleted it

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She's not a fairy, she's a vampire! Important difference, may save your life.

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Can you actually function outside of this place or are you actually conditioned to be this much of an absurdly dysfunctional fag lord?

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