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I just read a comment that a person that I know made that made me rage. He compared leveling in Ragnarok Online to Touhou gameplay, "You just turn off your brain and click, click, click upon hours on hours".
Would you agree to that the whole series is just a mindless shooter or is there more to it than just pressing the right button?

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In the majority of games, yes it is mostly memorization.
This is at its worst in Imperishable Night (considered the easiest), and fixed best in Subterranean Animism (which is commonly regarded as fuckhard as a result).

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Dodging bullets is moe~

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Your friend has clearly never had to level in a team in any of the harder dungeons.

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It's just a mindless shooter. I don't know what he expects from a curtain shooter though.

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he's trolling you

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Pretty much every game is like that, even strategy games they're never deeper than rock paper scissors.

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Why do you believe we care what other people thing?

Also, you need to stop overusing "that".

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Think, rather.

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Most games are just turning off your brain and clicking, buttonmashing, and/or waggling.

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That's a very good point. Spending more time at a particular game will definitely make you a better player. The experience you gain while devoting your time to a game like Touhou will make you dodge bullets more efficiently, but then again you also learn the patterns of each spellcard since you know what to expect. But going back to what I wrote in my first post, there's definitely more to it than just hold the button and spam projectiles. Not only you need to dodge different patterns while the boss activates their spellcards, you also need to know HOW and WHEN to use your bombs since everytime you lose your life you lose the amount of bombs you previosly had(if you didn't use all of them). Also, the game rewards you with a good end only if you complete it without losing a continue.

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