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>that pool

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This shit is fucking creepy.

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Is it? I think it's cute.

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fuck off

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Seriously, how did so many kigus get into the legendary pool?

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It's really not hard; I would have gone there myself but I had work (and a very important day at work) on the Wednesday that it was held. Basically just be in Japan and pay the large entrance fee.

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It is almost as creepy as /an/'s pet threads and I want in on both.

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Legendary pool? please explain. Normal people enter, kigs leave?

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>Normal people enter, kigs leave?
If only. It's a pool that has shown up in a lot of porn and gravure shots.

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>Normal people enter, kigs leave?
I wish. It's what >>19644691 said. For more details, google "that pool".

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Does anyone have experience with Munimuni? Is the price too good to be true?

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Does anyone have experience with Munimuni? Are they okay for the price?

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My girlfriend bought a kig and I'm a big fan of it, but she wants me to take pictures of her wearing it in public. She can't see in it and will need me to guide her around. I can't help being afraid of someone seeing us even if we find somewhere secluded. Anyone got advice? Do I just cover my face and hope no one walks over? I don't even own a decent camera, so I can't pretend she hired me.

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why not dress in kig too?

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This is the only solution

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What's so terrible about being seen?
If you're really just so afraid fo someone you know asking you about it and judging you for your hobbies, then how about just going some place where no one will know you. Drive to a nearby city, or out in the country, or something.

That brings back the need for a handler... get a third person to do it, I guess.

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It's mainly just wanting to avoid an awkward situation of someone asking what we're doing, because I don't know how to describe it as anything other than "we're weirdos". Then again I guess furries walk around shamelessly without someone fucking with them so I guess it will be ok.

I'm fat and extremely broad shouldered. Out of respect for the craft I'll only ever do that in the bedroom.

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just tell them you guys are doing a movie project, or, like just don't care.

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>Faggotshit that isnt IRC
I am quoting OP, it's up there.

You Kigfags were tolerable, now you're intolerable.
None of you are /jp/

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This shit is like 50 times gayer than regular crossplay.

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You are welcome.

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Dat Kurisu bulge <3

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Do it anyway Anon.

Being fat never stopped kigs like Cody or Ganon.

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It's great isn't it?

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These threads are incredibly dead these days because of it, too. Makes me sad as somebody who's been lurking them for nearly a decade and doesn't want to make an account on some gimmicky chat platform just to continue lurking.

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This, except I've been lurking for a much shorter time and I wish I had discovered kigurumi earlier when these threads were at their peak. I'd like to do kig myself but it makes me feel like being late to the party.

And you're right, making a throwaway account everytime you want to lurk is a hassle.

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Discord has support to guest accounts


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praise the sun

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Is have a pet rat considered that weird in America?

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Is having a pet rat considered that weird in America?

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I just can't stop wondering what's lurking underneath that mask.

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Are there any muscular kigs? I'd like to kig myself but I dont want to lose my gains. Knowing that there are great looking muscular kigs would be a great motivator.

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Yeah, there are plenty. In general hada smooths out everything unless you're like, ridiculously toned and bulky, or have super broad weightlifted shoulders.

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There's https://twitter.com/manipesco for example (see pic), or https://twitter.com/ErzyErza
So yeah, go for it. All the other kigs will love you because you can hime-carry them. :)

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Why do western kigs think it's funny to post things like this with a shitty background?

That's incredibly disrespectful to the craft.

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I agree. Wtf is this shit

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Fumi is a shit

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Who's this kig?

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not fumi

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kigus are the only thing that make me happy anymore

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This, I have a hate for Discord not because the platform's bad (its UI is nice, its backend is amazing, its API is a breeze) but because it hurts online communities so much. Everything's just agglomerated on this single Discord mass, and it's never about the topic itself in there anymore. Most people just lurk (as they're in up to 99 servers). I really want to have forums or BBSes (not the telnet-style, but the 5ch style) back, they seemed much more focused and tight-knit...

aside, i would REALLY want to touch XP-tan's boobie

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That's interesting. I guess it depends on what you call a community, but saying the discord server's strictly harmed the kig community is weird. As I see it, there're upsides and downsides.

On the upside, the server's done more for getting people into kig - that is, actually getting a decent mask and hada, being able to meet up and go to cons, etc. - than this thread ever has. This place was nice for getting away from the Wyu/Cici circlejerk, getting some links to porn, and getting honest opinions on shitty-looking kigs, but that's about all it ever did. Turns out it's just the nature of the hobby that people wanna find other people nearby so they can do kinky shit together irl, and an anonymous board's never gonna support that. Here, people can be real about their spiciest opinions without consequence, but no anon's ever really gonna connect with another anon to the point where they're willing to self-dox and meet up. That's why the server's got so many off-topic channels: kig by itself isn't a strong enough common interest to make people willing to connect with a stranger, but there's a lot of friendships that've been built there on shared interests in vidya, anime, non-kig crossdressing - or hell, even politics.

Meanwhile, the server being built on actual conversation means a lot of information ended up coming out. Tricks on wig care and strain removal for hada; sources for cheap/secondhand masks; how to make padding; how to buy the right breast forms. An anonymous board could theoretically put together FAQs, mask maker lists, wig and hada care guides, and padding tutorials, but this thread never did that, because it never had access to both the information and the people willing to put it all together. It's historically been for consuming, not creating, content.

And hey, that's fine. I'm guessing most of the people still posting here aren't that interested in getting into kig themselves, and just want a feed of pics to scroll through without having to figure out who to follow on twitter, or dig through shitloads of chatter on discord. Unfortunately, most of the people dedicated enough to collect and share pics also happen to be into kig enough that they want to get a mask themselves, in which case they might as well use the discord for all those resources and support. That means the only people left posting here are either discord users willing to share the knowledge they've picked up there, or people who don't have anything to offer. End result: dead thread.

On the other hand, the atmosphere's always gonna be different. Forced namefagging on discord means everyone's out to protect their own rep, so false niceness and politeness are pretty common (though not universal). Real-time chat means convos spawn everywhere, forcing you to scroll through tons of shit to get to content. Semi-private status means it's actually less visible and more cliquey than this thread was, is, and ever will be. Presence of an admin team WOULD make it more uncomfortable to post there than here, but since the janitors here delete stuff arbitrarily it's kind of a toss up on whether you like Big Brother to be loud and visible or opaque and incomprehensible.

tldr; the discord server's killed the thread because it's more useful to more of the actively-posting community than these threads ever were. That leaves the anons left here out to dry without content, but them's the breaks.

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>years of seeing kigs doing breathplay
>always turned me off
>it suddenly started looking hot
>masturbated to it earlier
FUCK. This is one of the worst fetishes and now I have it. The only "good" thing is more content. The slippery slope is real, I need to stop before those weird ass vac beds get me off.

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Why TKC is so shit?

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Vac beds are hot. I want to be dressed like an anime girl and stuffed inside one.

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Vac beds look fun as hell. Really want to try one

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>want kigu
>nobody in your country has this hobby
Eastern Europe sucks, I wish I lived in America.

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Weird. There's plenty of furries in eastern yurop so it's a wonder why there isn't kigus. Maybe kigurumi hasn't reached the eastern bloc yet.

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America is so big though. There are kigs here but they're all far apart.
I want to meet some of the CA people but they're on the other side of the continent.

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Same. Theres so many people i wanna meet but rip being a college student

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What can you do in a meetup aside from taking some pictures together? I guess coordinating something more complex or interacting with each other would require talking while in kig and that would probably kill the mood.

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wait, but isn't it usually dudes who where these?

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You can do whatever you want. Thats why its a meetup

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It's not like you're going to show up to their doorstep in kig though. So you can still do other shit like play videogames,
go to a convention if there is one nearby have degenerate kig sex

>> No.19708895

From my experience in Japan, eating out, shopping, sightseeing, going to an onsen, watching anime, home cooking, drinking while eating snacks etc. are all fair game when you're not kigging.

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Be the change you want to see and become the commie kigu missionary.

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Interesting. I expected people to be reluctant to know and let others know what's behind the mask.

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Do you guys like my kig? I’m rem in the pic above.

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It's one thing if you're at a conference or running an online account. But if you're meeting one on one or with a small group it would be pretty much impossible to be in kig the whole time.
Unless you wanna drive or take an Uber/public transportation wearing a big fucking anime head.

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At least Japanese kigs are generally very open about who they are personally once you've met them in real life once.

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>that feel when you downloaded some homosex 2hu kigurumi videos from there

>> No.19718561

>that one escape artist kig
He locks a bag over his head and restricts his arms behind him. He seemingly does this shit alone. I'm pretty sure he almost fucking died in one video. What an absolute mad man.

>> No.19720927

Is it possible to have sex wearing one of these things?

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No. That's not allowed.

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Who dis?

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Not bad at all.

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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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kigs have dicks

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Luck guy, when will this be me...

>> No.19752617

Stop lurking and meet a kig

>> No.19753708

Also dunno if this is allowed but posting this mask for sale


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Does it smell

>> No.19759326

Like salty coins and milk.

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Wow first kig thread. Never thought I could be both disturbed and amazingly aroused at the same time.

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No lmao. Has been Cleaned and such

>> No.19760952

no deal. i demand kigu smells™

>> No.19761009

Ill sweat in it just 4 u

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>Monster Hunter