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Someone please explain Touhou since /a/ is killed and it's all Touhou's fault apparently.

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Apparently, if you like Touhou you're a furfag.

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Blame Ran and Momizi

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This is touhou

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Doesn't really make sense, but whatever.

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nukes and stuff

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Ten billion bullets shooting bullets, armpits, and the power of love.

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<---------/b/ is that way. Your attempts to troll /jp/ are useless.

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I wasn't here for the touhou drama, what happened

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Made by a perpetually drunk Japanese guy named ZUN.

Distinguished by the fact that every character in the series is a girl, wears funny clothes, and loves to shoot crap at everyone.

Has spawned more doujins/fanworks than many other series combined, especially strange considering it has never been a professional product.

Is new/a/'s apparent whipping boy, playing the part of Jesus Christ as f/a/ggots play the part of the Pharisees, asking Pontius Pilate (moot) to crucify Touhou to apparently cure the state that /a/ was in (which wasn't so bad).

tl;dr, it's just a bunch of horseshit that trolls have cooked up to get something else ejected from /a/.

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Faggots complained about too much touhou and visual novels on /a/ and now they are complaining about the lack of it.

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i really wish the characters looked more interesting. theyre hardly even cute or unique looking.

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Touhou is a series of games made by ONE GUY. These games feature bad artwork and stupid writing, but exhibit hard as fuck gameplay in the form of a curtain fire shooting game.

The games themselves are not the issue. Its the characters in the games.
there are literally hundreds of different characters varying from humans to vampires and ghosts and each are dressed in all sorts of fetish costumes, from Gothic lolita to Classic Miko.

Because the characters are so animated, a huge fanbase developed where the fans themselves molded the characters into what they wanted.

The end result: Touhou as you know it.

also, Touhou didnt kill /a/, newfags that expected /a/ to be about anime killed /a/.

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It belongs in /v/, but /v/ hates it, so moot put it in here.

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I'm not trolling. Post some touhou shit in /a/ and see what happens.

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some of his artwork is actually good look at PoFV and PCB

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Immaterial and Missing Power had the best portraits.

Shame he fucked it all up in MoF.

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That was because he didn't draw them

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Someone else drew for IaMP

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mind posting some? I didn't play the figtehan game

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You gotta be trolling me.

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That more or less sums it up.

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That explains why the portraits are actually good.

He should outsource all of his artwork.

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Protip: IaMP was a joint project (guess which side did *not* do the art)

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EoSD Sakuya makes me laugh everytime.

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Don't forget the music Jim.

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Touhou image horder without knowing shit about Touhou here

Where to download the games? I don't want to download the Touhou collection torrent, plus I don't really know what I'm getting into and will be pissed if I get all the games in moonrunes.

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I can't help laughing at this every time.

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doujinstyle for two hour download
rapidshit for one hour.

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all the games are in moonrunes, but since the stories actually suck ass, it doesnt even matter.

just shootan and shootan and you'll probably get a better experience.

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Theres english patches for 6-9

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Is it better to start in order (I think it's EoSD first, right?), or just start with IN like everyone keeps preaching?

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I lol'd hard

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the stories are great if you're into random drunken ramblings about absofuckinglutely nothing.

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PoFV already has a translation patch?

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The story:
Some youkai/god/oni/whatever's doing something moderately annoying (ie, life-threatening for ordinary people) in Gensoukyou. Heroine goes in to beat some sense into said thing. Much bullets are thrown about, everyone becomes friends. THE END.

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i'd go with IN unless you've played SHUMPs before it's the easiest to learn the game basics with

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MoF is fucking hard , no matter how hard I try I can't get past Aya on normal even with marisa B

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None of this explains what the fuck people see in Touhou.

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I don't think even touhou fans know but everywhere you go touhou is HEUG so eh

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It was really the pretty fanon pictures, doujins and music.

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Never have. Gradius/Metal Slug are the closest things I've play too see that many bullets flying around.

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Kill yourself then.

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See >>20170

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