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Help! How do I draw my own flanfly?

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Post the run one please!

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the most exciting time of the day has flanally come

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How to draw your own Flanfly!

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the flan polluting the chocolate with the stinke

Would you still eat?

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flans feet have a nice, lovely fragrant smell so yes I still would

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I love you flan!

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She always takes good care of them and puts lotion in between her toes so they're always soft!

I still wouldn't want my chocolate poisoned, though, no matter how clean her feet are!

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Flan loves her big sis!

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I missed a $390 Vega 64. I'm so mad.

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why are you so mean to remi?

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does the flan even wear shoes?

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She pisses me off.

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I want to lick in-between flan's soft toes!

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Remi is a good girl and smells nice! Don't bully her!

I don't think you should unless you like having your lungs and windpipe permanently damaged from her stink!

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Flan-chan  sugoi!

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usagi usagi!!

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Like I said, its not stinky, but fragrant. Only peace of mind shall result from partaking of her scent.

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Are you sure? The flan has been in a basement for 5 centuries, walking back and forth while barefoot, and most likely hasn't bathed unless forced! What a waste of nice shoes to slip those smelly things inside them.

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She is entitles, arrogant, whiny, and surrounded by buffoons that only perpetuate her misbehavior. I wouldn't call that a good girl.

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patchy bathes her on a daily basis

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Everytime you post this, the remi becomes sadder and sadder! Stop please!

oh. I'm sorry for saying that flan's feet stunk! They smell like roses!

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sniffing the flan's hair!

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The remi bit the sakuya! She's one of her now!

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Let that bitch cry!

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You're bully! I hope the remi tortures you with her cute (but smelly) feet!

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Flan! I'm late!
Don't forget to say!

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smelly like roses

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How will the remi torture you if you enjoy her foot stink? I will tell her to stop washing!

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the poor meido is getting crushed!

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flan boobie

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feed me to the chupacabra

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The jump from step 2 to 3 is pretty hard desu i dont think i could do it

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What about if remi's got real close and breathed on you? Vampire breath is probably smelly to a dangerous degree!

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You can do it! All these people did!

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no that would be extremely erotic

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I will get the remi to torture you with her smells one way or another!

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haha it's flan!

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Remi teases me with her delicious foxy scents then makes me wear a peg on my nose! Ahhh, how cruel...

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Remi says she wants you to embrace her smelly feet and breath their stink deep into your lungs and sinuses. It might burn a little but it clears them nicely!

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Sauce on that pic? I tried everything and nothing works.

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I cropped it myself. It’s from a doujin where the remi infects the sakuya and turns her into a vampire. I think it’s called “the maid and the bloody clock of fate.”