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Be honest, /jp/ would Kokoro be a good mother? She won't be envious that they can express their emotion while she can't?

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This is important

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The worst.
Early child development is basically about feedback and reciprocation between mother and child - and a child cannot copy an expressionless, emotionless drone.

It would be emotionally stunted and may develop psychopathic tendencies.

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No. She’d be a terrible mother because of those lost emotions. Byakuren should be responsible of the child anyway

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don't trust these people

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they're evil morons

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they have evil moronic things to say

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Byakuren is a motherly person. I’d trust her more than a violent and unpredictable person

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you'd be a fool to go by your misguided answers

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What is evil and moronic about those?

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they tell lies and demonise cute girl

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But they are fact.

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wrong. incorrect.

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I already told you in the last thread that she's too autistic for that, and she would damage the psique of her offspring. Blame Miko for making her so autistic beyond repair

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You will never impregnate her dude.

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I think you mean Okina.

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Miko you mean

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impregnated kokoro

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impregnated kokoro

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impregnated kokoro

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god give me a pregnant toohoo.

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if you say "impregnated kokoro" in front of a mirror at midnight, a mask will appear in the mirrow and a hand will try to pull you in

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But Humans and Youkai can't have children

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They already exist, so they can be made
Saying can't is quitter talk anyhow

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I will make her a good mother, if you know what I mean

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No, she can't be a good mother ALONE. But if her partner is good at showing facial expressions, it's ok.

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connections between mother and sons are quite different from father and sons, lots of hormonal shits happens when the fetus is developing making the new born baby feel attached to the mother instead of the father

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Still, the kid has to learn how to show expressions.

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I'll show him kokoro's ahegao and cure him

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Kokoro doesn't have a ahego

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I'll just have to force her to make one

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Now that Kokoro isn't buttfuck nuts she's mostly alright and fun. Good mother material, sure.

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Kissing Kokoro-chan's expressionless lips as she keeps swapping masks.

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impregnated kokoro

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impregnated kokoro

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impregnated kokoro

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impregnated by kokoro

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impregnated kokoro

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fuck you, beat me to it.

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oh, the translation took almost a whole year!

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Thanks, anon

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when will the Reimu one be translated?

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Le Jaypee defending his waifu

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eh, nothing special: whore, manipulation, pregnation ech.
But I get it why would "someone" like it,

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impregnated kokoro

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But that's what makes it sophisticated.

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impregnated kokoro

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Kokoro Ocelot

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double impregnated kokoro

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I would impregnate both her tits.

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would you fug pregnant kokoro?

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I would impregnante pregnant kokoro

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Impregnating Kokoro! Fucking her so hard that her face moves for the first time! Her genuine smile from the pleasure of being cummed inside!

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What does an impregnation face look like?

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impregnated kokoro