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This is amazing.


Fifty-one linked videos on Nicovideo, in a loop--with seemingly more being uploaded every week. Each one contains remixes of a specific character's theme. Just open and listen to it for a few days (it goes to the next video and starts playing automatically).

The latest in the chain is Koishi's mixes.

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Listen to it for a few days?

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~20 minutes per video * 50 minutes = 1000 minutes.

OK, true, given that /jp/ is all NEETs, 17 hours of music is just one day.

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I wonder if anyone has the audio resilience to be able to listen to the full chain in one sitting. Considering it's really long, and by the time you get to what the end is now, it will have gotten longer...

I'd probably have an inner ear infection, blown ear drums, 20 billion assorted bacteria, and a mushroom or two growing out of my ears. My headphones suck.

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It'd be nice if someone could compile these into MP3s for us..

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The song information is right there. Finding it should be too hard.

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Oh wow, the song choices for the second video (Marisa) are awesome.

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You meant this url:

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Without skipping, pausing or changing in lists, I'm up to Cirno. And the IOSYS version is grading my ears off.

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Have a Lunasa pantsushot.

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What's up with the Graze counter in the bottom corner?

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What does the button that's slowly going across the screen do?

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At the end of Remilia's section, around the 20 minute mark...

>Prison Break
>~second season~

Oh god, what?

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Are those all vocal mixes? I realy prefer instrumental.

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Apparently the button makes the Graze counter go up. I think the graze counter is how many people approve of the song.

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Varies. Lots of vocal, but some non-vocal as well I think.

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I've been listening to this for seven hours now.

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I'm liking the Key Music song in http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm5508980 .

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I've been listening on and off all day, can't say that I've been on my computer for 7 hours yet.

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The original sukima tour, and still the best:

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probably, IOSYS songs so far have low graze.

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The SOUND HOLIC Invisible Full Moon is pretty good.

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