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"You've heard of it, haven't you? The Legend of Layla. When I was younger, my mentor used to tell me stories about it."

"Long ago, in ancient times, a phantom
rebelled against her own kind for the sake of
the human race. With her music, she shut the
border to the netherworld, and sealed the hungry
entities off from the rest of Gensokyo. But
since she was a phantom herself, her spellcards
was also trapped on the other side."

"I didn't believed it. I thought it was just a liar tengu's tale. But I discovered that this so-called "legend" wasn't a myth at all. Layla existed."

"How do I know? Well, I met the daughters of Layla.
All of them. Though the same ectoplasm of their mother flows in their being, the three battled each other fiercely like arch-enemies. It seemed that they derive some sort of twisted pleasure from this "sisterly" fighting."

"But in the end...Only one was left performing."


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How's Layla?

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She's got me on my knees.

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She's dead.

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She's dead jim.

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