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Discuss https://kourindou.exblog.jp/27419239/
Continued from >>19459788

Let's talk about actuall game and not your headcanon.

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I hate photo games because of three different movement speeds. I don't know why he does this. It means the more you play the worse you get at actual games.

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It's a shame she's a redhead now. What was ZUN thinking?

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Just Zun being bad at coloring again.

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That's a relief, if it means she's still a brownie.

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ZUN was never good at coloring, or it might be how he sees Sumireko and intended her to look from the begining, it is the first time he did drawing of her in color.

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People pay too much attention to details of canon art (ZUN or non-ZUN). It tends to be self-contradictory anyway.

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People should take it easy with touhou

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I just want the music.

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Maybe we were wrong. Maybe it wasn't Renko but Sumi who was Yumeko all along.

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oldhsgdfkohgol. Yumemi of course.

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You mean Yumemi?

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That's a trend in these photo games.

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Predicting it now. Aya, Hatate, or both will show up to tell her off for her awful photography or something, and she'll just laugh in their face for being so old-fashioned. She's the protagonist so the game will paint her as in the right too.

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>yeah, that's going into my cringe Instagram tag

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I am liking the idea of sumi being a smug meme-loving fuck way more than I should.

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She obviously dyed her hair because that's what cool kids do.

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But Sumi is not cool.

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Well of course she would be since shes from the human world. She’d be exposed to such shit like that meme or use filters on those images for some wacky effects

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Sumi-chan wants to be cool.

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Keep in mind things like eye colors, hair tones and the like tend to vary.

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Th 16.5 秘封ナイトメアダイアリー 〜 Virgin Destroyer

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How so?

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File: 1.02 MB, 1188x1200, __usami_sumireko_touhou_and_violet_detector_drawn_by_aki_chimaki__c57179a9e5c0db3bdc687cfe25b45505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, Sumireko confirmed for slut?

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Who are you quoting?

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Please don't call my wife a brownie.

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Whom quote?

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Sumi-chan is going to be popular now!

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No she’ll be hated because she will show her pictures everywhere in the human world, causing the youkai to lose it in gensokyo and forever punish sumirenko to a dicking

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Sumi will be my maid!

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But if she shows pictures of her getting dicked everywhere in the real world, I'm sure she's going to become popular.

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File: 679 KB, 700x892, __usami_sumireko_touhou_drawn_by_pote_ptkan__ef8668bdaa147568f98479f808baa197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sumireko is meido for keeping in the basemento, not for knocking over vases!

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Sumi is exactly the sort of person to just vanish one day and never be seen again.

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Mmhm. While it'd seem like she'd vanished,in reality she's just in some stranger's basement, but she's taken good care of, so nothing to worry about, as far as safety or well-being goes. Question would be, how to keep her psionic abilities at bay...

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When does the game come out? Summer Comiket?

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Stop bullying her.

She's a main character now!

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August 10 (Friday)

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If she's hanging out in Gensokyo and doesn't take it very seriously, just being locked in somebody's basement is pretty light.

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File: 820 KB, 600x1260, __usami_sumireko_pokemon_pokemon_go_and_touhou_drawn_by_pote_ptkan__4e32763071f14fc1b1081f6b2a3d14cb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She'd better be careful, then. Girl-grabbers are said to be pretty rough, so she needs to play it safe. There could be some pretty mean youkai wondering about too, and even some of them could be girl-grabbers, or worse, like in your pic-related. Sumireko needs to be careful!

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Obviously it's just Mamizou pretending to be Sumireko again.

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d-delet gif
This is a blue board!

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File: 451 KB, 628x886, __futatsuiwa_mamizou_and_usami_sumireko_touhou_drawn_by_inuinui__746f7797955f7554442c71f91ecc643c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aw shit, that'd be great.

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I look forward to her interactions with Kasen and Mokou. Maybe she'll finally meet Sanae too?

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>Maybe she'll finally meet Sanae too?
Let's pray it finally happens.

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I want Sumi to meet Sanny

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I want Sumi to meet me

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Is this the first time we've ever gotten proper Zun art for a character that wasn't introduced in a "mainline" Zun game?

Pretty cool

>> No.19466277

ZUN. And no, we've had ZUN art of Tenshi too.

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And Suika
Cute and neat

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School girls don't fart right? Imagine Sumireko dreaming and accidentally farting in front of her classmates! pathetic no wonder why she's a loser!

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ZUN is just a big fan of JoJo.

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Sumi's cellphone isn't special in any way right? Are regular cameras just some sort of superweapon against danmaku?

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Oh neat! I didn't consider material outside of the games themselves. There's something that feels extra special about having a character being "canonized" in a full game with a portrait and lines and everything (even though the fighters and books are still canon). Hope we can get something like that for more of the rest of the extended cast, too.

Anyone got a pic of the ZUN Tenshi art? A cursory search hasn't turned anything up yet for me

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Tenshi is actually supposed to have gradient hair but only Alphes got that right. ZUN draws characters how they're supposed to look (DUH he created them) and I'm glad another person in this hellhole recognizes that simple fact.

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Moe Harukawa's portraits of her in AoCF at least get her dress right, which is something Alphes didn't include.

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Maybe the characters are just weaker than we assume?
A single shot of .380 ACP counts as a high cost spellcard that guardbreaks and does half a bar of HP.

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Another Tenshi

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And Iku.

I want a ZUN artbook of his drafts and conceptual sketches, but I imagine he probably lost or trashed a lot of his old stuff.

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Aren't the eyes wrong here?

>> No.19466528

She can use psychokinesis or something with an app on it, so it's safe to assume that she used her weird dork powers on it.

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Spellcard rules my nigga.

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Heya anon, sorry to bother you but you appear to have accidentally left caps lock on!
You're welcome.

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>it is the first time he did drawing of her in color.
When else has he drawn her?

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Who do you trust more, ZUN or Alphes? By the way, a bunch of characters have inconsistent colors. Reimu regularly switches between black and brown. In the end, it's what you prefer (for now).

>> No.19466571

Where is the beauty and elegance in a 3D printed pistol or selfie?
Shouldn't Sumi have no clout under the spellcard rules?

>> No.19466574

Who do you trust more, ZUN or Alphes? By the way, a bunch of characters have inconsistent colors. Reimu regularly switches between black and brown hair. In the end, it's what you prefer (for now).

>> No.19466578

Sumimi is cute! She's a chuuni just like me.

>> No.19466580

>Who do you trust more, ZUN or Alphes?
The one that wasn't fired.

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ZUN Joon.

>> No.19466592

oh goodness that's adorable

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File: 788 KB, 1750x1300, 1525653585002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even cuter when it's colored.

>> No.19466618

I got a reimu last time around with the site, does that wear off?

>> No.19466711

Simplicity is beautiful, and it doesn't get any simpler than "just use a gun, dude"

Selfies are self-explanatory, unless you want to tell me Sumi isn't beautiful.

>> No.19466890

they always can be relatives

>> No.19466893

nice headcanon

>> No.19466894

nope, suika was first

>> No.19466898

kasen butt ////

>> No.19466899

that was literally answered three times before you
are you retarded?

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ZUN can’t give everyone their own game

>> No.19466903

I know

>> No.19466982

dream diary meta 2hu game? sick

>> No.19466985

>Sumi's cellphone isn't special in any way right?
Wait, is Aya's camera special and not just a camera? Hatate just uses a cellphone too but she has some psychic photograph dealy going on with it. Maybe Sumi's cellphone works the same.

>> No.19466992

Take yer fortunes here laddies...
Kid luck for me, yaay!

>> No.19467069

I'll always be sad that Tenshi didn't have the sky on her dress represented properly in the past. It's such a cool part of her design.

>> No.19467119

>Who do you trust more, ZUN or Alphes?

>> No.19467224

kuso post award

>> No.19467244

If only ZUN could draw.

>> No.19467379

get out.

>> No.19467551

Roki is better

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File: 266 KB, 540x630, __usami_sumireko_touhou_drawn_by_pote_ptkan__c581b7d03a283d611a23ca8eaa986d4c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sumireko is not a narcissist, so she does not take selfies!

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Rindou > Roki

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That's obvious. 2hus in skintight bodysuits doujin never.

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File: 1.38 MB, 1537x1080, rape_isnt_that_bad_if_were_both_girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hatate already had her own game. Only a grand total of five characters have had that honor.
/jp/ may not like it, but this opinion is correct.
it's a touhou horror game.

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File: 8 KB, 56x59, mini_hatate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Implying Hatate won't be the secret playable character.

>> No.19470234 [DELETED] 

yep, this is going in my shit pattern compilation

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Anyone else feel less and less excited for Touhou games?

>> No.19470532

this seems pretty sweet and I'd like 17 too so no but trying to get into gensokyo is more exciting anyways

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File: 350 KB, 600x600, __usami_sumireko_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_and_wild_and_horned_hermit_drawn_by_pote_ptkan__fc0f2a181b2b27df89df1217873f68e5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No sir-ee!

>> No.19470732

HSiFS and AoCF kind of rekindled my passion.

>> No.19470737

game looks great, stop being a fag.

>> No.19470748

Sumi's sweaty spats!

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Oh fucking god no. You just made me realize that all the ironic faggots like you are going to spam that twitter shrek meme all over the place even harder now.

>> No.19471377

I don't play them as often out of pure laziness but I still love them.

>> No.19471458

Are you calling DS Hatate's own game? Come now, anon.

>> No.19471743

they won't because nobody knows sumireko, if it was any meme character from EoSD then it would be different

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Will it be again for a third round?

>> No.19473323

What would be the excuse for it to appear? I doubt we will see kaguya and satori won't work since sumireko has never seen that abomination.

Unless she is having some fucked up nightmares I don't think we will see it

>> No.19473439

Maybe dream-kaguya? It seems like Sumireko would be on the dream dimension, so it wouldn't be really wild to think that she may fight some dream versions. Don't underestimate ZUN's ability to fuck players.

>> No.19473467

I wish. The princess needs more screentime.

>> No.19473477

>she has some psychic photograph dealy going on with it.
It's basically just google images.

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File: 1.81 MB, 414x330, 1458077047187.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll get Pristine Seamless Ceiling as one of
Junko's cards

>> No.19474788

For a bit but then I realized that every game after 8 was weird and changed it up but I loved all of them and I was just being a faggot. It takes a bit to get used to whatever new game's out but I always end up loving it anyway.

>> No.19476953

>Junko's simple yet effective style on a StB game
This is going to be fun.

>> No.19479078

Will the Prismriver Sisters finally make an appearance in a photo game?

>> No.19479098

ZUN: "Who?"

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File: 1.31 MB, 1257x1920, 1532210302562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.19479306

>new 2hu game

>not a single new character or anything interesting besides sumireko being the main character

Wow, it´s fucking nothing!

>> No.19479339

Did ZUN drew this?
I don't know if it's the coloring but ZUN's art can be very cute sometimes.

>> No.19479366

ZUN did draw that you secondary. He didn't color it though.

>> No.19479587

Thinking about it, is the occult balls' arc finished?

>> No.19479836

who are you quoting?

>> No.19479889

Calling it an arc is a bit disingenuous, as ULiL was really just a setup for LoLK, and while AoCF was a consequence of the occult incident, it didn't really involve the orbs directly. Anyway, HSiFS is chronologically after AoCF, and has no relation to the "Occult Orb" games, so it's safe to call that arc finished.

>> No.19480596

>not a single new character
I wouldn't say that so soon. ZUN saying this game has a dark story probably means that someone new will show up.

>> No.19480773

couldn't find a better word for it so I just used "arc", and thought that maybe this new game could follow some kind of huge incident related to the dream world or another kind of faction like heca's hell as she showed interest in gensokyo to even let clappy stay there. HSiFS also brings a new sage to the scene who seems to be able to make so wierd connections here and there, that's why I was wondering if occult balls are gone or not

>> No.19481317

Currently, the Lunar Occult Orb is with Marisa, as seen in her ending, so if ZUN wants to bring it back for something he can.

>> No.19481750

Technically speaking the Urban Legends "issue" has become a now normalized part of Gensokyo.

>> No.19481769

Why is western art so shit?

>> No.19481801

>I doubt we will see kaguya
Why not? It's only been 2 mainline games since the last spell card only game, not nearly enough to use only newhus. We'll have to see at least some characters that have already been in either StB, DS, or ISC, and Kaguya only got to be in one of those despite being a major character.
Then again, we could see someone else use it? Doremy pulling it from a certain Tengu's nightmares, perhaps?

>> No.19481809


>> No.19481889


>> No.19481941

I don't know who are you quoting but this always happens in spin off games like 9.5 and 14.3
12.3 is the exeption because whe have Hatate so maybe we will have a new girl here in the final stage or extra.
The official CD portrait isn't even revealed yet.

>> No.19482016

>Why is western art so shit?
I know a typical counter to this claim is to point out all the bad/poorly drawn Japanese art you can easily find on Pixiv, but honestly that art doesn't phase me in the same way that so much Western fan art does. It's like Western fan artists go out of their way to make characters look ugly.

>> No.19482046

No, seriously. I want to know the answer to this mystery. Why does it suck so much?

>> No.19482051

It's true, Deviantart is fucking cancer.
But that pic isn't that bad imo

>> No.19482102

When you think bad western art, you mostly think of stuff off DeviantArt and FurAffinity and those sorts of sites. These are websites were ANY sort of criticism is seen as trolling and condemned viciously by the community. That atmosphere has maintained and redoubled on itself for years too. This leads to art being absolute fucking dogshit but receiving nothing but praise, so the artist doesn't improve, and western art stays trash.
The cultural differences don't help. West is all "everyone is great and special and if you try you'll succeed!" where in the east you gotta earn and keep that success and need to be constantly proving and improving yourself. Those attitudes aren't necessarily accurate to real life, but they are what they are.

>> No.19482408
File: 114 KB, 562x800, 044101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a recent development. If I go look back at ancient fanart, it's usually pretty poor quality, but it's much more similar to bad japanese art than the current abomination of style is. Mostly I think it's a big game of telephone, where instead of learning from anatomy and then stylizing, a certain kind of style has been copied over and over to the point where people aren't learning from reality anymore, and thus it ends up really inhuman and ugly.
Not to mention it's just low effort and lazy.

>> No.19484031

It started with Scott Pilgrim I think. Everyone started copying it because it was simple and stylish, destroying all of its charm in the process. Then adventure time became popular and everyone slapped its artstyle overwhat was popular

>> No.19484152

I see shots on the screenshots of the game. Is it not supposed to be a photo game?

>> No.19484868

>It's like Western fan artists go out of their way to make characters look ugly.
Considering the current state of affairs where making a character attractive is seen as sexualization and making women into sex objects or whatever, I wouldn't be surprised if what you said is actually what's going on.

>> No.19485438

Whales gonna be jealous whales. No surprise there.

>> No.19485471

Assuming we get Aya or hatate as playable characters, but I'm more inclined to think of it as a some sort of ISC or a mix between the two but with more focus on the camera instead of just being an optional item.

Kaguya couldn't give any less fucks about what's going on, I feel it would be much more probable to see Eirin and sagume doing some shady things. The only development where I could see kaguya appearing is if sumireko happens to reach entein or if kaguya is dragged in something involving mokou.

But thinking twice, what's the excuse for hatate being able to fight against seamless bullshit in DS if she never saw that before?

>> No.19485485

a wizard did it

>> No.19485509

ZUN saying this game has a dark story probably means nothing. He says things like that alot. He really likes words like "disturbing" "ominous" and "unsettling" when describing things even when it doesnt quite seem too fit. Remember how Stage 5 of HSiFS was "disturbing"? He just likes too play it up I think.

>> No.19485525
File: 621 KB, 807x1200, 151839714071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those fucking sister nons were disturbing enough to me.

>> No.19485535
File: 1.46 MB, 1280x960, th16_065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was pretty disturbing to me.

>> No.19485567

And then animation just took a downfall after that. Such is life when liking american animation since it’s all cookie cutter now

>> No.19485584

Don't forget "illusionary". Sister's non spells and satono's "forget your name" are disturbing

>> No.19485788

Given how the perfect possession incident hasn't been resolved (Jo'on and Shion had nothing to do with it after all) I doubt the current arc is over. I'm hoping for another team-based mainline game like IN for TH17 to get it done with.

>> No.19485949

Perhaps im remembering wrong but im pretty sure the Perfect Posession incident was entirely the doing of Jo'on and Shion. The Perfect Possession "Urban Legend" was something they specifically crafted too help abuse their abilities and they personally spread the rumor themselves (at least too start with).
And the honest most likely scenario is that the "arc" will never conclude because itll always remain as something ZUN can come back and toy with at some point when he feels like it. When you get down too it Touhou doesn't necessarily work in "arcs". At the very least, im pretty confident that's now how ZUN looks at it.

>> No.19485964

Imagine if sumirenko took all those photos and was just about to show it to her friends in the real world, and when she pulls up her photos they’re all gone. How funny would that be?

>> No.19485966
File: 79 KB, 1224x177, western animation is dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19485970

>her friends
Not epic

>> No.19486011

Oh yeah, and its worth mentioning that the game does pretty much say the incident is resolved in Reimu & Yukari's ending.

>> No.19486212

It’s sad.

>> No.19486447

I'm a die-hard fan so no.

>> No.19486470

How the fuck are you supposed to do Stage 2 day 6 itemless?

>> No.19486556

Well then, I guess I have should done a bit more research instead of basing everything on the info I learned back from when the game has just come out.
And yeah I was just referring to this possession thing in particular as an arc, urban legends having this much power is too big of a thing to be stopped at this point and it's nice to always have an excuse for a sillier plot like you mentioned. Also I think the whole idea of arcs in Touhou started because of what can be seen as a religion-focused arc, starting on MoF and ending with HM.

>> No.19486581

Keep on the left side of the screen after the second and third wave, the rest shouldn't pose much of a problem.

>> No.19486655

Like I said its not necessarily wrong too think of them as arcs. Traditionally how we think of how a story arc works, Touhou certainly has them. In terms of how ZUN views things though and how he tends too write for the series, its just kinda an inadequate way of thinking about it. Especially since he likes too revisit old stuff on a whim. Like how he considers LoLK too be an extension of Bougetsushou, which we would've thought was wrapped up many years ago.

>> No.19486995

Superb, thank you. It wasn't that hard in the end.

>> No.19487731

"Lunarians are retarded" is a neverending story, anon.

>> No.19487772

It is. It was just a matter of weather or not ZUN wanted too write more about it. Turns out he did.

>> No.19488726

I'm just waiting for 17 as I find the shitstorms and chaos whenever we learn about the first three characters in the demos, and then the last 4-5 when the games release so much fun.

I remember this whole board hating Hecatia to death and refusing to believe Clownpiece existed. Good times.

>> No.19488760

But she's a literal meme. Hecatia is mostly forgotten and so is Junko but CP is an actual memehu and she even has her own manga.

>> No.19488977

kuso post

>> No.19489056
File: 89 KB, 400x325, 1502705999271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People hating about Okina being both the final and extra boss was also fun

>> No.19489076

off yourself

>> No.19489898

Preach it, brother.

>> No.19492136
File: 65 KB, 720x480, bitsummit1z1qn8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Next arc when?

>> No.19492820
File: 278 KB, 1059x1200, DId7zy6VYAAIPx5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hecatia is mostly forgotten and so is Junko
Objectively incorrect. Recently there was another surge of art on twitter.

>> No.19493124

samefag detected

>> No.19493285

Now. Even if they weren't necessarily planned, ZUN at least fixates on a theme for a while.
MoF to TD were a trilogy about religion
DDC to HS are a little less coherent, but you could say they dealt with the oppressed or downtrodden in society in some sense
It seems to be heading towards some kind of fuckery involving the real world or "outsiders" for a while

>> No.19493329

Nope. There is in fact more than one person on /jp/ who dislikes the shitty meme clown with the utterly broken boss fight and overdone, unoriginal character. It's crazy, I know.

>> No.19493351

>MoF to TD
>a trilogy

>> No.19493444

I utterly forgot SA existed, i'm sorry

>> No.19493464

How awful of you to forget one of the best games. You must not be a Touhou lover.

>> No.19493473

You do realize the anon that you said "Preach it, brother" to was praising Clownshit and shitting on both Junko and Hecatia, right? Are you fucking retarded? Also
>overdone and unoriginal
I don't particularly like Clownpiece but she's the most original Touhou charcater in years. Show me one character that is like her. You can't. If you're gonna samefag at least agree with your original post, tardo.

>> No.19493491

>and overdone, unoriginal character.
Excuse you?

>> No.19493530

>was praising Clownshit
Is memehu is a compliment now? Is being a meme a good, positive thing? I can't deny you might be right but holy god I hope you're not.

>Show me one character that is like her.
Cheerful prankster fairy? Luna, Sunny, Star, Cirno.
From Hell? Eiki, Komachi. Most of the SA cast is close enough to matter too.
Madness? Reisen. I swear there's another Touhou that drives people crazy but I'm not remembering her name right now. Maybe some PC-98 girl?

The ONLY thing she does that hasn't been done before is her design, which is shit. Yeah it's new for Touhou, but it's not the least bit creative, clever, or original outside of that. I GUESS there's the whole Lampad/Statue of Liberty thing? That's something, I guess? Certainly not much.

>> No.19493689

You sound like an incredibly shallow person. I bet you think Komano isn't worth existing because we already had a cheerful doggo, Sagume isn't worth existing because we already had Lunarians and Kaguya isn't worth existing because we already had a character with time-space manipulation powers.

>but it's not the least bit creative, clever, or original outside of that.
Are you just going to keep throwing blanket statements every time someone calls you out or are you going to actually explain yourself?

>> No.19493696
File: 215 KB, 695x1918, Hecate_Chiaramonti_Inv1922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fairies are pranksters by nature, anon. They are always like that. The reason she's a "memehu" was because she was such an unorthodox design for Touhou Project. Lampads invariably have the power to drive people to madness. It's in their mythology, it was not a lazy Reisen power clone. And it goes much deeper than that. Hecate, the Greek goddess Hecatia is based on, is one of the two goddesses (the other being the Roman God, Libertas) that inspired the Statue of Liberty. In fact, Hecate's crown and torch almost definitely mirrors the ones seen on the Statue of Liberty. It makes all the more sense considering Clownpiece has the same torch Hecate uses in her depictions and is in the exact same pose as the Statue of Liberty, further connecting her to Hecate. Hecate and Clownpiece's connection to the moon stems from the Greeks conflating the Egyptian god, Isis (God of the Moon and Underworld), with their own god, Hecate. Clownpiece isn't just some run of the mill wacky random design, she is as deeply entrenched in lore as most other major characters. Her clothes, pose, and ability all make sense when you connect the dots. Yes, in the end of the day she is just another fairy, but do realize that she is no ordinary fairy. She is the most complex and brilliantly designed fairy we've seen yet.

>> No.19493871

Wrong on all accounts.
Didn't have a Komainu yet, which was pretty strange, they're pretty well known Japanese mythical beasts. Even overseas people know about the whole guardian dog-like statue thing. Also who's the other cheerful dog? Yamabiko have some dog-like characteristics, Momiji isn't cheerful and is barely a character anyway.

She's a Lunarian goddess, Toyo and Yori are Lunarian princesses. Very different, and was kinda strange that we didn't have an outright god on the Moon yet. Also has a new and interesting ability, character, and heaps of plot importance, but I digress.

It's fucking Princess Kaguya, it would be insane not too include her.

Yeah, I know all that, but it doesn't change that it's all been done before and been done better.
I get that fairies are all pranksters, but that doesn't change that this has been done five times over now. I get that she kind has too have madness powers, that's what Lampads do, but that doesn't change that it's also been done. Christ, it's even a "if you look into X you'll go crazy!" thing too.
And really, why make her a fairy at all in that case? Make her a Lampad. Hecate is attended by Lampads, Hecatia is Hecate, but doesn't have a Lampad serving her, just a fairy with Lampad-like qualities. Why? Why does the Goddess of Hell and Magic, one of THE kingpins of myth, have a garden-variety Hell fairy as her go-to henchman? Why is she a fairy and not a Lampad?
Fuck, man, I never really payed the whole Lampad angle much attention, and doing so now just raises even more questions and makes this shitty 'murica clown even more of a mess.

>> No.19493928

Are you playing dumb? Clownpiece is confirmed to be a lampad. Lampads are nothing but fairies (nymphs). The only consorts Hecate has are fairies. The only thing that makes a lampad special from other nymphs is their magic torch. Clownpiece has all that and is wonderfully tied into the American flag through both the Moon and Hecatia/Isis/Liberty. Her eccentric and "lunatic" personality is nothing more than a poke at the torch's ability to drive people mad. Reisen's ability is more akin to causing illusions and hallucinations in a person's vision, thus deteriorating their mental state through the manipulation of radio waves and light waves.
>it's all been done before and better
You have 5 seconds to show me a lampad that is not generic sexualized waifu bait or a generic RPG enemy. You can't.

>> No.19493985

Then you're just a hypocrite because Clown has her own differences as well but apparently that's not enough for you for some arbitrary reason.

>> No.19494254

Like I explained in >>19486655, arcs is kind of an inadequate way of putting it, and while ZUN does focus in on a particular theme for a while he has been getting much looser with that as you've said. The way he describes DDC through HSiFS is "answers too his previous works", so I guess maybe we could consider that the "theme". How it seems too go with stuff like the religion based works is he will usually only expand on something like that if he feels he can do more with it. That in general is how these sort of arcs come about. To be honest I feel like the next several games are going too be more dis attached from previous stuff and each other and just be their own thing.
You might be on too something with the "Outsiders" idea though. I dont think itll do much with the outside world (plus we already have a bunch of stuff that deals with that), but I think he is going too explore "Otherworlds" more. The hell subplot he's been setting up in the manga really feels like it might end up tying into a game. Paying attention too the manga is always a good way of getting an idea of where his mind currently is.

>> No.19494334
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] New Game!! - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.31_[2017.09.19_19.56.55].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last few had really mediocre new characters.

This is the most important part for the fandom.

>> No.19494346
File: 242 KB, 558x600, Th16Okina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not only is that false, but also why the hell would you use that as a metric for a game's quality?

>> No.19494351

How is that false? Look at fanart numbers. New characters get shit except for meme fairy.

>> No.19494353

Plot and characters is what made Touhou popular, not gameplay.

>> No.19494358
File: 79 KB, 640x495, 1529124353133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the character that's been out for a year doesn't have as much fanart as a character that's been out for 15 years!
I'm starting to think you're just a secondary.

>> No.19494363

That must be why Seihou keeps selling like gangbusters.

Oh wait.

>> No.19494374

It's not about having more. It's about getting new fanart. Those new characters barely get anything.

>> No.19494409
File: 604 KB, 1200x1200, 1530187780025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is simple untrue, unless you use boorus for this measurement.

>> No.19494410

Not him but this should be common sense. Newer characters get shafted real hard because people are already attached too the older characters, and many artists have certain characters that they like too draw more often then others. Even still though the numbers arent awful, just not as good as the many characters people already have affection for. Not too mention many artist have moved too twitter and many people still use Pixiv numbers when talking about this kind of stuff.
Still isnt a metric too describe quality though. ZUN has put way more effort in into his newer games and characters than his older works. There is alot of objectivity in this. Koakuma gets some much art despite being a literally nothing character yet still gets more art than many new characters with great designs and so much more thought put into them.

Thats mostly true, however new characters are not shit because they get less art for the reasons I stated above. They are disadvantaged by default.

>> No.19494454

>Newer characters get shafted real hard because people are already attached too the older characters

Clownpiece disagree.

It's just that most of those new characters are boring as fuck. Like the entire tsukumogami gang.

>> No.19494547

Exceptions cant exist? Even in terms of older characters being so overwhelmingly popular there are still some that simply arent (Letty for example). Even then, Clownpiece is not significantly popular, especially compared too older characters. Also being "boring" other than being very subjective is also not a metric you should use when talking about this when characters that are literally nothing midbosses are more popular. Lets not pretend characters like Flandre arent "boring" either with her complete lack of depth. Yet she is consistently one of the most popular characters.
Overall, can you really say that what I said early isnt true? That newer characters are simply disadvantaged because people are already so strongly attached too existing ones?

>> No.19494552

>Clownpiece is confirmed to be a lampad
Where? Cite it. Every source there I've seen has her as just a fairy, every scene has her acting like just a fairy, everyone including herself treats has like just a fairy. Not a Lampad-type fairy or anything, just a fairy.

>Reisen's ability is more akin to causing illusions and hallucinations in a person's vision, thus deteriorating their mental state through the manipulation of radio waves and light waves.
Reisen's ability is listed in IN as "manipulating insanity." Same for PoFV, SWR, Bougetsushou, and AoCF. Yes, she does it in a different way, and she can do other things with her ability too, but you're acting like this is some knockoff "oh well she CAN drive people crazy but that's just a side thing" sort of deal. It's not. Madness is what she does. Given what Clownpiece is based on it makes sense for her to also have madness-inducing abilities, but don't act like it's anything new in Touhou, which is exactly her problem.

I get what you're saying, but given that it's the only unique angle she has besides the awful design it's not enough to make her a good character. Maybe if it was emphasized more, but it isn't. For all intents and purposes she's just a playful prankster fairy. You can disagree if you want, I don't want to hijack this thread too much, but I really think you'd be wrong to do so.

>You can't.
Sorry it wasn't within 5 seconds, was out for dinner.

>Clown has her own differences as well
Name them.

>> No.19494575

okina gets a shit ton of fanworks now

>> No.19494647

clownautists fuck off and stick to the game.

wonder how it'll tie in to the hell plot.

>> No.19494807

Sumi's getting in over her head if she's tangling with Hell.

>> No.19494858

I wonder if Sumi played Doom. She'll know what to do in Hell if she did.

>> No.19494924

Probably wont honestly.

>> No.19494934

prolly wont. im guessing itll be pretty self contained for the most part, maybe some vague hints if okinas in the game

>> No.19494941

I honestly don't see much fanart attempting to mimic Adventure Time. I'd say the popularity of Steven Universe in the tumblr/dA community is hugely responsible. But let's not pretend the cartoony western style hasn't existed since forever. And while Scott Pilgrim may have been a progenitor of the "modern" style, SP itself wouldn't have existed without manga influence. Maybe why it's so overused with people thinking they can slap something vaguely "anime" on their drawing.

>> No.19495290

scroll down to the clownpiece section and ZUN confirms she's a lampad
>reisen ability
her ability is specifically manipulating all kinds of waves, whether it be brain, radio, light, whatever; perfect memento in strict sense specifically states that her "ability to cause insanity" is really just "controlling the waves that reside in all things"
that's different from clownpiece's sole ability to cause madness.
>age of empires lampad
looks like the most boring shit ever
you really that that 5 polygon model is a better "character" than clownpiece? that's not even a fucking charcater, that's a fucking unit from an RTS game. you're either trolling me or you've got some serious brain problems.

>> No.19495329

can you just fucking end this already or take this to the local clownpiss thread

>> No.19495341

sorry, now that i've proved that anon wrong you can now go back to telling the thread how much you want to sniff sumireko's farts

>> No.19495413

I don't think it will. Might be some side comments from her fights with the Hell folk. The tengu games didn't have anything to do with the games surrounding them, this probably won't either.
Fuck, man, it's just now sinking in that this is the camera game for 13-16. That sucks really hard. ZUN, you created Aya and by extension Hatate specifically for these games, what is this shit? What about the newspaper books, are we going to get one that's just a bunch of twitter bullshit instead? That's garbage.

An interview? Figures. Dammit, ZUN!

Not by much, and you're missing the point. Madness has been Reisen's shtick since IN, and thus Clownpiece's ability is nothing new or interesting.

Was asked for a non-waifubait and non-RPG fodder enemy Lampad and gave one. Leave the goalposts where they are, please.

This, please.

>> No.19495434

But I want to sniff Sumireko's breath.

>> No.19495446
File: 6 KB, 130x130, Player2lampade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's all been done before and it's better
That was your argument. I told you to show me a lampad that was that plus not waifubait or an RPG enemy. You're moving the goalpost. Your argument was that Clownpiece has been done before in a better way. You are telling me that pic related is better than Clownpiece. A fucking unit in an RTS game with no character or personality other than it's a lampad. Fuck off.

>> No.19495459

>ZUN, you created Aya and by extension Hatate specifically for these games, what is this shit?
He also created Sanae specifically to be a third protagonist and that just kinda comes and goes at random.

This really isn't a big deal at all. You'd have more of a point if you were saying that this should have been Hatate's focus game. Not like it matters since this isn't a "pure" photo game anyway.

>> No.19495555
File: 551 KB, 752x1062, 1206f9e419847682d295cd7c50984217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I told you to show me a lampad that was that plus not waifubait or an RPG enemy.
>that was that plus
No, you didn't.
>You have 5 seconds to show me a lampad that is not generic sexualized waifu bait or a generic RPG enemy. You can't.
And that's what I did. No, of course an RTS unit isn't a better character than Clownpiece, that'd be silly, and I wasn't saying that at all. This is this, that is that.

When I said "it's all been done before and better" I meant the other stuff character trait I've been talking about, see >>19493530, and the whole 'murica thing. Sorry, should have been clearer. Bad idea to argue about bullshit when you're hungry, I guess.

That's true, but Sanae's still showing up pretty often, and you're right, this SHOULD probably be Hatate's game. I guess the idea is Aya doesn't want to screw with the moon anymore, and neither of the journalists really do ISC-ish stuff? Ugh, I guess.
Point is there isn't going to be a "pure" photo game for this era of Touhou, which sucks. Realize that with this we might be missing out on ZUN art of this Aya! If that's not a disaster I don't know what is.

>> No.19495585

Well the argument was about you saying Clownpiece is somehow a tired and old trope and you STILL haven't shown me a charcater better than her. Case closee.

>> No.19495607
File: 682 KB, 648x1215, 69825268_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut up already. Discuss the 16.5, post Sumireko, or leave.

>> No.19495658

Actually, who says it's not a "pure" photo game? Screens we've got look straight out of StB/DS.

My argument is that Clownpeice isn't a good character because every aspect of her is done better by other Touhous, except for the Lampad angle, which is barely utilized, and her design, which is shit. It's the old 'murica thing, that's such a trope it's got a name. No, I don't know another character that combines all these things, but that doesn't make her good, unique, or likable.

>Case closee.
Agreed. You're not refuting my points at all and this is already derailing the thread way too much. Will happily go on about how the shitty clown is shit in an actual Clownpiece thread, maybe, but that's enough about this here.
Sorry 'bout this, Sumi.

>> No.19495691

>every aspect done by a better touhou
Hmm let's see fairies are all the same personality wise and Reisen has a similar but different ability to Clownpiece. Are you saying that Cirno is irrelevant too just because Letty has the better similar power? Fuck off. Clownpiece is the most creative fairy yet, in my opinion. Not a trope or something that's been "done to death". So yes, I do agree with you, the case is closed due to lack of refutation. Your lack of refutation for STILL not giving examples of characters that are "done better" in her niche.

>> No.19495703
File: 87 KB, 854x480, 1512517888105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post predictions

>> No.19495733

I predict that this game will suffer due to being rushed. There will be a wealth of reused and reskinned spell cards as well as fewer "scenes" than ISC, which had 10. I also predict that three out of the five new songs will be forgettable, with the fourth being replayable at best and the fifth being amazing. Oh yeah and the "plot" will be a huge "wow that was fucking nothing" and will never be mentioned or referenced again.

>> No.19495765

>Actually, who says it's not a "pure" photo game? Screens we've got look straight out of StB/DS.
see OP pic
>使用可能な超能力 Usable Psychic Powers
>Lv1 バレットキャンセル Bullet Cancel
>Lv2 テレポーテーション Teleportation
>Lv3 テレフォトグラフィー Telephotography
That hints at a more ISC-kinda approach. I'm rather curious to see how they're going to work, the gameplay pics don't have meters of any sort or anything like that.

Gee, Negative Nancy, do simmer down a bit.

>> No.19495772

I don't wanna believe it but in the back of my mind I know this is most likely the case.

>> No.19495798

Doesn't sound far from the usual stuff.
Charge to 1 and it cancels bullets, charge to 3 and you can move your shot further, that's pretty innocuous. Teleportation is odd, though. Move to where you're taking a picture? Warping through the sides of the screen, SA Yukari-style?

>> No.19495849

Why not? ZUN already basically confirmed that he's rushing the game and out off the three danmaku screenshots, two patterns were reused and one was boring circle shit.

>> No.19495860

I hope we see some kind of silly photo in zun's tweeter when the games come out

>> No.19496015

Sumi getting flamed on her Twitter account for posting shopped hoax photos of "youkai activity"!
Sumi losing all of her friends due to being nothing but a lunatic liar!
Sumi committing suicide because she's ruined her reputation and nobody wants her anymore!

>> No.19496030

Defending Sumi on the internet!
Becoming Sumi's friend so she isn't all alone!
Stopping Sumi from killing herself and telling her you want her!

>> No.19496486

And then she ends up in Gensokyo with the rest of the outcasts. Good end!

>> No.19496578
File: 281 KB, 850x1203, g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she finally graduated from this world!

>> No.19496612

A lot of old characters are very archetypical and one-note (even after getting the fanwork treatment, ironically) with little to no motives. Some of these have extremely basic designs, some don't even have dialogues (as you said, Koakuma). This makes them easier to draw though, which is probably why they get art regularly. It's also amazing how easy it is to sway and warp people's perception when it comes to this series; all it takes is for one doujin artist to know how to manipulate the reader.

>> No.19496721

It's easier for characters that have been around for over 10 years to be more popular than those who have been around for only 2.

>> No.19497928

>He also created Sanae specifically to be a third protagonist and that just kinda comes and goes at random.
Pretty sure this is actually wrong. I remember in his MoF interview they joke about how at one point (around when the game came out I presume) ZUN would say that she is just too powerful too be a protagonist, and then almost immediately forgot he said that.

>Actually, who says it's not a "pure" photo game? Screens we've got look straight out of StB/DS.
Too add too what >>19495765 said, you can also clearly shoot too, so its almost certainly going too be a mix of StB/DS and ISC. Personally, I think it will end up being alot of fun.

>> No.19500492
File: 318 KB, 500x450, innostunut sumireko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19500913

What would your reaction be if the final boss was Yumemi?

>> No.19500926

It'd blow my socks off, but it's so incredibly unlikely.

>> No.19501082

wee-tard-ded posts

>> No.19502006

Has the cover been revealed yet?

>> No.19502503

not yet, but I doubt the cover will give any kind of hint of a new boss or something, when it comes to spin-offs they tend to show the silhouette of the main character

>> No.19505811

To be fair, DS only becomes fun after you unlock Hatate.

>> No.19505829

Im happy, but im still waiting for another "phantasmagoria" game, it would be so cool.

>> No.19506027

Phantasmagoria games are trash for unskilled people and secondaries.

>> No.19506093

mima is coming, in my bones i can feel it

>> No.19506216

I wonder if ZUN would ever even consider it. Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream was a PC98 game and looking back too those games for answers is not helpful in the slightest, and Phantasmagoria of Flower View was technically supposed too be the last game in the series if I recall correctly. I think he views that particular type of game as a sort of "compilation game", too which he seems too have moved on too and prefers other types of games too fill in that roll (like the photo games and ISC). If were being honest it might also be preferable for him because Phantasmagoria's take alot more work too make (and he's busy enough as it is these days) and he overall just seems too enjoy making other types of games more.

>> No.19506405

Touhou 18, calling it right now.

>> No.19506430

kuso post

>> No.19506483


For the last 7 years I was in a position that I could have played a new Phantasmagoria with my friends. But now I've moved so far that ping makes an impossibility.

Literally took too long. I really wished we got that for such a long time

>> No.19506693

>Fighting games are trash for unskilled people and secondaries.

Fixed for you

>> No.19509363

So no 17th instalment?

Fuck off with this spin-off bullshit, Zun.

>> No.19509401

Spinoffs have been a thing since Immaterial and Missing Power, stop expecting a mainline game to release so soon after the one before it. Plus, you wouldn't want a mainline game to be rushed and uninspired. If ZUN kept on popping them out year after year then the quality would drop exponentially. He needs time to develop ideas. Just be lucky were actually getting something instead of going on hiatus for a year.

>> No.19509425

At least use a character that is somewhat attractive or "popular" among fans.

I mean, Sumireko as a protag? Really?

>> No.19509454

ZUN doesn't a damn what fans wants, it's his series after all.

>> No.19509460

>at least appeal to my secondary tastes!!
How about you get lost? You're not ZUN's boss.
Besides, people like Sumi just fine. Don't project your shit taste onto everyone else.

>> No.19509504

ZUN does what he thinks is most interesting. No, there will never be EoSD 2.0. Stop asking.

>> No.19509553

You'd have to be terribly new to complain about TH17 right now. It's only been one year since HSiFS and mainline games have been on a schedule of "once every two years" for almost a full decade now.

>> No.19509648

Excluding ULiL and AoCF because theyre developed by Tasofro, we havent had a ZUN made spinoff for 4 years (last one being ISC). I think were about due for one. Plus HSiFS literally came out only a year ago.

One of the many reasons I respect ZUN so much is the fact that he gives no fucks what we think. The man can do whatever he wants and use whoever he wants.

>> No.19509964

I swear I remember a lot of /jp/ users complaining about Sumireko in the past two and a half years, but it seems it's lightened since then. Never understood the hate, I like the idea of an outside world character.

>> No.19510001

Hey now. Don't bring soku into this.

>> No.19510744

Sumireko is basically designed to be a certain kind of character that people will often find unlikable, in the youthful arrogant cynicism that she portrays, especially so because she's explicitly from the Outside World and so reflects more tangible and relatable traits to fans close to that time. Many people can't separate their dislike of a character's traits as though they were real, from their opinion of the character as a character in a story, so there tends to be a considerable amount of disdain for Sumireko for these reasons.

>> No.19510881

This. I'm sick of seeing countless soiboi modern developers bending over to noisy, overbearing fans. I like ZUN because he doesn't give these cunts the time of day.

>> No.19511331

This. Remember King Joffrey from Game of Thrones? Everybody hated him because he was childish, selfish, narcissistic and not very bright. However, that does not make him a bad character. Joffrey was not meant to be likable as a person, he was meant to be a weak, unlikable and childish ruler.

>> No.19511617
File: 48 KB, 640x647, 1532535871605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>•world of warcraft fastball special•<

>> No.19512111

Personally, I've always only seen her as a arrogant friendless dork who's into occult things and managed to develop psychic powers. I can't find any reason to have a dislike of her, if anything those traits make me like her even more.

>> No.19515228

You have to go back.
I mean, you're not wrong (if ZUN was like the typical modern AAA game dev, he would have milked the EoSD cast to death), but you still have to go back.

>> No.19515399

Hello, /v/!

>> No.19515406

>And while Scott Pilgrim may have been a progenitor of the "modern" style
Wouldn't the true progenitor be Dexter's Laboratory and most of what Genndy Tartakovsky made? SP just imprinted it on the mainstream I feel but it borrows a lot from the old Genndy style.

>> No.19517404

I wonder if this thread'll last until the game is released.

>> No.19519239

So depending on how long the game will be, if we get everyone from LoLK and HSiFS, along with Joon and Shion, will there be any other returning characters? Maybe the DDC cast will be included again?

>> No.19520497

I just hope we don't have to fight Aya yet again.

>> No.19523448

Well, some people believe you're supposed to hate a character if they aren't the perfect moral model. Then they go and praise Reimu even though she killed an innocent youkai for literally no reason.

>> No.19524064

FT wasn't innocent at all.

>> No.19524387

>innocent youkai
Doesn't add up.

>> No.19524423

>innocent youkai
Looks like YLM is back at it again.

>> No.19524431

If it's more than a photo game than ISC then I'm expecting everyone from TD onward.

>> No.19524656

LoLK and HSiFS cast (and Jo'on and Shion) are pretty much a given as you've said. I expect that we might get as far back as UFO but we will only get Stage 6 and Extra Stage bosses. Kokoro might also make an appearance and lets not forget that Kasen hasnt made her Danmaku debut yet. It looks like Reimu will probably be a boss too going by the screenshots.

>> No.19524700

Since ISC was basically all of DDC and TD + some randoms I'm guessing that it will be mostly consisted of LoLK and HSiFS. Obviously Reimu and Marisa will be targets but I am also expecting Reisen and Aya or Cirno to return since ISC already had Sakuya, Youmu, and Sanae in terms of enemy playables. Since this dream stuff has to do with boundaries and ULiL/AoCF it's pretty likely that Kasen and/or Yukari will appear. Also, one of the clone Sumirekos might be a thing too. I just really hope ZUN adds Kokoro, it's her turn to appear. I'm honestly not expecting the Yorigamis because this game shows signs of being rushed out but, again, hopefully they appear.

>> No.19524762

Surprise Yuuka. Hopefully Hatate so Sumireko can talk shit about her old looking cellphone.

>> No.19524765

I expect the other half of the ORIGINAL LOLK roster, if you get what meant there.

>> No.19524771

I hate that Gensokyo is a wasteland now.

>> No.19524779

Uhhh...Imperishable Night? Moonbitches + Reisen II?

>> No.19525103

The Prismrivers might have a chance since they appeared as Joon's stage in AoCF

>> No.19525113

ISC also had Aya and Cirno

>> No.19525254

Yeah but they weren't the latest playble characters in the games that ISC covered (TD and DDC). The reason that Youmu, Sanae, and Sakuya appeared at all was because they were in TD and DDC. So, following that pattern, it is likely that we'll see Reisen/Aya/Cirno.

>> No.19525415

Took the words right out of my mouth

>> No.19528358


>> No.19532052


>> No.19532742

I haven't played anything post Th 15.

who the hell is this girl and why the fuck she's going to have her own game.

>> No.19532776

14.5 came out before 15. How high are you? Her name is Sumireko Usami and she's a chunni outsider with a high interest in Gensokyo and the ability to use ESP. She's very autistic with things regarding legends, magic, and the occult. It seems in this game that she wants to take pictures of Gensokyo residents in order to prove to her peers that she's not a mental patient. Also, she has the ability to travel to Gensokyo in her dreams so there's that. Everyone hates her because she reminds them of theirselves.

>> No.19532812

but that's why I like her

>> No.19532833

>in her dreams
So it's all non-canon. Got it.

>> No.19532837

Oh, the weird fighting games.
I really forgot about them.

So she's the Yumemi from the Windows games, great.

>> No.19532966

The solution is quite clearly to introduce a third speed in the main games.

>> No.19533241

No, she actually visits Gensokyo through her dreams. 15.5 explains this well. A physical manifestation is present. It's canon.

>> No.19533258

Are you stupid or what?

>> No.19534827

But I don't hate her. I love her!

>> No.19535936

photo games are fun

>> No.19537930

A lot of characters showed up in HM that didn't get to appear in ISC.

>> No.19539904

How can someone look at this and say to themselves "yeah this looks acceptable"

>> No.19540481

It'd be fine without that godawful heart mouth and that weird round hair.

>> No.19541067

The background characters in HM were just cameos that didn't even carry over into the next game. The Prismrivers were arguably the focal point of the stage in AoCF.

>> No.19543327

And the Prismrivers + Raiko didn't carry over into HSiFS, so?

>> No.19543561

They were important to AoCF's plot, not HSIFS

>> No.19544870
File: 973 KB, 1003x1416, a dork doing dork things.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But she's a dork, and /jp/ loves dorks. Therefore /jp/ loves Sumi-chan. I don't know about other places though.

>> No.19547385

Are there even that many dorks, though

>> No.19551254

Secondary as fuck.

>> No.19554072

PC98 Reimu, Youmu, Futo, and Sumireko are all dorks.

>> No.19554091

Secondaries should be banned on sight. This board needs a 1cc verification of any game in order to post. It would make the quality of discussion much higher.

>> No.19554136

I have 8 LNBs but I don't give a shit about the lore, have never read any of the manga or side material and only care about the games themselves (sans plot/dialog), the music, and the porn. Am I allowed to post?

>> No.19554423
File: 169 KB, 800x790, th165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cover art revealed. I wonder who it could be??

"Secondary" is basically a blanket term for people you don't like these days. You're fine as long as you don't make stupid posts.

>> No.19554801

Do people still play touhou? I thought this was a secondary board nowadays

>> No.19555386

It's Sumireko. This means that we're either fighting a Sumireko clone or more likely it's like ISC where seija's silhouette is on the cover.

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