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/jp/ is over 10 years old
the probability that there were people who used to post on /jp/ who are now dead is non zero

so say a prayer for our /jp/ ghosts and spirits and give them a moment of thought.

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Or make this a thread praising youmu's sexiness

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I want to befriend a /jp/sie's ghost.

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May god rest their souls.

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No means no at Hakugyokurou

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Not anymore

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The probability that there were people who used to post on /jp/ who are now dead has been non zero since the first post ever on /jp/...

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I want to see which /jp/ ghost is just like youmu!

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Are you saying that the first nonadmin poster killed himself while submitting his post and died shortly before the post loaded onto the site?

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hardcore, truly the man who started /jp/...

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Lucky bastards.

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One of the "seven mysteries of /jp/". It's all just a rumor, but rumors tend to be rooted in truth...

If you are dead and reading this thread, just so you know, you're still welcome to post.

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Sudo died awhile back, didn't he?

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can't be lieve i' 'm still here honestly

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He said he was going to kill himself when his parents died, so I figure he's either dead or had to get a job, which is basically the same thing.

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Don't sexualize my daughter. Please.

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Turned 30 Sunday. I remember saying I would have killed myself before 30 when /jp/ was created.

Can't believe I'm still here.

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>/jp/ is over 10 years old
Damn. It feels like just yesterday people were posting tear down this wall. Feels bad man.

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I will eat your daughter out

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at least /jp/ will remember me when i'm gone

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All of the are happy in gensokyo now.

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"Please bury me with my shitposts"

- a jaypee user many years ago now

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You can't kill what was never alive.

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Legends never die.

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Remember /jp/, if you die of old age you'll be a decrepit old man when you enter Gensokyo

So you know, end it at a good time

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I really thought I would be dead by now, it sure feels surreal to still exist.

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It won't matter how old I am when Rumia eats me

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Can't wait to be an old, fat man, they sure seem to screw a lot of 2D women.

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