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i miss you i wish i had it in me to talk to you again
have a nice day at work

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worked sucked today, they had me do something I wasn't hired for and I don't have the energy to play touhou now

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I wish I had a work...

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Nigga please stop and go to wherever you should be. /jp/ is not your personal blog

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I'm grateful for work mostly because
A) Normalfags automatically give you more respect if you work
B) The longer you work the less time you spend sitting around being depressed or anxious

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This, I honestly feel better being a drone than a neet. No matter how much freetime I had, I wouldn't put it towards sharpening skills or learning new things.

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If you work you lose

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they’re at work right now so i guess they lost i still miss them

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anon you need to do something to let them know it you, cause otherwise that person will most likely never talk back to you if don't let them know who it is.

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I dont have a job

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I sure wish the moderation would do something about these /soc/ tier threads that are only kept alive because they're made by a member of staff and use a 2hu image in the OP.

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>because they're made by a member of staff and use a 2hu image in the OP.
stop this im just some vagueposter

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made the mistake of responding to this thread and my comment got deleted, checking to see if I'm banned

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very bad image

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Tfw can't take it easy at work

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kaguya-san kochira~

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listen to eurobeat

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very bad post

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Listening to chiru.no at work, sometimes eurobeat will play. Chiru.no admin needs to bring back the rest of his music asap.

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I quit my job today...

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i hate you and your threads because they remind me of myself, and all of you as well

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Get a job

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It's my birthday today!

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Celebrate with your friends

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happy birthday bitch

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Make a thread about your favorite touhou
Like "It's my birthday! Can we have a Suika thread?" or something like that.

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It's my birthday! Can we have a Suika thread?

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I meant as a new thread. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

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If you want a new thread just make one.

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Someone tell warosu to use this thread style for spam.
Some shit 4chan staffer must be making these threads if they keep happening without immediate deletion.

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these threads are actually made by hiroshimot himself

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Hey, 'sup. I'm a squadmate of >>19450308.

What happened? Well, I was biking down to the convenience store for some Worcestershire sauce because I was gonna make hamburgers. When I got to the intersection, some old dumbass who was probably a drunk plowed into me. Last thing I remember was my head hitting a wall and splitting open. It was the worst thing I've ever felt.

A second later, I was in this shitty apartment with a black ball at the end. I had to sit there for a while just to get my composure. That was when >>19450308 began to "scan" in. It's hard to describe but it was like his body was being printed out in 3D. I dunno how he died, but when he came in, his cock was out and there were bruises on his neck.

So, it turns out we've been brought back from death to hunt aliens that will destroy our world. But the thing is, I don't think they brought >>19450308 back all the way. He talks to himself when we go on missions, and cries for no reason. He didn't know how to use the guns and had to be shown, and he forgot several times. I bet that black sphere gave him fuckin' brain damage when it brought him back. I worry he's gonna turn his gun on us one day.

Anyway, I'm asking you to be nice to >>19450308. We already took heavy losses on the last mission, and his mind can't take much more strain.


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I wish I was friends with janny he's a cool guy

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one must learn to rise above your state.