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I am interested

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Do you think futa is gay?

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Good thread

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I would prefer a princess that breaks my balls instead of my ass.

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Balls are limited, ass is forever.

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No way. Watching two girls fuck is as straight as it gets. Man on woman porn is much gayer, since 50% of what's onscreen belongs to some dude.

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That's pretty gay, dude.

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No, but traps are.
Futa is the Chad fetish

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Best futahu

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But what happens when Marisa is reallt a boy?

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Even if it's a super cute one?

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Wait, Marisa isn't a boy?

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Let's see

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I much prefer boyhus.

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they look don't like guys to me

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People who are bothered by the fact that it could be classified as gay or even care about whether it's gay or not are always insecure about their sexuality and often homosexuals/bisexuals in hard denial. The right answer is not to care and just fap if you find it hot.

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I keep telling that to other anons but they keep calling me gay.

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Christ, are you ever gay

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It's ok gay to be gay. It's a futa thread after all.

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Casual futanari makes me so very happy so this thread is a balm on my soul.

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It's only gay if it's futa on guy.

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Futakari is my favorite Yukari of all. It just works.

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For all the doujinshi about Yukari using her gaps during sex, I can't recall any where she uses her gaps to slip her dick into another 2hu unannounced or to use someone else's dick to masturbate with. Missed opportunities.

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I've seen a standalone image like that where she stealth fucks Reimu in public but not a doujin.

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wrong it's a manly fetish for men
you cant handle it

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Le epic funni???? Thats so funny! Spacejin is literally Japanese Sh*dman and you're a shitty person.

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Post bulges kudasai

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Nearly impossible to do so SFW. How about Touhous talking about their dicks?

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What about Princess that breaks balls by breaking of ass?
Two birds with one stone, wait, two balls with one futa schlong

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>you're already a monster as it is
Yuyuko is just being nice here. Youmu has a tiny childish phimosis dick that goes completely limp after one round and can't last more than 2 minutes inside Yuyuko, who can barely feel a thing no matter how hard Youmu thrusts. Not to mention that her cum is always very thin and watery, and the amount is laughably small.

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I recall one with a somewhat similar concept involving Nitori

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Yukari < Futakari < Tentakari < Okina

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What about Tentakari and Futakari both at once?

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We're talking about Youmu here, not yourself

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But does Okina have a dick?

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Every 2hu has a dick.

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Even ZUN?

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As thick as a beer can

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I prefer it if only 50% of them have dicks distributed at random.

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I prefer if only the strongest get a dick. That way, they can prey on the weak and no one will be able to stop them.

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I have a bad feeling about Cirno's future

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If being plain bisexual is 50% gay, I believe futa is 25% gay. Traps are somewhere between the two.

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Yuugi must have a really big horn down there then

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Mizuga is such an amazing doujin artist

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I really want to suck a touhou cock

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I'm a touhou and I really want my cock sucked

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Wow! Sha-..SpaceJin art is so epic and funny! My favorite is le meme face and ball crush!

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I would like Mizuga a lot more if his art didn't fluctuate wildly with every release and sometimes even between pages of the same release.

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I like it especially how many of his characters look embarrassed or regretful after taking or giving the futa rod

Then they do another round

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Futa is gay. Anyone who wants to debate me on the topic will lose, I've been debating this topic non-stop for 2 years.

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Futa isn't gay since the dick belongs to a girl. You can't refute this.

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no one cares.

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If I draw a bunch of men having sex, but call them girls, will it make it not gay?

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I wish nips would draw balls more often, I just can't get off to dicks without them.

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Thank you for improving board quality by being worse than him.

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would raping fairies even be considered a crime in gensokyo?

even if you kill them, they should respawn later

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Raping fairies is actually considered a civic duty, whether you have a cock or not.

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You rape a fairy, you get 1000 more yen to your paycheck

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Yuugi's cock is as hard as her muscles and big enough to strike fear on the loosest and sluttiest of 2hus.

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You can't call them girls if they're not depicted phenotypically as girls.
Phenotypes refer only to the whole so adding a penis does not remove enough of the female phenotype to stop calling them girls, due to the large amount of girl still remaining.

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How far do you have to go for it to be considered a proper rape if you don't have a cock? I mean if you have one, penetration is the obvious marker. But how do you define that if you don't?

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Looking at them in the wrong way

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Molest and make them orgasm against their will. Alternatively, use toys or find someone with a cock to fuck them while you kiss the fairy and pat her head.

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That's just wrong and you know it. Homosexuality has nothing to do with what the participants look like.
2 men = gay
2 women = gay
1 man 1 woman = not gay
Futa is by definition gay since it involves 2 women. This is not up for debate.

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That however makes futa extra straight from the viewpoint of a man's attraction.

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Be that as it may, it's still gay porn.

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>Homosexuality has nothing to do with what the participants look like.
That's actually wrong though. There's a reason why actual homosexuals don't like "draw a girl call it a boy" content like Boku no Pico while heterosexuals get mildly confused about it because it has everything that caters to them except the extraneous penis.
In your category, a man having sex with Buck Angel is not gay. Buck Angel is a female who phenotypically presents everything as a man, and is an overwhelming repellent to heterosexual males.

Sex is more than the genitals. It's a complex issue of taking in all that you see.

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Now you're just wilfully missing the point.

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No, pornography featuring two women having sexual intercourse is without a doubt homosexual. There is no way around that.

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No one ever debates that and none of these discussions are ever about that.

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Then we can close the discussion on whether futa is gay or not once and for all by unanimously declaring "yes, by definition it's gay" and go back to fapping to it?

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Futa x female would be a heterosexual sexual interaction in a lesbian relationship. It turns out when you mix and match sexual features, terms like this have to get screwed.

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No, because you want to talk about it being gay as a matter of the two participants' relationship, while everyone else wants to talk about it being gay as a matter of from the perspective of a male viewer, which I already said. And your analysis is worthless for the sake of determining the content of a futa by itself or a futa and a male (which is shit).
As an aside, people who claim attraction to futa is gay because the girl has a dick must also logically follow that attraction to cuntboys is straight because they have a vagina.

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Girls being impregnated against their will by futas is excellent. Ninniku is a god sent.

>> No.19422225

>actual homosexuals don't like "draw a girl call it a boy"
What a bunch of fags.

>> No.19422237

I like Ninniku's focus on lust and the whole body a lot. I was rather upset about that one Clownpiece doujinshi never getting scanned, but then the tank did get scanned, and I was able to see it. What the fuck, man. He didn't even tag it as R18G.

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From the perspective of the male viewer, futa on female raises the question of why fap to it instead of regular pornography? If you're self inserting as the futa, that implies something about the gender identity of the male viewer.

>> No.19422258

And there's nothing more straight than watching lesbian porn.

>> No.19422264

>futa on female raises the question of why fap to it instead of regular pornography?
Because I'm attracted to women and not men, and the only reason to have a guy in porn in the first place is for his dick to be there to empathise with what the girl is doing to it. If I replace the guy with a futa I can keep the dick while adding another woman that I find attractive and thus enhance the experience.
>If you're self inserting as the futa, that implies something about the gender identity of the male viewer.
The entire idea of self-inserting is retarded and a needless over-complication of what is actually happening when watching porn.

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You don't mind the dick but the rest of the male is a no no? That makes no sense, it doesn't make it any less gay if you remove everything but the dick, it's still part of the male and looking at it is just as gay as looking at the rest of the male. If you want to go by your logic, you should watch strap on porn of two women.

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Strap ons are numb and impersonal and creates a barrier between the two sexual participants.

>> No.19422301

Are you retarded or illiterate, or both?
>the only reason to have a guy in porn in the first place is for his dick to be there to empathise with what the girl is doing to it.
What about this was hard to understand? Or do you think that every man watching any heterosexual porn at all is actually 100% gay?
>you should watch strap on porn of two women.
Strap-ons aren't dicks and outside of a few JAVs where the girls are supposed to be futas they don't get hard like a dick does and they don't ejaculate. My dick can't empathise with a piece of rigid plastic.

>> No.19422311

Liking dick is gay, we all know that.
Why are you adding a dick to a girl? Do you like dick?

>> No.19422323

If the porn is all about what the girl does to the dick, where do you even need the rest of whatever the dick is attached to anyway? If your focus is on the girl doing things to the dick, why does it even matter if it's attached to a man if you're not focusing on him?

>> No.19422340

>where do you even need the rest of whatever the dick is attached to anyway?
Hovering ghost penis is perfectly acceptable and featured in many doujinshi.
However, attaching it to a female adds another female body to the mixture, which is what I am attracted to, so why not fill the empty space with more sexy girl?

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>where do you even need the rest of whatever the dick is attached to anyway?
I don't, but most porn isn't using magic floating penises, so that's a moot point. You are however ignoring that adding a second female participant is a good thing, because I'm attracted to women.
>If your focus is on the girl doing things to the dick, why does it even matter if it's attached to a man if you're not focusing on him?
How many times have you watched heterosexual porn where the cameraman or artist decided to focus on the guy's face in the middle of a scene? Or his body getting in the way of the girl's? That shit happens all the time and it's a turn-off every time. You replace the unwanted guy with an attractive girl and suddenly that's fine, because instead of being turned off by a male's features you can get turned on by a female's features instead.
This really isn't that complicated.

>> No.19422355

>why does it even matter if it's attached to a man if you're not focusing on him?
Because unless it's a dismembered dick, the male still appears on the screen, you dope.

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I don't like standing by as the bearer of the title "dick" trips over scenery.

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monaka is great... when he draws properly.

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The one where the Moon goes to Hell? That's a good one.

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It's not that important, if you enjoy dicks on the bodies of 2D girls then that's what you enjoy.
Homo/heterosexual distinction is flawed ideology. There is no good reason to accept that all pornography must belong to one camp or the other, or reside in one more fully than the other one rather than not at all. In hegelian terms, if heterosexuality is the thesis, homosexuality is the antithesis, and futa is the synthesis. Hetero and homosexuality are both filled with contradictions, given that heterosexual pornography shares the viewers time between male and female despite the object of interest supposedly being female, while homosexual generally has the pair performing in traditional gender roles. Futa is therefore the perfected form or the whole of sexual entertainment.

>> No.19428527

Yamaha biker is very shy.
Because you think futa is gay and she thinks that's makes her a male!
This pupper is 100% cute girl!

>> No.19428535

Does /jp/ like futa wrestling championships?

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File: 613 KB, 640x904, __kasodani_kyouko_and_mystia_lorelei_touhou_drawn_by_yudepii__4e8f10e4a22689e6b5c438497f502cf2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot pic

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Nah. They're just way to goofy for me.

>> No.19428894

>inserting yourself as a girl is not gay

>> No.19429093

Only if balls are included, which often seem to be forgotten in those ones.

>> No.19429139

They're fine, but Statspats' art sucks.

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I dislike futa x futa so no.

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Just one bump as I am obsessed with futa touhous and will take any excuse

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It seems this thread is undesired. Oh well, I had fun all the same.

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Embarrassed futahus are a miracle of the universe

>> No.19441569

That's not Marisa.

>> No.19441834

Yes, it's her long lost twin brother Marosa

>> No.19442382

no, thank YOU

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Why are this artists doujins so hard to find?

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I wish more Moeru Gomi stuff got scanned.

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I wish the stuff that is scanned got translated, too. HATE and LOVE is probably my all time favorite doujin.

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This thread is akin to my interests.

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You'd think there'd be a lot more of those two hatefucking each other than there is.

>> No.19450770

Would one be allowed to make a Futahu thread on /d/?

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File: 544 KB, 1200x1717, Playing_With_Master_Book_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, that would be perfectly acceptable in /d/.

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These books are way too good.

>> No.19455161


I wish Doumou still did 2hu doujins, his works were among my favorites

>> No.19456269

No. /d/ is pure degeneracy.
2hus are pure.

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>> No.19462519

Which 2hus are improved by having a benis?

>> No.19462577

All of them.

>> No.19462589

Musashino you fuck give us already more futahus.

>> No.19462700

Alice should go without one to emphasize her role as Gensokyo's natural rape-bait. She should be the only one, though.

>> No.19463159

She can be raped even while having a dick

>> No.19463180

futa x futa is gay, the rest aren't

inb4 gay =/= homo

>> No.19463214

Sure, but what's the point? Just so it can flop about uselessly and literally never know the joys of penetration while all of Alice's holes are constantly filled with the other girls' cocks?

If you give Alice a cock, somebody will see it and get the wrong idea, and she might start thinking she exists for any reason except getting raped by every other Touhou, be they youkai, human or fairy.

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Did keta die? I haven't seen any updates from them since december.

>> No.19463420

Fair enough

>> No.19463467

I like better the no-futa yukari one

>> No.19463480

still waiting scans of ran no-samples newest doujins

>> No.19463494

Any specific reason?

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>> No.19463805

Orin has the sexiest and most beautiful cock.

>> No.19463834

Shouln't she have two cocks?

>> No.19463854

Her cock is twice the size of a normal one.

>> No.19464340

I would also like to add that it's not just bodies. There are entire girls being added. This is big. It's real girls' love, but they also fuck each other brains out with real dicks. This act, for me, surpasses humanity.

I shall digress, but I am reminded of Hibiki Ohtsuki's perhaps most emotional JAV lesbian film where she, way into an unscripted hard lesbian scene, yelled that she wished she had a dick to fuck her co-star even harder, that they might share more pleasure. That hit me so hard I could barely realize it at first, because I knew in that moment that Hibiki-chan will never get to experience that. No one will ever get to experience futanari, neither us virgin males nor Japan's number one AV actress. More on topic, if the idea of fucking girls as a futa is good enough for Hibiki Ohtsuki, I can only guess as to the potential gayness of masturbating to her now in the eyes of some. Cursed JAV actress. Sorry for mentioning 3DPD.

>> No.19466077

Thank you, baby.

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New Mizuga with extra busty Rin soon

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Are you guys excited for Orin and Utsuho?

>> No.19468450


God bless Mizuga. My favorite 2hu futa.

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It's a shame that there'll never be another radiohead 2hu doujin

>> No.19470773

this one and a circle eden doujin has her using someone elses dick to masturbate.
There's also one where she gaps a bunch of dicks in to fuck a futanari ran

>> No.19470809

Gave me the creeps, just like Radiohead’s album cover for the bends

>> No.19474286

I see you're a gentleman of extemely refined patrician preferences.

>> No.19475932

Based crossboarder.

>> No.19477774

Visited his table last Reitaisai and there was just a paper note saying something like "Sorry I didn't attend this time." or something of sort. Couldn't really read it. Twitter account is also completely dead since Aug 2017.

Still haven't even read all the rare unscanned futa from Reitaisai in May that I bought.

>> No.19478685

I hope he's alright and just otherwise occupied, then.