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Aizu-Wakamatsu Train Station Camera, rest in peace.

Camera List & Guides: https://trainstream.github.io

湯野上温泉駅 Yunokami-Onsen Station:

Previous threads:

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Japan has otaku for everything.

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Another camera for the list

Umeda Station, Osaka, Japan; Hankyu line

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I want to ride the Hankyu line.

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Which is the better combo, trains and power lines or trains and mountains?

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Summer is here!!!

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I want to die.

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Why? What's bothering you anon?

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Summer is here.

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No wonder there is hardly anyone, this heat is unbearable already.

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I miss this station, there was this old guy that did calisthenics every morning

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>I miss this station, there was this old guy that did calisthenics every morning
May be he is Ryo-san.

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Potato bitrate

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wow, what a dick. kid just cut off two girls and he didn't even open the doors.

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I think it's the same kid that might or might not have mental issues

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You have to wonder if he molests them after that.

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I live kind of near Aizu-Wakamatsu and my friend lives there.

It’s a lovely area.

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Wow, never even knew there was a camera here. If you saw a gaijin taking a photo during cherry blossom time, it was me!

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That was you? You're cute.

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I really like the cities in Japan that are built in the flats and surrounded by mountains. Aizu-Wakamatsu, Matsumoto, Takayama, Maebashi and I'm sure there's many others.

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It reminds me of my birthplace, a small city build on a valley surrounded by greeny mountains. Landscape porn.

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Such a nice friend(?), I guess they had something wrong with their hair.

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Watering the flowers?

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Shit, I knew it I shouldn't have gone to the toilet. I missed the moment of departure. So it is before even 6:50. I guess at 6:45. I rarely bother to catch it. They are so fucking punctual, though. The student that is. They came just barely a couple of minutes before the train comes and leaves. That would be an impossible goal for students here.

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Autism-kun slightly less of an asshole today, but that's probably just because they waited for him to go first.

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They literally started going forward and then stopped when they saw him doing the same thing. Considering how others interact with him, he must really be a well known autist around, so people just leave him be.

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It's easy to arrive on time if you know the train will also be on time.

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Tokyo bound E353

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does this job has a name?

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Is it not just a normal train employee tasked with getting the doors closed?

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Stock photo model.

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I want it to be winter again.

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I like my photo too.

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Me too, it's way too fucking hot.

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Debu-chan exclusive!

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Holy shit, where is this?

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I'm not a huge fan of snow, but this scene is so wonderful. I wouldn't mind being there.

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I just moved to Japan a few weeks ago. Can someone give me a history of this thread? Is it just a livecam thread of trains? Seems pretty comfy.

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Basically, yes.
I probably should update the links in the github site. Most of the streams, if not all, should still be alive, but they restart them, which changes they link. I should make a proper notice to check out the linked channels, this is why I linked them. The bat thing is this has called many of my .bat files, but it is a simple copy-paste at the end of the day.
Also add that one stream someone else recommended lately.

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It's kinda nice seeing people reposting my photos.
Aizuwakamatsu area is top comfy any time of year, but in winter especially.

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Welcome to Japan, anon.
Where did you move to? Some of us fucks in Tokyo are thinking about visiting the good old station sometimes soon.

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It's that time of day again. Notice the two people to the right side of the image.

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Sorry, I am new, which line is this it is too beautiful

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I'm in Setagaya in the southwest of Tokyo. Pretty nice compared to other places I've lived in the past. Once it cools down, a trip sounds nice.

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The one in the OP.

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>third cam, top row

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You would think she has never travelled on a train before.

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She might not be Japanese.
Also, depending what lines she is familiar with not all require you to press a button to open the doors, and those ones don't look at obvious as some other lines.

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do spergs in japan do this same shit with American train stations?

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But I am not American.

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I bet she's a foreigner. It's a popular tourist destination, although when I went it was all domestic tourists. I think it's maybe a bit out of the way for most foreign tourists.

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train otaku are gay

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Country bumpkins are cute! CUTE!

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I second this Anon.

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Is that link meant to work?

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the .jp link works, the camera link recently changed I believe.

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Dr. Yellow checking up on the Tokaido Shinkansen tracks

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I guess this is some special train or something.

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Where did you get this photo from?

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Old thread.

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Watarase Keikoku-sen? I want to visit there during cherry blossom some day.

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I don't remember sorry

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I'm pretty sure it was from flickr
check out photohito too for similar images

h ttp://photohito.com/photo/4032579/

for "random girls with trains" tumblr is better

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h ttps://www.flickr.com/photos/hayakawa/sets/72157629255094554/

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Who is this qt?

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Both links work, homepage one requires flash though.

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seconding this

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Not enough trains in here

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h ttp://www.mudainodocument.com/articles/23670.html

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