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Powerstance edition.

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ehhhhh big guy

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where my under 5'8 brus at? feels good only needing to crouch slightly

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5'3" here, I need a little steppy to be comfy

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I'm 5'6" and still powerstance lmao

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5'10 and power stancing is uncomfortable and is mean to my ankles but makes it so comfy for my arms.
also glasses and the reflection makes songs like prayer rly fucking annoying cause of the bright background. also my stick arms get really fucking tired after blastix or illness or shit. i wish i wasnt confined in this flesh prison and could just play music game

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I'm 5'7 and still gotta keep my legs spread out a little. But I also wrist so idk.

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File: 72 KB, 580x515, [Hiryuu]_Shimoneta_to_Iu_Gainen_ga_Sonzai_Shinai_Taikutsu_na_Sekai_-_05_[720p_H264_AAC][183B4FB4].mkv_snapshot_14.39_[2015.08.13_19.58.19].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5'11" with a shitty knee. Have to crouch over like a fucking mong when playing for longer than ten minutes or so.

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I'm 6'2". Thankfully we don't have arcades here.

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So many manlets around me.

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I am literally pregnant. I sort of want it to go away. Please, I swear on my mothers life I am not, stip

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fuck you and me this was my mistake and this is what I think. Sorry, god dmaned it I hate jews and those black wanderers and indian like people that make those knitted wardrobe things.

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That's a good thing.
You have the option to craft the greatest rhythm game player in the entire world, just get on that training early.

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please dont. All i see in life is identifying buses for others and street signs that look like ceiling tape to me.

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Don't worry senpai I'll adopt your kid. You seem like you'd be a shit parent anyway.

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alt-right edition LMAO

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yeah guy in op pic uses /pol/ lmfao

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fuck off

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I stop playing not because my legs/neck/back but because my hands start to burn
Is it easy to play touchscreen games w/ a glove on? I see some others doing it

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>play Prayer exh
>get rekt
>Angel Rasis is look at me with contempt

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Gloves are pretty much required for stuff like Maimai or Chunithm. I see some people use them for pop'n too.

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why are you idiots replying to the /jp/ bot poster lmao

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Anyone know where I can find a good DDR ASC, or failing that a reliable pad?

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>try Prayer EXH
>gets rekt
>angel Rasis is looking at me with disdain as the track crash letters show up

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The official DDR ASC is near impossible to find. As far as new goes, Stepmaniax pads are $1337 each. Impulse platforms coming eventually™. Stay away from anything DDRGame sells. I've heard pads from maty-taneczne are okay, but people have had issues with the black panels warping. This doesn't seem to be an issue with white arrow panels. You could just relentlessly search craigslist for used cobalt flux pads and hope they pop up. A DDR cabinet is almost always the most cost effective way of getting reliable pads though as long as you stay away from the bootleg cabs.

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I also forgot to mention that Precision Dance Pads are massive piles of shit.

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5'4, still have to bend my knees a bit

another option is buying a shitty ddr cab, scavenging just the pads from them and using StepManiaX inserts (whenever the fuck they come out)

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>right on platform only

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How does grading work in piu? How does anything work in this game

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ss - full perfect combo
gold s - full perfect or great combo
blue s - no miss (can still break combo with other judgments)
a - anything from one miss to like 20-100 misses depending on the note count of the chart, often around 50ish misses is when it would become a b

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I'm in Tokyo and I've spent so much money on playing Dance Rush. Wtf am I going to do when I go home and I have to drive 30 mins for only one machine? Home edition please, this is a dancing game with lots of creativity and style, bar freestyle PiU

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Being only 30 minutes from a Round 1 isn't that bad. I have 3 (soon to be 4) locations within 1 to 2 hours depending on which I go to. A lot of people are even further than that though.

An official home edition is highly unlikely. The technology behind the stage seems simple enough that people are sure to come up with a way to play the game whenever we end up getting HDD rips. The other issue would be figuring out which motion sensor/camera that the game uses to track body position. But that's probably just an off the shelf part.

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revolver is a stupid song

>> No.19404691

You only play revolver for maxima ass

>> No.19404695

I’m gonna figure how to break on one of these things, just you wait.

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>Can AA World's End EXH
>still get rekt by Legend

Unlock chains are a mistake

>> No.19405501

>couldn't play rhythm games on new expensive lg oled tv for months because of noticeable ~20ms of audio lag even in game mode
>today plugged ps4 directly to external audio with an optical cable and there is no lag
>turns out tv fucks up sound from hdmi somehow

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Do you guys have pastebins for buying controller parts?
I don't know what's cheap and what isn't.

>> No.19405564

I'll make one for you if you tell me what game you wanna play

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So it's DanEvo all over again roflmao
Say goodbye to that when shoenithm killer comes out on 27th
>implying DRS still even breathing 2 weeks after its release

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future tone

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for PS4? You're probably best off just using a DS4, the official controller is expensive af and making a controller for it would require hacking up a DS4 which isn't exactly a cakewalk

>> No.19405679

I was just thinking of buying one of those mini hori PS4 controllers and soldering to it directly
Swipes can be done with the shoulder buttons.

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You might actually be retarded.

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Nice argument retard

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You should never be playing games on TV's anyway

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Hey, gods of movement.

How does one even start to do Sound Voltex? I'm looking at some videos and I couldn't even process it. Four buttons, then two "FX buttons", and two knobs? I genuinely have to go frame by frame in videos like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87PFc-lo3rM to even comprehend what you do

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it must be nice to play iidx with your friends

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Who are you quoting?
HDMI in general is laggy.

>> No.19408477

maybe you should start by watching videos of a NOV track rather than a MXM

here's one with a hand shot


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That's a level 20. No one expects you to be able to clear it on sightread. I can tell what's going on but it'll fall apart when I get to play it. It's like learning to swim by reading a book.

t. 11dan

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Just play on an arcade stick if you have one. Future tone on a DS4 is torture.

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There is no need for an argument. That was just retarded.

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>tfw no round one around

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>tfw EU

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It's not that great. It's always crowded with drunk frat bro chads and stacies. You're constantly getting scoremogged by asians and no-lifer autists. None of the mechanics know how to do anything besides turn the machines on and off so if there's a more serious problem or a button is wonky you pretty much have to leave early for the day, wait for a week, and hope everything's fixed when you come back. The chicken tendies there are damn good though, I always go there on an empty stomach and get some piping hot crispy tendies and fries with honey mustard dip after playing several credits.

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>tfw flying to Thailand soon

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I just dont want to drive an hour and a half to get to a sdvx or iidx cab to suck and then drive all the way back

>> No.19411511

are they really good, i always assumed the food there was chuck-e-cheese tier

>> No.19411665

They are, they're like Wendy's tendies but bigger. I don't know about the rest of the food there except their pizza, which I had once and it was awful.

>> No.19411847

Just depends on the area I guess, cause the other anon has wonderful experiences but here in STM niggerville everything tastes like ass

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What is this DanceRush Spark Festival about? Is this a live playlist of music?

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how is this even played

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>tfw Scotland

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chunithm but with your feet and the air notes are hit with your body

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There’s two kinds of people that play Dance Rush.

Dancers and scorers.

Guess which group has more fun.

>> No.19412694

Neither. Rankers experience fun from the satisfaction of being above everyone else and competing with others. One kind of fun isn't inferior to the other.

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It's an unlock event with new songs. Despite what this picture may lead you to believe there isn't any actual relation to real world time. "Each play during the event will advance the time table. The current artist's song will be featured in Now Playing, and after their turn is up, it will appear in Track List to be unlocked."

So it looks like you are able to unlock a new song every 5 games.

>> No.19412802

the people who play ddr instead

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Fun is subjective. Just enjoy whatever you want and don't care about what other people like.

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>No one expects you to be able to clear it on sightread.
>literally a video of two people sightreading it with AAA+ scores

>> No.19413174

Those are 2 KAC finalists. I meant your average inf-dan or something.

>> No.19413190

Yes, anon. I'm sure KAC finalists who have PUC's on 20's can be compared to the average player.

>> No.19413309

Why would you reference "average" players when talking to someone who has literally never played before that linked a video of some of the most skilled players. Explain that 20s are the hardest charts in the game, making the video a bad example to learn from, like >>19408477. Some ambiguous and irrelevant impersonal "you" isn't useful, and the statement only serves to propagate the stereotype that these games are all memorization even though SDVX is.

>> No.19413401

>the statement only serves to propagate the stereotype that these games are all memorization
What you're saying makes no fucking sense. If anything, a good sight-read, regardless of who it was made by, proves that the memorization aspect is very small compared to universally applicable skill.

And it doesn't matter whether you have experience with rhythm games or not, it should go without saying that the difference between the average, however you define that, and "the best of the best" is day and night.

>> No.19413459

>The statement ["No one expects you to be able to clear it on sightread."] only serves to propagate the stereotype that these games are all memorization
>What you're saying makes no fucking sense.

>it should go without saying that the difference between the average, however you define that, and "the best of the best" is day and night.
Of course. But "average" was never relevant, since the poster was well below average, and the video was well above average, so why bring it up at all.

>> No.19414220

What's the website that you guys use to get an overview of a chart in iidx? The one that is similar to sdvx.in.

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>> No.19414307

looks like he shat his pants

>> No.19414599

are there any popular computer-based taiko games aside from the osu! one?

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>tfw no iidx gf

>> No.19415350

It's not retarded if it's makes sense and it's going to be a fact though

>> No.19415653

Just lose weight you fatass

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Anytime I go to my local R1, I'm the only person who plays IIDX, so I'm set.

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>tfw only dj trooper 7dan

>> No.19418026

rhythm game facebook groups aren't fun anymore everyone is too serious

>> No.19418219

There's your issue.

>> No.19420223

Are we ever getting a museca DAO?

>> No.19420557

sdvx players are normies and nobody plays iidx

>> No.19420558

doubt it

>> No.19420580

I fart a lot when i play this kind of games, it's embarrasing.

>> No.19421091

Where? I hide my power level pretty well' but I'm at one of the Illinois locations and the rhythm game section is either empty, has the DDR people who only play other games as a break, or the fingerless glove guys from a Facebook group who are taking a break from iidx.

More people play museca out of curiosity than sdvx.

>> No.19422068

The game is ded lol you ever see a parapara dao

>> No.19422263

Are parapara machines rare? There's one near here.

>> No.19422531

Reminder that Tokyo attack/bemani invasion is the reason why pworld and psun went down and things generally got worse for the collective

>> No.19422536

hi abi

>> No.19422685


He is right on that latter thing at least.

>> No.19422702

what does any of this mean

>> No.19422709

>things go to shit when profit is involved
what a surprise

>> No.19422772

Can't do both?

>> No.19422777

Reminder Dance Rush is the current best rhythm game out right now

>> No.19422785

So I got a Rock Band wii controller and managed to get it working with my computer, but Osu doesn't recognize it's inputs despite the fact that I know my computer is registering them.

>> No.19422804

Is this bait

>> No.19422814

i'm sorry

>> No.19423286


it used to be like that here but now its all blown out and lame enjoy it while it lasts, jealous

>> No.19423330

The expansion of Round1 meant smaller arcades not really being able to compete. People would much rather be on official e-amuse and current versions of the game.
The demise of Programmed Sun was due to idiots streaming data on twitch or otherwise sharing things on social media.

But yes, let's complain about all the shit we're still getting for free that we otherwise wouldn't get at all. It's not as if we're stuck playing CS games.

>> No.19423345

lmao I would rather go to a small bootleg arcade any day, it's way cheaper, quieter, and oftentimes is the crux of the local community

That is unless you live in Cali and like eating shit, supporting garbage ERM et al

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I can't believe Meu Meu is fucking dead.

>> No.19423697

Can't wait till all of hinabitter is ded tbqh

>> No.19423773

iidx cabs absorb the shock on your fingers so much better than daos do

>> No.19423804

i hate ERM's location but it's the only place I can go

tomosuke leaving to do hinabitter was a mistake

>> No.19423817

this is true but i still play way better on my dao for some reason

>> No.19425163

Is there a reason for this that can be relatively easily accounted for? How much different does it even feel, I've not played on anything other than my FP7 (with dao chink keys and omrons)

>> No.19425842

ParaPara has a home controller though, 1st MIX Plus is also playable in MAME.
Museca deserves some sort of ASC but it probably doesn't have a large enough player base for someone to mass produce one.

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Hey there guys.

You may remember around last year I came here asking for suggestions to represent this thread for the /jp/ virtual football team. Here's what I'm talking about in case you don't know https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//jp/

While nothing came out of it back then the thread us getting a rep now as Having Fun is Cheating since that was the most voted suggestion. My problem now is that I have no idea of what to use for the player's 3D model now, so I could use some suggestions. We can do all kinds of stuff, from simple headswaps to having a fully animated model, or a big static model following it around, having the model's limbs stuck in a certain position..., anything, so feel free to suggest stuff.

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File: 1.09 MB, 2560x1440, Jp_ft_wc2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey there guys.

You may remember around last year I came here asking for suggestions to represent this thread for the /jp/ virtual football team. Here's what I'm talking about in case you don't know https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//jp/

While nothing came out of it back then the thread us getting a rep now as Having Fun is Cheating since that was the most voted suggestion. My problem now is that I have no idea of what to use for the player's 3D model now, so I could use some suggestions. We can do all kinds of stuff, from simple headswaps to having a fully animated model, or a big static model following it around, having the model's limbs stuck in a certain position..., anything, so feel free to suggest stuff. You can suggest more stuff relating to the player as well, like if you want him to wear certain clothes or have special music for him.

>> No.19426290

A typical DDR player holding the bar like in >>19412502 ?

>> No.19427400

Are pop'n Minicon scores legit?

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File: 128 KB, 640x480, djmassmadizm-beachsidebunny-ec (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19427960

Do PGreats give more HP? The confidence you get with Expand-Judge makes me better at keeping combo, but it doesn't seem to keep the clear lamp.

>> No.19428284


the RED actually fixes this problem fyi

>> No.19428529

Does the RES?

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how do i do streams like these that have a chord on the beat

>> No.19428840

for u

>> No.19429048

don't ever use expanddong lol
and yeah pgreats give you more health, literally nothing saves with that modifier, or with hran for that matter

>> No.19429158
File: 170 KB, 640x1136, A769C049-D0DD-44B2-89D6-5D554687D451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pic related

>> No.19429192

the minute difference in feeling doesn't really matter, what matters is that you can mash on a cab for several hours and not have sore fingers

>> No.19429338

Are you sure? I'll have to do some testing next time, but it didn't feel like I gained more gauge with it on.

>> No.19429452

Yes nigga I am fucking sure

>> No.19429618

I'd say it makes way more of a difference than that.

>> No.19429668

I suppose if we don't get any other suggestions we could go with that. We could also have a DDR mat at his feet.

I guess you mean using Beach Side Bunny as his music. He's playing as keeper so we could use it as the anthem if he doesn't concede any goals

>> No.19429692

PGREATs and GREATs have always given the same amount of groove gauge.


>> No.19429891

if you just get really good at timing you can effortlessly and naturally hit pgreats without expand judge and it's literally better and more addictive than cocaine (speaking from experience)

slap those 1+5 chords with your left hand, for one thing

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File: 1.74 MB, 1360x1656, illust_52473736_20180706_234456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does someone with 0 sense of rhythm and absolutely no eye to hand coordination can even play at high difficulties?

I can't play games games like Beatmania, Dj Max or SuperBeat on anything that isn't 4trx because I always get confused and end up pressing the wrong button.

Mobile rhythm games are also no good because most of them relay pretty much on using the index fingers on which I can't play because my wrists start hurting after few minutes, so I have to play with thumbs (fuck you BanG Dream and you stupidly placed flicks and slides on difficulties 26 and above).

The only game I can decently play at the highest difficulty is Project Diva (that isn't Future Tone) but those games aren't that hard to begin with.

I could theoretically play DDR and PIU decently at high levels if it wasn't because I have fairly low stamina.

What is left to a guy like me to improve? Or do I have to relay only on my muscle memory?

>> No.19429971

Thanks for the link. Didn't know GOODs were so inefficient for gaining gauge.

Yeah, of course, I always play without it. Just tried it because of that recent poster. Though if the health gain was the same I'd probably use it when going purely for clears.

>> No.19429973

Try playing games for more than a week.

>> No.19430216

i played on my friend's PEE when i was newer to 2dx and remember it absorbing shock pretty well, though i was only playing 5s at the time

>> No.19430324

>otherwise sharing things on social media.
Yeah, which is what bemani invasion did. Investigations on the networks started because of them

>> No.19431194

and pick one to focus on

>> No.19431361

There's a good chance you're getting somewhat confused by trying too many games at once, so just stick to one or two. If you have zero sense of rhythm, DDR is actually pretty good to start with - the notes are color coded by beat (4th, 8th, etc) which will make "feeling" rhythm much easier.

Alternatively just learn to play an instrument.

>> No.19431451

Where the fuck can I buy Sanwa buttons in the US that aren't circular?

>> No.19432025

same, I hate ERM but it's the only place that's conveniently close
dj name?

>> No.19432313

Anyone here own a cabinet in their home or know anyone that does?

IS it worth owning your own cab if given the opportunity, or are they a hassle to maintain?

>> No.19432363

Specify game please.

>> No.19432496
File: 129 KB, 1200x1200, DgKH1UnUwAAXm_f.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Rche!

>> No.19432595
File: 269 KB, 1000x1000, 4C8EF78D-79EA-4ED2-B947-D2537F6E248E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I get even better scores in AC compared to my home setup

>> No.19433148
File: 1.72 MB, 2240x3968, IMG_20180712_165114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I played ddr at my local cinema (on the left). People were applauding at the end of the song and when I turned around to get my bag I noticed the entire room (15 people±) were watching me the whole time. I felt proud :)

>> No.19433834

>things that never happened

>> No.19433847

Everybody clapped!

>> No.19434076

it's not that hard to believe

>> No.19435097

Yeah it is. At best, two onlookers of mild interest were nearby.

>> No.19435520

how to recognize a newgen bemani player in one post

>> No.19435784

Whatever you say boomer

>> No.19435804

>big movie releases
>me and the senpai go see it
>after the movie ends everyone gets up and exits the room
>on the way out, some guy is going ham on DDR
>he pgreat
>applaud because I’m a normie fascinated by things I cannot do

Dunno why that’s so hard for you to grasp.

>> No.19435941

i'm under 25 but if you think ddr can't pull crowds you haven't been around long enough

>> No.19436024

how 2 become et

>> No.19436033

Sorry, dance dance revolution. Theres a super nova machine listed in my area, not sure if its worth grabbing.

Are there any recommended pads out there instead? Id rather a pc set up but cobalt flux pads are nonexistent

>> No.19436085

smx pads are your only option if you don't wanna get a cab

cabs great if you have the room, pad modding is easy but it has some upkeep to it

>> No.19436095

>smx pads
Are these any good though? How much better/worse are they from a cab?

>> No.19436103

they are just as good as a cab

>> No.19436178

they're drastically better than any ddr machine pads. honestly the next generation of dance game stage, building on andamiro's massive improvements to bracket/panel design

>> No.19436193


this same guy has been calling people "boomer" in these threads over and over unaware of how fucking retarded he looks for apparently being unaware what the term even means

>> No.19436371

You might actually be retarded

>> No.19436418


Thamks for info, question now is where are these pads available? Im assuming you mean those stepmania dance pads i saw mentioned here before right. I thought those werent recommended due to price and that no one knows for sure how good they really are

>> No.19436474

Chill out man. Not knowing about the latest memes doesn't make anyone think you're cool.

>> No.19436665

are sdvx sanwa buttons worth it?
i have dj dao buttons and they're nice but they don't have that clicky/snap feeling like the buttons on a cab

>> No.19436713

They are absolutely worth it, I completely regret getting dao buttons on my svse5.

>> No.19436736

Why? It's cheaper get get dao keys then replace them with sanwas later, plus you get the dao buttons for future projects for things that feel doesn't matter so much in

>> No.19436808

Huh, I guess it is a little cheaper. I never actually thought about it before but I did pay less than $90 for my four sanwa buttons. Never mind then.

>> No.19436937
File: 471 KB, 717x768, 1524786026023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>impossible to go to arcade because autism

>> No.19436947


>> No.19436983

He's afraid of social interaction for no good reason

>> No.19437000
File: 1.49 MB, 600x1800, 1413302763689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are other people and they can see me slapping buttons on rhythm games with bright colors and it's too much for me to handle

>> No.19437064

There are plenty of very good reasons to be afraid of social interaction, especially with the types of people who play rhythm games.
Just go at the slowest hours. Round 1 is a ghost town on late weekday nights. Might be hard if you work monday through friday though.

>> No.19437551

>ghost town on late weekday nights

I wish, even on odd days like tuesday, the place would be packed with a group of chinks hogging the bemani stations here in la

>> No.19437653

Most people don't give a shit about how good you are. Just don't be that guy who dumps 20+ credits and hog the cab for hours.

>> No.19437660

>burn through high tier 18s and even a few 19s
>quickly running out of stuff to play (especially 19s)

Not looking forward to blasting /omega dimension these.

>> No.19437709

dark rche is better

>> No.19437772

You now have the big gay

>> No.19437916

I believe he's referring to stepmaniax pads, which are pretty much the only AC-style option available for now until (if) impulse releases.

>> No.19438535

what are the best meme songs to pick in arena

>> No.19438605

anything with soflan

>> No.19438631

mad attack

>> No.19438778




>ran into issues

>budget, budget, budget

>one wamyn working on it solo

What the fuck is wrong with these autists? Stop giving us speculations and just tells us when we can buy the damn pads. Do we even know what the price is going to be, how are they going to compete with the $1400 stpx pad price?

>> No.19439505

i like music related games, but i dont know what is actually good to play. for myself ive mainly been playing osu classic and occasional guitar hero with the lads, might import taiko for ps4, but the problem is, i dont know what games are out there. would really have helped if there was a pastebin. i would to try the big arcade games once but i live in southern alberta in a small city so there arent any locations other than a (probably knockoff) ddr machine at the movie theater, what are my options? i only have a laptop, xbox360, wii, switch, ps2 with no games, and a ps4pro for devices. and a 3ds and psp but i dont think those count

>> No.19439570

Just tell anon to get a ddr game metal pad and mod the panels for better ones. Preferably cobolt flux pads if you can find anyone.

>> No.19440132

Hate that I sperged out a bit on my last post, but Ive become impatient for these impulse pads. Those stepmania pads are far too steep to own one which sucks

I wouldnt recommend any ddr game pads to anyone, modding it wont do you much. Last I checked, the sensors on those need to be restructured, and the hassle plus cost wasnt worth it.

>> No.19440196

Get DJ Max Respect on PS4. If you get really into it and want to play more games get a US IIDX PS2 controller form cheap and play arcade date or Lunatic Rave 2.

>> No.19440339

>sightread clear a song
>try it again and got rekt

>> No.19440405

Conscious performance =/= Sub conscious performance.

The only explanation I could provide.

>> No.19440729

I didn't realize it was this bad. Always wanted to play on a cab but I'm 6'4

>> No.19440740
File: 71 KB, 256x256, Endorphin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Name a more fun ddr chart

You literally can't

>> No.19440887

this sounds like pop'n, in which case just proudly be a furry with the rest of them

otherwise, just get good at home first

>> No.19440941

Playing the 3DS taikos badly right now. Still can't FC my fav songs on hard.

>> No.19442192

Holy ouch this shit is expensive, didnt think it would cost this much to play arcade games at home, like fuck I have the money but I got so many other games to also. I guess I'll just play what I can of lr2 with keyboard and stick to osu when I feel like playing rhythm stuff

>> No.19442387

Don't want to spend hundreda on another big ASC.
Is the SDVX Mini worth it? I only care if the button arrengement/spacing is correct. Never played SDVX before, only play IIDX with my dao.

>> No.19443041

maybe move out of your shithole of a city lmao

>> No.19443058

it's garbage and will not really teach you how to play the game
might be useful for like kb stepmania I guess but you can onehand shit you really shouldn't be able to do in sdvx

>> No.19443066

Well if you care about spacing then no.
It seems a bit cramped, but would probably work quite well. Haven't tried it myself but I played a decent amount on a very similar keyboard layout and you could definitely get decent with it.

>> No.19443309

It must be nice to have arcades with actual games in your country

>> No.19443313
File: 34 KB, 597x597, 7405a38d75853fb977c7e27f76273ec6--meme-dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW North England

>> No.19443444

I use the pocket controller, and it helped me learn to read charts at higher speeds and playing at home just let me think more about the game and why I fuck up at certain parts. The problem is that when I tried playing in a cabinet again I was completely fucking lost. My sense of spacing was extremely wrong.

It took me a bit but I adapted back eventually. I'd rather play the game for fun at home anyway and I never really cared about getting an accurate arcade experience. I just like music games.

>> No.19444313

We're overdue for some more Tokimeki Idol crossovers. I'd like to see SUN² SUMMER STEP! and Love Letter in DDR.

>> No.19444761

Any cheap ways to get started with the turntable games or do I have to fork out 400 for controller

>> No.19444850

Go to an arcade, they're only a dollar or so per play.

>> No.19444996


>> No.19445355
File: 212 KB, 1218x1015, 1521490622939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck does that mean

>> No.19445373

Has anyone got Groove Coaster for Steam? It absolutely refuses to use my controller

>> No.19445392

(U)nited (S)tates or (J)apanese version of the (K)onami (O)fficial (C)ontroller, sold for the PS2 IIDX games.

>> No.19445427

LA is not a city, it's a sprawling hellhole

>> No.19445444

yeah buy dj hero

>> No.19446029

Just bring a chair

>> No.19446470

Anyone know a solid rhythm game for Switch/PS4? I've been itching for a rhythm game since I stopped playing Stepmania years ago and I wanna try something new.

>> No.19446516

Djmax respect on ps4 and I think there's a new taiko game coming out on switch

>> No.19446520

djmax respect, future tone, taiko, superbeat
taiko, superbeat and mobileshit like voez and musynx.

>> No.19446648

ds4windows + big picture mode worked for me.

>> No.19449091

What country are you from?
In mine, arcades are almost always empty so I don't mind dancing like a tard on ddr. And honestly, even if the place was crowded, i'd still do it because I don't go to arcades to get a date, I go here to have fun

>> No.19449302

I came here because rhythm games sounded like a fun thing to get into but there seems to be a lot of height talk
am I fucked if I'm 6'7"?

>> No.19449343

You're only fucked if you play on arcades

>> No.19449428

why's that?

>> No.19449493

you would have to play like the guy in the op image

>> No.19450208

does sows still do the 'draw cindy for an invite' thing?

>> No.19450217

Depends on your luck.
I did get invited even after it supposedy wasn't a thing anymore.

>> No.19450301

I see, thanks

>> No.19450380

Maybe. sherl0k's last three invites were one 13 months ago and two from 1 month ago.
If you drawing's good though you could try your luck here as well. Couple of people got invited in this thread after they stopped taking Cindy pictures.

>> No.19450579

how's the calibration?
cause I'm hearing that the timing is shit

>> No.19450813
File: 24 KB, 280x256, oni.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you trying to emulate a real taiko controller by using two hands (and two sticks/styli) or are you using the buttons on the 3ds?
Try going hybrid (one hand buttons, one hand stylus). It sounds dumb but it's amazingly fun to play with and with that I could finally FC oni songs again. Sadly speed is starting to be a problem as my wrists just aren't fast enough.

>> No.19450920

Just buttons, used to use two sticks with the DS games, but back then I wasn't that serious and played on easy/normal. Didn't even hand switch. Got in the habit of using the buttons after playing the PSP and Vita games.

>> No.19451153

This actually happened to me playing Taiko. Small crowd, but same reaction.

>> No.19451562

good iidx players: fuck around with the extra keysounds
shitter: everyone else

>> No.19451659

I see one guy who mananged to play both IIDX and pop'n at your height. It's possible.

He uses lift that covers the entire bottom half though.

>> No.19451879

Main issue is that it's not precise enough. I've played around with it and -0.5 feels too late and -1.0 feels too early, and there's nothing inbetween.

>> No.19452328

Is groove coaster steam being shit for anyone else? Timing is completely fucked and it crashes after a few songs

>> No.19452340
File: 136 KB, 256x256, CHAOS-jacket.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.19453209
File: 628 KB, 512x512, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this one is pretty fun

>> No.19455086
File: 58 KB, 600x650, DZyeCHeU8AExJpp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting into 19s in SDVX
>lots of them are behind blaster gate or omega dimension

>> No.19455525

Anyone else having problems with Golden donchan?

I dont understand where to redeem it. I tried eShop but it says error check code.

Taiko for Switch

>> No.19456242

Any doubles chart make you scratch 1p and hit 1p 7 with your thumb and 2p 7 with your pinky?

>> No.19456925

I bought the game code from amazon.jp and gold don-chan was available without any extra codes.

>> No.19457085

Mostly older stuff.

>> No.19458137
File: 159 KB, 320x240, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19458644
File: 90 KB, 933x699, 37364787_10212038229699887_6983471554617147392_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Normal one has one of the hardest DPA charts
>now it gets a leggendaria

>> No.19458653

And it's actually easier than the regular DPA

>> No.19458719

To the armchair youtube iidx players who don't like the new leggendarias:
lmao get bent

>> No.19458732


i knew i had done this technique before but didnt remember which did it, awesome

the old charts really love making you do scratch+key on the same hand, im glad that went away

>> No.19459030

What are the new leggendarias? Out of the loop here. More BMS tier stuff?

>> No.19459151

>Tatsu's latest video
> sighs deeply at the end and grasps his right arm, in pain

Dude should take a break. Popn buttons weren't made for IIDX density. He's killing himself.

>> No.19459265

i want to see him play sense 2007

>> No.19459476

where were you when tatsu got RSI and had to retire

>> No.19460743

Dolce for KAC DDR Champion 2019.

>> No.19463432

Has anyone ever been KAC champion in two different games?

>> No.19463461

If I have no arcades near me, how do I play sdvx, iidx, etc without spending a load of money on a controller?

>> No.19463478

You don't. Cheapest way is to buy a used US/JKOC on ebay and play console styles or get an adapter to play HDD's. I got a brand new USKOC for $60 4 years ago so they should still be somewhat cheap. If you do actually enjoy the game you would want to invest in a better controller.

>> No.19463618

just spend a load of money on a controller because playing at R1 is ass rape expensive anyways

>> No.19463675

Sorry pal this hobby requires money.

>> No.19463677

FEFEMZ won jubeat back in 2013.

>> No.19463700

A controller is almost always cheaper than going to R1 in the long run if you play at least a few hundred credits worth, which you should. Also, if you hate the game you can always end up reselling it.

Pretty much the only thing I do at R1 is play DDR and IIDX DP because I can't do those at home. Impulse never.

>> No.19463968
File: 23 KB, 298x372, 1528335438383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will this show up in an inf-dan course?

>> No.19466386

tfw the hardest part about groove coaster is the epileptic seizure inducing visuals

>> No.19466532

Why even bother to look at the screen in the first place. There are literally invisible notes.

>> No.19466556

doesnt cost anything to mash sm or lr2 neet mode

>> No.19466715

is brogamer a parody?

>> No.19466826


>> No.19466914

fire in the hole

>> No.19466933

thank you tau

>> No.19466945

tfw I just hit 1000 plays in sdvx

>> No.19467751

I regularly play BMS with Extra Mode and Quantum Teleportation is a chart which gets no new notes added, which means that all available samples are already set as playable notes in the chart. To hear it's easier doesn't surprise me in that respect, but then they probably should have rerated the A14 to that and made the B14 be the old A14.

>> No.19469148

Anon, that's a boy

>> No.19469171

You act like that’s gonna stop anyone here.

>> No.19469194

But I thought /jp/sies are heterosex considering every other thread is a

>> No.19469870
File: 147 KB, 960x540, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we know if Taiko Switch is worth getting yet? Also, is there any drum (maybe with adapter) that would work for both Switch and PS4? I don't have a PS4 so sorry if that's a stupid question.

>> No.19469920

Taiko Switch is definitely worth getting for the minigames alone. The actual game is a great extra

>> No.19470837

this is my favorite song
i like dubstep

>> No.19470901

How do I get sdvx on PC?

>> No.19471364

I would get Taiko on switch for cool party minigames and occasional handheld drumming. I don't like the stock playlist but there are mario, kirby and splatoon tunes in there.
I'd just get a ps4 version cuz it has more music, ranked multiplayer and tons of customizations for Don-chan. Also, I noticed that Switch has a bit of input lag compared to ps4 when playing on tv (I am using hdmi audio splitter for switch and optical out for ps4 to bypass tv audio lag) and it isn't as snappy as vita/3ds versions in handheld mode either. And joy-con motion drumming sucks. Though touchscreen controls are fun to play and are responsive enough.

>is there any drum (maybe with adapter) that would work for both Switch and PS4?
I have ps4 tatacon and I got it working on switch using a coov n100/k4 adapter - this thing can map literally anything including mouse and keyboard and works for other platforms too. But beware that all official tatacons are literal plastic pieces of shit and you won't have fun with them until you spend time with modding (pretty easy but time-consuming).

But if you are serious about taiko I highly recommend Taiko force lv5 custom arcade drum. It is pretty expensive but has all consoles connectivity and is a joy to play on. Also you can try taiko pc sims for tons of songs and minimum input/audio/video lag.

>> No.19471428

nips say that switch tatacon is good

>> No.19471684

This looks fun.... should I buy it?
What about the PS4 tatacon that makes it shit?

>> No.19471850

I mean, don't those things sell out fast? I only played Taiko on the DS, but if this new cheapish controller is decent, i want to give it a go.

As for the game itself, the japanese version is the way to go right? Isn't it getting an optional english patch? Or is it only for the Asia version?

>> No.19471944

>asian rhythm gamers who make youtube videos
>high quality content with skill full gameplay
>western whythm gamers who make youtube videos
memes memes memes playing ironic epic impossible songs with fake over reactions

>> No.19472398

gotta cope somehow

>> No.19472893

Aside of Clone Hero, which rhythm game community does this?
The only other community that comes to my mind it's Osu, but I don't know if they are actually that autistic.

>> No.19473209

I remember some fag playing electric massive diver [a] and just mashing the keys.

>> No.19473223

how much do you think shipping to burgerland would cost? I've not imported anything in a long while. would probably get it from amiami unless there's a cheaper place

>> No.19473256

How do e-amusement passes work? Dave and Busters near me sells them for DDR, but do they work for Japanese machines, like pop'n, too? Or is it possible I can just use my phone?

>> No.19473383

Are you having a schizophrenic episode or just shitposting hard?

>> No.19473405
File: 131 KB, 306x314, Yatta.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to into Beatmania?

>> No.19473406

e-Amuse passes work for any game regardless of region or game.
>Or is it possible I can just use my phone?
Only if you have a phone that supports Felica, which it most likely doesn't unless you bought your phone in Japan.

>> No.19473411

You are the DJ
Hit the keys

>> No.19473425

Is there a PC port or something I can play? I don't feel like wasting away money at Round One

>> No.19473429

Thank you! That is very helpful, I was worried about the card not working if I bought it.

>> No.19473632

Don't know about the US but I just imported the switch game and tatacon for south america from play asia cause I had an unused coupon and didn't want to spend my amiami points.

Total 156 dollars.

>> No.19473848

There's Infinitas but you need a subscription IIRC.

I'd rather go to an arcade everyday unless it's a 2 hour drive or something.

>> No.19473853
File: 122 KB, 600x450, 69381668_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw having to derust hard on IIDX while my SDVX skills keep going up

>> No.19473886

tfw played the crane games for a couple minutes and got scammed 80 credits
at least I won a cat

>> No.19474014

that's like my monthly food budget

>> No.19474114

>80 bucks
You do realize that was like 10 hours of IIDX worth, right?

>> No.19474134

One credit != one dollar.

>> No.19474141

Oh I forgot R1 charges 1.50 per credit.
Blowing 120 bucks is even worse.

>> No.19474146

A game of IIDX is 6 credits at Round 1, he blew like twenty bucks on the cat.

>> No.19474164

oh wait i'm retarded I was thinking credit as in on the screen where it says "credit: 1"

>> No.19474174

I want to get into Jubeat, but I think the only way that'll happen is if I buy a cabinet for myself since the closest arcade with one is about 3 hours away and it would be cheaper in the long run.

>> No.19474188

Just play the fucking tablet version.
There are so many other games that deserve serious investments before jubeat, which is a game I like, by the way.

>> No.19474204
File: 296 KB, 1280x532, 798637619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not looking forward to going to your local when you can
>not making friends at your local and talking about rhythm games
>not having the experience of making friends you can usually see if you just go to your local


>> No.19474338

what's the best way to play touch games anyway? if I don't care about portability would that touchscreen dell monitor and hdd data + android emulators be best? or just an ipad?

>> No.19474655

at what difficulty rating am I going to have to start learning pinky scratching

i'm honestly not sure I have the hands/hand positioning to do it

>> No.19474717

Taiko is a very fun game and you should buy it. You can pirate it on other platforms or try pc sims top see whether you like it or not.
Ps4 tatacon while usable isn't good until you mod it (don't trust nip videos, if you smash it - it'll indeed work fine but keep in mind those nips could also clear 10 stars on everything). The quality seems hit and miss and you might as well end up getting somewhat working one right of the box.

>I mean, don't those things sell out fast?
You can still buy ps4 tatacons almost a year after the game's release so no they restock them from time to time.

>> No.19474823

People who play bemani to make friends are pathetic. Unless you're talking about ddr, which is a casual game for airheads anyway, so it's more suitable as a social activity.

>> No.19474856

I see these people at least once a week at a very small arcade. it'd be pretty weird if we didn't at least exchange a few words, so why not be friendly.

I've been trying to do it since I started which is 5ish months ago of less than 1hr a week on average. haven't really been super successful with it until recently and I'm working on 8 hypers. It feels pretty necessary at this point.

A friend told me someone directed them to scratch with their forearm across the turntable with his hands on the upper buttons. I assumed some asshole was just fucking with new players but maybe try it out?

>> No.19474867

hi venny

>> No.19474883
File: 31 KB, 400x400, 9eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19474892

daily reminder that xybur is a genius

>> No.19474901

found the popn player

>> No.19475028

>why not be friendly
>I started [...] 5ish months ago
it all makes sense now

>> No.19475418

DDR players are the 30 year old boomers of rhythm dance games while the cool kids play DRS

>> No.19475656

Only shitters wrist scratch

>> No.19475796

ddr is a better rhythm game
just stick with it unless you want to fuck up your wrist or look like a clown wrist scratching 7s

>> No.19476443

I did up ordering it on an impulse just before reading about the weird quality control of it being either shit or good out of the box.
Let us hope for the best.

>> No.19476451

switch's tatacon seems to be better than ps4's so if you ordered it you should be good.

>> No.19476498

You'll most likely need to do this at some point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEgCKAmEPKI
Tatacon doesn't have actual shock sensors and uses some kind of thin pressure sensors layer. By default, those sensors have a big foam piece underneath them as well as a thin layer of rubber/foam on top of them covered with holes.
The mod is about removing foam and replacing it with a piece of cork (if you have ikea nearby they sell those with the exact size that you need). Then if it is not enough you need to replace the top layer with something thinner or fill in the holes. This is the most annoying part since you need to do this by trial and error and reassemble tatacon multiple times which is a literally painful process since the top rubber is fixed with very tight clips and trust me your fingers will hurt after this.

That said if you aren't playing oni you'll most likely be fine for a while without modding.

>> No.19477195

Thanks for the detailed answer, appreciate it. The Taiko force looks awesome but I'm not serious enough about Taiko at this point, there are other games I'd rather shell out for ASCs for first. I'll definitely pick up the PS4 version when I get the console, though reading now it sounds like the Switch tatacon is a lot better out of the box, so I wonder if I could get that to work the other way around.

>> No.19477196

im extremely bad at talking to people and I don't know ow how to make friends

>> No.19477341
File: 457 KB, 449x449, 04283m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I a furry from playing this in SDVX?

>> No.19477408

I believe that the same adapter I mentioned should also work on PS4 but there might as well be other options for it. I think tatacon is a regular usb hid device so it won't be a problem. Anyway look at >>19476498 since you'll probably have to do it too at some point anyway. Also it works on PC and I recently only play with tjaplayer there for the sheer amount of songs available anf nonexistent lags with asio/wasapi driver.

>> No.19477494

when people complain about 2x/3x jacks on one key

>> No.19477513


>> No.19477903

A I a furry if I play popn?

>> No.19477928

They are pretty shit on light setups though.

>> No.19478015

Yeah but who cares burger smash is fun

>> No.19478231

This is my favorite 17 and yes im a furry

>> No.19478276

sdvx is a gay furry game

>> No.19478486

you're a gay furry

>> No.19478982

Is there an official /jp/ list of furry music games?

>> No.19479343

>Too short to reach bars in DDR
>Too tall to get comfy in IIDX
Guys help

>> No.19479457
File: 18 KB, 417x353, 1526292159299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw perfect manlet height for iidx cabs

>> No.19479560

is dolce actually freestyling

>> No.19479824

no you dumb nigger r1 charges 25c per credit, just no machine is 1 credit, most new games are 6 credits

>> No.19480283


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