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Can Junko see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

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I want Junko breastmilk in my cereal

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But it's so fattening. Anything richer than 1% is like drinking straight cream.

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I wouldn't mind if it's made by Junko with love

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Her cream makes me cream. My pants. Cuz I preemied.

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That's not how you use that word.

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me too anon

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Explain further

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Well, she did see her kid get toast.

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Explain it to yourself...
>inb4 it's almost like I can't give a shit<

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I want Junko breastmilk straight from her breasts. Gimme the titty!

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What would Junko do-o-o, for a Klondike bar?

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Is Junko a Tenko (天狐, fuck off 天子)?

-only 7 tails but really old (kitsunes becoming tenkos go back to one tail after ascending past 1000 years, possibly growing in a cycle again)
- is in the realm of the gods (and currently waging war against them)

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I think the person/character she's based on is kind of associated with them but I haven't read up on that mess in a while.

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Junko is a dork.

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Kill change’e?

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What is your favorite thing about Junko?

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Canon mom

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Was sexual intercourse resulting in child bearing so traumatic to her now that to satiate her sexual needs she violently abuses poor female rabbits ?

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Equal opportunity abuser.

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No. Reisen is just meant for bully.

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That's some heavy bullying going on there.

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It must be quite horrible being a poor rabbit being abused just because you are easy prey among a sea of other abused rabbits. You are not even abused because you are you but just because you were randomly chosen among dozens of other rabbits as pitiful and sexually gratifying as you.

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That's just Eirin being Eirin. She hasn't even started the real bullying yet.

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How do we encouragpdhfgdhn I mean stop this woman?

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Domestically abusing through rape and molestation the already traumatized rabbit !

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Once the rape train known as Eirin gets going, there's no stopping it.

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Therapy, not molestation.

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I just realized that it's totally normal for a fox to eat up bunnies.

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Therapy, not molestation.

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One shudders to imagine what inhuman acts must the Millenium Maiden have been doing to moon rabbits during her stay at the Lunar Capital.

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Something wholesome and family friendly, I presume.

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I guess that after decades of seriously criminal abuse she got tired of it and the kind of cuddly abuse of today is just a change of pace to not get into too much of a routine. Reisen 2.0 will probably hide under the bed crying and begging every night though.

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Reisen herself has some pretty fucked up nightmares every night that Doremy would have a field day with.

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Seriously, wasn't it heavily hinted that the two moon bitches are seriously abusing the rabbits as in "really" abusing them with the few exception of one they take a liking to ?

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Not a clue, but I guess it's part of their culture to abuse rabbits if they do it and Eirin does it. Was Junko ever a Lunarian or is she just appropriating their culture?

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Yes, the part where Yorihime fucks her entire squad for six days straight was some heavy stuff.

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File: 1.32 MB, 1109x1500, __watatsuki_no_yorihime_touhou_drawn_by_shamisen_syami_sen__04aa9a1a4866f7e09c44e8debd8a0de2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's Pregnant Moonbitch time!

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Would you like tasting your rabbit friends' taste upon Yorihime's lips when you are last in line ?

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I think the squad ended up pregnant not the other way around. And they probably were forced to abort as a disgusting rabbit having a child with a proud lunarian would be as haram as it can be.

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>And they probably were forced to abort as a disgusting rabbit having a child with a proud lunarian would be as haram as it can be.
Nonsense. How do you think they guarantee the loyalty of the rabbits if not through blood ties?

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>just appropriating their culture?

Rabbits are just THAT abuse friendly.

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God has mercy on the lunarian for it's exactly what Brazil did and now they are good for nothing hues.

Joke aside I think they just abuse the shit out of the rabbits and keep them in line through sheer overpower.

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I want to abuse this bunny

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They have the literal god of the moon rabbits locked up in their capital. At that point there's no point in taking measues to ensure loyalty through anything. They've got it.
Also this is still a Junko thread, please post Junkos.

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If I off myself to gensokyo, can I also be a socially misfit abused bunny ?

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The only sort abuse was Toyohime pulling pranks on them. So unless you count "military training" as a sort of abuse then nothing is really happening.

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I litterally have zero Junk-hoe pictures as any newhu she totally sucks. But here is a super cool picture of a dragon on the moon I like it very much.

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>"military training" as a sort of abuse


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You'll probably need something from a forbidden template like Eirin's new drug in your case.

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>I litterally have zero Junk-hoe pictures as any newhu she totally sucks.

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If drugs to turn you into cute rabbit girls exist in gensokyo how comes there are still human males in the village ? It doesn't make sense.

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They are very expensive.

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Not everybody wants to be a perpetually abused rabbit who's only good for her sex appeal.

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I came for the rabbit butt. The used good behind it was just kind of funny to imagine. A failure and a mess of an old woman forced to experience love and love making through abusing young nubile rabbits. Quite the ironic picture actually. The proud and strong fox against the weak and submisive rabbit. Yet one is already an old and sterile baren field while the other is a young and fertile girl full of possibilities from her still inviting wide birthing hips. Quite amusing, truly.

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I swear I don't dream of being abused by a stronger girl as a rabbit girl on purpose. I swear that it seems natural because after all Eirin is so strong and everything anyone would want to be hers... E-Even when it's about Tewi i-it's not because it would be so humiliating that it would put me back to my place as less than a g-good for nothing worm. I s-swear.

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We have the same fanatasy, but for me it's Nue instead of Reisen, Byakuren instead of Eirin and the rest of Myoren temple instead of Tewi.

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shouldn't junko have like 9 sons?

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She was either a kitsune or a really beautiful woman named like one.
In the first case, she ascended past the 天狐 phase, directly to the divine spirit realm and back to the physical realms (Earth, the Moon) because her rage.
In the second case, the self purification into pure rage cleansed her from her identity (old, true Lunarian name), leaving her only the "pure" and "fox" meanings of her current name, gaining the fox traits in the process.
Keep in mind I'm mixing both Touhou canon and the ancient badly translated chinese stories naming her, Hou Yi or Chang'e.

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Nue is too cool in folklore to ever be submissive. A cute bunny is nothing but a cute girl with sexualizing rabbit features. I also like to self insert in the Hata-tan of the origins. An androgynous abusive Aya with a big futa cock abusing me is just my ultimate fetish. Discovering those things quite young have messed me up quite a bit actually.

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>Nue is too cool in folklore to ever be submissive.
That's part of the appeal. It's more fun if the one who gets punished has a high opinion of herself and attempts to resist in vain only to get the pride spanked out of her. Nue is also great because of her fanon(canon?) tendency to pull pranks making her actually deserving of receiving punishment.
>I also like to self insert in the Hata-tan of the origins.
Good taste. I also like Kogasa due to how pathetic she is and how she gets treated by Reimu and Sanae.

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She could have her own baseball team.

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Fuck off, this is the real Junko.

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