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Ran would be the most perfect wife/mother out of all the touhous.

Nobody else even comes close.

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I know one who does!

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When the hell did she get so healthy?

In the year of the IOSYS flashes foxtits were scarce.

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Choose one, you can't have both.

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Yukari's just been stealing from Ran for years.

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caught in the act of boob stealin'.

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dem tails

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i like ran a lot
but i think mystia is my favorite of the touhous

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Is Ran smart enough to solve the Riemann hypothesis?

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why do you like that weakling shitty design touhou?

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Left one, I prefer them with no fangs outside of the mouth.

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Mystia is tasty.

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I'll quote you, that's all you'll get.

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because birdies is pretty

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i dont know how she would wear a fundoshi with all those tails in the way

or panties for that matter

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I just realized this is the first time I saw an idiot like you in Touhou fandom.

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I just realized on how butthurt you are in a touhou fandom

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A type of lowleg panties/bloomers, I guess.
The fundoshi is easy as it can be tied to the side of the tails' base or underneath them.
The question is how the tails poke through her dress and not make it uncomfortable.

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Mommy Chen is superior.

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1) Yukari loans her a couple of gaps
2) there's a flap that closes around like a chinese dress.

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flap version

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That's just Rosa with tails.... mhh tails...

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Her panties have one hole in the back. One tail goes through the hole and holds up the panties, the rest just hang out.

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Sanae-chan is the perfect waifu, AND the perfect okaasan.

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I dreamt that I had sex with Ran last night, and Yukari was wathcing.

It was awesome.

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You mean like a riding dress that's split down the middle so riding on a horse won't push up your skirt?

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I'm with this guy, I do think Ran is awesome, but I just like Mystia more.

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Ran is unable to bathe in showers or bathtubs because the constant shedding of her tails clog the drains. The Yakumos also go through quite a bit of shampoo and conditioner just to keep Ran's tails clean and fluffy. The furniture must be covered with sheets to keep all her hair from shedding all over it.

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I dreamt that Yukari had sex with Ran last night, and Chen was wathcing.

It was awesome.

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Filename is not on rs/. Link MU/MF please

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In a way Ran is the luckiest of the touhous. There are no men around (Rinnosuke doesn't count) so touhous can't have children. The only way for them to fulfill their womanly desires of raising a child is to adopt, and Ran has adopted Chen. She is the luckiest girl in all of Gensokyo.

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No, all of translated non-H Touhou doujins can be found from the wiki.

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More like Chen is the luckiest girl in Gensokyo, she's the only one who has a REAL mother figure other than Sanae.

Lots of orpheans in Gensokyo. ;_;

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What about Alice and her mother?




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Alice's mom forced her to grow up and kicked her out of makai.

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Ran loves all the little Touhous.

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Animals fairys and foxes, oh my!

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most heartwarming touhou pic ever

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not on either.


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Let's not forget who raised Ran.
With all of the trauma that might have involved.

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Sorry OP, i'm gonna have to disagree

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Yukari is reading loli-Ran the Kama Sutra

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Eirin's way too in to her doctor career to make a good wife or mother. Maybe if she met some really smart, strong and handsome male doctor who could take over her work for her.

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she works from home and doesnt afraid of any... i mean, she always puts asside her work when something comes up. just because she cant be a perfect housewife spending all day cleaning doesnt mean she can't be a perfect wife

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That really dose sound like her.

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no instafap detected.

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I'd cum on her face.

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geh schlafen, Bernd.

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nein du

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Nein, DU!

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Left because DFC and :3

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Right because DFC and :3

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Could we have more daughter/mother pics? I really love that sort of thing.

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Sure thin- oh wait.

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