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>ctrl+f Alice
>0 results

Fact: Alice Margatroid is the most powerful Touhou in the universe.

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Friendless loser (canon) who talks to her dolls and pretends they have consciousness (fan works) even though they really don't (canon).

Point is no matter where you look, Alice somehow always finds a way to suck as a person and as a touhou. I'm glad that her last playable appearance was 12.3. I hate her so much. She has nothing. She contributes nothing. She's the most useless character in toho, and you should feel ashamed of posting this thread.

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She's the most powerful in my heart and that's all that matters.

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>Friendless loser

So that makes two of you, huh.

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But that's why shes my favorite touhou

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I wouldn't say the most powerful Touhou, but she has some serious firepower, that's for sure. The catch is that she will never use it. She was so devastated by her defeat in Mystic Square that she has built an entire personality based around "not trying". She doesn't try to win her spellcards battle. She tells herself that she aims for fun, but in truth it's to protect herself first and foremost. If she wants all out and lost again it would devastate her. At least when she loses nowadays, she can say she could have hypothetically won if she had tried.

Her book has probably never been opened since MS. It is a huge sore point to her, and a big flaw of character. It is gnawing at her at least a little, seeing how she's investing herself entirely into some weirdass useless magic and is a big loner.

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>She was so devastated by her defeat in Mystic Square
Didn't happen in Windows canon,

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Alice is beautiful~

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Is Alice lewd?

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No, but others lewd her

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That's an odd question.

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alice is a top qt and her dolls are hardworking !

perfect wife, dolls can do all manuel labor so you can focus entirely on reproduction

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I dunno, that was a pretty lewd swimsuit in the first place

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Are those icebergs in the background?

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i would lap that juicy mess up like a dog

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Alice’s unshaven puss puss

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Is a miracle of the universe!

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With some improvements.

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Why is this tattoo so hot on her?

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She's a pedophile.

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After the release of PoFV, which was well after Alice's reappearance in Windows canon, Zun basically explained that the only actual contradictions between PC-98 and the Windows era stories were a couple of names, hair colors, and eye colors and everything else had a logical direct explanation connecting them that he would reveal later if he ever felt like it.
This is where most of the wild mass guessing on how young Alice became older Alice even started from.
It's been years and he still hasn't felt like it.

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Alice delegates food, chores, hygiene and every other aspect of living to her dolls. Its no wonder she forgets that she actually has to go to the bathroom in person from time to time

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The perfect victim of horribly lewd crimes.

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ZUN hushes them up since the perpetrators are his main characters.

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It's not a crime if she likes it

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She wouldn't be the perfect victim of such things if she enjoyed it, anon.

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One day, one of us found a little hole in a peach tree.
Yes, that was the day we were lost in this paradise.
And right away, I stopped being human.

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Alice is for rape!

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Alice is for tying up and sex toys that she struggles against but secretly likes

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I love Alice!
she is such a cute creature!

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Mostly correct.

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A cute youkai!

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This, but she needs to be on a comfy bed, not on this cold hard stone floor.

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Like this?

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Soft Alice

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I want to be one of Alice's many dolls!

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Yes, this is exactly what she secretly wants after all.

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I would Lewis her Carroll if you know what I mean

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Does Alice ever get sick of the constant rape and harassment and just wish she could have a normal day for once?

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Only sometimes

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Why yuukarin? What did alice do to you?

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Hipity hopity get off my property

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What kind of question is that?

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A direct one

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And a rude one with an obvious answer.

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Alice has crippling depression!

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Alice is bullied in social gatherings, you can't blame her. Who'd like to be associated with a creepy girl like her?

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Who are you quoting

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Will Alice listen to my gang stalking theories?

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Alice in fairies manga isn't creepy at all. It's just that in games she mostly interacts with Marisa, and Marisa is a weirdo.

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Alice in fairies manga confesses to being a forest of magic shut in and is always completely alone when attending festivals in the background.
She's weird!

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Poofy Alice!

I want to rest my head on her lap, cuddle up to all that soft poof and ask her to gently scratch my head with her silky gloves!

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Alice's belly

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Alice doesn't know how to deal with her feelings for Marisa!

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Sudoku is never the answer, Alice.

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Alice is pure!

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How many boyfriends does Alice have?

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Pure and made for hugging!

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and that's me

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Her name is Marisa Kirisame and it really isn't much other than her having an intense crush on Mari.

I might be more jealous than cute little Parsee.
Don't fuck it up! Marisa!

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Alice doesn't have any boyfriends, because she's my wife and I love her very much!

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>Alice's belly
>Doesn't contain my child
It's only half as good now

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More dolls plz

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Pure and made for impregnating

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A winner.

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Alice needs to see a figging renegade doctor already.

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Even her dolls harass her

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Anti depressants dont work
They just fuck your head up while and just make you too brain dead to care about the things making you depressed

She need therapy to figure out the problem and fix it

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The problem is that she's a friggin' DORK.

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Alice is CUTE DORK!

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Alice is Marisa's dork

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There is only one correct option.

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Who _______

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The realest Alice is the ZUN Alice

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Rest well easy Alice..!

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She's underage herself to technically not.

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Alice is a slut!

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Loli Alice is OP, devs plz nerf

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>for the rest of her life
Instantly hard. Source?

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Alice is reclining

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You rang?

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Alice suffers from mysterious back pains, how would you solve the issue for her

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A good kick to the spine

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Take her to the chiropractor
You don't fuck with back problems untrained, or they'll fuck your shit up

>> No.19392518

More hugs!
Ask her when these pains occur to see if it is a random occurance, have her drink plenty of water, and start to give her back massages to help ease her up as well as decrease the chances of Arisu feeling anymore pain than she already does daily... and maybe see Miss Eirin for advice for what this might mean and how I can help Alice..!

Alice isn't p cup sagger huge but she has a respectable chest size. I doubt that is a cause of the back pain.

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Spine or back overall?

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i hate her she is smelly

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Get out you filthy smellposter

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go take a bath alice

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File: 123 KB, 1002x892, __alice_margatroid_and_shanghai_doll_touhou_drawn_by_baku_taso__18d8c7b8b0d47643e5d149dbff33f95c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too much work. Shanghai can do it instead.

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So the alice isn't going to go in the bath?

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Its a chore.
Shanghai does Alice's chores.
So its Shanghai's job now.

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Am I weird if I want meiling to fart in my closet after she just ate some sushi and spoiled milk? I want my clothes to always have her lovely scent.

>> No.19395703

why spoiled milk???

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>tfw thought her name was Alice Marigold

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It makes her farts smell extra rotten.

If she farts in my closet after drinking it I'd probably have to burn my stinky clothes!

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Now I wish I never asked!!!!!!

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you love chinese farts that have been fermenting inside meiling all day!

Don't lie!

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Meiling's not like that! She's clean!

What does this have to do with an Alice thread anyway????

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you told me that the china takes baths and alice doesn't! (or something like that)

But meiling definitely has smelly farts! It's like a poison stinky weapon! She eats lots of specially cooked mushrooms that she says boosts her abilities, but in reality it just wreaks havoc on her stomach!

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that wasn't me but ok

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File: 259 KB, 640x900, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_iromeki_overdrive__7a24e06e7179fc2c61ca75b40cd181a4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh. I am sorry for saying alice and the meiling stink by the way! China's feet smell like fresh flowers!

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That's great!

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Would you help china paint her toenails?

She must train so much that it made her feet really soft and adorable!

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only if she needed help!

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Does meiling's hair have a nice smell to it or does remi secretly fart on her pillow so the odor gets in her hair?

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It smells nice! Like green tea!

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w-what about her feet?

The meiling trains alot in those cramped shoes, often without socks...

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I'm not sure! Why don't you ask in the Meiling thread?

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I'm afraid they'll get mad at me for asking what her feet smell like and meiling would get all embarrassed!

Since she is a china I guess they have a bit of a steamed rice stink to them.

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Go and stay go you degenerate swine

>> No.19396809

Why is this retard posting Meiling in Alice's thread

>> No.19398590

He was probably (and rightfully) bullied out of the EoSD threads

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Uh hello this is an Alice thread you ding dongs

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Practicing kissing with Shanghai!

>> No.19401445

Alice takes baths. She is a clean girl no matter how weird she might seem to other denizens of Gensokyo.

Meilong does not belong in this thread
That one poster that keeps talking about how smelly touhous are should be brutally murdered by a male human. Or Sin sack. An old fat one.

>> No.19405021

Dolls can't kiss back

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Alice doesn't have anyone else to practice with! The only friend close enough that she could ask is Marisa, but with Marisa it wouldn't be practice!

>> No.19407316

No, alice is a stinky youkai!

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Not true, she cleans herself constantly with her tongue.

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Cute boots