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Yukari is a nice person.

No discussion.

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I am glad this thread has died peacefully.

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Yukari did 9-11.

No discussion.

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No, Anon, YOU are the nice person.

And then Anonymous was friendzoned.

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"Okay", what? Do you agree or disagree...? I'm interested in your opinion if that's okay...

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Good thing I don't get along with any women.

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Well, I acknowledge that she is a nice person! Therefore, an "okay" seemed appropriate. How do you feel about this statement, though?

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Women suck anyways.

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She is a bad influence to children.

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I agree.

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To be honest, I'm kind of on the fence about it. I want to agree with you and say she's a nice person, but there's not a lot of proof towards that.

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I think Yukari is a nice woman who works in mysterious ways but cares highly for Gensokyo. She's also very pretty.

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Are you new to /jp/ or something?

It's hard as shit to get a Touhou discussion going that doesn't rely on powerlevels, memes, or porn.

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I think she is a great influence on children!

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I quoted the wrong person.


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A child at heart.

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Yukari is neutral, neither nice nor bad

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There is an actual discussion of Touhou going on right now in front page. Too bad people don't give a fuck about serious discussions, they just want to make penis jokes, fight each other, and sage every thread they can intead of seeking for good threads.

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Loli Yukari is superior.

No discussion.

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Oh? I'm sure some of those crazy plots ZUN makes up could say otherwise.

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She's awesome, ~ze!

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That's true. But honestly, I'm never quite sure where ZUN is going with his stories half of the time.

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Yukari is a heroine.


Get it?

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Elsewhere, she is known as the Crawling Chaos.

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;_; so mean

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You see her domain only when you close your eyes so tight it hurts.

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fuck you Reimu

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> You see her domain only when your heart feels so tight that it hurts.

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She is Yakumo Yukari - mortals tremble at her name.

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... but yeah, she's really a nice person.
Just she happens to be a lot of other things too.

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I'd her gap.

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Yuyuko is superior.

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I'd say they are about even. Awesome for their different personality traits and perfect as a pair of friends.

Yuyuko sure is underrated. She can keep up with Yukari's schemes but prefers to act the ditz ghost nobody takes seriously allowing her to more or less do as she pleases with a 'oops' when they notice she's giving them poisonous tea.

One of the few characters that are genuinely frightening in their own way. You really don't know if Yuyuko will kill you or not on some whim.

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Yuyuko is a nice person.

Reimu and Marisa are a pair of bitches.

No discussion.

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What if Gaap came out of one of Yukari's gaps?

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"Brb, inviting mortals to death.

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> But she doesn't use her powers.

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> Gaap

Is dat some typo?

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Lurk more.

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Yuyuko is fat.

No discussion.

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Where do you live?

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Gaap is a demon that has powers very similar to that of yukari's portals and is a character in umineko no naku koro ni

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Any art with Gaap X Yukari?

Nightbug unrelated.

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For security reasons I shall not disclose this information.

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B-But I just want to play with you~

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That sounds dangerous.

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She will gap your cock into your own anus!

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Why hello there, Wriggle103.jpg.

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I knew it, Letty must be her long-lost twin.

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