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No Touhou character is hotter than Remilia.

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the tripfag is a dude, i hate him so fucking much

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Shit, me too.

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was tempted to make Mokou joke, then gave up

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I'll take my chances with those fangs of hers.

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Everyone knows you're not the real Remi.

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Dude I fucking loev Remilia.

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Remilia looks like a slut in that picture

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oh yeah, and what's her real hair color supposed to be? all these pics have different shades of blue/purple

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Well if you were a vampire chick, you'd probably dress and act like a bit of a slut too.

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depends on the game and if you use alt. costume or not. :3

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I like her better with her clothes on.

And since when do Vampires have wings?

It's like she's stuck between being bat form and humanoid form.

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Purple with blue highlights.

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Utsuho is hotter than Remilia.

I mean, Remilia couldn't be more than 80 degrees or so.

Utsuho burns with the fire of the SUN.

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Remilia is ONLY hot when she's with Sakuya

Sakuya however is always awesome, with or without Remilia

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I bet she makes Sakuya eat her out.

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>She uses bats and arrows as her weapons. She can spawn an unlimited number of bats from herself.

So her whole life is Unlimited Bat Works.

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A vampiric bat weapon. Bats. My god.

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Might contain some spoilers =x

* Remilia Scarlet (レミリア・スカーレット Remiria Sukāretto)
o Species : Vampire
o Ability : Manipulation of fate
o Residence : Scarlet Devil Mansion

Final boss, and a playable character in Touhou 7.5, 8, and 10.5. Remilia is the vampiric mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion who claims to be descended from Vlad III Dracula although she is not. She is known as the Scarlet Devil as when she feeds, the blood of her victims stains her dress red. Apart from her unpleasant needs, she's hardly malicious enough to deserve such a title; merely childish, even though she's over five hundred years old.

Although being a vampire is normally a lonely life, she has a good relationship with her many employees (including Sakuya and Meiling) Reimu is one of the few humans who tolerates her, and Remilia seems quite fond of her in turn. Marisa also gets along with her in exchange for access to her library.

Her power is the control of fate (which has never been overtly demonstrated in the games). She prefers melee fighting to danmaku, but when she does resort to the latter, she is fond of red round bullets.

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That's the first Remilia pic I ever saved, before I knew anything about Touhou (before that I had only saved a few Sakuya pics just because she looked cool when wielding her knives).

I fapped so hard after seeing it that first time.

Remilia is still one of my favorite Touhous (behind only Mystia and maybe Momizi), but I couldn't care less about Sakuya

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A bat once entered in my house. The little fucker hid in the space between the roof and my closet and kept making noises.

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>Reimu is one of the few humans who tolerates her
I'd tolerate her.

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Is that a trick question?

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Reimu will tolerate anyone as long as DONATIONS DONATIONS DONATE TO HAKUREI SHRINE

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Her use and skill with bats is only rivaled by the Servant known as Scout.

As good sir Scout once said, "Hey, anyone keepin track of all the heads i'm battin in? BONK!"

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Oh you.

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in during another shitty imagedump

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I only come here for the touhous, but I stay for here for Remilia.

So do sages even work on this board? Or is it like /v/ where is does absolutley nothing? (bumps thread like normal).

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>I stay for here
>LBP is the best game of this generation.

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go nuts

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Also the hottest.

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Despite what /v/ might make you think, sage works as intended here and there.

Here, I'll save you time:

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There are a surprising amount of hot Touhou characters.

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>E-mouse !LNaFATMuso

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Yeah right. If only linking to the danbooru search term link stopped image dumps.

One day, friend.

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Yeah I check the *boorus and I would be fapping right now if I didn't have to get ready for work soon.

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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

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Whenever you think of Remilia's feet, remember that they are actually bloated with the horrific rotten black blood that her dead heart can no longer pump.

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sage for feet

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Don't be hatin E-Mouse.

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Mokou is the hottest.

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>LBP is the best game of this generation.

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You want?

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They look dumb in those pajamas and also why are Flandre's wings so low.

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You look dumb in pajamas, fatass.

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Nice censoring there.

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Already have it.

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You and I, Anon. I feel it truly in my cold, black obsidian heart we could be excellent friends.

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Post uncensored.

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Read a few posts down, friend.

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Link related, god I lol'd hard when Remila walked out and "Reimu" called her up.

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Sorry, but I don't consider a shitty pixiv link to be enough.

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I want to bring a bag full of film and go take photos around Gensokyo. I wonder if these vampires will show up on film, though?

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lazy faggot, why would someone risk being banned to appease you?

what have you done of value around here lately?

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Wait, Anonymous DOES stuff here?! Are we like, talking about the same person here?!

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I've done a lot for this forum so don't act like you no me >=[

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Aren't vampires bodies cold as hell?

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>cold as hell

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no you're thinking of witches. like marisa

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cool, a circlejerk of bros from Shrinemaiden. Can I join?

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Does anyone have that comic that's like Marisa talking to a boss, and the last panel is two guys talking and one of them says "they're on a quest to destroy the moon. I think."

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Depends on the setting. As with everything else about vampires.

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then how about posting it on one of the touhou h boards and linking from there?

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It's like I'm reading dialogue written by ZUN himself!

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