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Patchouli tries to summon all sorts of demons, but for some reason all she ever gets is tentacles.

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I'd be fine with tentacles ravaging my body. I'd also be fine with gaining a vagina.

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It would be interesting.

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That seems odd, might be a curse.

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Tentacle beasts seek out those with fertile and magically-potent bodies. Patche's got both of those qualities in spades. It's only natural that so many monsters would aim to hijack her summoning.

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They still catch her by surprise every time, though. Patchouli is either unaware or refuses to acknowledge her own beauty and sexual prowess. Now normally that's absurd and kinda cute, but if it continually lowers her guard when summoning it's outright dangerous.

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As long as she holds that quality, she's going to keep accidentally summoning tentacle monsters. It's a horrible experience every time, without a doubt, but so far she's been able to escape every-time. Just barely, after much suffering, by the skin of her teeth, sometimes through luck alone...

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It can't last. One of them is going to get the better of her someday. She'll be dragged kicking and screaming through the portal, it'll snap shut behind her, and that's it, she's gone. Hijacked and mistakenly opened portals are almost impossible to trace once they vanish, their'll be almost no hope of any kind of rescue. She'll hang in some pocket-dimension stomach, being raped and tortured and abused and impregnated and brought to orgasm again and again and again, without the slightest rest, for the rest of her long, long life. It's inevitable.

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Unless, of course, someone cuts off the cause.
Someone needs to convince this witch that, despite or perhaps because of her flaws, she is a beautiful and sexy woman. Someone has to break apart that self-stigma, whatever it takes, before it's too late.
Can you do it, anon?

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I like this one better, actually.

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...nothing? Oof.

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What about living clothing?

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I'll be Patche's sock!

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She eats them, because she's a fatso!

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She is probably doint it on purpose by now.

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Tentacle monsters are not toys, Patchy.

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patchy is the toy in this situation

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That's correct.

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What with Patchouli and school swimsuit?

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Is that a thing?

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tentacle swimsuit patche

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Don't forget magical girl

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It's the mark of a true magical girl when you can't tell at a glance if she's wearing panties or not. That said, it doesn't suit her, so she should probably stop.

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Good books.

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Even though she gets 7 hours of sleep every night Patchy always looks like she hasn't slept in 30 years.

It's kinda fucked up, honestly.

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It's a combination of a lack of physical activity, lack of sunlight, and all those nasty magic chemicals. Probably malnutrition too. You give up a lot to be a master wizard.

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That's how I look too.

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Cute bloomers Patche!

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As of 30 June there are 497 raw Touhou lactation doujin+CG in panda.

67 Reimu
64 (12%) are Patchouli
60 Sanae

-below 10% line-
49 Sakuya
42 Udon
37 Scarlet sisters combined
36 Yukari
35 Alice
34 Byakuren
30 Meiling
27 Marisa
26 Remilia

-below 5% line-
24 Iku,Yuyuko
23 Flan, Komeiji sisters combined
17 Kasen,Eirin
15 Momiji

Add more if they are relevant

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What about tentacles doujin+cg?

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I’m surprised how komachi isn’t higher

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Cute Summer Patche!

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Patchouli smells like retirement home

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No she doesn't. She smells sweet and womanly.

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Loli Patchy!

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Cute belly!

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I want to make patche pregnant

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Please don't.

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Patchy would be a good single mom!

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Few weeks ago I read a 3 chapter gallery in e-h about a girl saying "bloomer now is use for fetism".

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I want Patchy to spread her cute, pale, smelly feet bacteria all over this table!

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Such a cute Patche.

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She will be so angry when she realizes she has to become a single mom now!

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Patchouli is ideal for wild, animalistic mating press

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I'm pretty sure that's not true.

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Patchouli, I have a boner.

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Sadly, you're wrong.

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I want to see her reaction!

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Patchouli has seven different varieties of incredible magic that all say that she's not for brutish sex, so no, I'm not.

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My wife Patchouli is so cool.