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You know what I like about this? Yukari is not on top.

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What is that?

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Why does it put Mannosuke so low?

He should be somewhere between ZUN and HaxReimu.

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Touhou Character Saikyou Ranking


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My Strawberry wife is top tier~

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I don't think ANYONE should be above Yukari.

And Yuka should be hight up.

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Higher up I mean.

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Kaguya > Yukari?
Kanak & Suwako > Shinki?


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I was wondering who this character next to Nitori, 伊佐美, was supposed to be, and I found just one picture of her, the rest was bottles of sake. It seems she is the main character of Uwabami Breakers, Isami Asama.

I hate Yuugen Magan.He robs me more lives than any other boss from HRtP. That thing could switch places with Reisen 2. What did that bunny ever do?

Does anyone know in witch chapter of CoLA Tsuchinoko appears in? (the snake next to Kisume)

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Why is Sikieki considered so powerful?

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She is the Supreme Judge and Highest Order in Gensokyo?

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* Yuyuko got her position thnks to her
* Yukari is afraid of her
* She can use Mindcrush like Yugi
* You cannot harm her
* She is teh highest Yama

pic one

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A touhous powerlevel is measured by the sillyness of her hat

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i approve of this post

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Yuka and Kaguya are exceptions of the rule

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There are more exceptions

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Man, it's like all of /jp/'s favorite Touhous are on the bottom and the ones /jp/ hates are on top.

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Why is this character in LOLHAX tier?

Her power is just for show and floating crosses are not THAT scary

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How exactly do Kaguya's powers work? Wtf is "Manipulation of eternity and temporality" ?

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Not for me. I am not really a fan of characters like wriggle nightbug or cirno. Most of my favored characters made it at least to blue.

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One of her powers would be wishing you weren't born and so it happens.

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Have you played PoDD? She doesn't shoot floating crosses. She aims at you with a laser and let's crosses appear in you for a few seconds.
Her barrages are not for show, but to gather data from the heroine.

Her science is the best in all the Touhou games, and she is the last boss in a VS Shooter, which is comparable to the last boss of a Fighting game, but I too wouldn't put her that high.

She is like Marisa, who uses phantasmal mushrooms and her mini hakkero to attack, except she uses "science". etc. blah and so on

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She wears Red White.

All characters what wear Red White are powerful.

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Mima is not top tier, so this sucks.
I mean, even if she is not top tier, she should at least be equal to Reimu or above.

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non canon chart is non canon

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fixed version

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This thread is based on the assumption that everyone knows this is just a creation of futaba anon(s).

Saigyou Ayakashi = Angry German Kid?
Did you make that yourself or copy/pasted?

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Saigyou Ayakashi HAT IHN UMGEBRACHT!

I had to decide between Saigyou Ayakashi, Rumia and Yuka for it

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Yukari ;_;

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How dare you do that to Yurakin

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We all know that Yukari is not of peerless might, but that's a bit extreme.

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God I just noticed pooshlmer had the exact same 2 hours earlier.

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