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Tenshi eating a corn dog.

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good thread

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why is she so happy?
why historic route 66?

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>why is she so happy?
I also would be happy if I was Tenshi.

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I would be happy if i was in tenshi

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Me eating a carndog

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Tenshi eating a corndog is so cute.

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I want to cuntpunch Tenshi!

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Post that one image of tenshi

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Beating up tenshi with Suika!

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hitting girls is never okay

if you are going to hit anything, hit her cervix with your peepee when you mating press her, anything else is unacceptable, you bully

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Reaching a girl's cervix literally hurts them more than punching their face or tummy.

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Not according to my doujins and hentai!

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I saw
I cum
I conquered

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Me going to eat pizza.

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Tenshi gets her kicks on Route 66!

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Has there ever been an English translation for Tenshi's nickname of 非想非非想天の娘?
All the other 2hus have a commonly accepted translation of their usual moniker, but did people just give up when trying to translate hers from Buddhist cosmology?

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Is there a more iconic duo?

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No one fucking cares about 非想非非想天の娘. It's outdated. Everyone uses Tenko.

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Cars reference.

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By the way, it translates to thoughtless girl or non-perceiving girl. "非想非非想天" (hisou-hihisouten) is a form of "非想非非想処" (hisou-hihisoushou), which is a Japanese translation of the Sanskrit "नैवसंज्ञानासंज्ञायतन" (naivasaṃjñānāsaṃjñāyatana) that is basically just another name for 有頂天 (Uchoten) (भवाग्र) (Bhavagra). Bhavagra is the highest point of heaven that can be achieved in the process of enlightenment (nirvana). In Bhavagra, one does not feel. They are empty of thoughts, perceptions, an emotions. Only in this state have they truly ascended from suffering. Thus, the nickname for it, नैवसंज्ञानासंज्ञायतन (Japanese: 非想非非想天/非想非非想処), means "Realm of Neither Thought Nor No Thought". It can also just mean "thoughtless", "non-perceiving". Thus, 非想非非想天の娘 (hisou-hihisouten no musume) (note: musume means girl here) can translate directly to many things like "thoughtless girl", "ascended girl", "transcendent girl", etc.

TL;DR It's a fancy way to say [heaven girl].

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Thank you for your post.

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post the corndog eating a tenshi one

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teshni makes my penor hard

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Tenshi eating a corndog in 2018!

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long nails.

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You don't think Tenshi would have long nails?

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Saving the Tenshi!

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Keeping the Tenshi alive! Again!

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thanks good work

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Tenshi eating a corn dog on the first page!

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Hisou-hihisouten no musume on the first page!

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I love Tenshi with all my heart.

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Tenshi or Tenko?

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Tenshi no manko!

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She looks like Paul McCartney

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It is so simple: Nirvana girl

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That just sounds like female Kurt Cobain.

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Also he is wrong, Formless Realms don't have anything to do with Buddhist Nirvana.

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There is many types and sects of Buddhism. There are so many different names for one concept that they eventually get muddied in with each other. From my understanding, Nirvana is the ultimate goal of Buddhism. Freedom from the cycle of reincarnation where suffering, desires, and perception of reality is eliminated. Bhavagra is the highest point of heaven where there is no perception or suffering. Bhavagra (hisou-hihisouten/uchoten) is just another name for Nirvana, or the end result of Nirvana. You are misunderstanding.

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Not at all. The obvious difference between Nirvana and Formless Realms is that the latter are still part of the Samsara. They obey the laws of casuality, and when a Formless god's karma runs out after many eons of existence there, it is reborn elsewhere, like any other Samsaric being. So, Formless Realms do not offer an end to suffering, and are in no way equal to Nirvana.

Formless Realms are not even Pure Lands, bodhisattvas can be reborn in Desire and Form Realms (highest being the Form Realm of Akanishtha, the Summit of Existence), but not in the Formless Realms.

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the girl from the formless realms, also my previous suggestion gets the gist of the implication

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Well, "girl from the formless realms" would be kind of weird, because gods of formless realms have no form. Meaning that they can't interact with anyone.

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The girl in Bhavagra

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Don't you lie like that to me.

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The Tensh

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Corndog eating a Tenshi.

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/qa/ has a thread to go to futaba to bring back an image or thread and I found a thread of theirs saying to go to /jp/! http://dec.2chan.net/55/res/10629049.htm

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You made the thread yourself, didn't you anon?

Anyway, good work.

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I am just an observer, I wouldn't invade their sanctuary

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A match made in heaven.

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It really isn't. It's one of those pairing fans come up with out of desperation, when there is no one to ship Tenshi with.
>"Oh look, they hate each other, this means they actually like each other!"

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Using Tenkos lower body as an onahole.

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blessed image

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That doujinshi would have been better with futas in it

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remember when people thought Tenshi was a dragon?

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Fake news, this never happened.

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Тенши or Теньши?

inb4 Тэнси.

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Futas are not gay

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I know shes a poorly behaved child, but that doesn't mean you can hurt her!
Teshi is for headpats and cuddling

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tenshi x reimu, its clear from the dialogue that tenshi looks up to reimu

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tenshi wants to be a dumb loli!

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all of these posts are untrue and gross because you're a namefag
please stay out of /jp/ or remove your name

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Eating Tenshi's butt!

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its bad enough I have to deal with you on [s4s] and /qa/, get out or take the name off

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this was a nice thread.

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if you talk like this to jevin again I will have to deal with you face to face. The old way.

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You're going to kiss him?

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I will slay you and every [s*s]shit with you.
With no remorse or guilt.

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thats why it will still alive!