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A cute dork.

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this thread is nice and all but wouldn't it be better suited for /c/?

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Not if we lewd her.

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No time for cute Youmus, post chuunis

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Silly anon, chuuni only makes her more dorky and cute!

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how can a youmu be cute?

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Half human, half cum

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she's the cutest.

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Imao, Youmu for ants.

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Imao, Youmu for ants.

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I want to trick Youmu into having unprotected sex with me by saying that I'll marry her!

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Why would you need to trick her? I would want to marry her anyway!

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Why would you need to trick her? I would want to marry her anyway!

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Why would you need to trick her? I would want to marry her anyway!

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Anon, don't be an asshole. At least wear a condom.
Man of culture.

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I just want to get as many 2hus pregnant as possible.

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What an asshole.

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2hus are the perfect females, so my body tells me to produce offspring with as many of them as possible to ensure the propagation of my genes.
Don't blame me, blame evolution.

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Bath time with Youmu!

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Youmu's butt

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Why is Youmu wearing such tight clothing?

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That's redundant.

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(and Yuyuko-sama)

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Propagating your genes is pretty gay, anon. You live on through your children, so you risk being stick in some kind of existential purgatory if you have kids. That may not be the reality, but since there isn't any tangible proof that that isn't the reality, it's better to be safe than sorry. You're an asshole.

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>Propagating your genes is pretty gay
It's quite literally the straightest thing possible, you dope.
>it's better to be safe than sorry
So you're saying you wouldn't have children with Youmu?
You would be a terrible husband for her and a failure as a man. You're a bigger asshole than I am.
Not to mention that Yuyuko wouldn't let Youmu get married if she knew she wasn't going to get at least a few grandchildren.

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>Not to mention that Yuyuko wouldn't let Youmu get married if she knew she wasn't going to get at least a few grandchildren

I'd breed at least 4 children with Youmu

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>I'd breed at least 4 children with Youmu
Forcing Youmu to have sex with kids is a bit...

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>a terrible husband for her
At least she'd be treated and viewed like a (half-phantom) human being instead of a baby-making machine to be used for selfish shit like ruining her perfect and beautiful little body by making her run a baby through it. Already a failure of a man you dunce, you do realize what board we're on, right? Also, Youmo is a young woman with womanly needs that require a man to satisfy, so whether she approves of it or not, Yuyuko would just have to deal with her gardener running off to have degenerate sex, and accept that her daughter is a sexual creature who could very well be convinced to live a (child-free!) hedonistic lifestyle full of fun, pleasure, love, and most importantly, sexual deviancy.

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Youmu is experienced prostitute!

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Don't listen to him, he's just a gay

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What is this? A dork for shimmy?

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Youmu using her soft butt to sit on Anon's lap!

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I want Youmu to sit on me.

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I want Youmu to sit naked on my lap.

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Like this?

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I want to feel Youmu's butt pressing against my lap, squirming a bit because she is embarrassed.

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Yes. Pressing tightly against me with her body.

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Youmu is not a rapist. Delete your picture.

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She is a total dork

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Oh no! Sanae had an accident with the ice cream machine again. Why is she so clumsy?

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Youmu is a terrible driver~

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I want to lose my virginity with Youmu.

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I'll cut your dork bullshit /jp/

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is youmu technically a hag since she is like 60?

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Hag status is 1000+

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cookie thread is other anon

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Hag status isn't about age. Noone calls Tewi a a hag.

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She could be much younger and I feel like it's implied that she is, in that she only recently became Hakugyakurou's gardener, hasn't trained long, and is, well, immature.

Sure she's of a long-lived race, but the only reason people assume she must be about 60 is that she doesn't know what's going on for the 60 year cycle of PoFV. I feel like there's more evidence she was, at least, a teenager during PCB and later games until now.

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That's because Tewi is sexy.

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Mental maturity counts for a lot.

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Every 2hu is adorable and sexy.

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